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🤖 | TV anime "Zombie Land Saga", Blu-ray BOX Digipak visual released


TV animation "Zombie Land Saga", Blu-ray BOX Digipack visual released

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A lively and spectacular visual with a total of 14 people, including Kotaro Tatsumi and Franchouchou, and the characters that color this work.

Before the broadcast of the TV anime "Zombie Land Saga Revenge" from April 2021, the first TV anime "Zo ... → Continue reading

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Zombie Land Saga

"Zombie Land SagaIsMAP,Avex pictures,CygamesBy joint projectJapan OfTelevision Animationthe work. From October to December 2018AT-XIt was broadcast elsewhere.The catch phrase is "We want to live!". Initially it was "We want to live", but it was changed after the first episode was broadcast.[1].

The second sequel, "Zombie Land Saga Revenge(Hereafter: "Revenge") was announced in July 2019.[2][3], Broadcast on AT-X and others from April to June 2021[4].

zombieWhile being guided by the producer, the girls who revived asSagaTo saveLocal idolI drew a state of acting asOriginal anime.


ス タ ッ フ[5][6]
OriginalPublic Relations and Public Hearing Division Zombie Section
Director / Sound DirectorSakai Munehisa
Series compositionMurakoshi Shigeru
Character DesignKazumi Fukagawa
Prop designMariko Kawamoto
Masayo Matsumoto (from the 1th episode of the 4st term)
Nao Otsu (1st episode 5th episode)
Atsushi Ogasawara, Rio (from the second term)
Art directorKazuo Ogura (Phase 1)
Tatsuro Onishi (2nd term)
Art settingNobuhito Sue, Shiori Shiwa (Phase 1)
Shuhei Tada, Midori Iwasawa (Phase 2)
Color designAzusa Sasaki
CinematographerTakashi Yanagida (Phase 1)
Momoko Mifune (Phase 2)
3DCG directorKohei Iwasaki (Phase 1)
Ai Kuroiwa (Phase 2)
EditMasahiro Goto
MusicYasuharu Takanashi,Funta7
Music productionavex pictures
Chief producerAsaichi Iizumi, Nobuhiro Takenaka
Manami Kabashima, Makoto Kimura
producerAya Iizuka
Takashi Murakami (Phase 1)
Shinya Ikukata (Phase 1)
Makoto Moriwaki (until the second episode of the first term)
Toru Kubo (from the 1rd episode of the 3st term)
Taro Imafuku (2nd term)
Animation producerManabu Otsuka (1st term)
Takahiro Ogawa (2nd term)
Animation productionMAP
ProductionZombie Land Saga
Production Committee (Phase 1)
Nbiland Saga Revenge
Production Committee (Phase 2)


About four years before the broadcast, Nobuhiro Takenaka of Cygames said, "Shinsaku no Bahamut GENESISBecause the character of a zombie girl named Rita that appears in 』was cute, I came up with an anime in which zombies play idols. The project started when I told MAPPA Manabu Otsuka that I could make a drama in which dead humans live seriously as idols. The tentative title was "Idol Zombie"[7][8].. However, when it was difficult to pass the internal approval of Cygames, the birthplace of the president, Koichi Watanabe.[9]Because there was a request for animation from Saga prefecture, the stage was decided to be Saga prefecture. While traveling around Saga prefecture on location scouting, I moved away from the general concept of idols, and changed the title to "Zombie Land Saga" by removing the characters of idols.[8].

The project of this work was carried out with the cooperation of Saga Prefecture. A person in charge of the Public Relations and Public Relations Division of Saga Prefecture said, "I don't care about self-deprecation at all. Rather than that, at the production committee of MAPPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames," 30 minutes x 12 episodes, all Saga I thought it would be a good PR. "With NewsLooking back in the interview with[10].

Takenaka says, "We reflect a lot of information obtained from location scouting in the scenario." "It's information that we can't get by ourselves. Even if people in Saga Prefecture see it, maniac places like" here !? "are often seen. It will come out. "[11].

Story setting

Manabu Otsuka of MAPPA recalled in an interview with Animate Times that he had the most difficulty in composing the story.[8]..Otsuka has spoken to multiple scenario writers so far, but all of themGeorge A. RomeroI have submitted a scenario with heavy content because I respect[8].. Therefore, Otsuka appointed Murakoshi because he thought that Shigeru Murakoshi, who had been involved in MAPPA's works, would be able to gag and comedy even if he had no experience in series composition.[8].

Since this work deals with death, it was decided to create a group of idols who lived in different times in order to draw a passing opinion.[8].. In addition, the idea of ​​giving each member some legend was adopted, and at the time of brainstorming, there were ideas of Hollywood actresses and twins.[8].

Regarding the fact that among the members of Franchouchou, members other than Tae Yamada regained their ego by the end of the first episode, Nobuhiro Takenaka of Cygames said, "I was thinking of awakening one by one, but that's the story. "No," he said in an interview with Animate Times, recalling that he was able to create a good flow by awakening everyone except Tae.[8].


In designing, a policy was set up to prevent it from becoming moe while being eerie but cute, and Kazumi Fukagawa was appointed for character design.[8].. In this work, all the stories of various sizes are packed, and the scene where the audience seats are projected live also depicts a unique audience such as Uncle Death.[12].. While the opening video emphasizes impact, the ending video used a watercolor-like style that reflects the scenery of Saga.[12].

Music / sound

Yasuharu Takanashi was in charge of the music of this work[8].. Director Munehisa Sakai talks about the reason for hiring TakanashiDeath MetalIn an interview with Animate Times, he said that he likes to play rock and that he hoped to balance the cute part while bringing out the rock part of the characters who live a rock life.[8].. In addition, Nobuhiro Takenaka of Cygames said, "Since idol activities are the center of the story, it is easiest to link the story and the music. In that sense, it has a message rather than a normal live scene." Talking[11].

