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🎥 | Announcement of postponement of release of "The Fable Hitman" starring Junichi Okada

Photo Movie "The Fable Hitman Not Killing" Poster Visual (C) 2021 "The Fable Hitman Not Killing" Production Committee

Announcement of postponement of release of "The Fable Hitman" starring Junichi Okada

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In addition, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Yurina Hirate, and Masanobu Ando will appear as new casts.

The movie "The Fable Hitman" starring Junichi Okada, which was scheduled to be released nationwide from February 2, is a new type of Coronaui ... → Continue reading

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Yurina Hirate

Hirate Yurina(Open, Yuri,2001〈Heisei13 years>6/25 -) isJapan Ofactress,モデル,singer,dancerAnd a female idol groupKeyakizaka46Is a former member of[1].AichiI'm from.Height 163 cm[2].. Blood typeO[2].Seed & Flower LLCAffiliation[3][4].. My label isSony Records.. Nickname isTechi[5].


When I was in middle school,basketballI belonged to a club[6]I have no goals other than club activities and I try other things[7], I wanted to do my best toward something goal[8].. When I was in the second year of middle school[9], Also interested in plays[6],Nogizaka46Recommended by my brother[10], To change yourself[11]Applied for the first-year audition for Keyakizaka46[8].. At the auditionTHE ALFEEof"Starry distance”[12].. The song is "MUSIC FAIRI saw and saw Nogizaka46 and THE ALFEE singing[13].. August 2015, 8, passed the audition[14].. After passing, I started living in a dormitory in Tokyo[15].

June 2016, 3, ``Mac fanWas the first independent cover[16].. April 2016, 4, Keyakizaka6's 46st single "Silent majorityWas the center[17]..Also, the coupling song "Yamanote LineIs the first solo song[18].. In July 2016 and December 7, the 2016rd edition of the Nikkan Sports NewspaperMonthly AKB48 Group NewspaperIn 2016, he was selected as Slope MIP (Slope Most Impressive Player).

2017 years,AKB48The 47th single "Shoot signThe coupling song ofWho do you love the most?"soSlope AKBServed as the center[19].. A man who had a knife with a blade spanning 2017 cm in the first lane where Yurina Hirate and Meimi Kakizaki were participating at 6:24 pm at the national handshake event held at Makuhari Messe on June 7, 40 An incident occurred in which the flaming cylinder was burned by[20][21].. October 2017, 12, ``The 68th NHK Red and White Singing Battle"so"DissonanceDuring the performance of[Note 1],hyperpneaSuzumoto Miyuka and Shida Aika fell down due to symptoms like this, and Hirate suffered a convulsion due to a right arm bruise during the performance.[22].

January 2018, 1, right armTricepsIt was announced that the injury was diagnosed as a cure for one month[23], 31st of the same month and 1st of the following monthNippon BudokanThe keyakizaka46 solo concert that was scheduled to be held atKeyakizaka46Was transferred to the solo performance of[23].. On the 2th of February of the same year, he appeared in public for the first time after announcing the injury at the new CM presentation of "7h cosme"[24].. July 7th to 20nd,Conifer forestOutdoor live "at Fujikyu Highland Facility in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture"Keyaki Republic 2018, And appearing in the first solo live since "NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" in the previous year.[25].. Chiba, September 2018, 9Makuhari MesseDuring the final performance of "Keyakizaka 46 Summer National Arena Tour", he fell from the stage and was sent off. Diagnosed as a mild bruise and returned to the stage with W encore[26][27].. Released on September 2018, 9Hibiki -HIBIKI-The first appearance in the movie[28].. On December 12, the same work "3stNikkan Sports Film Award, Yujiro Ishihara AwardReceived the new face award[29][30], December 2018, 12, I was still in a poor physical condition for a long time, and when I underwent a detailed examination again, my back bruised and leftSacroiliac jointSince he was diagnosed with sacroiliac joint instability due to a sprain and distal radioulnar joint pain due to a sprain of both wrists, it was announced that he would concentrate on treatment and continue some activities within reasonable limits.[31][32].

