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🎥 | "Movie" Nisekoi "" starring Kento Nakajima x Ayami Nakajo W! Love conflict comedy broadcast uncut!


"Movie" Nisekoi "" starring Kento Nakajima x Ayami Nakajo W! Love conflict comedy broadcast uncut!

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Furthermore, in addition to Nakajima and Nakajo starring W, various people such as Natsumi Ikema, Haruka Shimazaki, Yuta Kishi (King & Prince), and DAIGO will gather.

TBS will broadcast the movie "Nisekoi" for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting from 26:05 midnight today.The original is ... → Continue reading

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Ikema Natsumi

Natsumi Ikema(Natsumi Ikema,2002(14)May 7 -) isJapan Ofactress[4](Ex-A child),モデル.

OkinawaTomigusuku CityBackground[1].Rising ProductionBelongs.


At the age of 5, I applied for a local Okinawan model stylist office "" that I found in the newspaper at the recommendation of my mother who wanted to overcome shyness, which was the beginning of my entertainment career.[1][5][6].A child, Started working as a model[7], 2013Saito-san 2』(Nippon TVSystem)TV dramaFirst appearance in Okinawa and received high praise for acting ability as "discovery of rough stones in Okinawa"[8]..Locally produced squadron dramas and localsCMAppeared in[8], 2017Acres Grandmaster』(Okinawa TV) As the heroine[1],rock band·Cider girl2017 image character "2nd generation Cidergirl"[9].. Learn to sing and dance like "one of the lessons"[1], Also active as a member of the dance vocal unit "Lollipop" until graduation on March 2018, 3[8]..He was active in the same group as Mirai Yokota.

In my hometown Okinawa, "ShisaIt is said that "a beautiful woman who turns around"[2][7]Through his activities as a member of the idol group, he strengthened his desire to "stand in front of the public", and as a child actor, he moved to Tokyo for about four months when he was in the fifth grade of elementary school and participated in the shooting of "Saito-san 5". Having an interest in actresses such as starring, he left his parents and moved to Tokyo when he entered high school in the spring of 4, saying, "I want to go to Tokyo and have various experiences. I want to be famous all over the country."[1][6][10], Started full-scale activities as an actress[7].

In October 2018Nakatani Miki,Fukada Kyoko,Yubei Maki,Kawashima sea cargo,Hirose TinIs called "the gateway to break actresses"FT Shiseido"Sea breezeWas selected as a commercial for "Who is that beautiful girl !?"[6][11][12][13][14][15]In NovemberJapan McDonald'sUsed for commercials for "waffle cones"[16].. In May, "Weekly playboy』(Shueisha) To challenge the first gravure[17], In OctoberWeekly Young Jump』(Shueisha) first appeared on the first cover and the first opening gravure, showing off the first swimsuit[14]..The producer who watched the music video of CidergirlTakashi HiranoReceived an offer from "I have a feeling that one star will be born in 10 years", and released in December, "Nisekoi』And make a full-scale actress debut by playing the role of Kosaki Onodera who will be the" second heroine "[8][10][18].

Of December 2019 broadcastNHK Miyazaki Broadcasting StationProductionLocal drama"Hinata's Sawa rides the waves!』First starring in the NHK drama[19][20].




TV drama

WEB drama

  • Poolside Destiny-Is School Closed Fate? (April 2019, 4-June 24, SEA BREEZE Officialthe UAF YouTube-channelChannel) --StarringIkema Natsumi Role


Music video



  • Y! Mobile
  • Okinawa food love rice guardian
  • Okinawa Kaiho Bank
    • "Smile Support" (2014)
    • "Blue Line Edition" (October 2019-)
    • "Natsumi Ikema's work experience" (December 2019-)
    • "Uta Yell" (December 2020-)
    • "Employees & Business Owners" (January 2021-)
  • Megane Ichiban
  • MAX Okawa renewal
  • Daishin Construction
  • Churashima Okinawa
  • Yukishio
  • Benesse Children's Challenge Pocket June issue
  • ion Kariyushi wear
  • FT Shiseido Sea breeze
    • "Deo & Water / Body Sheet Approaching Distance" (March 2018, 3-)[11][12][13]
    • "Deo & Water Fateful Bear" (March 2019, 3-)[38]
  • Japan McDonald's Waffle cone "McDonald's seriousness" version (April 2018, 4-)[16]
  • Nexon Smartphone version "MapleStory M" M sign version / table version (April 2019, 4-)
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporate CM "Knock on the Earth"
    • "Carbon Cycle" (January 2021, 1-)
    • "Medical Evolution" (February 2021, 2-)


