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🎥 | "Gamera 2 Attack of Legion" will be screened at Dolby Cinema!

Photo Experience the newly revived "Gamera 2" at Dolby Cinema! – (C) KADOKAWA Nippon Television Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Fujitsu Nissho / 1996

"Gamera 2 Attack of Legion" will be screened at Dolby Cinema!

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It is still firmly supported as one of the representatives of Japanese special effects movies.

On the 22nd, KADOKAWA will release the movie "Heisei Gamera" series as part of the 55th anniversary project of Gamera's birth ... → Continue reading

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Special effects movies

Special effects movies(Tokusatsu Eiga) isSpecial effects(Special shooting)moviesThat thing.Mainly focused on such technologyMonster movie,Science fiction movie,War moviePoint to.However, this name is gradually becoming obsolete.Currently, almost all commercial films have been modified in video material, and it is rare to sell works under the name that brings these technologies to the fore.

In addition, since the word special effects has become established as a genre rather than technology, the prejudice that it is a work using costumes and miniature photography has become established, and it is customary to call overseas blockbuster movies using SFX as special effects movies. became(Special effectsSee section).

Prewar "Lost worldAnd 'キ ン グ コ ン グ], And many works were made by analog handmade work until it was replaced by CG (computer graphics) video works.Special effects director who produced many special effects techniques and special effects moviesRay HarryhausenWas called "the god of special effects" and had a great influence on later works around the world.[1][2].

Japanese special effects moviesEiji TsuburayaIt can be seen that was founded.TsuburayaSecond World WarPreviously working as a photographer in the film industry, he encountered the movie "King Kong" and was fascinated by the special photography technology used in the film, and devoted himself to his research.During the war, he made use of his experience to produce many war movies, especially air battles.As a result, he was banished from public office after the war, but when the expulsion from public office was lifted, the movie "GodzillaFor the production ofSpecial effects directorHe laid the foundation for Japanese special effects such as science fiction movies, monster movies, and special effects TV series.

Typical Japanese special effects movie

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