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📺 | Nanao The topic of English in the new drama!Changes in the thirties in the effort


Nanao The topic of English in the new drama!Changes in the thirties in the effort

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In that sense, the opportunity to travel alone in Thailand and Sri Lanka is important for Nanao.

On January 1th, "Oh!" Starring Mone Kamishiraishi (19).My boss!The second episode of "Koi wa Separate Volume" (TBS series) was broadcast ... → Continue reading

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Nanao (Nanao[5],1988(Showa63 years)10/28[6] -) isJapan OfFemaleFashion Model,talent[7],actress[8].. Real name,Nanao Arai(Rough Nanao)[9].

SaitamaOmiya city(CurrentSaitamaOmiya W) From[10][11].Platinum productionAffiliation[12].. magazine"GINGER"Exclusive model..height172cm[13],three size80-57-86cm[1][2],inseam85 cm[14],9 head and body[15].Blood TypeO[3].


As a member of a family of four, including an older brotherSaitamaPresentSaitamaOmiya WHitOmiya cityBirth within[10].Urawa Gakuin High Schoolgraduate[16].Yuri EbiharaAspiring to be a model in the first year of high school2004"Miss SeventeenApply for the selection audition.Lost in the final selection.Although the entertainment activities started in high school, the full-scale start was done in 2009 while attending a university in Tokyo from his parents' house in Saitama prefecture.Race queenIt was around the time when the activity of[17].

After graduating from high school, in TokyoKyoritsu Women's UniversityGo on to[18][19], In order to create an environment where you can balance your studies and work, prioritize your studies for two years after enrollment toward university graduation and get the necessary credits as soon as possible.[17][20].. From around February 2009, he started full-scale entertainment activities while enrolling in the university.[21]..Mixed martial arts group "War pole"ofRound girlAnd also the fashion magazine "PINKYSponsored by "Princess PINKY auditionFollowing the 2009 ”quasi-grand prixTokyo Girls CollectionThe same year sponsored by "Maybelline New York presents 7thMiss Tokyo Girls Collection Won the Grand Prix position[22][23]..In the latter case, sponsorMaybelline New Yorkof"Goodwill ambassadorBegan to appointMisako SakazumeNew songMusic videoWe have received various benefits such as the right to appear in the event and the right to participate in the next Tokyo Girls Collection.[24]..In this year, the 9th generation "Sanai Swimsuit Image GirlThere was also an activity as[25].

2010In the previous 2009 "Race Queen of the YearAwarded (March)[26]..It was the first time in history that a fashion model won this award.[27]..From the following April, the fashion magazine "non-no"ofExclusive model[28]..At the same time, my firstImage dvd"FOUR O'CLOCK" is on sale[29]. "SUPER GT"ofImage girlCorresponding to "G ☆ RACEThere was also an activity as a member of[30].

From around May 2011, "GINGER』To the exclusive model[31]..The words that don't wear on your teeth and the straight character have been well received.Variety TV showAppearances in[32]..In November of the same year, "Unidentified Fantastic Girl』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Debuted as an actress.Next time2012ToFuji Television Network, IncJuly period "Mainly cryingThe first starring a TV drama[33][34]..In addition, it first appeared on the cover of "Ginger" magazine (October issue) released at the same time.[31].. In October, two fashion books, "Nanao Style Book" and "Transcendental Legs Photobook", "10_1028" will be released at the same time.[35]..At the same time, it corresponds to the birthplaceSaitamaAfter being commissioned by the official "Saitama City Tourism Promotion Department Manager"2014Was also responsible for the city's public relations activities[36].. In February 2012, at the edge of the "Nanao" connectionIshikawaNanao CityWas appointed as "Nanao Furusato Ambassador"[37][38].

2013In the women's fashion magazine "an ・ anAppeared on the cover and top gravure of the March issue[39]..It was his first appearance on the cover of the magazine.[40]..Furthermore, the fashion brand "BLACK BY MOUSSYSpring / SummerImage modelBe appointed[41]..It was the first time in history that a Japanese person was appointed to the advertising tower of this brand.[42].

In 2014, the TV program "Lifting of the ban! Exposure Night』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Retired from the moderator of the system) in March[43].. same year,Yoshihiro NakamuraDirected byThe Snow White Murder CaseThe first appearance in the movie[44].

