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🤖 | "Unemployed reincarnation" maid pregnancy discovered!That father ...?Episode 4 Preceding Cut & Megumi Toyoguchi to be Added Cast

Photo "Mushoku Tensei-If you go to another world, you'll be serious" Episode 4 Preceding cut (C) Unreasonable grandson's hand / MF Books / "Mushoku Tensei" production committee

"Unemployed reincarnation" maid pregnancy discovered!That father ...?Episode 4 Preceding Cut & Megumi Toyoguchi to be Added Cast

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My name is Megumi Toyoguchi and I will be participating in the role of Ghislaine.

From the TV anime "Mushoku Tensei-If you go to another world, you'll be serious-", episode 2021 of the broadcast on January 1, 31 (Sun) "Urgent ... → Continue reading

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The role of Guillene

Megumi Toyoguchi

Megumi Toyoguchi(Megumi Toyoguchi,1978 May 1[2][4] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor.TokyoMachida-shiBackground[2][3].81 ProduceAffiliation[7].


Machida Machida Third Junior High School,Tokyo Metropolitan Tadashi High School,Nippon Kogakuin Hachioji CollegeGraduated from the Department of Sound Arts.

When I was in the upper grades of elementary school, the anime "Recommended by acquaintances"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル』, In the same workYamchaWas playing the roleToru FuruyaBecome a fan of[8]..When he was in the second year of junior high school, Furuya was appearing in "Dragon questI became interested in the job of a voice actor while imitating the characters.[8].

Valais, SwitzerlandAfter graduating, parents apply for a voice actor vocational school,UniversityBe told to go to[8]..After graduating from high school, he aimed to become a voice actor and enrolled in the voice actor department of Nihon Kogakuin, but his family opposed it.I want to get a job that involves even a little voice actor, so I change to the Department of Sound Arts as much as possible as a radio staff[8]..In the practice of radio program production, he practiced speaking mainly by being in charge of personality, and was utilized in later radio talks.

When I was in schoolNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Radio program ofPrince Hiroi's multi-heavenApply for the Mars Girl Audition.From junior high school to that time, I had failed many auditions, so I was planning to finish the exam this time.[8]..However, he won the Grand Prix and made a regular appearance on the radio.After that, he co-starred on the same radioChiba ShigeruIntroducing81 ProduceI will belong to.To synchronizeChiemi Chiba,Ryoka YukiThere is.

2007 IsKanna is a huge success!』, Dubbing the role of the main character Kanna, expanding the range of work.Next time2008 , The only guest appearance as a voice actor in "Theatrical Battle Royale" Gun Mage "", taking the first stage.

Playwright / directorMinoru NosakaAnd the theater unit "Tokyo rock-paper-scissors』Launched. First performance in May 2013.It is still performing after that.

2016 May 9, On the official website of the office, a few years agomarriageWhat I was doing妊娠ToothbirthAnnounced that it will be closed for a while to get ready[9].


Two types of voices, high-pitched voice and low-pitched voice, are used properly. "Kingdom hearts birth by sleepIn Aqua, he played "a strong feminine woman" and became a hit as the director said, "Thanks to Mr. Toyoguchi for the popularity of Aqua."[10].ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エIn the game ofFINAL FANTASY X-2''Kingdom hearts ii』Also appeared as a pine[10].

In Disney works, "Tinker bellThe role of Rosetta and "Star Wars Rebels』Playing as Nouma.

The family structure of my parents' house is one parent and one brother.Long time agovision0.3 myopia[4]so,glassesI felt annoyed to put it on,LASIKI have had surgery to recover my eyesight[11].

Preference / Hobby

I like dogs and I'm named "Sachi"Shih TzuI had a2012 (24)May 5I died on that night.

Largemusical・ I like theater.Nearly half of the topics on the blogstageOccupy in relation.I sometimes go to see more than a dozen books a month, and often travel to rural areas to see the theater.The reason I fell in love with it was because Toru Furuya was appearing.Sailor Moon"ButMusicalBecause I went to see it[12]. In addition, "Sakura warsI've been watching the stage since the premiere[13].

My favorite theater companyTroupe four seasons..Toho Musical's "Les MiserablesWhen I watched the play, an actor from the Shiki Theater Company appeared, and from there I became interested and went to see the stage of the Shiki Theater Company and liked it.[8]..As an actor from your favorite Shiki Theater CompanyAyako Kuno,Tomohisa Hosaka,Kazutaka IshiiEtc. are listed on the blog.