Theme song/Insert song

Theme song-Insert songIs produced by SCOOP MUSIC's Koji Sato and produced by the artists belonging to the company.[13]..In making musicAnimation productionFrom the side, "I don't want to make it look like an idol like Capi Capi" "(Except Lily)[14]) Please do not make a voice. "[13]. Also,LyricsSato has instructed the writer to "do not make it as a zombie subjective song".[15].

Public relations / promotion

In the promotion, we thoroughly implemented the secrecy of the content of the work. From the production announcement to the start of the main broadcast, information about the story was hidden except for the catchphrase "new sense zombie animation".[16].. The promotional video also made me think of a full-fledged zombie horror work.[8].. At a preview held for the general public in Tokyo, the audience was requested to submit a non-disclosure agreement.[16].. This was due to the intention to surprise the viewers, as well as the possibility that the viewers could be limited if they seemed to be idols.[8].

The second production was announced at the event "Zombie Land Saga LIVE ~ Franchouchou Minna de Orabou! ~ In SAGA" held on July 2019, 7.[2][3].

Acting / casting

Mamoru Miyano, the role of Kotaro Tatsumi, was decided by the proposal of the audio production staff.[8].. The direction at the time of recording is "leave it to Miyano", but instead of ad lib, the shaku is used in the wording.[17].. The idol members were selected by audition except for Tae Yamada.[8].. The other members had a clear personality and were easy to imagine, so it was decided smoothly.[8].. On the other hand, the selection of the role of Sakura was difficult, and Kaede Hondo was finally appointed as the role of Sakura.[8]..Hondo was born in Nagoya and had never used a dialect, and this was his first appearance in a work using a dialect, so at first I was worried when I saw the Karatsu dialect written in the script, but in Karatsu City. From[Note 1]In the event, he recalled that he enjoyed the fun and cuteness of the dialect through his polite dialect instruction.[18].. Maki Kawase, who plays Junko, and Rika Kinugawa, who plays Yugiri, also talk about the fun of dialects during the event.[18].

Minami Tanaka, who played the role of Lily, imagined a serious animation from the contents of the script given at the time of the audition, but when it started, she thought that she was fooled by more than expected, and recalled in an interview with Animate Times. Are[12]..In the interview mentioned above, Tanaka said, "Lily is the youngest and I'm short, so I thought I could do it freely. And in episode 2, Tae-chan's neck. When he flew away, he said, "Please do it in a live-action style," and I was convinced that "Oh, that's okay with that freedom" (laughs). " I'm talking about feeling[12].

Kotono Mitsuishi as Tae Yamada and Yasuhiro Takato as the zombie dog Romero were appointed by the nomination of Sakai.[19].. Regarding the reason for appointing two veteran voice actors, Sakai said, "I think that expressiveness is necessary because neither Tae nor Romero can speak words. I thought that it would be difficult unless there are various drawers. "In an interview with Animate Times.[19].. It was initially hidden that the voice actor in charge of Tae was Mitsuishi, but it was first released in the end credit of the third episode. Mitsuishi stated in an interview with Animate Times that he was conscious of foreign zombie movies when acting, for example, in the case of the line "Au", he acted with the intention of seriously eating instead of acting humorously. Looking back[19].. Regarding the intention of acting, Mitsuishi stated in the above interview that he wanted to make viewers aware that the members of Franchouchou are the same zombies as they were.[19].

Takato, who plays the role of Romero, said, "Of course, it makes a difference between the real and the usual Romero, but I wondered if I should say" hehehe "or" gaugau "in the story. When I test at home, I think about whether I should do it with my instinct, but when I come to the scene, the atmosphere changes completely, so I just do it with my instinct and intuition. " Talks to the director, but says that in the end it seems Romero to think nothing[19].

Various voice actors are appointed as sub-characters, of which police officer AHiroyuki YoshinoWas decided from the beginning[8].. Regarding the scene where police officer A raps in the second episode, Asami Tano, who plays the role of Saki, said, "That scene wasn't written in the script to rap at first. Maybe it's a rap battle, so Yoshino-san is me too. That's what I did, wasn't it? ", He recalled in an interview with Animate Times.[20].


Zombie Land Saga

In 2008, I became a second year high school studentSource SakuraDecides to take an idol audition in Tokyo, and as soon as he leaves home with the application documents in his hand, he is hit by a light truck.

In 2018, Sakura woke up at a Western-style building and lost her memory. Furthermore, she was suddenly attacked by mysterious zombie girls and escaped to the outside, but she also noticed that she had become a zombie.The young man who appeared thereKotaro TatsumiIs informed that he has been revived as a zombie for the "Zombie Land Saga Project", a local idol project that raises awareness of Saga Prefecture.Sakura revived as a zombie like herselfNikaido Saki,Ai Mizuno,Junko Konno,Yugiri,Hoshikawa Lily,Yamada TaeFormed an idol group "Franchouchou" with 7 people and started activities.

Franchouchou, who grows up as an idol after overcoming troubles and discord between members unique to zombies, becomes a popular person in Saga.One day before his solo live, Sakura was hit by a light truck again and regained his unfortunate memory of his life, and in exchange he lost his memory of becoming a zombie.Sakura who became negative loses motivation for activity, but with the encouragement of the members and Kotaro, he decides to stand on the stage.Franchouchou continues to sing, despite the big happening that the stage collapses due to heavy snowfall.Sakura regains her memory as a zombie and reconciles with the members.In response to the encore's voice, the seven began to sing again.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

In March 2019, Franchouchou failed to attract customers at a large-scale venue and took on a huge debt.While the members worked hard to repay their debts, Kotaro was mourning the failure of the project every day.However, Franchouchou himself decides to return as a producer because of the blasting from the master of the bar and the appearance of Franchouchou who faces the return live with a small haco despite the overwhelming predicament.

