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🎥 | Masaki Suda "I really feel the need for art"

Photo Masaki Suda "JUNON" March issue (Shufu to Seikatsusha)

Masaki Suda "I really feel the need for art"

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In addition to Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Yuki Ogoe, Bullet Train, Fumiya Takahashi, Masaki Okada and others have appeared.

Masaki Suda appears at the beginning of the March issue of the monthly women's magazine "JUNON" (Shufu to Seikatsusha, on sale).The movie "I saw a bouquet ... → Continue reading


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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and others

Yuki Kogoshi

Yuki Ogoe(Yuki Ogo,19944/8[1] -) is JapaneseAn actor,Artists,モデル.TokyoI'm from My office isAT production(business partnership:K-point).


Debuted as a child actor at the age of three.

From August 2010, the musical "The Prince of Tennis 2nd Season』In the leading roleRyoma EchizenServe as a role. On September 2013, 9, it became the most appearance among all Tenimyu performers.[2], Given the title of "Prince of Tenimyu"[3].. Achieved a total of 2014 performances at 9:21 on September 18, 00[4][5].. Played Ryoma Echizen in all 2 performances in the 518nd season[6].

The drama "Broadcast from August 2016"Yowamushi Pedal] In the first drama series.

After 2017, shift the focus to video works[6].

From January 2018 to September 1, he opened his own official website "Yuki Ogoe Official Internet TV CHAPTER2019".It also plays the role of a fan site and video content distribution once a month.

On December 2018, 12, he made his first CD debut with "DIMENSION".In the song "Aoi Hitomi no Kita", I tried to write and compose for the first time. First live tour will be held in January 14.

June 2019, 10, ``Haken Anime!』For the first time in two and a half years[7].

Official fan club "ogoe_oooo" opened on October 2020, 10[8].

March 2020, 11, movie ``The person who runs the werewolf game Death Game] The first movie starring in.


  • The eldest son of two siblings.
  • Nickname is "Ogotan".
  • Also known as "Jackal Kogoshi. "
  • My hobby is cooking.
  • His special skills are Japanese drums and basketball.
  • My favorite color is red.
  • My favorite food is sweet.
  • Shy, serious and hard worker[9][6].


TV drama

Delivery drama

TV program

  • Welcome to Words House(2009å¹´11月28日、2010å¹´4月10日・5月22日・7月31日・9月4日、日本テレビ) - 悠斗 å½¹
  • A×A double A(June 2011, 4, 4, TV Tokyo)
  • Saki Yomi Jean BANG!(2011å¹´5月6日・6月24日・9月2日・9日・2012å¹´1月20日・7月13日・2013å¹´12月13日、テレビ東京)
  • 7 star LIVE(October 2013, 3, December 21th, TV Tokyo)
  • Overnight(2013å¹´4月17日・7月8日・9日・12月9日 - 11日・2014å¹´6月9日 - 11日・11月12日 - 14日、テレビ東京)
  • Theater people swallow in the city of Shimokita at night...(BS Sky PerfecTV!)
    • Extra edition drama "Yowamushi Pedal" SP (December 2016, 12)
    • Extra edition drama "I" s "special (March 2018, 3)
    • 2019st night (March 3th and 30st, 31)
  • Drama"Yowamushi Pedal1 night 2 days Honne trip ~ Sohoku & Hakogaku special when you go on a trip ~ (March 2017, 3, BS SKY PerfecTV!)
  • My younger prince Winter Lovers Episode 7-Final Episode (December 2018, 12-January 15, 2019, AbemaTV)
  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan"In a blink of an eye, a crappy joke barrage boss" (November 2020, 11, Fuji TV) --Koichi Hirosawa



Television Animation

Delivery anime

Theater animation




promotion video


  • MASKED RIDER KIVA-LIVE & SHOW @Zepp Tokyo (August 2008, 8)
  • MASKED RIDER KIVA X'mas LIVE & SHOW (December 2008, 12)
  • The 6th Tokyo Boys Collection (March 2015, 3)
  • Konomi Takeshi ★ Surprise LIVE ~ One Person Tenipuri Festa ~ (January 2016, 1)
  • Stage "Tokyo Ghoul" Special Event (July 2016rd and 7th, 3)


  • "University Examination Club"
  • Japan Tobacco "Underage Smoking Prevention Campaign"






  • TOYOTA"Minivan Series '04"
  • NYLON JAPAN project "Now me(September 2020, 5)
  • Coleman BRAND BOOK # 03 (August 2020, 8)

fashion show


Magazine serialization

Photo album

  • Yuki Ogoe First Photobook Ogotan (April 2016, 4, Shufu to Seikatsusha)ISBN 978-4-391-14850-3
  • YUKI OGOE DOCUMENTARY PHOTOBOOK YUKI (December 2017, 12, Shufu to Seikatsusha)ISBN 978-4-391-15126-8
  • Yuki Ogoe FC Limited Photobook Ogonchu (July 2018, 7)



  • Musical "Prince of Tennis" 2nd season Relation
  • Drama "Yowamushi Pedal" related
    • "The Day" (Sokita High School Cycling Club) (September 2016, 9)
  • Musical "Touken Ranbu" related
    • 3rd single "Yume Hitotsu" (March 2017, 3)
    • 2nd album "Musical Touken Ranbu ~ Bakumatsu Tenroden ~" (June 2017, 6)
  • Drama "Yowamushi Pedal Season 2" related
    • "Road Ahead" (Sokita High School Cycling Club) (August 2017, 8)

Distribution limited single

  • Dolmen X (Captain, Ichii, Nii, Sai) related
    • Visit !! Dolmen X (March 2018, 3)



  • DVD "Yuki Ogoe IN LOS ANGELES" VOL.1 (May 2018, 5, E-Net Frontier)
  • DVD "Yuki Ogoe IN LOS ANGELES" VOL.2 (May 2018, 7, E-Net Frontier)


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