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🎥 | "MOTHER Mother" won the Grand Prize at the Mainichi Film Awards! "Underdog" has the most 4 crowns

"MOTHER Mother" won the Japan Film Award- (C) 2020 "MOTHER" Production Committee

"MOTHER Mother" won the Grand Prize at the Mainichi Film Awards! "Underdog" has the most 4 crowns

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Mirai Moriyama, Takumi Kitamura, and Ryo Katsuji perform enthusiastically as boxers after rigorous training, and Moriyama, who plays the role of a stepping stone as a "underdog" behind the players running up to stardom, starred as an actor. Won the award.

Winners of the "75th Mainichi Film Awards" were announced on the 22nd, and Tatsushi Omori and Nagasawa won the Japan Film Awards ... → Continue reading

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Actor Leading Award


Moriyama Mirai(Moriyama Mirai,19848/20 -) isJapan OfAn actor,dancer.HyogoAmagasakiI'm from

Agency for Cultural AffairsAs a cultural envoy for the year from October 2013 to October 10, mainly an Israeli dance company(Inbal Pinto & Abshalom PollackCompany)Stayed and worked based on[1].


From 5 yearsJazz dance, From 6 yearsTap dance, From 8 yearsClassical ballethip hopTo start.

Shukugawa Preschool[2],Sumiyoshi Elementary School attached to Kobe University,Kobe University Sumiyoshi Junior High School,Hotoku Gakuen High Schoolgraduate,Takushoku UniversityForeign language departmentSpanishDropped out of the department.

1995: At the age of 10Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeOccurred and was damaged at home in Kobe[3].

1999: Debuted in earnest on the stage "BOYS TIME" at the age of 15.However, stage experience before this[4] There is.

2001: At the age of 16, the one-shot drama "TEAM 2First appearance in the drama, "Goodbye, Ozu sensei』First appearance in a serial drama.

2003: Serial drama "WATER BOYS』Appeared as the main cast, and the name recognition and popularity will increase at once.

2004: The movie "Avoid love in the center of the worldPlayed the high school days of Sakutaro Matsumoto, the main character of the movie, and won various movie awards.

2005:Misaki ItoStarred in the role of siblingsDue by December 9thDrama"Dangerous aneki] Became a hit with an average audience rating of 18.8%.

2006:Two rolesStarring in the drama "Our war"ButAsia Television AwardWon the highest award in the single drama category.

2007-2008: I've been a member since my debutAtelier DuncanからOffice workTransferred to (Matsuda Yusaku Office).

2008-2010:NHK Osaka Broadcasting StationProductionGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeRelated program[5] Appeared in. Charity in 2008Rock festivalHe has also appeared in "GOING KOBE '08".

2010: Announced that he joined a general female in March.In the same month, the movie "Fish story"soTakasaki Film FestivalReceived the Best Supporting Actor Award. In July, the leading drama "Children in the town"ButBroadcast Cultural Fund AwardReceived this award. Announcement of the birth of the first child in October (gender name not announced).

2011: Starring movie "MotekiBecame a big hit with box office revenue of over 22 billion yen, and the drama version broadcast the previous year also won numerous awards.

2012: In the movie "Moteki" in FebruaryEvery day movie contestReceived an actor starring award.Same monthSidi Larbi Shell Kawi He made his first overseas performance at the stage choreography stage "Tezuka TeZukA", and toured Hong Kong, New Zealand, Luxembourg, France / Germany, etc., starting with Rome. In July, the first radio crown program "Mirai Moriyama's"All Night Nippon GOLDServed as a personality[6].. In November, "Northern canaries"EtcHochi Film Award-Daily Sports Movie AwardsReceived the Supporting Actor Award in both awards.

2013: January "Hard train"soKinema Junpo Best TenReceived the Leading Actor Award, the same monthEllandol AwardReceived the New Face Award.Japan Academy AwardThen, he won the Outstanding Leading Actor Award and the Outstanding Supporting Actor Award for "Bad Train" and "Northern Canaries". In May, the anime movie "St.] Is released. One year from October to October 10Agency for Cultural AffairsHe was appointed by the Israeli dance company and stayed there without an interpreter. In November, the leading drama "Husband and wife"ButGalaxy awardReceived the September Monthly Award and the 9st Encouragement Award.

2014: January, musical "Cat that lived 100 million times』In the 21thYomiuri Theater Awards Received the Outstanding Actor Award.

2016: I belonged on November 11stOffice workAnnounced independence from[7].




