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🎥 | Movie "A Certain Janitor" Stage Greeting Actress Haruka Imou "I want to try chokehold next time"

Photo Cast of the movie "A Certain Janitor"

Movie "A certain janitor" stage greeting Actress, Haruka Imou "I want to try chokehold next time"

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Yusuke Kondo (28) and Ayaori Izawa also attended the event.

The stage greeting of the movie "A Certain Janitor" (released on the XNUMXth, directed by Yugo Sakamoto) was held in Tokyo on the XNUMXrd, starring Seiji Fukushi (... → Continue reading

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Yusuke Kondo

Yusuke Kondo(Kondo Yusuke,1955å¹´5/5 -) isFree announcer.. ExFuji Television Network, IncEmployee / Former Bureauannouncer..Blood type AB.


KanagawaYokosukaI'm from Kanagawa Prefectural Yokosuka High SchoolThroughWaseda UniversityGraduated from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics.

1979年Joined Fuji TV.To synchronizeShoichi Nozaki(Later transferred to another department) and Makoto Wakamatsu (After working as managing director, nowTV ShizuokaPresident and CEO).Mainly active in sports fields,プロ野球中継,volleyball,boxingHe was in charge of live broadcasting such as broadcasting and the Olympics.

2006å¹´In July, the director of the Announcement Office of the Organization and Production Bureau was transferred to the Director of the Public Relations Bureau Viewer General Center.[1].2011å¹´In July, transferred to Deputy Director of Human Resources and Director of Welfare[2].2013å¹´In July, transferred to General Producer, Pay TV Division, Media Development Center, General Development Bureau.[3].

During the Waseda era, he belonged to.Masataka HemiIs a senior of the study groupHideki Yamanaka,Jukou Kosaka,Toshiyuki Makihara,Nagano TsubasaIs a junior member of the study group.

2015å¹´5/31With Fuji TVretirementHowever, he signed a management contract with Tokyo Film Mate and will continue to appear as a free announcer on CS broadcast sports broadcasts (professional baseball related, etc.).

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