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🧑‍🎨 | "Galal Ponita" first appeared in "Pokemon" Ichiban Kuji!Amusement park theme adult cute design

Photo "Ichiban Kuji Pokemon for you ~ Dramatic Collection ~" (C) Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku (C) Pokemon

"Galal Ponita" first appeared in "Pokemon" Ichiban Kuji!Amusement park theme adult cute design

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This time, with the theme of an amusement park, goods designed with 10 types of Pokemon such as Pikachu and Garal Ponita, which first appeared in "Ichiban Kuji", will appear.

"Ichiban Kuji Pokemon for you-Dramatic Co ..." based on "Pokemon" → Continue reading

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    First appearance

    amusement park

    amusement park(Amusement park, English:amusement park) Provided play equipment such as vehiclesFacility. Also,Department storeSuch asRooftop amusement parkIt may also refer to.Amusement park or Leisure landThere is also a name.

    In the amusement park,Tokyo DisneylandSuch as the one in which the view of the world in the garden is unified with a specific themeTheme parkSometimes called. However, the distinction/definition between the two is not clear.[Source required]


    Management form


    Although there are various management bodies, during the period of high economic growth, with the aim of increasing the population along the railway line,Railway companyThere is an example of management in Japan.

    In recent years,leisureMany facilities are under severe pressure due to diversification, etc., and many long-established amusement parks are closed. There are also cases in which efforts are made to create features, introduce new attractions, reduce the scale on the contrary (abolish unprofitable playground equipment), or switch to a different business format.

    Fee system

    In many cases, "aside from the entrance fee, you also have to pay for the play equipment you use." Most amusement parks of a certain size or more sell free passes (admission fee + set ticket for unlimited use of play equipment for one day) for several thousand yen.

    On the other hand, there is also a "form that only playground equipment charges are generated (there is no admission fee)" in contrast to "all you can use playground equipment for admission fees".


    Zoo,Aquarium,Pool,Skating rink,Botanical garden,Movie theater,Commercial facility,Hot bath facility,HotelThere is also a place with the like. As a means of transportation in a large garden,monorailThere are also places that have installed such. There may be a lost child center and a rescue room.

    Playground equipment (Attraction) IsCoffee cup,Ferris wheel,Merry-go-roundFor families and couples such asHaunted houseSuspense system, such asroller coaster,Free fall,Rotating swing such asScreaming machineThere is.

    List (main amusement parks in the world)






    Besides Japan

    Japan (Open)