  • STREETCOLORMIX (2015-2017)


Digital photo book

  • Weekly Pre-PHOTO BOOK Natsumi Ikema "Beginning Color" (May 2018, 5,Shueisha)ASIN B07D56ZW21
  • YJ PHOTO BOOK Natsumi Ikema Photobook "Natsumi" (August 2018, 8, Shueisha)ASIN B07GVZQB9W
  • YJ PHOTO BOOK Natsumi Ikema Photobook "Your moment becomes my eternity" (December 2018, 12, Shueisha)ASIN B07LG4SN7V
  • Natsumi Ikema Boken (July 2019, 7,Shogakukan)ASIN B07VGRWHHM


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Related item

外部 リンク

Haruka Shimazaki

Haruka Shimazaki(Haruka Shimazaki,1994〈Heisei6 years>May 3 -) isJapan Ofactress,YouTuberIs. Female idol group ·AKB48Former member of.Nickname TheParuru[2].SaitamaI'm fromBig appleBelongs.






  • March 3, "Business contact.I'll ask, Director Katayama! In Saitama Super Arena ”on the second day of the performance, the 24th single“Midsummer Sounds good!Will be announced as a member of the selection for the first time[8].
  • March 3, concert "Business contact. I'll ask, Director Katayama! inSaitama Super Arena』In the third day performanceAKSAnnounces that there was an office transfer consultation to Big Apple[9][Note 1].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 27th Single General Election』(Vote counting on June 6) ranked 6rd and was selected as the Under Girls[10].
  • On August 8, at the announcement of the team reorganization (organization) held at the performance on the first day of "AKB24 in TOKYO DOME ~ 48m Dream ~", the dismantling of Team 1830 to which he belonged at that time was announced and he will be transferred to Team B. Will be announced (officially transferred to Team B on November 4st)[11][12].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nippon BudokanHeld inAKB48 29th single selection rock-paper-scissors competition』Won the championship and will be in charge of the center position for the first time[13]..As a result of this, it was reported as a "next ace candidate" and attracted public attention.[14].
  • On November 11rd, we will start activities in Team B as a starting member of the Team B waiting performance.[15].
  • December 12th, 5th single "For the first time in charge of center positionEternal pressureWill be released[16].


  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 32nd Single Selection General Election』, And will be the first member to be selected by the general election[17].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nihon monitorIn the "2013 Talent CM Employed Companies Ranking" by, ranked 6th in the female talent category in Thailand, 11 companies[Note 2] Announced that it was appointed to the commercial of[18]..Record the largest number of AKB48 members at the time of ranking announcement[18].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Zepp DiverCityThe transfer to Team A will be announced at the "AKB48 Group Daigumi Kakusai" held in[19][20].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Team A 7th Stage “Love Prohibition Ordinance” performanceStart activities in Team A as a starting member of[21].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 37th Single General Election』In 7th place and enter the selected members[22].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nihon monitorIn the "2014 Ranking of Number of Companies Employing Talent CM", it was announced that it was ranked 3rd in the female talent category in Thailand and was appointed to the CM of 12 companies.[23]..Record the largest number of AKB48 members at the time of ranking announcement[23].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo Dome City HallParticipation in the new unit "Nya KB with Tsuchinoko Panda" formed by selecting 4 members from AKB48 members will be announced at the "48th AKB7 Kouhaku Uta Gassen" held at[24].


  • On April 4th, the participating unit "Nya KB with Tsuchinoko Panda" was released as an anime "Yokai watch』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Ending theme "Idol is about UnyanyaDebut as a single CD[25].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 41st Single Selection General Election』In 9th place and enter the selected members[26][27].
  • 7月31日、Twitterアカウントを開設。8月1日午前0時36分の初ツイート「Twitter、はじめました」に約2時間で6,000RTを超え、ツイート開始1日でフォロワー数は10万人を突破する[28][29].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,asthmaReveal on Twitter that they will be resting for the time being due to poor physical condition[30].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,France-ParisStarring at the 21st Etranje Film Festival held inTheater spiritsWas screened as an invited work, stood in a stage greeting, and returned to work for the first time in about a month.[31].
  • On September 9, he made a live appearance on "Music Station 23 Hours Special" (TV Asahi) and resumed his musical activities.[32]On the 30th of the same month, he announced that he would take a rest at the hospital for several days.
  • On November 11th, it was announced at a press conference that Shimazaki will be appointed as the producer of the second "Byte AKB Paruru Selection" project of the "Byte AKB" project, which is a collaboration between the part-time job information site "Baitoru" and the AKB15 group.[33][34].




