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📺 | Ryohei Suzuki, the role of a genius manga artist in a romantic comedy, starring in the terrestrial commercial broadcasting drama for the first time

Photo from Fuji TV Thursday Theater "Renai Manga Artist" – (C) Fuji TV

Ryohei Suzuki plays the role of a genius manga artist in a romantic comedy, starring for the first time in a terrestrial commercial broadcasting drama

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The script is written by Yuko Matsuda, such as the drama "Hanasaki Mai ga Shiranai" series (NTV) and Suzuki also appeared in "Tokyo Tarareba Musume" (2017, NTV), and directed by the drama "Legal High" series. And the movie "Mix.

Ryohei Suzuki will be terrestrial commercial broadcaster at Fuji TV Thursday Theater "Renai Manga Artist" (every Thursday from 4:22 to 22:54). → Continue reading

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Tokyo Tarareba Musume

"Tokyo Tarareba Musume』(Tokyo Tarareba Musume) isHigashimura AkikobyJapan OfComicthe work. 『Kiss』(Kodansha) From the May 2014 issue[1]Serialized until March 2017 issue[2].. In the same magazine, "Kaizukihime] Was also serialized, and sometimes it was published in two books.[3], Since the October 2015 issue, this work has been serialized every issue, and "Princess Jellyfish" has been serialized every other month.[4]..A total of 9 volumes and an extra edition "Tokyo Tarareba Musume Returns" have been released. As of February 2021, the cumulative total of the series including electronics has exceeded 2 million copies.[5].

In June 2013,Tokyo has been selected as the venue for the 2020 OlympicsLater, of the authorAlasar AlaforSingle friends "alone (or with parents)" one after anotherTokyo OlympicsI don't want to see it. "[6].

In 2017Nippon TVIn the systemTV dramaWas transformed.

From 2019, the new series "Tokyo Tarareba Musume Season 2Is also serialized from the June 2019 issue of "Kiss" to the November 6 issue.[7][8].

With this work in July 2021Country maamCollaborate and release limited edition products[9].


At that time he had a better senseCodproposeI was receiving it (Rinko talk).BandmanHe could sprout a little moreTara (incense talk).If I did this ..., if I did that ..., while raising high ideals and accumulating hypothetical stories without grounds, I realized that I was 33 years old while still single.

WriterTomoko KamadaHas been a close friend since high school because his love and work didn't go well.Incense,Light snowWhile impatient, "Women's AssociationI was spending days repeating. When I was talking about that, suddenly a beautiful blonde young man said, "This Tarareba girl!"

Before I knew it, the beautiful blonde young man became a regular at the usual bar "Drinking" and got involved with Rinko and others.


main character

The three are close friends, and every time (even if it doesn't happen), they drink it as a girls-only gathering.

Tomoko Kamata (Rinko Kamata)
Screenwriter. 33 years old.
After graduating from university, he got a job at a production company with the aim of becoming a screenwriter, and became independent at the age of 30. The office was built during the Tokyo OlympicsOmotesandoOld mansion "Villa Olympia" (with a pool on the roof). My parents' houseSaitamaKawagoe-shi.
Rinko's best friend since high school.
OmotesandoI run a nail salon in Japan, and I am beautiful and have a good style. I'm not good at housework in general, probably because I live in my parents' house. A dreamy and maiden personality.
Rinko's best friend since high school.glassesI'm wearing it.
HarajukuMass on the back street ofJapanese cuisine tavernThe only daughter of "Drinking" and a signboard girl. The parents are divorced because of their father's affair. Probably because he grew up in a father-son family until he graduated from high school, he is a cautious person.