    Hokkaido Green Land01Hokkaido1986Former Iwamizawa Mitsui Greenland
    Rusutsu Resort01Hokkaido1983Former Rusutsu Plateau Country Land
    Kitami Family Land01Hokkaido1983
    Family Ailand YOU01Hokkaido1998
    Shukutsu Marine Land01Hokkaido1959
    Hachinohe Park Country of children02Aomori1981OldHachinohe Children's Amusement Park
    Fantasy Dome Hachinohe02Aomori1990
    Iwayama Park Land03Iwate1972
    05Akita2008OldOmoriyama Amusement Park(2007.6 closed)
    Chacha World Ishikoshi04Miyagi1995
    Yagiyama Benny Land04Miyagi1968
    Lina World06Yamagata1969Former Yamako Land
    Koriyama Culture Park Dreamland07Fukushima1989
    Hitachi Seaside Park (Pleasure Garden)08Ibaraki1991
    Kamine Park08Ibaraki1957
    Nasu Highland Park09Tochigi1969
    Nasu Rindoko Lake View09Tochigi1965Former Rindoko Family Farm
    Tochinoki Family Land09Tochigi1979
    Kazoji Park Amusement Park10Gunma1970Former Isesaki Park (1911)
    Shibukawa Skyland Park10Gunma1998
    KaruizawaToy kingdom10Gunma1999
    Kiryu is Oka Amusement Park10Gunma1953
    Kisarazu Kanransha Park KISARAPIA12千葉2016
    Tokyo Disney Sea12千葉2001
    Tokyo Disneyland12千葉1983
    Tokyo German Village12千葉2001
    Mother ranch12千葉1962
    Romantic Forest Republic12千葉1969
    Chiba Children's Country Kids Dam12千葉1971
    Hasunuma Seaside Park12千葉?
    Funabashi Andersen Park12千葉1987
    Daqing Garden12千葉?
    Seibuen Yuenchi11埼 玉1950Former Higashimurayama Cultural Park
    Hybrid Leisure Land Tobu Zoological Park11埼 玉1981
    Musashino Village11埼 玉1969
    Asakusa Hanayashiki13Tokyo1853Old Hanayashiki
    Arakawa Amusement Park13Tokyo1922Former Arakawa Amusement Park
    Tokyo Dome City Attractions13Tokyo1955Former Korakuen Yuenchi
    Aqua Park ShinagawaTokyo2005Former Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium
    Tokyo Summerland13Tokyo1967
    Yomiuri Land13Tokyo1964
    Namco Namjatown13Tokyo1996It will be closed for about half a year from January 2013, 1
    Tokyo JoypolisTokyo1996
    Sanrio Puroland13Tokyo1990
    Yokohama Cosmo World14Kanagawa1989
    Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest14Kanagawa1972Former Lake Sagami Picnic Land
    Yokohama, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (Pleasure Land)14Kanagawa1993
    Suntopia world15Niigata1976Former Yasuda Island
    Myoko Sunshine Land15Niigata1991
    Toyama Family Park16Toyama1984
    Mirage Land16Toyama1982
    Tetori Fishland17石川1967
    Shiba Masa World18Fukui1977
    Fujikyu Highland19Yamanashi1961
    Shirakaba Resort Ikenodaira Family Land20Nagano1968
    Izu Animal Kingdom22Shizuoka1977
    Gurinpa22Shizuoka1973Former Japan Land HOW Yuenchi
    Lake Hamana Pal Pal22Shizuoka1959Former Amusement Park Pal Pal
    South Park (Okazaki City)23Aichi1962
    Kariya City Traffic Children's Park23Aichi1975
    Hekinan City Akashi Park23Aichi1989
    Toyohashi Zoological and Botanical Park23Aichi?
    Higashiyama Park23Aichi1937
    Nagoya Port Seat Rain Land23Aichi1995
    Legoland Japan23Aichi2017
    Japan Monkey Park23Aichi1960
    Minamichita Beach Land23Aichi1980
    Laguna Ten Bosch-Lagunasia23Aichi2002
    Yoro Land21Gifu1972
    Enakyo Wonderland21Gifu2002Former Enakyo Land
    Nagashima Spa Land24Triple1964
    Suzuka Circuit Motopia24Triple1963
    Parque Espana24Triple1994
    Amanohashidate View Land26京都1970
    Hirakata Park27Osaka1912
    Kansai Cycle Sports Center27Osaka1974
    Universal Studios Japan27Osaka2001
    Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park29Nara1929
    Porto Europe30Wakayama1994
    Adventure world30Wakayama1978
    Harborland-Mosaic garden28Hyogo1992
    Sumaura Sanjo Amusement Park28Hyogo1959
    Kobe City Fruit and Flower Park Fairyland28Hyogo1993
    Lake TojoToy kingdom28Hyogo1969
    Himeji Central Park28Hyogo1984
    Ako Seaside Park Exciting land28Hyogo1987
    Washuzan Highland33Okayama1971
    Toy kingdom33Okayama1995OldPrince fancy land
    Hiruzen Kogen Center
     Joyful Park
    Miroku no Sato34Hiroshima1987
    Tokiwa Amusement Park35Yamaguchi1958
    Akiyoshidai Safari Land35Yamaguchi1977
    New Reoma World37Kagawa2004Reoma World (closed in 2000)
    Tokushima Family Land36Tokushima1998
    Ehime Children's Castle38Atago1996
    Uminonakamichi Seaside Park40Fukuoka1981
    Dasaifu amusement park40Fukuoka1957Old Dazai Fuen
    Kouno Park Children's Amusement Park41佐賀?
    Fairy tale village41佐賀1992
    Huis Ten Bosch42Nagasaki1992
    Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Garden43Kumamoto?
    Greenland43Kumamoto1966Former Mitsui Greenland
    Jojima Kogen Park44Oita1967Former Kijima Moat Pierland, Former Kijima Korakuen Yuenchi, Former Saint Leisure Kijima Kogen Park
    Lactench44Oita1929Former Beppu Amusement Park, Former Beppu Cable Latente, Former Beppu Wonder Latente
    Harmony Land44Oita1991

    Japan (closed)

