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🤖 | Monk frame animation "Jimihen !!" Ryohei who knew the true feelings of Rena The two overlap at the office at midnight ...

Photo "Jimihen !!-Pure heterosexual exchange that changes sober children-" Episode 4 "I was told that my heart was unexpectedly shaken." Preceding scene cut (C) Iburo. / Suiseisha Inc.

Monk frame animation "Jimihen !!" Ryohei who knew the true feelings of Rena The two overlap at the office at midnight ...

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In addition, a premium version for adults will be distributed for a limited time on "ComicFesta Anime".

The latest work of "ComicFesta Anime", also known as "Monk Frame", "Jimihen !!-Pure heterosexual exchange that changes sober children ..." → Continue reading

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Limited delivery

Comic Festa

Comic Festa(Comic Festa) isWave Inc.Operated by,Electronic comicsDelivery site.

The feature is that the site is directly managed by the publisher, and many original works are distributed.[1], This is the reason why it is still alive even though it is a latecomer[2].

ComicFesta Anime

Newly established as ``Anime Zone'' from March 2017[3]The anime distribution site on the Comic Festa website. Renamed to ``Comic Festa Anime'' from February 2019[4]

In addition to distributing existing works,On a lustful night to meet with monks...Such asScreamoWe prepared original works based on the works, and these works also use the name of "Comic Festa Anime"[5].. The original isTeens love,Adult cartoonTherefore, these works areAdultThe "complete version" of is produced and distributed exclusively.

In addition to the anime Zone, the original work is also broadcast and distributed on terrestrial TV broadcasts and on regular internet distribution sites (R-15 version partially relaxed by some broadcasting stations). It should be noted that, after the first broadcast/delivered work, "Monk frameIs also called[6].. Later, the name was officially made and affirmed to be animated.Cartoon award・It was used in the "Monk Frame Competition for Manga Award" etc.[7].. In addition, these anime works are not under a production committee system, but are funded by Wave Inc., the operator of ComicFesta, and their associated publishing companies.

It also distributes motion comic versions of other works and drama works based on the comic Ishin.

The names of the works after "The Titan's Bride" have been changed from "normal version" to "on-air version" and "complete version" to "premium version".

List of original animated works

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