(I.e.I like to drive.Therefore, from 2007 (Heisei 19)Masafumi SanmaLed by sound directorCartParticipating in the team "Robot Racing".Sometimes I go to the circuit myself, so in August 2008 (Heisei 20)Twin Ring Motegi7 hours inEndurance raceParticipated in "K-TAI" and the team completed the race.This team will co-star with fellow voice actors in "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl"Shinichiro Miki("Initial D Fourth Stage』But co-starring),Mizuki Nana,Namikawa Daisuke,Tomoko Kawakami,Mai NakaharaIs listed as a member. He participated in the race in August 2009, but he spun on the way and received a one-minute penalty.[14]..A car action game "Drift City Boost』Used as a voice material for the CM contest,ToyotaからToyota iQHave been interviewed about the test drive[15].

Honda Minako.Fans.A few months before Honda died, I got a signature at Honda's CD release event.[16]..In addition, he likes Japanese clothes such as yukata and kimono, and sometimes wears them at anime events.


Nickname isThree Stones"ToyoguchiWas named. "Good morningFrom the name when it appeared in ""Megu(Megu) ”Is familiar with the nickname. "Super GALS! JuranWas the role of my sisterRie KugimiyaFrom "Aneki", And Toyoguchi calls Kugimiya the role name" Sayo ".In addition, Kugimiya and the cartoonist who is the original author of "Super GALS! Juran"Miho FujiiHas formed a "musical alliance" with.

NHK Educational Televisionprogram"Understand math 4th grade], Each time he appeared in a flashy costume associated with the theme of the day.

It was a regret that I couldn't record the animation "Dragon Quest", which was one of the reasons for becoming a voice actor, on video at that time.I bought a DVD-BOX that was released later, but said it hadn't been opened yet.[17].

Manga"Tokimeki TonightI want to do a remake animation of "(The work was animated once in 1982).His cast is Yoko Kamiya, and he says he likes Ranze Eto, who plays the leading role, too much to do it, and that there is no voice actor who can play Shun Makabe, who is the opponent of Ranze.[17].

Relationship with other voice actors

Television Animation"100% strawberry』Played Tsukasa Nishino, but initially auditioned for both Satsuki Kitaoji and Tsukasa Nishino.Also played Satsuki KitaojiSanae KobayashiWas auditioning for Tsukasa Nishino.Kobayashi, who co-starred in the same workMamiko Noto,Mizuki NanaIs still interacting with. "Macross FRie Tanaka,Katsuyuki Konishi,Kikuko Inoue,Noriko Kuwashima,Kenta Miyake,Sakamoto Maaya, Often co-starring with Sanae Kobayashi, Shinichiro Miki,Yuji Ueda,Ishizuka Unsho,Sakaguchi Daisuke, Tomoko Kawakami, Daisuke Namikawa,Park Lumei, Rie Kugimiya, Akira Ishida, Janice Quatlane,Mitsuki Saiga,May Yukino,Ayumu FujimuraThere are also many co-stars with.

Junior in the officeNoriko ShitayaThey are on good terms with each other, and their blogs show how they are playing together.Emi OgataWhen the band Cri ☆ siS of the lower house appeared in the produced "Magical ☆ Voice ☆ Party -silent & noisy night-", she asked for "Diamond crevasse[18].

Kazumi Yumi,Fumiko OrikasaAnd the theater unit "R * L (rough rough)" has been formed and released a drama CD.Also, Rie Kugimiya,Miho Fujii(manga artist)WhenmusicalWe are in an alliance ("Super GALS! Juran"connection).

Sayaka OharaIs the same as Japanese clothes, musicals, and theater lovers, so when you meet at the recording site, you will get excited about related stories (especially "Les Miserables").[19][20].

Mayumi Asano(Manager) ・ Sayaka Ohara ・ Fumiko Orikasa ・Kikuchi Shiho・ Yumi Kakazu and Kimono Club (Kimono Club) were formed.Activities are irregular.

"It's a Very Merry Christmas], He was in charge of his debut in Japanese dubbing.Also, in "Kanna-san's great success!", I was in charge of the leading role for the first time in Japanese dubbing.At the recording site, the role of Sanjun (other party)Uchida eveningIt is said that he was blown away by witnessing his performance.Also, the role of Jung MinSachiko KojimaFollowed Toyoguchi, who was shy and couldn't talk to Uchida.[21].

