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🎥 | Thanks to Masaki Okada and Jun Shison & the director's words "I wanted to hug you" with a keen eye


Thanks to Masaki Okada and Jun Shison & the director's words "I wanted to hug you" with a keen eye

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This work is a live-action version of a mystery horror work by Tomoko Yamashita, and is the first joint production project by Watanabe Entertainment and Shochiku, which is jointly planned, developed and produced by Watanabe Entertainment and Shochiku.

The eve of the release of the movie "The Night Beyond the Window" (released January 1) The stage greeting was held in Tokyo on the 22st, and Masaki Okada ... → Continue reading

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Yamashita Tomoko

Tomoko Yamashita(19815/9 -) isJapan OfFemalemanga artist..Blood type is B type.mainlyBoys lovemagazine,"FEEL YOUNGWomen's magazines such as "Monthly afternoon』And has written works in youth magazines.


"None Co."CircleBy name etc.FanAfter the activity, "Before the dawn of the cat"2005Afternoon Seasons AwardReceived (Summer).Later the same work "Hyakki Yayuki"(Ichiko Ima)fromplagiarismThe suspicion was raised, and a sentence was written on his blog stating that "I may have been unknowingly influenced, but I did not consciously try to imitate it" (currently suspended).The work was recorded in "Satanic Suite" published in 2012.

In 2007, "Dining Bar Akira" was released as "This manga is amazing! Won first place in "2007 (BL category)"[1].

In 2011, "HER" and "Don't Cry, Girl" won "This Manga is Amazing! 2011 Woman Edition"[2].

In 2019, the 4th edition of "Foreign Diary 7"BlogReceived the grand prize (manga category)[3].

List of works

  • Kuimodokoro Meiraku (2007/3/15, Tokyo Mangasha MARBLE COMICS) ISBN 978-4-902671-89-6
  • Touch Me Again (2008/1/10, Libre Publishing BE BOY COMICS) ISBN 978-4-86263-331-6
  • Black feathers in the heart of love (2008/1/17, Tokyo Mangasha MARBLE COMICS) ISBN 978-4-904101-05-6
  • Illumination (2008/8/27, Ohzora Publishing melow melow COMICS) ISBN 978-4-7767-9496-7
  • I want to talk about love (2008/11/18, Tokyo Mangasha MARBLE COMICS) ISBN 978-4-904101-32-2
  • The eyes of the rose are bombs (2008/12/10,Libre publishing BE ・ BOY COMICS) ISBN 978-4-86263-514-3
  • Juteme, Cafe Noir (2009/7/22, Frontier Works DARIA COMICS) ISBN 978-4-86134-349-0
  • Love, Hate, Love (2009/9/8,Shodensha FEEL COMICS) ISBN 978-4-396-76470-8
  • MO'SOME STING (2009/9/10, Libre Publishing ZERO COMICS) ISBN 978-4-86263-667-6
  • YES IT'S ME (2009/9/17, Tokyo Mangasha MARBLE COMICS) ISBN 978-4-904101-54-4
  • HER ("FEEL YOUNGNovember 2009 issue-April 11 issue serialized, 2010/4/2010, Shodensha FEEL COMICS) ISBN 978-4-396-76496-8
  • Don't Cry, Girl ("Kurofune ZERO" Summer 2008-Summer 2009 series, 2010/7/9, Libre Publishing ZERO COMICS)ISBN 978-4-86263-806-9
  • Mirror Ball Flushing Magic (2011/4/8, Shodensha FEEL COMICS) ISBN 978-4-396-76519-4
    • Beautiful Forest ("FEEL YOUNG" February 2011 issue)
    • Mirror Ball Flushing Magic (serialized in the October 2010 issue of "FEEL YOUNG" --January 10 issue)
    • don't TRUST over TEEN ("Monthly flowers] September 2009)
    • blue ("YOU2009 No. 17)
    • Someday your mysterious boobs ("FEEL YOUNG" August 2010 issue)
    • Karen ("FEEL YOUNG" September 2010 issue)
    • Ebony Olive ("FEEL YOUNG" November 2008 issue)
  • You can't go out naked ("Chorus" and its successor "Chorus"Cocohana』Irregular serialization, 2012/8/24, Shueisha Margaret Comics) ISBN 978-4-08-846822-8
  • BUTTER !!!("Monthly afternoon』2010å¹´2月号 - 2013å¹´4月号連載、全6巻、2010/7/23 - 2013/5/23、講談社 アフタヌーンKC)
  • Satanic Suite (2012/3/23, Kodansha Afternoon KC) ISBN 978-4-063-87815-8
    • edge of her (unpublished)
    • Inazuma (unpublished)
    • Satanic Suite (Unpublished)
    • Before the dawn of cats ("Monthly Afternoon" October 2005 issue)
    • Beautiful Movie ("Monthly Afternoon" May 2008 issue)
    • MUD ("Monthly Afternoon" March 2012 issue)
  • Stroboscope (2012/12/10, Libre Publishing Be Boy Comics DX)ISBN 978-4-79971-239-9
    • Stroboscope ("Crying BL")
    • Chain gang ("b-BOY Kichiku" peeing feature)
    • good morning, bad day ("onBLUE" (Shodensha) Vol.4)
    • Devil's thoroughbred ("onBLUE" (Shodensha) Vol.6 (previously published in Doujinshi))
    • 32 other essays
  • ひばりの朝(『FEEL YOUNG』2012å¹´4月号- 2013å¹´6月号連載、全2巻、2012/8/8 - 2013/7/8、祥伝社 Feelコミックス)
Volume 1 ,ISBN 978-4-396-76555-2
Volume 2,ISBN 978-4-396-76582-8
  • Eat to Kuunomu ("Cocohana" September 2012 issue-February 9 issue serialized, 2014/2/2014, Shueisha Margaret Comics)ISBN 978-4-08-845173-2
  • Outside the window is night("Monthly MAGAZINE BE x BOY" April 2013 issue- Serialized, 7 volumes already published, 2014/2/10-, Libre Crofne Comics)
  • Snip, Snail & Dogtail ("onBLUE" Vol.7 --vol.10 serialization, 2013/10/25, Shodensha Feel Comics on Blue)ISBN 978-4-396-78339-6
  • Girl of Fate (2014/8/22, Kodansha Afternoon KC)ISBN 978-4-06-387993-3
    • Invincible ("Monthly Afternoon" February 2014 issue)
    • You are a star ("good! Afternoon" September 2014 issue)
    • Uncursed Princess and Cage Tower ("Monthly Afternoon" September 2014 issue)
  • ­花井沢町公民館便り(『月刊アフタヌーン』2014å¹´10月号 - 2016å¹´5月号連載、全3巻、2015/3/23 - 2016/9/23、講談社 アフタヌーンKC)
  • Tomoko Yamashita's bonus book (includes bonus distribution and names, 2015/11/7, Shodensha Feel Comics FC swing)
  • WHITE NOTE PAD ("FEEL YOUNG" March 2015 issue --November 3 issue serialized, 2016 volumes, 11/2 / 2015 --12 / 4/2016, Shodensha Feel Comics FCswing)
  • "Foreign Diary" ("FEEL YOUNG" July 2017 Issue- Serialized, 7 volumes already published, 2017/11 / 8-, Shodensha Feel Comics FC swing)


Interview / Interview


Pond fish,ISBN 978-4-06-182746-2
Nanke's dream,ISBN 978-4-06-299037-0


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