2019 year 1 month,42th Japan Academy AwardNew actor award[33].. February 2, 2018Japan Internet Film Awards Received the Japanese Movie New Face Break Award for the movie "HIBIKI-"[34].. In May of the same year, won the New Actress Award at the 5th Japanese Film Critics Award[35].."National Arena Tour 8" from August 16th of the same year will not appear due to an injury to the right elbow.[36], September 9th and 18thTokyo DomeReturned at the final performance of the tour[37].

Leaving the group on January 2020, 1[Note 2]Announced on the official website[39][40], From debut to withdrawal, he became the center position for all single title songs and coupling songs.It was the first time for Yasushi Akimoto's idol group to experience only the center and leave the group.On March 3, the same year, he opened his own official website and released new artist photos.[41].. movies"Outside the window is night』Was announced[41].. August 9, the same year, "ANREALAGE(Unrealage) ”Participated as a model in the opening video delivered as the 2021 Spring / Summer Paris Collection.[42][43].. May 12, same year,Fuji Television Network, Incseries"2020 FNS Kayo Festival The original solo song "The Second Night" that appeared live and participated in the compositionReason for dancingDebuted for the first time[44]..On December 12, the same year, he opened his own YouTube channel.[45], Released a music video for "Dance no Riyuu"[46]..On December 12th of the same year, "Dance no Riyuu" was released as Yurina Hirate's 25st digital single for distribution only.[47]Debuted as a solo artist.

March 2021, 6, movie ``The Fable Hitman who doesn't killWill appear as Hinako in[48][Note 3][49].


Nickname is Techi[5], Techiko[Note 4], Tecchan[Note 5]Hirate-chan[Note 6], Hiratachi[56], Hi-chan[57], Babu[58].. Charm points are black hair, short hair, troubled eyebrows[59].. Keyakizaka46 The youngest member at the time of formation[60].

It is often described as "a personality that doesn't flirt with others", but because of a shy and honest personality, it takes time to open up to others, and you can't even flatter yourself. A person who has opened his heart once has the side of being pampered like a child and showing a heartfelt smile.[61].


What is your favorite foodSavory egg custard[62],noodles[59],Octopus[63], Chocolate pie[64].. My favorite ramen is soy sauce ramen[65].. Favorite sushiHorse mackerel,shrimp[66].. Favorite vegetablesbroccoli[66].. What's your favorite drinkCider[66]. The food I hateGreenpeace[59].

What's your favorite movie"Haitown diary"[67].. FavoriteAnime movieIsWolf children's rain and snow"[66].. What is your favorite anime"Detective Conan], [Crayon Shin-chan"[66].. The affected work is "Crayon Shin-chan"[55].

Favoritebrand TheZARA,dazzlin[66].. My favorite shoesloafers[65].. My favorite scent is citrus[66].. What color do you like绿[63],White[66],black[52].. My favorite cityKamakura,Enoshima[66].. The person you admireNana Komatsu,Taiho Tsuchiya[68].

Nogizaka46 OfMiona HoriWithGrilled meatGo to eatilluminationI went to see[69].


HobbyComedy showTo watch[70]Listening to music[6].

My favorite show is comedyTalking 007"[63].. The program I often watch is "Amethyoke!"[71],Friday ★ London Hearts"[72].. My favorite comedianNON STYLE[71],shooting star,GO! Minagawa,Side dish club,Haraichi,Trendy angel,Bambino[63],Jar Jar[66],Miyazon[73].. In the early days, I even performed "Unchocochococococopy!" by Minagawa.[5].

The favorite song in musicE-girls"Light of Hope-Believe in Miracles-'[74].. The song that I often sing at karaoke is Nogizaka46 "There is someone you want to talk now'[55].. My favorite Nogizaka46 members areRina Ikoma[75],Mai Shiraishi[10].. Favorite artistsNishino Kana,ORANGE RANGE[66],SEKAI NO OWARI[73].