Franchouchou, who resumed his activities in earnest with Kotaro's return, worked one after another on the radio, TV, and the undercard of the live, and while raising his name, each person gained a certain ability.The only problem was that the huge debt was solved by the fortune of the luck, and one year after the blunder, the people decided to revenge live at a large venue again.Immediately after that, however, a local storm struck Saga, causing an unprecedented catastrophe.Franchouchou, who lost his Western-style house, moves to a shelter, where he spends his days holding live shows for refugees.A few days after the disaster, there was a happening that the makeup was removed and the audience could see the real face, but Kotaro finally joined the girls who managed to hide their true identity.After receiving Kotaro's words, "We will definitely hold a revenge live," they start moving toward the live again.

On March 2020, 3, a large number of spectators gathered at the concert of Franchouchou, which was receiving a lot of attention worldwide due to the efforts of various people. The venue, which was completely unfilled a year ago, was filled with spectators, and Franchouchou succeeded in revenge live.The live is over in a whirlpool of enthusiasm.

At a later date.The land of Saga was enveloped in an explosion by the light emitted from a mysterious flying object that suddenly appeared in the sky.


Voice is an anime versionVoice actor.. The performance is a stage versionAn actor.


Kotaro Tatsumi, who calls himself a mysterious idol producer, is a group of seven female idols who have been revived as zombies in the present age in order to realize the "Zombie Land Saga Project" that saves Saga, whose existence is the light of the wind.In order to prevent zombie barre, each member is acting by hiding his identity by calling himself "Franchouchou ○" instead of his real name.[ep 1]..The leader is Saki.Participation is only in dance for those who cannot speak.[ep 2].

In normal times, it looks like a zombie with a pale complexion and big scars, but when doing idol activities, Kotaro's special make-up makes it look as good as it was in life. In "Revenge", although it is far inferior to what Kotaro gives, it has become possible for them to apply simple make-up that is not suspected by the general public.

The group name was decided by Lily by combining "Franboise" that Sakura came up with and sneezing.[ep 2].."Death daughter (provisional)" at the beginning[ep 3], "Green Face"[ep 1]Kotaro gave an appropriate name.

Except for themselves, Franchouchou knows that Franchouchou is a zombie, Kotaro, Xu Fu, Mai, and Okoba.