KEY <stage name> / Haruki Kagiya <real name>
A popular model of blonde and beautiful young people. 25 years old.
The exchange begins when the three Rinko who were the guests of "Drinking" and swallowed noisily were given up. He was scheduled to appear in the drama of Rinko's script, but criticizing the script caused a quarrel with Rinko, and Rinko was dismissed. Immediately after thatHakoneHave sex with Rinko on a traumatic trip.
He was born with chronic nephritis and was repeatedly hospitalized and discharged.
He met Yoko (10 years old at the time) as his doctor at the age of 24 and married at the age of 18.
Mami Shibata (Mami Shibata)
Rinko's assistant. 19 years old. Harajuku gal with pink hair only (later dyed black hair).
He has a high school boyfriend, but he also goes out with Hayasaka. It seems that there are many other men who are close friends, and Rinko says, "I'm a good boy, but my sense of love is too much."
It seems that he has a talent for scriptwriting and is a promising stock in the future. It seems that the place where the footwork is light and polite despite the appearance is also popular in the industry.
Of the production companyDirector.. 35 years old
10 years ago,ADWhen he was a newcomer, he applied for dating with his colleague Rinko on the premise of marriage, but he had a past that was refused. Knowing that Mami has a boyfriend, she starts dating.
The origin is Tohoku in Volume 1, but it is Hachioji in Volume 7.
Of a popular band called BUMKEYSギ タ リ ス ト.. Former boyfriend who lived 10 years ago with the same age as incense.
At that time, he was a musician who couldn't sell, so he couldn't get married, but suffered from the affair of incense. Currently she is a model, but she has a saffle relationship with incense.
Yoshio Marui
Rinko and Kaoru, who were in the shop while Koyuki was out, came to the store.cockroachThe passing office worker who was caught to get rid of. 35 years old
In the middle of the type of Koyuki, after confessing that there is a wife and a child,AffairFall into a relationship. Wife Orino is returning to Hakata with her eldest daughter to give birth to her second child. According to the person himself, it seems that he is not doing well.
A macho handsome guy who runs a movie bar in Shibuya.
Temporarily associates with Rinko, but Rinko becomes a jealousy because of the movie mania, and it is a catastrophe.
Yoko Sawada
KEY's late wife.
I used to be a doctor before birth, and the first patient I was in charge of was KEY. He developed cancer at the age of 30 and married KEY at the opportunity, but died at the age of 33.
President of the H&R model agency to which KEY belongs. KEY's late wife's older sister.
Dogoshi Osamu
Documentary film director of Sachiko and old wisdom.
Although he has only shot five films in the last 20 years, director Genius says that all of them have won awards at international film festivals.
Tara and Leva
CodTara is in the shape of.
leverLeva is in the shape of. Rinko gives a bad idea.

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TV drama

2017 May 1からMay 3Every Wednesday from 22:23 to XNUMX:XNUMXNippon TVsystem"Wednesday dramaIt was broadcast in the frame.Yuriko Yoshitaka The2014 of"Hanako and Anne] Became the serial drama starring since[11].

"Tokyo Tara Leva Girl 2020』(Tokyo Tara Leva daughter 2020),2017 A special drama depicting the appearance of women three years after the serial drama broadcast in January[12],2020 May 10Was broadcast to[12].


Since this section has some settings that are different from the original, describe the characters in the drama version.

Taralev woman

Tomoko Kamada <30>
Performance- Yuriko Yoshitaka
Single, no boyfriend, and a screenwriter who doesn't sell well.
The original is 33 years old, but the age setting has been lowered in this work.
Kaori Yamakawa <30>
Performance- Nana Eikura
Rinko's best friend and nail artist from high school.
Torii Koyuki <30>
Performance- Oshima Yuko
Rinko's best friend, the poster girl of the izakaya "Dunbee".

Other (cast of TV drama)

KEY (Haruki Kagiya) <25>
Performance- Kentaro Sakaguchi
An up-and-coming model that scolds Rinko and his friends.
There are many dry statements, but it has a shadow somehow.
Tetsuro Hayasaka <35>
Performance- Ryohei Suzuki[13]
A drama producer who works for the drama production company "Japan Television Enterprise".
8 years ago, Rinko had a frustrated past because she was "unlucky". Right now, I like Mami Shibata, but I also care about Rinko.
Ryo Samejima <32>
Performance- Yuta Hiraoka
A guitarist of a popular band. Ex-boyfriend of incense. I have a model girlfriend.
Mami Shibata <22>
Performance- Ishikawa love[14]
A drama AD that longs for Rinko.
Unlike the original, which was Rinko's assistant, this work is an employee of the drama production company where Hayasaka works.
Yasuo Torii <62>
Performance- Akio Kaneda
The owner of the izakaya "Drinking". Koyuki's father. Batsuichi.
Yoshio Marui <35>
Performance- Kei Tanaka
Office worker.
Although he is a wife, he has an affair with Koyuki after telling him that he is living separately.
Voice- Ryo Kato[15]
An illusion that only Rinko can see. Add "cod" to the end of the word.cod OfShirakoIs a motif.
It appears in front of Konomae in episode 8 and in front of Koyuki in episode 9.
Appeared in front of Rinko even in the 2020 special.
Voice- A-chan(perfume)[15]
An illusion that only Rinko can see. Add "Leva" to the end of the word.RebatekiIs a motif.
It appears in front of Konomae in episode 8 and in front of Koyuki in episode 9.
Appeared in front of Rinko even in the 2020 special.