As mentioned above, he is a fan of Furuya, but his respect and target voice actors are from the same agency.Masako KatsuoIs.My favorite role played by Katsuo is "Dragon Quest" tiara, "Trapp Family Story』Maria Kucchara is mentioned[22].

Substitute for inactivity

The substitutes for maternity leave are as follows.

SubstituteRole nameworksFirst appearance as successorReturn time
Shizuka ItoPyrrha Nicos"RWBY""RWBY Volume 3"[23]"RWBY Volume 3" Japanese version Blu-ray SET bonus video
Tomoko Toho"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamonds Can't Break"Episode 31None
Ryoka YukiFairy Marge"Lil Lil Fairyll ~Fairy Door~"Episode 37Episode 49
AkoyaEpisode 51
DanteEpisode 49
GnomeEpisode 47"Rilu Rilu Fairilu ~ Magic Mirror ~" Episode 30
Miki NagasawaYurano"The secret of secrets"Episode 55Episode 75
Yonezawa YenOlga Marie Animsphere"Fate / Grand Order""Fate / Grand Order -First Order-"None
Nozomi KojoTa-chan"Everyone DE Domo-kun!"
Mitsuki SaigaDutch Verders"Strain Silence Eclipse"Season 3

"Star Wars Rebels』Numa role without making a substitute,2017 May 1I returned only with Toyoguchi. "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable" was in the form of a midway drop because it reached the final round before Toyoguchi returned. For "Fate / Grand Order" and "Minna DE Domo-kun!", The successor cast continues to be appointed even after returning to Toyoguchi.


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

2000 era
2010 era
2020 era


  • (mermaid
  • IS <Infinite Stratos> 2 World Purge Edition (Chifuyu Orimura

Web anime


  • To the north.series(Satonaka treetop
    • White Illumination
    • Photo Memories
  • Growlanser(Tipi
  • Bonds of promise (Shizuka Akizuki



2000 era
2010 era
2020 era
  • (2020,Sarah O'Neill<Sana Cars Lake>)
  • (2021,Jen<Jessica McNamee>)
  • (2021, Stephanie <Vanessa Guido>)

TV drama



  • GameWaveDVD vol9 (May 2001, 5 issue) -vol30 (April 20, 2002 issue) Megumi Toyoguchi's Tomorrow's Sunny Lina (tentative)
  • GameWaveDVD vol19 (March 2002, 3 issue) for the first timeFFXIBeta version
  • SUPER VOICE WORLD Dream, Freedom and Happening DVD
  • Famitsu WaveDVD July-August 2003 FFX Channel Special Project FFX-7 Quiz Who is the leader of Yuripa!
  • Famitsu WaveDVD March-June 2004 Who is the true heroine !? FFX-3 Quiz You Li Last Battle!
  • Famitsu WaveDVD December 2004-May 12 Toyoguchi
  • Famitsu WaveDVD June 2005-April 6 Megumi Toyoguchi's Tomorrow's Sunny Lina
  • Famitsu DVD Video "Megumi Toyoguchi's Tomorrow Sunny Lina"
  • Theatrical Battle Royale "Ganmage" DVD
  • Event DVD "Maria is watching Autumn Lilian Festival Part XNUMX "
  • "Sakura warsNew York Combat Revue Show 2014-Fun is about to come-DVD

tv set


Digital comic


Drama CD

Radio talk cd



Audio book

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product number
1st1998/2/25Don't close your eyesTYDY-2108