2015,Fugarashira』(WOWOW,6/13 - 7/11), First appearance in a historical drama[45]..In addition, in the October period of the same year,Silane Detective x girlfriend x perfect villain』(Fuji TV system) by acting" 2ndConfidence Award Drama AwardAnd "87thThe Television Drama Academy Award"Supporting Actress Award and"Galaxy awardReceived the December 2015 Monthly Award in the TV category[46][47].. 『first class』(Fuji TV series, 2014), played the role of a strong villain, and established a unique position as an actress as a leading figure of" villain character ".[48][49].

2016IsThere is a favorite person』Fuji TV system"9 dramas a monthFirst appearance[48].2017of"Naotora, the castle owner] InTokugawa Ieyasu OfRoom・ Sena (Tsukiyama) Playing a roleNHKTaiga dramaPlayed the first appearance[50].


Hobbies are golf and fishing, special skills are calligraphy (7 years) and volleyball[51].

"Miss TGCIt is said that he had a part-time job experience at a yakiniku restaurant during the "underlaying" period before winning the Grand Prix (2009).[52].

Also a model and a talentSato?Is a childhood friend who played with Sato from kindergarten to the fifth grade of elementary school until Sato transferred.Sailor MoonIt is said that Sato, who was a boy who loved, and Sato were playing with Mamago and Sailor Moon pretend.[53][54].. Both of them reunited as they went on to become models[53], As a best friendtwitter,BlogWe often show the state of exchange even in places such as[55].

As an actress, she often plays the role of a villain or a cool beauty.[56], The Japanese TV drama series "I'm Your Destiny" broadcast in April 2017. 』Played a rare, bright and good woman[57].

For a delicate and poor body shape and heightコ ン プ レ ッ ク スI wanted to get a job where I could like the place where I felt the complex.[58]..From November 2014, aiming for body modification to a muscular and sharp bodyPressurized trainingStart. My own in 2015InstagramAccording to the announcement in, for a height of 172 cm, weigh 46 kg.[59].BMIThe value of is 15.5[60].. In March 2017TwitterAnnounced that he gained 3 kilograms and weighed 49 kilograms as he grew older, and he wants to make 50 kilograms the best weight.[61][2].

I have a habit of popping my knuckles.I noticed that "A LIFE』(TBS) Is a co-starTadanobu AsanoBut he worried, "Don't do that, your beautiful hands (if they hurt)."I set a goal for that kindness, "I will not ring my fingers this year."[62].


Has a reputation for "beautiful legs" with an inseam of 85 cm[63].. The beautiful legs that are said to be "transcendent beautiful legs"trademarkHas become[64].. In 2012, she won the first "Barefoot Beauty Award" as "a woman with the most beautiful bare feet".[65].. In the same yearMariko Shinoda,ロ ー ラ,andChiaki KuriyamaAlong with "Nail queenWas also awarded[66].. "" Total "Ranking of young models currently active on TV"ロ ー ラNext toSasaki Nozomi2nd place (same year)[67].. magazine"an ・ anIn 2013, when the first cover of 』was noted,Honey,Gome Ayame,Hana Imai,Kiko Mizuhara,Tina Tamaki,Yamamoto Mizuki,Kuran,Akemi Darenogare,Oshikiri Moe,Kaoru Mitsumune,andMaggieWith 11 people consisting ofModel pressIt was also mentioned in the project "This year's face chosen by female internet users" by the election of[68].Variety programHe also showed a positive attitude when performing, saying, "When I'm on TV, I'm more happy to be said to be" interesting "than to be said to be" cute "or" beautiful. " He talks about it, and his attitude is highly evaluated by people in the TV industry.[69].


The starring work isTaiziNotation

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Entertainment shows

Radio program

  • Imadoki Season 2(October 2009, 11-March 8, 2010,MBS Radio
  • Pakkun egg(April 2010, 10-April 8, 2011, MBS Radio)
    • We're Imadoki! ~ DOKODOKI Commodity Research Institute ~ (April 2010, 4-October 24, MBS Radio)



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外部 リンク

Traveling alone

Traveling alone(One time, solo travel or single travel[Note 1]) IsJourneyIt is one of the forms of (travel), which literally means traveling alone.


Basically, this term is used to refer to a solo trip with arrangements such as transportation and accommodation by the traveler himself.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7].