    Coal historic village Adventure family01Hokkaido19832006/ Only the Coal Museum is open
    Inase Land General Amusement Park01Hokkaido?-2001
    Utonai Amusement Park01Hokkaido
    Onuma Amusement Park01Hokkaido
    Otamoi Amusement Park01Hokkaido19351952
    Otaru Park01Hokkaido19702006/ The park part is open
    Obihiro fantasy dome01Hokkaido/ Fantasy Plaza
    Canadian World01Hokkaido?-1997/ Private park
    Gluck Kingdom01Hokkaido19892007
    Red cherry blossom garden01HokkaidoOnly the garden is open
    Sakurayama Amusement Park01Hokkaido/ Only the park is open
    Santa Present Park Noel Garden01Hokkaido19962007/ Only ski resorts and observatories are open
    01Hokkaido19722005/ Only campsite is open
    Joyland Tarumae01Hokkaido1984?
    Dynalex OtaruHokkaido19992003/ Icarus Castle, Bayside Cliff Beach Wall
    Pacific Skyland01Hokkaido19692002
    TBS Tarumae Highland01Hokkaido
    Toya Summerland01Hokkaido
    Naigai Leisure Land01Hokkaido
    Nakajima ParkChild's country01Hokkaido19581994Hokkaido Grand ExpositionNakajima Venue Moved to Kodomo no Kuni / Maruyama Children's Country Kidland
    Nishikizawa Amusement Park01Hokkaido?-1970
    Ibarado Hawaii Land01Hokkaido
    Tomakomai Fantasy Dome01Hokkaido19901997Japan's first indoor amusement park / currentMEGA Don QuixoteTomakomai store
    Higashionuma Amusement Park01Hokkaido
    Fushimi leisure land01Hokkaido
    Hokuto Health Plaza01Hokkaido
    Holiday Mashu Land01Hokkaido
    Summerland Dairin01Hokkaido
    Hokuko Health Center01Hokkaido
    Musashi Land01Hokkaido19901993
    Moiwa Dreamland01Hokkaido
    MaruyamaChildren's country Kidland01Hokkaido19952010
    Taineolimpia Amusement Park01Hokkaido19662009
    Wakkanai Park01Hokkaido/ The park part is open
    Hachinohe Children's Amusement Park02Aomori19581985
    Sanhago Tourist Amusement Park02Aomori
    Hagoromo Nature Amusement Park02Aomori
    Playpia Shirahama02Aomori19851998/ The park part is closed from 2009
    Wonderland ASAMUSHI02AomoriOld Asamushi Kiddy Land
    Basenkyo Youland03Iwate
    Sunnyland Snake Island03Iwate19671970
    Shidodaira Paradise03Iwate
    Marine Park Yamada03Iwate19881999
    Aobayama Jardin04Miyagi
    Kunimi Jardin04Miyagi
    Kunimi Land04Miyagi
    Izumi Land04Miyagi1966?
    Nishikaen Amusement Park04Miyagi1963?
    Akiu Family Land Ikkyu04Miyagi2003 (?)
    Bali Hai Center04Miyagi1973
    Tomiya Green Park04Miyagi19651999
    Kamenuma leisure land04Miyagi19792000
    Bay Park Ishinomaki04Miyagi19932002
    Sanriku Coast Kesennuma Amusement Park04Miyagi
    Minamisanriku Seaside Palace04Miyagi1972?
    Sendai Highland04Miyagi19742015Former West Sendai Highland
    Akita Hawaiian Center05Akita
    Lake Tazawa Swiss Village05Akita?-2003
    Tensagi Yuen Family Land05Akita
    Nibetsu leisure land05Akita
    Saruhane Amusement Park06Yamagata
    Mt. Suwayama Amusement Park06Yamagata
    Hawaii dreamland06Yamagata
    Yamadera Bashoen06Yamagata
    Yunohama Land06Yamagata
    Iwaki Buddha Village07Fukushima
    Takakonuma Green Land07Fukushima
    Terushima Land07Fukushima
    Alice's forest08Ibaraki19891993
    Kairakuen Lakeland08Ibaraki1968?
    Neo Geo World Tsukuba08Ibaraki
    Yu and Momura08Ibaraki
    Yu Koyama09Tochigi19602005
    Don donsa09Tochigi
    Nasu Royal Center09Tochigi19692000
    Hachimanyama Amusement Park09Tochigi
    Kappa pier10Gunma19612003
    Karuizawa Playland10Gunma
    Shinkawa Children's Amusement Park10Gunma19531971
    Ten Grand10Gunma
    Nagame Amusement Park10Gunma19251987
    Inubo Ocean Land12千葉19731989
    Kasamori Amusement Park12千葉
    Dinosaur Park Kisarazu12千葉
    Gyokawa Island12千葉19642001
    Funabashi Health Center12千葉19551977/Lalaport TOKYO-BAY