  • I applied for and passed the audition for the stage "BOYS TIME" when I was in the third year of junior high school (despite the age limit being 18 years or older).Of the directorAmon Miyamoto"A terrifying 15-year-old who can do any kind of dance."Fred AstaireI thought it was a genius since then. "Also, it was the same stage debut with this workRyuta SatoIn 2008, Sato's first serial drama "ROOKIES』Appeared in friendship[16].
  • He began appearing in TV dramas in 2000 on the stage "Mama Loves Mambo".Kuroki HitomiPlayed the role of his son, and came to see this stage in the drama "TEAM』(Hitomi Kuroki was appearing) was appointed as a producer.When I was in the second year of high school,TEAM 2"Goodbye, Ozu sensei] And appeared in the work of the same staff.
  • Drama"Criminal sceneSatoshi TeraoMoriyama described Moriyama as "a young man with absorptive power and power, who is sensible and untidy. Unlike when I was young, he is dignified."Also the sequel "Limit-Criminal scene 2-Takeda Tetsuya"A good young man. I usually speak mogomogo, but when it comes to production, the words are serialized and power up.James DeanIt was as shocking as whenThere is a future in the future! "[17], "I'm going to stretch him out and make him the second Aya Ueto." "It's really hard to do, a very young person. A child who can do Stone when he goes to the scene. if you doTaiga dramaI think I'll play the leading role in.Please look forward to it! "[17].
  • Written and directed on the stage "R2C2 ~ I will quit the band because it's a cyborg! ~"Kankuro MiyatoAt the request of, I decided to play the keyboard in the play.Although I had never played before, I was able to play two piano songs in a short training period.
  • "Our music],Toshiaki KarasawaHas named Moriyama as "a young actor who is interested in and thinks it is good".
  • movies"20th century boyEiji ToyokawaAccording to him, it was a relationship like bokeh and tsukkomi.Yukihiko TsutsumiThe director also liked this combination, and scenes not found in the original were created.
  • In addition to starring in the drama "The Town's Children," he also participates in the drums and percussion performances of the music in the play.
  • Drama"Moteki]Kirinji"Bad habits"CHAGE & ASKA"No. 201" was recommended and adopted as a song in the play.
  • I also have many opportunities to work with my favorite musicians,Kazuyoshi SaitoIs the appearance work "Fish story"Limit-Criminal scene 2-As the theme song ofSuga ShikaoIs the TV program "Music Lovers, And Suga MC's radio program, stage "Hedwig and Angry InchIn the translation inKirinjiThrough discussions and radio programs in the essay book "Yakeppachi Optimist"YUKIIs a recitation drama "LOVE LETTERS』Realized face-to-face.
  • movies"Moteki], There are many settings and lines taken from Moriyama's suggestions and stories.As an example, in the initial setting, Karaki, the boss, was a man, but it was changed to a woman.Youko MakiPlayed.It was planned to appear after the actresses in the drama, but neither actresses appeared because of the rudeness.Besides, the manga that appears in the dialogue "Attack on Titan"Final weapon she"Such.
  • movies"Sage -Land fish-In order to familiarize myself with the role of "a traveler traveling alone by bicycle", I actually took a bicycle to the shooting location in Okunikko for three days.
  • movies"Hard trainI lived alone in an inn with a shared toilet without a bath for 3 tatami mats, and lived a life of drinking only cups of sake and books.When he appeared with a swollen face due to a hangover, he was praised as "the role has come down."At this time, he gained 4,5 kg and continued to stretch his nails according to his role in living an unhealthy life.
  • Toshiyuki NishidaMoriyama in 2012Daily Sports Movie AwardsWhen he won the Supporting Actor Award, he said, "Moriyama has a wonderful way of confronting the role.Matt Damonwant to see.It ’s great that Clever does n’t know who he is. ”[18].
  • stage"Hedwig and Angry Inch』, I heard it good in my throat because it is a musical work that keeps singingRaw meatIt is said that he continued to eat only (and tomatoes).I watched this work againRingo ShiinaBut the radio[19] At the time of the performance, he said, "Miki-kun has a wonderful singing and dancing and a good voice. A person like him is David Bowie of Japan and I want to write a song for him."
  • Drama"Husband and wife], I finally increased the weight by 7 kg because I wanted to get hungry so that I could get a body shape that suits Japanese clothes.In addition, there is a serious side that is rare for actors such as accompanying a location scouting on a shooting holiday.Saturday Studio ParkWas revealed to the staff[20].
  • movies"Northern canariesSayuri YoshinagaSaid he thought he was like a son while exchanging plays, and he said on the radio that he wanted to keep an eye on his future life as an actor.
  • "The seven people in Skull CastleAnd 'Hard trainI watchedEchizo IchikawaHowever, he has revealed on his blog that he has been a fan of Moriyama since then and is the actor he wants to co-star with most now.[21].
  • movies"Humankind fund』In Israeli martial artsClave MagaI went to the dojo for 3 months and challenged the action using.It will also be the first movie shoot outside the United States.United Nations HeadquartersAt, I gave a long speech in English for about 8 minutes (14 pages in script), which is the climax scene.For this shootObama-KennedyBoth presidentsRev. KingIt is said that he used it as a reference after seeing his speech.In addition, this speech scene was the crank-in of this work, and at that time it was a location decision while the go-ahead of production was not officially issued.In addition to English, Russian andMongThere is also a scene to talk about.



Theater animation

  • St.(December 2013, 5,TohoVideo Division)- Starring Jesus Role


  • Saint Young Men (2012, 2013)- Starring Jesus Role

TV drama

Documentary program

  • Dancing idiot Mirai Moriyama, selfie 365 days (December 2014, 12,NHK BS Premium
  • Gidori (December 2015, 12, NHK General)[31]



Dance company performance

  • Inbal Pinto & Abshalom PollackCompany Performance (Dust, Oyster, Wallflower) (October 2013-October 10)* Only Wallflower will be performed in Japan (October 2014)

Directing and starring

Screenplay / Direction / Appearance

  • CAN Produced Performance Kyukyu Ushio vol.0 "In Search of a Wonderful Chance" (August 2010)



Mobile drama


CM / Advertising

Music video


  • Theater company☆Shinkansen"Metal Enka-Seven Lights Mitsukasa-" and "Akenai Yoru Haha SO LONG" are included in the CD that collects the songs from the play of "Metal Macbeth" (2006).
  • Gekidan Shinkansen "Revenge is my way" and "Despair and light" are included in the CD that collects the songs in the play of "Goemon Rock" (2008).
  • SAKEROCKIn the album "LIFE CYCLE"Tap danceParticipate as "sound" by

Making dvd

  • Avoid love in the center of the world ~ The door of memory of Sakutaro and Aki ~
  • Mirai Moriyama in school daze


Photo album

  • Mirai Moriyama Photobook "My School Daze Diary" (Rockin'on, December 2005)ISBN 4-86052-056-4

Magazine serialization

  • SWITCH (Switch Publishing) "Letters from Beyond" (December 2013-)


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