Character song

  • Good morning"Instead of goodbye(Ohagumi)
  • Assortment of NHK Tensai TV kun wide songs
  • NHK can do it alone! Doki Doki Kitchen ~ Goody Morning ~
  • NHK BS Domo-kun World Song
Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 6Eberouge Legend Vol.5Megumi Toyoguchi"Eberouge Legend-Recap"Drama CD "" theme song
May 1Mars Story SONG COLLECTION ALBUMSeira (Megumi Toyoguchi"Embrace"game"Mars story] Related songs
May 8Trifels Magic Academy Story ~ Ebel Knights ~ Music CollectionMegumi Toyoguchi"With"
"Today is my birthday"
"Your song"
"Map torn"
May 3To the north.Four Seasons[Member 1]"To the north."game"To the north. White Illumination] Main theme song
May 6To the north. WHITE ILLUMINATION PURE SONGS and PICTURESSatonaka Kozue (Megumi Toyoguchi"RG"The game "To the north. White Illumination ”related songs
May 8MOVE ON!Four Seasons[Member 1]"MOVE ON!"The game "To the north. Photo Memories ”main theme song
May 11dual! featuring MITSUKIMarch Sanada (Rie Tanaka), Rasuitsuki (Megumi Toyoguchi"Dual!"Television Animation"dual!Parallel Trouble』Episode 14 ending theme
May 12To the north.Christmas mini album beloved snowmanFour Seasons[Member 1]"My beloved snowman"
The game "To the north. White Illumination ”related songs
May 11WOWOW Anime "Vandread" Opening Theme Song ~ TRUSTKazumi Yumi,Yu Asakawa,Fumiko Orikasa,Megumi Toyoguchi"Haruka Ikutose"Television Animation"Vandred"Insert song
May 5True Love Story 3 Original SoundtrackTakane Aotsuki (Chiaki Takahashi), Kozue Saeki (Yuya Yoshikawa), Yuuki Konno (Yukana Nogami), Tsubasa Kudo (Megumi Toyoguchi), Kaname (Otani Ikue"Misora ​​Junior High School School Song"game"True Love Story 3"Ending theme
May 7SONGS OF GALS!Juran (Megumi Toyoguchi"Dreams in the daytime"Television Animation"Super GALS! Juran] Related songs
May 9Super GALS! Juran Original Soundtrack"Dream in the daytime (special edit)"
May 10JUSTICEMejale Pirates[Member 2]"SPACY SPICY LOVE"OVAVandread fetal movement"Opening theme
May 11Vandread the second stage Vocal & Original Soundtrack"SPACY SPICY LOVE (another version?)"
May 11True Love Story 3 Vocal CollectionTsubasa Kudo (Megumi Toyoguchi"Festival"Songs related to the game "True Love Story 3"
May 8Chobits Character Song CollectionYumi Omura (Megumi Toyoguchi"Because it's human"Television Animation"Chobits] Related songs
May 10Vandread Fierce Fighting DVD First Production Bonus Vandread Vocal Collection AlbumMejale Pirates[Member 2]"PROOF"OVAVandread fierce battle"Ending theme
May 7FINAL FANTASY X-2 Vocal Collection PAINEPaine (Megumi Toyoguchi"Sleeping feelings ..."
"Misty Eyed"
game"FINAL FANTASY X-2] Related songs
May 7Uchuu Gakuen Stelvia School Great Song FestivalAyaka Machida (Megumi Toyoguchi"Passion Navigation"Television Animation"Cosmic stevia] Related songs
May 20 or ∞ -Love or Unlimited-Athena ☆[Member 3]"0 or ∞ -Love or Unlimited-"Television Animation"BURN-UP SCRAMBLE"Ending theme
May 2CD Twin TV Children's SongMegumi Toyoguchi,"Goody Morning"
May 3Love is Vale TudoToshio Koshien (Megumi Toyoguchi"Love is Vale Tudo"
"0 or ∞ -Love or Unlimited- (Megu solo edition)"
TV anime "BURN-UP SCRAMBLE" related songs
May 6Remember11 Profession Collection VOL.3 MayuzumiMayuzumi (Megumi Toyoguchi"Proud of Alive"game"Remember11] Related songs
May 8Burst Angel SUIT CD "Ri" Meg-15Meg (Megumi Toyoguchi"First love"Television Animation"Burst Angel] Related songs
May 8Solution!Osabakina Original Soundtrack AlbumAbumi Hanasaki (Megumi Toyoguchi"My beloved jockey"
"Love Judgment"
game"Solution!Osabakina] Related songs