    Yatsu Yuen12千葉19251982/ Yatsu Rose Garden
    Yokai land12千葉
    Asaka Tech11埼 玉19641973
    Higashimatsuyama Amusement Park11埼 玉
    Unesco village11埼 玉19512006
    11埼 玉19682019
    Ichikawa Tokaen13Tokyo
    Ome Railway Rakuenen13Tokyo
    Keio Kaku13Tokyo19271947/Keio Velodrome
    Keio Amusement Park13Tokyo19551971
    Shinjuku garden13Tokyo
    Shinjuku Joypolis13Tokyo19962000
    Tamagawara Amusement Park13Tokyo
    Tama Tech13Tokyo19612009
    Tsubasa Amusement Park13Tokyo
    Tokyo Marine13Tokyo19722001
    Namco Wonder Egg13Tokyo19922000
    Neo Geo World Tokyo Bayside13Tokyo
    Noodle food kingdom13Tokyo
    Luna Park (Asakusa)13Tokyo19101911
    Kagetsuen Amusement Park14Kanagawa19141946/Kagetsuen Bicycle Racetrack
    Dynalex Honmoku14Kanagawa
    Nogeyama Amusement Park14Kanagawa
    Mukogaoka Amusement14Kanagawa19272002/Fujiko F. Fujio Museum
    Yokohama Dreamland14Kanagawa19642002
    Yokohama Joypolis14Kanagawa19942001
    Wild Blue Yokohama14Kanagawa19922001
    Fuji Gulliver Kingdom19Yamanashi19972001
    Kawaguchiko Amusement Park19Yamanashi
    Komatsu sightseeing farm19Yamanashi
    Paradise of light19Yamanashi19952001
    Toya's Lakeland15Niigata19891996
    Niigata Joypolis15Niigata
    Niigata Amusement Park15Niigata
    Nozumi Dreamland15Niigata1981?
    Matsugamine Amusement Park15Niigata
    Laparque Seigo Fantasy Dome15Niigata
    Okawaji Amusement Park16Toyama19581996
    Awasaki Amusement Park17石川19251941
    Kanazawa Sunny Land17石川19581993OldKanazawa Health Center/Ishikawa Zoo
    Yamanaka Mizunashi Observatory17石川1959?
    Tetori Amusement Park17石川19551971
    Tojinbo Onsen Family Land18Fukui19641988/Mikuni Kanko Hotel
    Yudanaka Amusement Park20Nagano
    Gold town22Shizuokathe 1960s? (Before 1980)A facility that has redeveloped the former site of the Kuniyama Mountain. / Teishan Health Center (closed in the 1990s), Izu Onsen Village
    Izu Fujimi Land22Shizuoka19661999
    Odakyu Kacho Mountains22Shizuoka19701998
    Odakyu Gotemba Family Land22Shizuoka19741999/Gotemba Premium Outlets
    Omaezaki Land22Shizuoka
    Kogasaki Youngland22Shizuoka19261993
    Miho Culture Land22Shizuoka
    Utsumi Forest Park23Aichi19822003
    Otsuka Amusement Park23Aichi
    Mitani Koboyama Amusement Park23Aichi19591984
    Tobone Skyland23Aichi19781998
    Nagayama amusement park23Aichi1930Around the 1940s?
    Yagoto Amusement Park23Aichi
    Enakyo Land21Gifu19702000/Enakyo Wonderland
    Gujo Hachiman Sun Park Land21Gifu
    Sekispo Family Land21Gifu1976?
    Seki's grandson Rokuen21Gifu
    Sekigahara Menard Land21Gifu19722000
    Yanaizu Park21Gifu
    Koga Family Land25Shiga
    Sawayama Amusement Park25Shiga
    Taga SL Park25Shiga19962000
    Little child open space25Shiga
    Biwako Tower25Shiga19652001
    Biwako Paradise25Shiga19661998
    Biwako Wanwan Kingdom25Shiga19982005/Pieri Moriyama
    Yokaichi Amusement Park25Shiga
    Gotemba Amusement Park24Triple
    Dynalex KuwanaTriple1995?
    Meitetsu Sports Valley Tokai24Triple
    Kintetsu Ayame Pond Amusement Park29Nara19262004/ Kintetsu Ayameike Residential Area
    Ikoma Tech29Nara19611965
    Nara Dreamland29Nara19612006
    Mt. Atagoyama Amusement Park26京都19291944
    Ujigawa amusement park26京都
    Kyoto Joypolis26京都
    Kiyotaki Amusement Park26京都19291944
    Forest Yuenchi26京都19642001Former Yase Yuen /XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu
    Hiei Summit Amusement Park26京都19592001
    Fushimi Momoyama Castle Castleland26京都19642003
    Ichioka Paradise27Osaka19251930
    Ohama Park27Osaka
    Kintetsu Tamateyama Amusement Park27Osaka19081998
    Kari Amusement Park27Osaka