Source Sakura (Minamoto Sakura)
Voice- Kaede Hondo[5][6]
Performance- Ayaki Honnishi[21]
1991May 4birth,2008May 4(Death of Buddha) Death. 17 years old.
Height: 158 cm / Weight: 46 kg / Blood type: A type / Three sizes: B88 / W59 / H90
The main character of the main story[22].Zombie No. 1.
Her hair is long straight redhead with pink and emerald green polka dot ribbons.My usual outfit is the school uniform I wore when I died. Karatsu dialect[23]Speak at.During his lifetime, he was a very general high school girl who wanted to be an idol, and Kotaro didn't have the title of "legendary XX".
The first ego awakened among the members[Note 2]However, for some reason, he lost his memory of his life for a while.At first, he was reluctant to work as an idol, but when he was forced to participate in a death metal live, an afterimage of an idol came to his mind.[ep 3], I decided to continue my idol activities because I felt "a very happy feeling that shakes my heart"[ep 1]..During the meeting, Kotaro has a lot of troubles such as being tampered with for unreasonable reasons and stopping the eccentricity, but he is enthusiastic about his work.
During his lifetime, he was selected as the protagonist of the play, but he became a mumps on the day. I studied hard because of this, and even though I got an A judgment in the mock exam, on the day of the exam, I encountered and cared for an old man who was ill, and as a result, I could not concentrate on the exam and failed. " By the time he went to high school, he had a negative personality, demeaning himself as a "strained child" because he had lived an unrewarded life.Encouraged by the positive words of Ai Mizuno, the top idol I saw on TV, I aim to become an idol, saying, "Let's do our best again."light truckBounced off and died[ep 4] [Note 3].
One morning, a few days before the Alpino Live, he was hit by a light truck again trying to go for a run, regaining his life memory and negative personality, and instead losing his memory after becoming a zombie.[ep 5]..Again, he refused to be an idol, saying "I don't have it", but Kotaro and the members enthusiastically persuaded him to stand on the stage, and despite the trouble, the live was a great success.I have regained my memory since I became a zombie.
Partly because he woke up first, he has become the centerpiece of the members.Also, perhaps because of the title of "No. 1", he often acts as a center vocalist on stage.Although he does not have a strong personality or career like other members, he has a surprisingly large number of fans including Mai.
In "Revenge", he works at a ranch with a sword to repay his debt.
His hobbies during his lifetime were playing Iron Frill, making sweets, and playing puzzle games.My favorite foods are sweets in general, and my disliked foods are spicy.My favorite color is pink.
Nikaido Saki
Voice- Asano Tano[5][6]
Performance- Suzuki Yuri[21]
1979May 5birth,1997May 8(Buddha annihilation) died. 18 years old.
Height: 153 cm / Weight: 45 kg / Blood type: O type / Three sizes: B77 / W54 / H82
Zombie No. 2..Kotaro says, "Legendary kamikaze captain". Conquered the Kyushu region at the end of the 20th centuryMotorcycle gangHe was the first kamikaze commander of "Saga Ladies Team Dorami".The long blonde hair with orange and yellow-green mesh is used as a ponytail, and the eyes are also orange.The clothes are redSukajanLong skirt.Saga dialectTalking in, the habit is "I'll kill you."It's a so-called yankee, and although the gala is bad, he is kind and companion. "Drive-in bird" and "GatalympicsAmong the members, they are most familiar with Saga's local stories.[ep 6]..When I woke up, I wasn't interested in idol activities at all, but after the rap battle that took place with Sakura in my first business, I came to think that it wouldn't be a bad idea to achieve national domination with songs.[ep 1]After that, I became enthusiastic about the activity.After that, he ran for himself and became the leader of Franchouchou.[ep 2].
In "Revenge", the late-night radio program "Because Saga is Saga" was taken over from the rock musician White Ryu who was his first love partner, and after that, the program name was renewed to "Because Saga of Francheche is Saga". , Will be in charge of the main personality. From No. 7 Maimai, a remake version of her when she retiredTamagotchiWas taken over.Since he was in debt, he has been working in manual labor at a construction site.
During his lifetime, he achieved Kyushu conquest as the first special attack captain of Angerami, and aimed to conquer the whole country as a further goal, but with the rival runaway tribe "Korosuke"KagamiyamaHe died in a motorcycle accident caused by a chicken race in Japan when he made a special attack and fell down a cliff.I shared my fate with a motorcycle that was wrecked[ep 7][Note 4].
His hobbies during his lifetime were arcades and Tamagotchi.My favorite food is chicken and my dislike is sweet.My favorite color is orange.
Ai Mizuno
Voice- Risa Taneda[5][6]
Performance- Rie Matsuoka[21]
1992May 3Born in 2008May 8(Buddha annihilation) died. 16 years old.
Height: 160cm / Weight: 42kg / Blood type: B type / Three sizes: B81 / W56 / H80
Zombie No. 3..Kotaro says, "Legendary Heisei idol".Former center vocalist of Japan's most popular idol unit "Iron Frill".Short black hair with yellow floral decoration and brown eyes.Clothes are a blazer and a miniskirt.The theory is unknown, but the number of flower decorations on the head increases in idle mode.
He has a clear-cut personality, and when he first woke up, he was skeptical of the messy project of zombies themselves as local idols.I once tried to escape from the Western-style building with Junko[ep 1]After that, accept the current situation and officially become a member.After that, he will be a leader of other members in dance lessons. In "Revenge", I use a motorcycle when moving part-time or solo activities.[Note 5]..Since he was in debt, he has been working at Kojima Food Industry, a snack and delicacy processing maker, and has a good relationship with his colleagues at work.
A genuine hard worker and a sincere ascendant.In the documentary program after the successful performance of Iron Frill's first Budokan in his lifetime, "I don't think failure or regret is a bad thing at all. I think I'm second to none after all the steps, "he said.[ep 4][Note 6].. SagaTosu StadiumDie from a lightning strike during an outdoor live in[ep 8]..The lightning strike that caused his death was traumatic[ep 9]Overcame safely on the Saga Rock stage[ep 10].
His hobbies during his lifetime are researching idols and collecting Kimokawa mascot goods.My favorite food is yakiniku, and my dislike is carbohydrates.My favorite color is blue.
Junko Konno (Junko Konno)
Voice- Maki Kawase[5][6]
Performance- Yuna Kitahara[21]
1964May 9birth 1983May 12(Buddha annihilation) died. 19 years old.
Height: 155 cm / Weight: 40 kg / Blood type: A type / Three sizes: B80 / W55 / H84
Zombie No. 4..Kotaro says, "Legendary Showa idol". A popular idol who sparked the idol boom of the 1980s.A short bob with gray hair, with a blue ribbon on the back hair, which is only partially left long.The eyes are silver.The outfit is a one-piece sailor suit.
