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🎥 | Masaki Suda & Kasumi Arimura sympathize with the frustrating love pattern, "I fell in love like a bouquet" main video


Masaki Suda & Kasumi Arimura sympathize with the frustrating love pattern, "I fell in love like a bouquet" main video

If you write the contents roughly
This is a thrilling main video that expresses the feelings of wheat and silk that you might sympathize with, with the realistic lines spun by the scriptwriter Yuji Sakamoto.

The main video of the movie "I fell in love like a bouquet" starring Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura has been unveiled.Screenwriter Saka ... → Continue reading

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Yuji Sakamoto

Yuji Sakamoto(Yuji Sakamoto,19675/12 -) isJapan OfWriter-Lyricist-Playwright.Tokyo University of the Arts教授.

OsakaI'm from WifeMoriguchi Saiko(1998marriage).

Career / Overview

Car maintenance shopRaised as the eldest son of three siblings under his parents.Nara Ikuei High Schoolgraduate.I've been in books since high school, and in moviesShinji Aiume, In the novelKenji NakagamiLonging for[1].

After graduating from high school,Part-time workerLearn the script while doing.1987,"1stFuji TV Young Scenario AwardDebuted at the age of 19[1].. At the same timeDirector's CompanyI was also applying for the script recruitment that I was doing, but since it was not adopted there, I went on to the TV path[1]..I went to Tokyo and improved my script skills while working as an assistant for a TV station.[1].

1991,Tokyo love story』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Was a big hit, and the maximum audience rating was 32%. "Monday night 9pmIt becomes a social phenomenon that it is said that women (or office ladies) have disappeared from the city.TrendyLove storyRequests for screenplays began to come in one after another, and at the young age of 23 at that time, laterEiko KitagawaBecome the source ofTrendy dramaAs a standard-bearer of, he was in the limelight.

In addition,Yuji Oda,Takako Matsu,Tetsuya KomuroHe also wrote the lyrics for songs such as. (Lyricist providing artistreference)

1996, Declared a writer's rest on the grounds that he "apparently disliked television and escaped" and once left the television world[1].. at firstKenji IinoEngaged in game-related work at Warp Co., Ltd., led by "Real Sound ~Kaze no Regret~Such asscenarioWorked on,1998Leaved the company.I had a relationshipLiterary magazine OfEditor-in-chiefRecommended byNovelistI tried to convert to, but I continued to write one novel for 3 years and it became about 2000 sheets of manuscript paper, but I do not know how to finish it and it is still unfinished and has not been announced[1].. 『Sharp glare』(Fuji TV) drama version (screenplayYumiko Inoue) Was inspired by the drama, which was one of the reasons for returning to the world of TV script.[1]..During this rest period, I got married to MoriguchiEldest daughterExperienced the birth of.My wife continued to work as an actor, so she is in charge of childcare while writing at home.HusbandThe turning point was that I started to live a life[1].

2004,Chihiro ItoWithIsao YukisadaDirector's movie "Avoid love in the center of the world』, And achieved great commercial success by making this movie a big hit.

After returning, I started writing on other than Fuji TV.[1],Child abuseThe theme of "Mother],Single motherとWelfare"Woman』, In the male societyPower harassment,sexual harassment"Problematic restaurant, Which depicts the interaction between the crime victim's family and the perpetrator's family.Still, Life Goes On], Etc., greatly changing the image of the trendy drama, and releasing original script dramas on social issues one after another, attracting high praise and attention in aspects different from the success of the trendy drama era.

In addition, the original script drama has been highly evaluated from overseas, and "MotherIs South Korea,トルコA remake version will be produced and broadcast on.Also,People's Republic of ChinaBut the start of distribution is announced[2]And thenFrance,ウクライナ,Thailand,スペインProduction of remake works by[3][4]・ Broadcasting is taking place.In addition, the remade drama was also a hit, receiving high praise such as receiving high ratings and numerous drama awards, and as of 2019, it will be deployed in 10 Asian countries and more than 35 countries around the world, outside Japan. It is showing an unusual spread[5][6].. Following "Mother", "WomanHas been produced and broadcast in remakes in Turkey and France, and has been deployed in more than 25 countries around the world.Also,"Someday I will remember this love and I'll surely cryIs Turkey, "Problematic restaurantIs the People's Republic of China, "the best divorceIs being produced and broadcast as a remake version in South Korea.

In the trendy drama era, he reveals that "I always had the feeling that this was not what I wanted to write."[7]In addition, he added, "All the dramas I have written so far are all heartfelt, and I think they are just as important as they used to be."[8].

Also, although I am aware that I am walking on a road that is a little off the main, I do not think that I want to write experimental things, but I want to write something that is a little spilled on a TV drama. He says that the point has not changed since he was doing a trendy drama.[1]。事実、復帰以降に坂元が脚本を担当した社会派と評される作品においても、坂元のトレンディドラマ時代のような役者同士の軽快なやりとりによるシーンが多数存在しており、特定のジャンルに括られる作品は少ない[9].

2016January,Tokyo University of the Artsgraduate SchoolBecame a professor in the screenplay area of ​​film expression technology at the Graduate School of Film and New Media.

2018In March, the serial drama "custard apple』\ After the last round,InstagramAt the end of the work, he took a break from writing the script for the serial drama for a while, and declared that he would try to work in other forms such as the stage and movies.I have decided on this matter for four years, and after explaining it to the people around me, I wrote one serial drama each in the January period for four years.After the announcement of the TV script closure, the original script drama "anone" will be released on October 4th.France OfCannesWon the Grand Prix of "MIPCOM BUYERS'AWARD for Japanese Drama" for the second time since "Woman" as "a work you definitely want to buy" and "a work you want to broadcast in your own country" in Japanese dramas at "MIPCOM 2018" held in Japan.[10][11]..However, it does not mean that I will not do any serial drama work from now on. "In the world of television, even if a job is decided now, it will be broadcast at the earliest two years later. It means that nothing has been decided now. Will be taking a break for a while, "he said, saying that due to the schedule, he will take a break from the serial drama.[1].

2018 year 9 month,Kyoko KoizumiProduction office represented byThe day after tomorrowPlanning and production byDrama"Is it here again?"Isao ToyoharaDirected), "63rdKishida Kunishi Drama AwardIs the final candidate.

2019"Let's go to the whole country! Reading Journey" Reading "-Yuji Sakamoto's words and words, which started on March 3th.Mitsushima HikariThe goal is to conquer all prefectures with a plan that says "I'm going on a journey to read", "I have actor Hikari Mitsushima and guests invited to each region read aloud the scenarios and novels written by Yuji Sakamoto." Originally held irregularly[12].

20211月29日公開された映画『I fell in love like a bouquet』In charge of the script.The director isHiroyasu Doi, StarringShogi ShibataとArimura Kajun [13].


Work award history

Works involved

TV drama



  • stand by Me(August 1991) --Director:Nagayama Kozo
  • Love and revolution(1992 * Written and directed), (2009: Replay, Directed:Toru Matsuura)
  • Recitation drama Unreturned first love, Ebina SA (2012) * Screenplay / Direction
  • Recitation drama Unreturned first love, Ebina SA / Kalashnikov rifle strait (2014) * Screenplay / Direction
  • Also here (2018) * Screenplay


Television Animation



* In addition, each TV drama / movie that wrote the script has been made into a book.

Lyricist providing artist


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