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🎥 | “Virgin” Mai Fukagawa smiles and seals!To higher heights as an actress

Photo Mai Fukagawa's New Face- (C) "Omoide Shashin" Production Committee

"Virgin" Mai Fukagawa smiles and seals!To higher heights as an actress

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This work is the 25th anniversary project of the entertainment production company Ten Carat Co., Ltd. to which Fukagawa belongs, and cast members such as Kengo Kora, Karina, Arata Iura, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, and Ikko Furuya are participating.

Mai Fukagawa, a former member of the popular idol group Nogizaka46, is currently active as an actress.Starring movie "Mainly ... → Continue reading

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Entertainment office

Entertainment office(Gay no Ujimusho)entertainerTo support the activities ofCompanyso,Talent agency(Talent Jimusho),Entertainment productionAlso known as (Genou Production).

Entertainment agency in Japan


There are various types of activities.Of the entertainer to contractagencyBusiness, contract entertainermanagementBusiness, performing artsproductionIs the original meaning ofProduction ProductionI have a business.

Related regulations

Contract between entertainment agency and entertainer

  • If the entertainer is an individual business operator, the contract is not an "employment contract" but a "business alliance contract".Japan Music Business AssociationMost entertainment agencies use this unified contract.However, when a celebrity cancels a contract, it is stipulated that consent be requested in writing in advance, and the office is granted the right to extend the contract for a certain period of time, and the agency also has rights such as copyright. Most of the cases belong to the side.For this reason, it is a problem that it is unilaterally unfair to entertainers.[1].
  • 2016 year 11 month,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareHowever, the industry group has resisted, although it has issued a notice to industry groups such as the Japan Association of Music Enterprises that "entertainers are also treated as workers and may be regarded as employment contracts."According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "It seems that there are quite a lot of cases where it is recognized as a worker to command and use a person who belongs to the office for business or sales. I will do it. "[1][2].
  • August 2018, 2,Fair Trade CommissionIn the report "Study Group on Human Resources and Competition Policy" about freelance work styles, "Even if an entertainer refuses to renew a contract when the contract expires, the contract can be renewed once at the discretion of the entertainment agency alone. Is stipulated in the contract, and the stipulation may be implemented at the discretion of the entertainment agency. ", Suggesting that the act of exerting pressure to re-contract may violate the Antimonopoly Act. did[3].
  • On August 2019, 8, the Fair Trade Commission will discuss entertainment contracts and transactions.Antitrust lawIn the future, he said that he would support the voluntary improvement of industry groups by exemplifying specific examples that could cause problems in the above and disseminating them to entertainment agencies.In the transfer / independence of an entertainment agency, (1) impose an obligation to be unable to perform entertainment activities for a certain period of time after the contract with the agency ends, (2) suggest that the activities will be hindered if transferred, (3) the entertainer side Even if you refuse, the office will unilaterally renew the contract, (4) The antitrust law is that the past affiliated office puts pressure on the transfer destination or TV station so as not to use an independent entertainer. Forbidden (1)-(3) "Abuse of dominant position, (4) "Interference with transactions", etc.
In terms of treatment, (1) the remuneration is set extremely low unilaterally without sufficient consultation with the entertainer, and (2) the office has taken over the portrait rights and intellectual property rights of the entertainer, but the compensation is commensurate. Not paying, the case may violate antitrust law[4].
  • August 2019, 7,SMAPFormer member ofInagaki Goro,Takeshi Kusagi,Shingo KatoriTo three independent peopleJohnny's OfficeThe Japan Fair Trade Commission warned Johnny's office by July 3, saying that there was a risk of violating the Antimonopoly Act, as there was a suspicion that it had pressured commercial TV stations and others not to let the three appear.After becoming independent from Johnny's office, the regular programs of commercial TV stations that had appeared were discontinued one after another, and in July 7, they were no longer appearing in commercial TV programs.The Fair Trade Commission was investigating after hearing from the people concerned.[5].

Custody affiliation and regular affiliation

Terminology related to affiliation contract classification with office[6][7]..If you enter the office by audition after going through a training school, firstmanagementIt becomes a target and is called "Custody affiliation" "Junior" "Youth" etc.Temporary affiliationIt becomes the state of.Depending on the office, these may be simply different names, or they may be promoted to junior or youth after being in custody.After a certain period of time, it is called "regular affiliation", "main affiliation", "exclusive", etc. after "quasi-affiliation" at the discretion of the office.Official affiliationHowever, there are some offices that do not go through "quasi-affiliation" or the distinction is ambiguous.Affiliation fees and lesson fees may be incurred during the period until becoming an official affiliation.

The contract period is different between temporary affiliation and formal affiliation, and the treatment such as compensation amount and number of jobs is also different, but bothSole proprietorshipWith the officebusiness partnershipThat you have a contractEmployment statusIs often taken.


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Industry group

Kengo Takara

Kengo Takara(Kora Kengo,198711/12[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor.KumamotoKumamoto-shiChuo-kuBackground[3].Ten caratBelongs.


Father works for travel agencyRelocationBecause it wasKyusyuIt was in an environment where people were repeatedly moving inside. Rebel about it or just a littleWithdrawnSometimes[4].. Kumamoto Prefecture PrivateKyushu Gakuin High Schoolgraduate[3].

When I was in high school,Kumamoto OfTown information magazineTo "Kumamoto"scoutAndAmateurス タ ッ フandモデルAs a member ofEditCome and go to the club. Since thenAn actorI was interested in work, so I knew itEditor-in-chiefからTokyo OfEntertainment office OfThe presidentWas introduced, and with high school graduationEntertainment worldに 入 る[5][6].

2005,Drama"Gokusen second series』Made a debut as an actor (playing a bad student role in group D for 3 years)2006Made a movie debut in the public release of "Hariyo no Natsu". Since then, many movie appearances have continued,DramaThere are few appearancesSerial dramaI don't hate drama because it's hard to get a three-month schedule out there."[7].2008Public movie "Pierced snake] Whole bodyTattoosWith 15 on the faceEarringsPlayed the role of a youth who played. When shootingSpecial makeupIt was used[8].

2011,Clockwork orangeFor the first time on the stage[9].2013, The movie "Shinosuke Yokomichi"so56nd Blue Ribbon AwardAwarded Best Actor[10].

HometownKumamoto-shiIs acting as[11].




Web movie

  • Today's event a day in the home (April 2020, 4, YouTube channel “ROBOT CONTENT LAB”)[50]

Anime movie

TV drama


  • Clockwork orange(January 2011, 1-February 2, Tokyo and other cities)-George and others

TV show



"Gold barley" "Each Kinmugi" edition (March 2011)
"Jeans Chino Cargo" (August 2011 -)
"Ultra Light Down" (September 2011)
"UCC BLACK unsweetened"
  • GU(2015 -)
Fall 2015 season (September 2015 -)
Spring-Summer 2016 Season (March 2016 -)
Fall 2016 season (September 2016 -)
"Creative Shantan Soft Type"
"Tanrei Finest <raw>] Tanrei Samurai Series[69]
  • Kao(March 2016 -)
"ア タ ッ ク"
Earthquake insurance"Stand up, help."[70]
"Afternoon tea Delicious unsweetened'' (April 2018-)
"Starting" and "Connecting" (CM/Poster) (September 2019 -)[71]

Music video


Photo album




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