  • The movie released on July 12Nisekoi].




Shimazaki's nickname "Paruru" is a former member of AKB48.Rumi YonezawaNamed[2]..In addition, the name "Haruka" has the meaning of spreading a good scent far away.[43].

You can sleep anytime, anywhere[44]..Enrolled in the brass band club for three years in junior high schoolAlto saxophoneandSoprano saxophoneI was in charge of it.For this reason, he is good at playing the saxophone.[45],otherflute,trumpet,ピ ア ノEtc. are also written as special skills[46], Neither is that good[47].

He says that flutes and trumpets can only be played on scales.[47]..He also said that he learned the piano when he was a child, but he can't do it at all.[47]..In addition, in the past, in this article, he said, "I'm embarrassed, so please erase it."[47].

As a favorite foodMelon bread,sushi[47], Stewed hamburger (made by mother)[47]I especially like melon breadSKE48 OfRena MatsuiAnd the "Melonpan Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance").Later in the "alliance"Miori Ichikawa,NMB48 OfFukumoto ManaAnd SKE48's Kyoka Isohara,HKT48 OfMatsuoka Natsuki-Sakura Miyawaki-Anna Murashige-Tomonaga MisakuraAlso joined, but the alliance was dissolved when Fukumoto graduated from NMB48.[48].

I haven't eaten melon bread for years because I got tired of eating too much because it was sent by various people.[47]..However, it is written in the comment section of the official YouTube channel "Parurumu" that I ate it a few days after shooting.[47].

The food I hatelever[45][47],celery[47],Coriander[47].

Indoors, prefers to stay indoors regardless of the season[3]Also answered the question about the ideal date, "I want to spend time indoors such as in a movie theater."[43].

Regarding this, he said, "When it comes to an ideal date, it's usually indoors, so I might want you to take it out."

The strength is self-paced, and the weakness is that it is difficult to talk because it looks cool.[45].

The entertainer who is healed by watchingAyase Haruka[45]Are listed[47].

Celebrities who are close friends (other than the AKB group)Hirose Tin,GENKINGAnd so on[49][50].

He says it doesn't matter which type of man he likes to smoke or drink.[47]..Self-evaluated as "ideal is too high" for men, "height is about 180 cm, shoulder width is not too thin, nose is crisp, teeth are well aligned, there is savings, not too delicate (self delicate) I like people (so that they don't feel depressed when they are together)[47]"Well, there are some boring good-looking guys. I'm not interested in those people. It's better to be funny."[51][47]..Also, as scenes where tension rises, "small children", "touching dogs", "エ レ ベ ー タ ーWhen the person who rushed to was not in time ".The elevator says, "When I find a person who is trying to get on at the last minute, I just hit the" close button "continuously" and "when it is opened, I feel a sense of defeat, such as" Ah ... "."[52]However, it seems that he does not remember[47].

Parent's job is a pet trimmer[53].. He has a younger brother under the age of 10, and Shimazaki himself named his younger brother.[54].


Members (including former members) who are especially close to each other in the AKB48 groupHaruka Shimada,Yui Yokoyama,Rena Matsui[3],Watanabe Miyuki[43].. other than thisTomomi ItanoGet along well with[3], 2013 New Year togetherShotoWent to[55]..In addition, Rino Sashihara has been encouraged many times during hard times, and Sashihara is regarded as a "beneficiary".[43].

The reason I auditioned for AKB1 when I was in the first year of high school was the invitation of a classmate who is familiar with idols.[3].. I knew about AKB48 from the time it was formed due to the influence of my friends, and I was interested in it, but I never thought that I could be an idol, so I was very surprised when I received the report of passing.[3]..Originally I liked idols, and although I was doing "swing copy" of various idols, it was different from actually dancing, and when I first stood on the stage, I was "just standing up"[45]..I had no experience in singing or dancing before, so I had a hard time getting used to it at first.[3].. The hardest part of joining AKB48 was balancing my studies, but I decided that I would never take a break from high school even on days when I was late for work.[3].