Serious and humble personality, but surprisingly stubborn. There is a professionalism unique to Showa idols that "it is an idol that attracts fans from the top of the stage", and he refused that it is impossible to have close contact with fans at the Chekikai.[ep 8][Note 7]..Singing ability is member 1.He has a mysteriously high skill and knowledge about what kind of background it comes from, picking and destruction of buildings. In "Revenge", it is clear that he was able to play the acoustic guitar from his lifetime, and he is also able to play the electric guitar by making use of his experience.Since he was in debt, he has been working as a coloring part-time worker for Saga's traditional toy "Ozaki Ningyo," and has received strict but warm guidance from his teacher.He has a naive personality, and when he is worried, he plays the guitar and looks at the sea to change his mood.Kotaro often consults with me, and every time I get a surprisingly accurate and friendly answer, I am safely out of my worries.
He died in a plane crash when heading to Saga, the venue for his first concert, on his first Kyushu tour.[ep 8].
His hobbies during his lifetime are fishing, yoga and piano.My favorite foods are beans and Japanese food, and my disliked foods are tomatoes and liver.My favorite color is white.
Voice- Rika Kinugawa[5][6]
Performance- Sakamoto Mika[21]
1863May 11Born (October 3, 10rd year of Bunkyu)1882May 12(December 15, 12) (Buddha annihilation) died. 28 years old.
Height: 165cm / Weight: 48kg / Blood type: Unknown / Three sizes: B94 / W62 / H89
Zombie No. 5..Kotaro says, "legendaryHua Kui". Surviving the era from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era,Meiji RestorationWas also involved in[Note 8].. Brown hair with red hair clip and skewer dumpling typeHairpinIt is bundled in a heart shape at the top of the head using.The eyes are crimson.The clothes are orange diamond patternFurisodeDark green knee lengthHakamaShe was dressed like a schoolgirl in the Meiji era, but there was no fact that she attended a girls' school before she was alive, and she wore a dark green kimono before she was alive (her clothes were too old to be found). Probably because it wasn't there).KotobaTalk in and smoke in a long pipe.
He easily accepts that he has become a zombie due to his uplifting personality, and enjoys idol activities at his own pace. In "Revenge" for debt repaymentSnack ChinatsuHe works part-time at the police station and is very popular with customers such as police officer A.
三味 線な どGeishaGood at[ep 1]..During lifeShimabaraI have an oiran inMibu RoushigumiWas a good customer[ep 2]..Of course, it was also popular with customers of the same sex, but as a result of the popularity becoming too high, the price was raised on the blue ceiling, making it difficult to nominate and it was difficult to get customers.An acquaintance of the owner of the shop, he was hired by Yoshiemon, a high-ranking official of the Saga domain who had been demolished, but soon after he came to Saga, Yoshiemon passed away and became a widow.He taught the girls the shamisen in the mansion that was left behind and lived modestly, but it seems that the connection with the government heavyweights and pharmacists who were guests during the Oiran era was still alive.Having met Kiichi Momoka, he became involved in the Saga rehabilitation movement.As a result of the movement, I got acquainted with Kiichi who became an inquirer in a riot.[24]He relied on him to escape to Nagasaki and prevent Shojiro from assassinating Kiichi.Captured by the Army for fleeing the mastermind of the rehabilitation movement and beheaded by the Army's lynching[Note 9][Note 10][ep 11]..After being revived as a zombie, he enjoyed his current idol activities in Saga, and promised Xu Fu that Kiichi would save Saga at his own risk, this time with himself and the members of Franchouchou.
My hobby during my lifetime is collecting folding fans.My favorite food is amazake, and my disliked food is yuzu.My favorite color is red.
Lily Hoshikawa (Lily Hoshikawa)
Voice- Miumi Tanaka[5][6]
Performance- [21][Note 11]
1999May 10birth,2011May 11(Buddha annihilation) died. 12 years old.
Height: 130 cm / Weight: 31 kg / Blood type: AB type / Three sizes: B59 / W54 / H56
Zombie No. 6..Kotaro says, "Legendary genius child actor".A super-selling actress who once made a break in a taiga drama and experienced a starring role in a golden-time broadcast program on all channels.Light blue hairTwin tailThe eyes are golden.Dressed in a green blazer and pleated skirt.He wears a large star-shaped hair ornament on the top of his head.A heart-shaped heart is protruding outside the body, and when it appears in public, it is hidden in clothes.The first person is "Lily".He has a bright and innocent personality, but sometimes has a poisonous tongue.Although he has a dreamy personality, he has various experiences as a child, so he has a knowledgeable and realistic idea.It is petite and is called "Chinchikurin" or "Chinchiku" by Saki.Since he has lived in Saga since he was alive, he is familiar with Saga's local stories, though not as much as Saki.
In "Revenge", you can show off rakugo[Note 12], Improvise the songscatShowing versatility such as arranging and singing in the wind[Note 13]..Since I was in debt, I have been working part-time for milk delivery.
Actually, he is physically a man, so-called ""Man's daughter〟. His real name is Masao Gou.[25]..I entered the entertainment world because of my father, Takeo, who loves cute and shining self and loves TV.[Note 14]When he was mentally and physically weakened by the stress of his busy schedule, he died of a heart attack due to the mental shock caused by his own beard.[ep 10].
His hobbies during his lifetime were stuffed animals and heavy equipment magazines.My favorite foods are mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, and my favorite foods are mozuku and hijiki.My favorite color is yellow.
Tae Yamada (Tae Yamada)
Voice- Three Stones[5][6]
Performance- [21]
Unknown birthday, unknown year of death. 29 years old.
Height: 170cm / Weight: 50kg / Blood type: Unknown / Three sizes: B91 / W59 / H89
Zombie No. 0..Kotaro says, "Legendary Tae Yamada".The hem is splashing with unkempt black hair that extends to the knees.The outfit is a black dress with a torn collar and bare shoulders.Only one of the members is not awakened to the ego and can only moan, so he does not participate in the singing[Note 15].
In a sense, the most zombie-like zombie that always moves with its instinct exposed.He has a strong appetite, and when he sees food in front of him, he drips like a waterfall, and at the time of the Gatalympics, he watches his friends while watching the game.Dried fish of OdontamblyopusI was cheering on local street food such as. I remember the roar of chickens when I appeared in a commercial for a drive-in bird[ep 12]Since then, he has been showing off like a story.He has a habit of biting something, and targets Sakura, Junko, and sometimes Maria's dumplings.
He didn't seem to be interested in idol activities, but when Sakura lost his memory of Franchouchou, he forcibly pulled out Sakura who had withdrawn and created an opportunity to face other friends. It seems that he cares about Franchouchou[ep 13].
In "Revenge", all the people I meet are loved by the neighbors so much that they get food, they show wonderful drum handling at concerts, they jump into free dance competitions and show high dance ability enough to win, by chance. boughtboat raceHe is showing his unpredictable performance as usual, such as repayment of Franchouchou's debt by hitting his voting ticket.He has been working on the ranch with Sakura since he was in debt, but it is unknown what kind of contribution he has made.
At first glance, strange words and deeds that do not seem to be idols stand out, but their free and unique behavior that is not tied to anything that does not care about anything is very popular among fans.
My hobby during my lifetime was visiting travel agencies.My favorite foods are mentaiko and squid, and my dislikes are octopus and wasabi.My favorite color is purple.

