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🧑‍🎨 | Mizusawa Technical High School Interior Department's exhibition "Southern Bell" in collaboration with Otomi, Iwate

Photograph Mr. Waga, Mr. Chida, and Managing Director Kikuchi holding two "Southern Bells" that were unveiled at the Mizusawa Technical High School Interior Department Exhibition (from the right).Students were in charge of design and coloring, and it was produced by Oitomi.

Mizusawa Technical High School Interior Department's exhibition "Southern Bell" collaboration with Otomi debuted in Iwate

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A kettlebell for exercise "Nanbu Bell", which is a collaboration between Nanbu Tekki Manufacturing Otomi (Mizusawaku Hada-cho, the same city) and students of the same department, was also shown and attracted the attention of visitors.

The XNUMXst Interior Department Exhibition of Mizusawa Technical High School will begin on the XNUMXrd at the Industrial Culture Hall on the XNUMXth floor of Maple in Yokomachi, Mizusawa, Oshu City. → Continue reading

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Mizusawaku Hadacho, the same city


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