May 1You color 100%Aya Toujou (Mamiko Noto), Satsuki Kitaoji (Sanae Kobayashi), Tsukasa Nishino (Megumi Toyoguchi), Yui Minamito (Mizuki Nana"Kimi color 100%"OVA100% strawberry"Opening theme
May 5Growlanser IV Original Character Song AlbumUni (Kazumi Yumi), Piti (Megumi Toyoguchi), Remy (Tomoko Kaneda"Decide! Darlin'☆"game"Grow Lancer IV] Related songs
Piti (Megumi Toyoguchi"The best last scene"
May 6Ichigo 100% Character File 2 Tsukasa NishinoTsukasa Nishino (Megumi Toyoguchi"Great Reversal Kiss"OVAStrawberry 100% -Sakurakai Gakuen Exodus Edition-"Ending theme
"Perfect Rainbow"OVA "Strawberry 100%" related songs
Steel Alchemist HAGAREN SONG FILE -WINRY ROCKBELL-Winry Rockbell (Megumi Toyoguchi"BOY FRIENDS!"
"Silver clock"
Television Animation"Full Metal Alchemist] Related songs
Winry Rockbell (Megumi Toyoguchi), Sheska (Naomi Wakabayashi"Love reference book"
May 9Maria-sama ga Miteru ~ Spring ~ Image Album vol.3 White Rose EditionShimako Todo (Mamiko Noto), Kiyoshi Sato (Mamiko Noto)Megumi Toyoguchi), Noriko Nijo (Kaori Shimizu"Connect only one hand"
Television Animation"Maria is watching ~ Spring ~] Related songs
May 10Fullmetal Alchemist RADIO DJCD Hagaren Broadcasting Station TAKE 4Winry Rockbell (Megumi Toyoguchi"BOY FRIENDS! -Honey Love Version-"Songs related to the TV anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"
May 12Fullmetal Alchemist HAGAREN SONG FILE -BEST COMPILATION-Edward Elric (Park Lumei), Roy Mustang (Toru Okawa), Alphonse Elric (Rie Kugimiya), Winry Rockbell (Megumi Toyoguchi), Sheska (Naomi Wakabayashi)"LAST MEETINGS"
May 1Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY SUIT CD vol.9 ATHRUN ZALA × ∞ JUSTICE GUNDAMMiriallia Haw (Megumi Toyoguchi), Meyrin Hawke (Fumiko Orikasa)"Please"Television Animation"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY] Related songs
May 3BLACK CAT Original Soundtrack NikukyukyuMinatsu Kisaya (Megumi Toyoguchi"Song of this world"Television Animation"BLACK CAT"Insert song
May 9CLAYMORE INTIMATE PERSONA ~ Character Song Collection ~Sophia(Megumi Toyoguchi"Eternal"Television Animation"CLAYMORE] Related songs
May 11BAMBOO BEAT / STAR RISETamaki Kawazoe (Ryo Hirohashi), Kirino Chiba (Megumi Toyoguchi), Sayako Kuwahara (Sachiko Kojima), Miyazaki MiyazakiNoriko Kuwashima), Satori Azuma (Rina Sato"BAMBOO BEAT"Television Animation"Bamboo blade"Opening theme
"STAR RISE"TV anime "Bamboo Blade" ending theme
May 12Myself; Yourself Character Song 06 Yuki FujimuraYuki Fujimura (Megumi Toyoguchi"Future observation"Television Animation"Myself; Yourself] Related songs
May 3Bamboo Blade OST2Kirino Chiba (Megumi Toyoguchi"FOR YOUR SHINE"TV anime "Bamboo Blade" insert song
May 5Battlefield Valkyria Original SoundtrackRosie (Megumi Toyoguchi"Thoughts inherited"game"Valkyria Chronicles on the battlefield] Related songs
May 9Kamen no Maid Guy Character Song 3 FubukiFubuki (Megumi Toyoguchi"The sadness is Blizzard"Television Animation"Masked Maid Guy] Related songs
Kogarashi (Rikiya Koyama), Fubuki (Megumi Toyoguchi"Service formation"
May 11High five! / I'm sure tomorrowSatoshi(Rika Matsumoto),Hikari(Megumi Toyoguchi"High five!"Television Animation"Pokemon Diamond & Pearl"Opening theme
May 9Princess Diva!Sylvia van Hossen (Megumi Toyoguchi"Friendship"Television Animation"Princess Lover!] Related songs
May 2Great Everyday!Hikari (Megumi Toyoguchi"By your side-Hikari's theme-New Arrange Ver."TV anime "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" related songs
May 11cosmic cuuneSheryl Nome starring May'n, Ranka Lee (Ai Nakajima),frontier stars[Member 4]"Merry Christmas without You"Movie version animationTheatrical Version Macross F Koifure Tsubasa -Sayonara no Tsubasa-] Related songs