Franchouchou officials

Here, we also describe the people who were involved in Franchouchou's life.

Kotaro Tatsumi
Voice- Mamoru Miyano[5][6]
Performance- Yusuke Seto[21]
A mysterious man who calls himself an idol producer.In order to save Saga Prefecture, whose existence is a light in front of the wind, Sakura and others are revived as zombies and are active as idols.He always wears sunglasses and wears a suit jacket like a cloak to calm Romero's bait and zombies.SquidPeeks out of the vest's chest pocket like a pocket square.It is called "Kotaro-san" by Sakura and "Glassan" by Saki.
His personality is extremely rough and appropriate, and he is entwined with Sakura in a provocative manner at every meeting, and sometimes he is hit back by Saki and love.On the other hand, in Saga prefecturehotel,Chamber of CommerceTo work on or to a companyTie-upHe has a personality that allows him to take care of himself, and behind the scenes, he conducts sales activities firmly.[ep 6].HollywoodHe has a special make-up technique (self-proclaimed) that is directly transmitted, and makes up so that Sakura and his friends will not get caught if they are zombies in exposure activities such as live performances.[ep 3].. Liven up the stage with voice percussion[Note 16]His musical ability is extremely high, such as writing songs on the piano.On the other hand, the design sense is disappointing, and the T-shirts, goods, websites, etc. that he designed have been criticized by Sakura and others.[ep 12][ep 8].. In the first episode of "Revenge", Franchouchou performed an EFS live without worrying about Junko and love, and created an opportunity for Franchouchou to take on a huge debt.
In the flashback scene of the final episode of the first term, it became clear that he was actually a classmate of Sakura in high school and was called "Inui-kun" by Sakura.[27].. In the 11th episode of "Revenge", she secretly thought about Sakura in high school, and her desire to fulfill her dream of becoming an idol was a big part of the reason for planning the "Zombie Land Saga Project". It is suggested to occupy.
Voice- Yasuhiro Takato[5][6]
Born November 11st, December 1th sunset.12 years old.
Body length: 33 cm / weight: 3 kg
Kotaro's zombietoy poodle[28]..I like dried squid, and when I eat it, my face becomes dull.At night, he wanders around the premises as a guard dog and sometimes plays with him.In fact, it is suggested that it has existed as a zombie dog since the Meiji era along with Xu Fu.
My favorite food is dried squid, and my disliked food is dog food.
Shiori Haba
Voice- Tokui blue sky
Appeared from the 7th episode.The current leader of the top idol group "Iron Frill" to which Ai once belonged.I have longed for love, which has been a legendary center since I was in elementary school, and there is a section where I have love with No. 3.
He has been paying attention to Franchouchou since the first Alpino live, and found the high potential of love and thought that it would be regrettable to bury it in Saga prefecture.In addition, above all, he has a desire to add "Ai Mizuno" and the two-sleeved No. 1 to his friends, and headhunting when he participates in the SAGA Arena live in episodes 3 and 3 of "Revenge". I tried, but it was put on my sleeve.
After witnessing the performance of Franchouchou, who acted as the opening act for the performance, and recognizing that it was a threat to Iron Frill, he declared his rival to Franchouchou in a national live TV interview. In the 12th episode of "Revenge", after disseminating information on Franchouchou's charity live, he visited the Ekimae Real Estate Stadium with other members and watched the live at the VIP seat.
Appeared from the 7th episode. A member of "Iron Frill". He told Shiori, who has been in love with No. 3, that he was a completely different person just because he was similar.I'm worried that Shiori is so obsessed with pulling out love that she can't see her surroundings.
Takeo Gou
Voice- Takeshi Koyama
First appearance in episode 8.Lily (Masao)'s father.I work at Saga Construction.It was called "Puppy" by Lily.After losing his wife, he was fond of his only son, Lily.A big TV lover, he was a manager after Lily entered the entertainment world, but after Lily's death she abandoned TV and stopped watching TV at home or at work.Faced with No. 6 which looks just like Lily at Franchouchou's Instaxou, he can't control his emotions and runs away and is treated as a dangerous person.At a live concert invited by Franchouchou who knew the situation, he was impressed by the appearance of No. 6 singing his feelings for his father and overcame the trauma.
In addition to being shown watching the national TV audition Saga qualifying program in which Lily appeared in the 5th episode of "Revenge" at work, he has come to see various live concerts.[Note 17].
In the 12th episode of "Revenge", after working hard to restore the stadium in front of the station with a colleague of the company, he watched the live concert and started to build a new Western-style building.
Reiko Amabuki
Voice- Komina Matsushita
Appeared from episode 9[Note 18]..Saki is a member of the runaway women's team "Rami" to which she belonged during her lifetime, and is the first president.maiden nameKirishima..He was also Saki's best friend, and he often hung up and acted.Since his parents were divorced and had an unusual youth, he longed for an "ordinary family."Nowadays, she has a busy husband but is building a happy family, and she is thinking about her daughter Maria, who has entered the angry beauty.When I learned that Maria was going to race chicken in Kagamiyama, I rushed to the ladies' era motorcycle hidden in the garage.Instead of Maria, he jumped in and participated in a chicken race, and even though he made a special attack under the cliff, he hit Saki who came back alive (?) And preached, "What if I die?"After that, I went to her live concert with my daughter.
In the second episode of "Revenge," Saki's recollection of her junior high school days depicts how she met Saki.
Maria Amabuki (Maria Amabuki)
Voice- Koga Aoi
Appeared from episode 9.Reiko's only daughter.Taking the name of my mother's maiden nameMaria KirishimaHe leads the team as the 8th president of the runaway tribe "Rami", but the members are Ukawa (voice-). Rina Motoizumi) And Sayama (voice- Aki Waki) In total, only 3 people.Dissatisfaction with her mother, who has become so rounded that the former president of the first president, Rami, has become dissatisfied, and she confronts the same ladies team, Korosuke.
Saki's preaching as a "one-day kamikaze captain", Saki's guts who attacked without braking, and her mother preaching to Saki, even though she tried to settle in a chicken race after receiving a letter of fulfillment from a murderer. I changed my mind when I heard Saki's appearance and Saki's words to show her guts to convince her mother. At the invitation of Saki, "I'll show you my legend," I went to the concert and was impressed by the appearance of Saki, who was enthusiastic about the audience.
Re-appeared in the 6th episode of "Revenge".At the supermarket to earn the bike fee of Reiko who exploded and burned by the chicken race mentioned above[Note 19]I am working hard at a part-time job.Also, when I saw Saki's performance, I realized that there was more than one place to push, so I renamed it "Dance Team Angerami" and made a new start.
Reiko is called a "bag" in public, but sometimes she says "mama".
Bar Master / Xu Fu[Note 20]
Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka
Appeared from the 11th episode. Master of "BAR New Jofuku", a middle-aged man with a beard.
Kotaro is an old friend.Franchouchou's unit name is often misunderstood, whether it is intentional or natural.HagakureHe has a deep knowledge of such things, and the conversation with Kotaro in episode 11 suggests that he has lived for a long time and has something to do with Yugiri. It also appeared in the first episode of "Revenge", and he reminded Kotaro, who was at the bottom of his disappointment due to drunkenness, to recover.In the Saga incident, the true identitySaga itselfIt was suggested that this was the case, and when Saga Prefecture was integrated into Nagasaki Prefecture in the Meiji era, it was lying on the floor. Protect Kiichi, who lost his father in the Saga Rebellion seven years ago, and impose a mission on Kiichi to save Saga.[29], I was watching Kiichi striving for the Saga rehabilitation movement.
In the 10th episode of "Revenge", it was revealed that he had been fighting "Saga's Curse" for thousands of years, and he predicted that "an unprecedented crisis will come to Saga at the beginning of Reiwa" by fortune-telling.
Mai Mai (Yuzuri is not Maimai)
Voice- Hanazawa Kana
"Revenge" Episode 7 and others appeared[Note 21]..An active high school girl at Saga Minami High School and an enthusiastic fan of Franchouchou[Note 22]..The recommendation is No. 1.Natural at a considerable self-paced[Note 23]..Motor nerves are pretty bad[Note 24]..He likes big frozen tapioca and has big breasts.
When I visited a public bath as a hobby, I mistakenly entered the men's bath[Note 25], I slipped on the soap dropped by Kotaro who was taking a bath earlier, hit my head and lost consciousness.As a result of Kotaro, who died as soon as he died, took him back to the Western-style building, Franchouchou was found to be a zombie.Immediately after regaining consciousness, he appealed to Kotaro, "I will not talk about it, so I want you to accept Franchouchou."Franchouchou No. 7Is allowed to join as[Note 26].
I used to be desperate that Saga, where I live, is not well known nationwide, but when I saw Franchouchou's live performance, I was impressed and felt that I wanted to be like that, and I want to live that way in Saga. It became so.
Own high school school festival live[Note 27]The debut is decided by, but the day before the performance, Sakura said, "Even if you die, you will stand up many times and pursue your dreams.[Note 28]"To shine like a member, first of all, survive in this Saga."[Note 29]At the same time as his debut, he announced his graduation from Franchouchou. After finishing the one-day stage, he left the team, promising to keep Sakura and his friends secret.
In the 12th episode of "Revenge", Fujiko (voice- Yukari Tamura) And Komako (voice- Yui Horie), But immediately responded to the message from Franchouchou on the radio.Listen enthusiastically.