Special skill is basketball[6],ballet[62], Cartwheel, backward rise,風 船Inflating[76].

BasketballNurseryStarted with the influence of friends[77], Has been a member of the club since the second year of elementary school[7], Position was the center[78].. When I was in 6th grade, I had the experience of winning a city competition.[7].. Good at playing basketball balls[79].

Ballet started at the age of 5[7]I was learning until 12 years old[54].. In addition, I have experience learning the piano from the age of 4.[7].




Slope AKB

Yurina Hirate



Video work


Music specials

TV drama







  • Girls Award
    • GirlsAward 2016 AUTUMN/WINTER (October 2016, 10, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)-Ank Rouge[98].
    • GirlsAward 2017 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2017, 5, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)-one spo[99].
    • GirlsAward 2018 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2018, 9, Makuhari Messe 16-1 Hall)-"Hibiki -HIBIKI-" SPECIAL STAGE[100].
  • Unidentified Festival 2017(STUDIO COAST, August 2017, 8)-Supporting Girl[101].
  • Tokyo Girls Collection
    • My Navi presents TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2019 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2019, 9, Saitama Super Arena)[102]


Magazine serialization


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外部 リンク

  • Official website(July 2020, 3 -)
  • Yurina Hirate - YouTubeChannel (February 2020, 12 -)
  • Hirate Yurina - Wayback machine(2020å¹´2月9日アーカイブ分) - 欅坂46公式サイト(2015å¹´11月14日 - 2020å¹´3月31日)
  • Hirate Yurina Official Blog - Wayback machine(2020å¹´3月5日アーカイブ分) - 欅坂46公式サイト(2015å¹´11月14日 - 2020å¹´3月31日)

Masanobu Ando

Masanobu Ando(Ando Masanobu,19755/19[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor. My office isFrom First ProductionAfter that, he is now free.

KanagawaKawasaki CityI'm fromKanagawa Prefectural Mukainooka Technical High Schoolgraduate.Height 175 cm.Blood TypeO type.


1994, Scouted before graduating from high school (Ando repeats high school).1996,Kids Return』Debuted with the movie award of the year.

After that, he appeared in TV dramas and movies,2000One-shot drama "School ghost story Spring curse specialAfter that, he did not appear in TV dramas at all, and was active mainly in movies.2012,Drama"Keigo Higashino Mysteries』It will be the first drama appearance in 13 years.

Previously, it was publicly stated that it was desirable to appear at a pace of once a year, but the movie "46 billion years of loveIn recent years, he has been actively appearing in movies, admitting that there are too few in the promotion of.

For a while, he didn't appear in movies or TV, and since he didn't have a name on the office homepage, he even retired.

2012As of December 12, I belonged to it until thenStardust promotionI left the company.2013Since AprilDecadeI belonged to, but left the company on September 9, the same year,Sony Music ArtistsThroughFrom First ProductionBelongs to.After that, he left the office at the end of December 2020 and is expected to continue working as a freelancer in the future.[2].

2014The next time I was married2015To clarify.Fashion magazine "Numero TOKYO" November issueMika NinagawaThe first child was already born and the wife is pregnant with the second child, which was revealed in a conversation with[3]..Mrs. is a cousin of the representative of Brave Stable, a horse and animal ranch in Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture.

The down scene of the last game in the debut work "Kids Return" was not acting, but a doctor was actually called after the shooting and treated in the waiting room. In the spectacular action scene of "Smuggler -Carry Your Future-", I thought that the other party would not be able to do it seriously, so I hid the broken ribs and went to shoot.



* List in the order of appearance work (time) (role name).By role nameTaiziIs the main character and if () is attached, describe the size of the detailed role.


TV drama

TV drama (continuous)
TV drama (single shot)



  • Portrait message connected by Leslie Kee (2016, NHK)
  • NONFIX Extinct Craftsman (February 2017, 2, Fuji TV) --Narrator 


Photo album


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