At the handshake event, I took an unfriendly attitude and said, "Salt compatibleWas said[56]..However, at the event held in June 2013, he said, "I want to improve the response at the handshake event."[57].AKB48 TheaterThe manager (at that time)Tonosaki Tonobu"From today (the interview was on June 2013, 6 at the handshake event), it seems that Paruru started shaking hands with" low salt "correspondence. In other words, smile, not salt correspondence," said Shimazaki's response change. Talking about[58].

Participating songs in AKB48

Single selection music

AKB48 name

AKB48 Team Surprise name

Gravity Sympathy Performance

  • Gravity sympathy
  • Wednesday Alice
  • Your C/W
  • When departing
  • AKB Festival
  • Than you think...
  • Heart vector

Rose ceremonial performance

  • The future sees
  • First love key
  • Tokimeki antique
  • Rose ritual
  • Beautiful hunt
  • Forest of Philosophy
  • Cheeks, tunnel

Album selection songs

  • "Being hereRecorded in
    • High school days-In the name of "Team Research Student"
    • Being here-in the name of "AKB48 + SKE48 + SDN48 + NMB48"
  • "1830m] Recording
    • First Rabbit
    • Right Angle Sunshine-In the name of "Team 4"
    • One day I saw the bottom of the sea-the name of "Up-and-coming girls"
    • Gentleness map
    • Aozora, are you lonely?-- In the name of "AKB48+SKE48+NMB48+HKT48"
  • Included in the soundtrack "Wreck-It Ralph"
  • "Next footprintRecorded in
    • After rain
    • I will teach you how to boy hunt
    • I will do my best
    • Punktsu Blues
    • 動機
    • Sad short distance romance-"Team B" name
  • "This is Rhodes, jump here!Recorded in
    • The existence of love
    • Oh! Baby!-Takahashi Team A
    • If you can be friends
  • "Between 0 and 1Recorded in
    • Toy Poodle and your story
    • Clap-the name of "Team A"
  • "thumbnailRecorded in
    • Me on that day

Unsourced songs

  • It resembles me (Songs included in "AKB3+Me" software for Nintendo 48DS)
  • Let's be in love ("WILLSELECTION" CM song)

Theater performance unit song

Research student "Dawn of idols"Performance
  • Unrequited love diagonal
Team B 4th Stage "The Dawn of Idol"
  • Unrequited love diagonal
■Moto NitoUnder
Research Student "Renai Kinshi Jorei"Performance
  • Tsundere!
Team A 5th Stage "Love Prohibition Ordinance"
  • During the squall (back dancer)
  • Midsummer Christmas Rose (back dancer)
  • Tsundere! *
■Tomomi ItanoUnder
Research student "Theater Goddess"Performance
  • Candy
Team B 5th Stage "Theater Goddess"
  • Romance Hide and Seek (The Undercard Girl)
  • Candy *
■Amina SatoUnder
Team A 6th Stage "Witness"
  • Fairy in a mini skirt
  • Cross your arms *
■Akika NakataniUnder
Team K 6th Stage "RESET"
  • Around the time of the Lemon (the undercard girls)
  • Gyakuten Ouji *
■Tomomi NakatsukaUnder
Team 4 1st Stage "My Sun"
  • do not call me an idol
Umeda Team B Waiting Performance
Team A "Love Ban Ordinance"Performance
  • Heart-shaped virus
Team A 7th Stage "Dedicated to MT"
  • Risuke

Other participating songs

Under the name of "Ojarumaru Sisters"

  • First love does not bear fruit

Under the name of "Yui Yokoyama with friends (from AKB48)"

Under the name of "Nya KB with Tsuchinoko Panda"

Under the name of "Nashigoren Division, Police Agency"

  • Nasi Goreng Dogenzaka[59]


TaiziIs the star.

TV drama






Online delivery

Image character

  • Vanilla Birthday (October 2013 --10) --Image model[95]


Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • Myojo(January 2014-August 1, Shueisha)-"Paruru, charging" serialized.
  • SEDA(March 2014 issue-July 9 issue,Hinode Publishing)-"Paruru Garment Academy" serialized.


  • Haruka Shimazaki 2012 Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Haruka Shimazaki 2013 Calendar (December 2012, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Wall hangings Haruka Shimazaki 2014 Calendar (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Haruka Shimazaki 2014 Calendar (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
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