Police officer A
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino[5][6]
Appeared from the first episode.Saga Prefectural Police officer.
Born November 1982, 11, 14 years old (single).
Height: 167 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Blood type: A type
When I encountered a zombied Sakura, I was so scared that I fired at Sakura with a pistol.From behind, Kotaro is watching the state of Sakura who has stopped movingscoopWas beaten down.After that, he has been repeating the flow of panicking when he encounters zombie-clad cherry blossoms with night guards.As a result, I reminded Ai Junko that "in order for our resurrected people to live, we have to do idol activities under Kotaro while hiding that they are zombies." In "Revenge," I fell in love with Yugiri, who works at Snack Chinatsu.FM SagaTo the late night programradio nameI posted a postcard under the name of "Dirty Harry of the Saga Police".Also, in the 6th episode of "Revenge"Karatsu Boat RacecourseExposing a certain appearance as a police officer such as inviting to[Note 30], Because he is a habitual criminal who usually skips, his boss's police officer (voice- Shinichiro Uchida) Has been reprimanded.
My hobby is mahjong.My favorite food is salted squid and hot sake, and my dislike is apples.
Uncle Death
Voice- Kanuka light(Uncle Death A),Setsuji Sato(Uncle Death B)
Performance-(Uncle Death A), Hyoga Tanaka(Uncle Death B)
Appeared from the first episode. A stereotyped duo of men who love death metal.Heavy metal fashionGo live at.Sakura and the others who jumped in and participated in the death metal live were out of place and they flew from the audience seats, but suddenly they made a mosh dive even though the song had not started. Became a member of the fans.After that, I went to the live venue and was deeply moved by their performance.
He continues to be a fan of Franchouchou in "Revenge" and is the first live since the failure of the EFS live.[Note 31]He continued to support them even though many hecklers flew, and showed the strength of fighting with only two people to the audience.
Shinta Okoba
Voice- Toru Nara
Appeared from the 5th episode.Inubashiri (voice-voice), a reporter for Saga Prefecture's information magazine "Sagajin" and the role of a cameraman Ryohei Kimura) Is working together.Drive-in birdTV CMThrough interviews with Kashima Gatalympics, he noticed that Junko was familiar with him and started his own research.Contributed Franchouchou's performance in Sagarock to Sagazin.
In the final episode of the first term, Franchouchou Nos. 1, 3, and 4 were worried about two things, Ai Mizuno, Junko Konno, and Lily Hoshikawa, respectively.
In "Revenge," he wrote an article in a fair position as a reporter for Franchouchou, who had failed in the EFS live, and still confirmed on the homepage that the day would come when they would recover.As a result of seeing and following the sword in the town in episode 6, I witnessed that the sword was decapitated in the Western-style building and still alive, leading to the speculation that all the members are zombies.[Note 32]..Based on the commonality that Ai, Junko, and Lily are "died in Saga Prefecture," we investigated "women who died in accidents and incidents in Saga Prefecture in the past," and Sakura, Saki, and Tae also died. It was confirmed[Note 33]..Kotaro denounces Kotaro as a blasphemy for the dead, thinking that they may be forced to revive them for their own self-interest and force them to perform idol activities.Knowing that Kotaro intends to hold a revenge live at EFS, they announced Franchouchou's identity to the public under his own justice, "I don't want to expose the dead anymore." Trying to put an end to his idol activity.However, he failed to send an article due to a power outage caused by a sudden storm.When he visited Cation to investigate the damage caused by the Saga flood, he discovered Franchouchou and changed his mind when he learned that they were doing idol activities on their own initiative. Kotaro asked me to work with the media to promote Franchouchou's charity live nationwide when putting the EFS live into practice.
Misa Azumatsuru
Voice- Momoko Notomi
Episode 9 and others.The 10th president of the runaway tribe "Korosuke", commonly known as "Fallen Angel Mass』.A chicken race is sprayed on Maria in an attempt to completely crush "Rami", which has been in conflict since the first generation.However, he defeated Saki, who rushed in as a "one-day kamikaze captain."
Re-appeared in the 6th episode of "Revenge".After losing in the chicken race mentioned above, she left the murderer in search of the other side of the speed that Saki arrived at.Boat riderTurned into.However, he couldn't do what he wanted, and he never got a white star, so he was ridiculed as "Boar Mass".[Note 34]..However, when he saw Maria watching the race, he was inspired and said, "LegendaryWallaceboI decided "Turn" and got the long-awaited first victory.
After the flood, he helped carry supplies by boat.
White dragon
Voice- White dragon
Appeared in the second episode of "Revenge".A rock musician from Saga prefecture. The phrase "The answer you are looking for is always in the saga!" Is popular nationwide, especially among young people, due to their passionate personality.FM SagaIn the midnight frame of the radio program "Because Saga is Saga"Radio personalityHas been serving since 1992.It features a huge regent protruding forward, but now it is wilting and hanging, probably because it is approaching the elderly.
