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🎥 | Make your own tank by modifying the magic!Hiroyuki Sanada's too dangerous stunts! 1979 "Sengoku Self-Defense Force" costs over 11 billion ...

Photo "Sengoku Self-Defense Force" Price: Blu-ray ¥ 2,000 + tax Release / Distributor: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.

Make your own tank with demon remodeling!Hiroyuki Sanada's too dangerous stunts! 1979 "Sengoku Self-Defense Force" costs over 11 billion ...

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At the moment when Sanso Kimura saw this young warrior and was alert, "Isn't he still a child ..."

Memories of the baseball club revived ... Hell's Spartan practice in New Year New Year is coming, and this year the New Year is over in a blink of an eye ... → Continue reading


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Young warrior(Wakamusha) used to beAsahi BeverageWas released fromGreen tea beverage.

When it was first released (as of February 2005), it had a crisp and refreshing taste with the catchphrase "green tea has a sharp taste."After that, in February 2, the successor product "Fragrant green tea Ibuki] (Kaoru Ryokucha-) has been discontinued.Hiroyuki Tanno of Shizuoka Tea Garden and Tannoen was involved in the supervision of this product. "Master's direct story" refers to him.

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ProductsIn addition to the name "Asahi Wakabusha", it is also described as "Kiremi Green Tea", "Master's Direct Story", and "Domestic Wakamushi Tea Leaves Limited". PET bottles Oflabel,can OfColorIs based on dark green, but in the renewal on April 2007, 4, it was changed to a design that imitated white tea pottery.

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