Yoshiki Tokuda
Performance- Kikuchi Hitoya(Episode 1-3 / 7)
Director of a drama work by Rinko.
Marika Sasazaki
Performance- Miwako Atsumi(Episode 2)
A young female screenwriter who will be in charge of the drama script instead of Rinko.
Yuichi Okuda
Performance- Hayami Mokomichi[16](Episode 5 and 6)
A bartender who happens to meet Rinko one day. He is good at cooking, tall, handsome, and has a good personality.
Temporarily becomes Rinko's boyfriend, but as she spends time with her, Rinko becomes a situation where she "doesn't mesh" due to a gap in movie tastes, and it breaks up.[17].
Yoko Sawada
Performance- Eri Murakawa(Episode 5 and 9)
KEY's ex-wife. He died of illness at a young age.
Performance- Tayama Ryosei(Episode 7)
Hayasaka's teacher.
Toshiya Hirayama
Performance- Yoshihiro Nozoe(Episode 7)
Performance- Akane Sakanoue(Episode 7)
An actress who appeared in the Kita Izu PR drama in which Rinko is in charge of the script.
Kanako Takeuchi
Performance- Harumi Inoue(8th-final episode, 2020 special)
Performance- Kotaro(8th --final story)
Riichi Asakura
Performance- Kohei Matsushita(2020 Special)
Rinko's lover.Working at the library.
Makiko Hirasawa
Performance- Rie Yamashita(2020 Special)
Yu's mother.
Yu Hirasawa
Performance- Daichi Watanabe(2020 Special)
Incense husband.

ス タ ッ フ


  • Akasaka Hikawa Shrine (Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo): A shrine where Rinko, Kaori, and Koyuki visited for the first time.[19].
  • Okurayama Memorial Hall (Okurayama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa): The place where Rinko encountered the drama recording of KEY appearance[19].
  • Hakone Kowakien Yunessun (Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa): Ryokan where Rinko, Kaori, and Koyuki stayed[19].

Broadcast schedule

Serial drama

Number of storiesAirdateLatte column[20]ShowAudience rating[21]
Episode 12017/1/18Ah, I want to be happy I struggle with work in love !!Seiichi Nagumo13.8%
Episode 2May 1A sudden kiss! I don't know the next move !!11.5%
Episode 3October01 daysI'm wandering into work in love !? Where is my love !!Suzuki Yuma11.9%
Episode 4October08 daysThe first big genka !! A crack in the friendship of a hard womanNaoko Komuro11.4%
Episode 5May 2A miracle encounter from a cliffSeiichi Nagumo11.5%
Episode 6May 2What is happiness and marriageSuzuki Yuma12.5%
Episode 7October01 daysA sudden kiss!!...It's too early to give up work and loveNaoko Komuro10.8%
Episode 8October08 daysI might have become pregnant!? A swaying woman's heart...Seiichi Nagumo10.5%
Episode 9May 3This is the last time we will meet and the ending of an affair and the tears of a Tarareba man!!Naoko Komuro08.5%
The last episode ofMay 3Finally the final episode !! The happiness of the three daughters who continued to struggle !!Seiichi Nagumo11.1%
Average audience rating 11.4%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Special drama

AirdateLatte column[20]ShowAudience rating
2020/1007 daysThose three daughters are back !!
What is the happiness of a woman? ... This is your story
Suzuki Yuma11.2%[22]
(The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Spin-off drama

"Tokyo lazy daughterFrom April 2017, 2HuluDelivered in all 5 episodes. A short comedy drama in which three people dressed as "Alafor" women who had been single[23].

Cast (spin-off drama)

Performance- Hitomi Sato[23]
Performance- Ozawa Pearl[23]
Performance- Kinako Kobayashi[23]
Nippon TVsystem Wednesday drama
Previous programProgram nameNext show
It's so cool!
(October 2016, 10-December 5, 12)
Tokyo Tarareba Musume
(October 2017, 1-December 18, 3)
Become a mother
(October 2017, 4-December 12, 6)




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