Traveling alone style

There can be various styles because traveling alone is possible if you travel alone.

However, according to Katsuhiko Fuse, the travel agencyPack travelThen it is hard to say that it is free.Even if you can get away from everyday life in a pack trip, the trip itself has自由Can't be obtained on a pack trip[8], Point out that traveling just by following the course prepared by the travel agency does not mean that you know the place[8]..Fuse said that he had no freedom to stay at an inn that was decided to be driven by the minute-by-minute schedule and to eat the prepared food, and that he could not understand how the people living in the town lived. It pointed out[8]..Fuse said that the spots set for travel agency pack trips are special places that are free from the local situation, and are only spots that try to connect with the central travel agency.[8].

If you visit Fuse on a solo trip, you can get in touch with the humanity of the people by talking directly with the people in the town while asking for directions or consulting with the inn, and the schedule is free depending on your feelings. So you can go anywhere you like, such as Yokomachi, and the people of that areaLifeYou can also feel the breathing of the land, and you can know the true appearance of the land, not the artificial appearance of the land.

There can be various styles of transportation and accommodation for such a solo trip that you set up yourself.For example, JapanLocal lineEkibenAnd the car window (列車) To enjoy the scenery fromTimetableGazeferryWhile utilizing[9] For example at nightGuesthouse,Japanese innTrip to stay atAsiaTheBackpackingYouth HostelA trip around while using a local cheap hotel[10],Wheel bagUsingBicycleTouring Japanese islands by combining trains with[11],Europe OfstreetA trip by bicycle[12],オ ー ト バ イTotentAlso piled upCampTraveling alone while doing[13],HitchhikeA trip where you can move around and use the inn, but sometimes you can stay at the home of someone you met while traveling.Four-wheelerRoad StationUsingOvernight in the carTraveling alone, moving freely, and so on.There are so many different styles to mention.

Men traveling alone

According to Katsuhiko Fuse, not only wants to be free from the organization, but also from the family.自由The fundamental of a man who wants to bedesireIt is said that a trip different from a couple's trip is required to fulfill[8]. Also,friend,Childhood friend,cousinTraveling with relationships that everyone would have, such as a hobbyist, is somewhat more free than when you are in an organization, but you must get tired of it as you travel.Human relationsIt is said that it will not be a completely free trip if there is a touch, the topic is exhausted, and the coordination with the people who go with me becomes anxious.[8]..Fuse said that what was needed was a solo trip, especially a handmade trip.[8].

FuseMiddle agedI especially recommended traveling alone to men[8]..And even if you travel the same alone, somethingthemeFuse recommended to go around the land with[8].

Women traveling alone

According to Fuse, women also like traveling, but women prefer to enjoy chatting and eating with friends rather than traveling alone.[8].

In recent years, a manual book for backpacking trips has also been published for women.[14].

Questionnaire survey on traveling alone

WEB (in Japan) that JTB went on a solo trip announced in June 2011questionnaireThe aggregated result of was as follows. When asked "Have you ever traveled alone?", 60% answered "Yes", and by gender, 63% were men and 54% were women.The reason for traveling alone is "mind and bodyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu25%, "Hobbies"Enjoying" was 19%, and "I wanted to go to an unknown place" was 13%. For the question "What kind of place did you go to?"Scenery"Beautiful place" is 21%, "city"Stay" is 19%, "Stay"Spa"Land" was 15%.He also asked about the number of days of travel.[15][16].

"Traveling alone" in the travel industry

Classification in JTBF Travel Survey

According to the JTBF Travel Survey, "traveling alone" is exclusivelyTourism-レ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ンIt is used to classify by the presence or absence of a companion on a trip for the purpose of[17].. (In other words, although it is natural, only trips that are classified as "no companion" in the same survey are solo trips.)


Travel agency for one personFree Plan OfPropagandaThere is also an example of using the word "travel alone (travel alone)"[18].


In turn, the term "traveling alone" may also be used for the following:


  • Horse racingIn bigDifferenceTo run away with.Also, from that point on, it is sometimes used as an analogy to one (one) player / team running alone in sports / competition league games.
  • In a computer game, a term that refers to the fact that you can form a party of multiple people, but eliminate them by not making them friends and playing with only one character (one, one).インターネットA classic on the above game strategy sitesReplayBut also.


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