    Sayama amusement park27Osaka19382000
    Simland Q27Osaka
    Sunagawa amusement park27Osaka
    Senriyama Amusement Park27Osaka19211950
    Awawa Amusement Park27Osaka
    Tempozan amusement park27Osaka18881897
    PL Land (Sakuragaoka Amusement Park)27Osaka19571989
    Fantasy Dome Kishiwada27Osaka
    Festival gate27Osaka19972007/MaruhanShinsegae storeMEGA Don QuixoteShinsegae store
    Minato Amusement Park27Osaka19611969
    Rinku Papara27Osaka19942004/Rinku Pleasure Town SEACLE
    Luna Park (Osaka)27Osaka19121923
    Misaki Park27Osaka19582020
    Oike Amusement Park30Wakayama19541959
    Family amusement park ping pong bread30Wakayama
    Shinwaka Amusement Park30Wakayama
    Wakaura Amusement Park30Wakayama
    Ariva City Kobe28Hyogo19921997
    Okuaya Amusement Park28Hyogo1955?
    Giraffe garden community28Hyogo19982001
    Koshien Hanshin Park28Hyogo19502003/Lalaport Koshien
    Kobe Portopia Land28Hyogo19812006/IKEA Kobe
    Kouenen Amusement Park28Hyogo19071913
    Takarazuka Family Land28Hyogo19112003/Takarazuka Garden Fields(Closed in 2013)Baby babyHankyu Takarazuka StoreKwansei Gakuin Elementary School
    Tojoko Land28Hyogo19692000/ Lake TojoToy kingdom
    Maya Cable Amusement Park28Hyogo
    Rokko Land AOIA28Hyogo19911995
    Himeji Terayama Amusement Park28Hyogo19662020
    Kibinosato Wonderland33Okayama19801996
    Kyoyama Ropeway Amusement Park33Okayama19561998
    Kurashiki Tivoli Park33Okayama19972008/Ario Kurashiki-Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki-Kurashiki Mirai Park
    Akasaka Amusement Park34Hiroshima19721991
    Otagawa Amusement Park34Hiroshima
    Kure Portopia Land34Hiroshima19921998/Kure Portopia Park
    Onoike Amusement Park34Hiroshima
    Sun Park Hina34Hiroshima
    Citrus Park Setoda34Hiroshima
    Senkojiyama Greenland34Hiroshima19662007
    Tanaka Park34Hiroshima
    Noroyama Amusement Park34Hiroshima19681974
    Hiroshima Natalie34Hiroshima19741996
    Rakuen Amusement Park34Hiroshima19361972
    Misasa Family Land31Tottori
    Mt. Ooyama Temple Amusement Park31Tottori
    Tottori Playland31Tottori19861995
    Yumigahama Waku Waku Land31Tottori19982006
    Ichibata Park32Shimane19611979
    Kawatana Onsen Nature Land35Yamaguchi
    Shimonoseki Marineland35Yamaguchi19711999
    Chofu paradise35Yamaguchi
    Marinepia black35Yamaguchi19771997
    Kameyama Park Children's Country37Kagawa19642007
    Nio Sunshine Land37Kagawa19841995
    Skyland Bizan36Tokushima
    Sonose River Park36Tokushima
    Yoshinogawa Amusement Park36Tokushima19312011
    Akamatsu Amusement Park38Atago
    Karakohama Park38Atago
    Umetsuji Park38Atago19632009/Umezuji Park
    Sanpozan Sky Park39Kochi
    Ittsu Amusement Park40Fukuoka19322000
    Space world40Fukuoka19902018
    Kajigahana Amusement Park40Fukuoka
    Genkai sculpture cape, Koinoura40Fukuoka19842001
    Scarecrow40Fukuoka19382021Old Kashii Tulip Garden
    Fukuoka Joypolis40Fukuoka19962009
    Hiraodai Maruwa Land40Fukuoka1967?
    Shitaka Utopia44Oita19682003
    Saikaibashi Amusement Park Aquarium42Nagasaki
    Nagasaki Amusement Park42Nagasaki19571996
    Aso Tokyu Wonderland43Kumamoto
    Hinokuni Land43Kumamoto19751997
    Kokubun Jungle Park46Kagoshima
    Lake Satsuma Amusement Park46Kagoshima
    Sakurajima Amusement Park46Kagoshima
    Jungle Park Amusement Park46Kagoshima19702005
    Shiroyama amusement park46Kagoshima
    Okinawa Island Park47Okinawa19901999
    Okinawa Expo Land47Okinawa19752000
    Okinawa Grand Park47Okinawa
    Nakagusuku Park Amusement Park47Okinawa
    Himeyuri Park47Okinawa19832005
    Yonabaru Tech47Okinawa19661986/ Marine Town Golf


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