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📺 | [Asia Drama Special Feature 2021] Predicting a break in 2021 Taiwanese dramas and actors!

Photo Fendi Fan (Shoho) The photo is from "HI Story XNUMX Koshikai-Attack on you!".

[Asian drama special feature 2021] Taiwanese drama & actors in 2021 are expected to break!

If you write the contents roughly
The main cast is a drama debut with "Swimming Battle High School Student" which was also broadcast in Japan, and young handsome men such as Charles To (Yoshinori Kaneshiro) who is called "Takeshi Kaneshiro" because of the appearance reminiscent of Takeshi Kaneshiro are slurping.

Featured works in 2021 & handsome 2021 The momentum of the Taiwanese drama world will continue.First of all, the future is certain ... → Continue reading

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