May 5SENGOKU GROOVEToyotomi Hideyoshi (Rina Hidaka), Oda Nobunaga (Megumi Toyoguchi), Akechi Mitsuhide (Eri Kitamura), Date Masamune (Yuka Hirata"SENGOKU GROOVE"Television Animation"Sengoku Maiden ~Momoiro Paradox~] Related songs
May 6Sengoku Maiden ♥ Feast TakenawaOda Nobunaga (Megumi Toyoguchi"Youth warlord"
May 7Suite PreCure ♪ Vocal Album 1 ~ Deliver!Symphony of love and hope ~Eren Kurokawa / Cure Beat (Megumi Toyoguchi"Heart Beat doesn't stop!"Television Animation"Sweet Pretty Cure♪] Related songs
Cure Melody (Ami Koshimizu), Cure Rhythm (Fumiko Orikasa), Cure Beat (Megumi Toyoguchi"Promised melody"
May 11Sweet Pretty Cure ♪ Vocal Album 2 ~ One Heart ~Cure beat (Megumi Toyoguchi"BEAT LOVE"
Cure Melody (Ami Koshimizu), Cure Rhythm (Fumiko Orikasa), Cure Beat (Cure Beat)Megumi Toyoguchi), Cure Muse (Rumi Okubo"Dream Door"
Team Suite PreCure ♪[Member 5]"ONE ~ One Heart ~"
May 2Fighting Dreamer / Dark night makes a maiden a flowerflame(Eri Kitamura), 詠 (Ai Chino), Hikage (Ryoko Shiraishi),future(Saori Goto), Haruka (Megumi Toyoguchi"Dark night makes a maiden a flower"Television Animation"Senran Kagura"Ending theme
May 11Lady GO Hasha GO Daishu GO! Tamagotchi!Yumemichi (Misato Fukuen), Kiraricchi (Megumi Toyoguchi"Glitter Dream"Television Animation"Tamagotchi! ~ Dream Kira Dream ~"Insert song
Glitter Girls[Member 6]"Rock'n Heart!"TV animation "Tamagotchi! ~ Dream Kira Dream ~ "Opening Theme
Lovelin (Kei Mado), Yumemichi (Misato Fukuen), Kiraricchi (Megumi Toyoguchi"Happy Happy Harmony (Special Version)"TV animation "GO-GO Tamagotchi! "Insert song
May 2Grand Stage Act 2 Subaru RyoyaSubaru Ryoya (Megumi Toyoguchi"CRIME OF LOVE"Drama CD "Grand stage] Related songs
May 5Grand Stage Special PerformanceAkito Yoo (Emi Ogata), Ryoya Subaru (Megumi Toyoguchi), Eru Kazemiya (Marina Inoue), Minami Amber (Eri Kitamura), Yui Suou (Mitsuki Saiga"Dream on stage ~ Grand stage theme ~"
May 4Grand Stage Athletic Meet Drama CDAkito Yoo (Megumi Ogata), Ryoya Subaru (Emi Ogata)Megumi Toyoguchi), Eri Kazemiya (Marina Inoue), Amber Minami (Eri Kitamura), Yui Suou (Mitsuki Saiga)"Flying ~ WE CAN FLY ~"Drama CD "Grand Stage" related songs
May 2Bullet principleEnoshima Junko(Megumi Toyoguchi"Hope or Despair"game"Danganronpa School of hope and high school student of despair] Related songs
May 5Camona Tempest! / Good night orangeLimuru (Miho Okazaki),master(Megumi Toyoguchi), Verdola (Tomoaki Maeno), Shuna (Senbonsai), Zion (M ・ A ・ O), Langa (Tomohiro Kobayashi), Gobuta (Asuna Tomari"Camona Tempest!"Television Animation"When I was reincarnated, it was a slime."Ending theme

Other participating songs

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
1999/7/5DREAM AGAINOtaki Sasaki,Megumi Toyoguchi,Enomoto Atsuko"DREAM AGAIN"radio"Super Mobile Broadcasting Anige Master"Opening theme
Megumi Toyoguchi, Atsuko Enomoto"Love is ... (?) Rhythm and Thai Mingu"Radio "Super Mobile Broadcasting Anige Master" Ending Theme
2000/2/10dream power-to those without wings-A ・ G ・ A ・ S[Member 7]"Dream power-to those without wings-"Nippon Cultural Broadcasting A & G ZoneImage Song
2001/1/10WONDERFUL TIME!Haruna Ikezawa,Megumi Toyoguchi,Ryoka Yuki"WONDERFUL TIME!"TV program"Friday Anime Hall"Theme song
Songs related to the TV program "Friday Anime Kan"
2004/7/7Mysterious Tokyo CinderellaAkino Watanabe×Megumi Toyoguchi×Takahashi Mikako×Rie Tanaka"Mysterious Tokyo Cinderella"
"Hug the sun"
Television Animation"Burst Angel"Image Song


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