I am traveling in an open American car, but I let the manager drive the car and I am riding in a big letter on the hood.The distinctive and peculiar wording is called "soul fist" and is popular with fans, but people who are not interested sometimes say "I don't know what you are saying every time".
Saki, who was a lone wolf in junior high school, learned about the existence of "friends" by listening to his radio, and now he has friends with Reiko Kirishima and other friends of Angerami, and a friend named Franchouchou. Is also grateful to him.
Yutoku Inari ShrineHe made a guest appearance with Franchouchou on a local introduction program in Tokyo, and told Saki that he would quit the radio program at that time.After that, when he saw Saki who came to the studio during the live broadcast saying "Don't quit the radio", he felt that he could entrust his "hot soul" and appointed him as the successor to the program.After that, I set out on a journey to convey Saga to the world.She confessed to Saki's first love partner, Ryu, who was leaving, and answered, "I'll see you again when I grow up to be a good woman."
In the 12th episode of "Revenge", he visited Saga's reconstruction work with a unit that seems to be a U.S. Forces Japan, and watched the live from the VIP seat.
Sky Light (Ozora Light)
Voice- Takayama Minami / song -
The role of a genius child who appeared in the 5th episode of "Revenge".On the face of it, he has a polite and friendly personality.However, the back face is a mass of pride with a strong tendency to ascend, dreaming of Broadway, and the tone is also rough.Manager Nishimura, who is much older than me (voice- Tsuchida University) Also takes a big attitude.He co-starred with Lily on a television audition program in Saga because of the idea that "Saga has no strong rivals and no one is better than me."Passed the qualifying with Lily and showed the best performance in the final[Note 35]Grab the victory, but lose confidence when seeing Lily's performance[Note 36]..However, after the show ended, Lily pushed her back and regained her energy, and when she broke up, she said, "If you come to Tokyo, I'll play with you again," and left Saga.
In the 12th episode of "Revenge", after cooperating with information diffusion for Franchouchou's charity live, we visited the real estate stadium in front of the station and watched the live from the VIP seat.
Voice- Kozue Saito
Appeared after episodes 1 and 11 of "Revenge".A middle-aged woman who works part-time at "Kojima Food Industry" where Ai works part-time.In episode 11, the entire area of ​​Saga was hit by floods, and while moving to the shopping mall "Cation", which is a refuge with other part-timers, the Western-style building collapsed and we called out to Sakura and others who were at a loss together. Move to a cation.At Cation, we participate in distribution activities with Sakura and others.
Governor of Saga Prefecture
Voice- Kazuhiro Yamaji
Appeared in the 12th episode of "Revenge".Saga Prefectural OfficeKotaro urged the flood damage countermeasures headquarters in Saga Prefecture to deal with flood damage in Saga Prefecture, appealed for the importance of infrastructure restoration in Tosu City and EFS revenge live, and made efforts to restore infrastructure such as the real estate stadium in front of the station. To do[Note 37].
Voice-Kenji Chikano (Working in Public Relations and Public Relations Division, Saga Prefectural Government)
Appeared in the 1th episode of the 5st term and the 6th and 12th episodes of "Revenge".Drive-in bird mascot character "Cocco-kun"Suit actorIn the 1th episode of the 5st term, he appeared with Franchouchou to record a commercial for a drive-in bird.At that time, he was attacked and the commercial that shot the situation was well received.
In the 6th episode of "Revenge", he appeared as the winner of the 656 Square Dance Tournament sponsored by Kunaka Pharmaceutical for the fifth consecutive year, and he won the championship but lost.And in the 5th episode of "Revenge", I rushed to the EFS live.
Kunaka Pharmaceutical Public Relations Manager
Voice- Seiko Tamura
Appeared in the 1th episode of the 4st term and the 6th episode of "Revenge".Kunaka Pharmaceutical is a local company in the prefecturePharmaceutical company..In episode 4Ureshino OnsenOf the company held at the inncomfortAt a travel banquet, the entertainer who was scheduled to appear became a slapstick and asked Franchouchou to do business instead.Franchouchou was the first to do this kind of business, but he seems to be very satisfied with the performance of the product "Sagan Ship Z" from Kunaka.However, late that night, he encountered a Francheche member who had come in secretly in a hot spring bath, witnessed Sakura's neck being taken off, escaped from the bath with fear, and then heard the noise and left the room. He falls while holding the real face and neck of the members of the group, and even witnesses the zombie group slipping and approaching.Thus the next day, due to fear, it was mild.Memory disorderIt wasn't until Kotaro's tie-up.The situation at this time was reported in the magazine "Sagajin" that the director was in a state of fear and could not get a job for about a week after that.
In the 6th episode of "Revenge", he was attending the greeting as the organizer of the Kunaka Pharmaceutical Cup Dance Battle Tournament 2019, but it seems that Tae jumped in and participated, causing trauma.

People of the Meiji era

Kiichi Momozaki
Voice-Mamoru Miyano
Appeared in episodes 8 and 9 of "Revenge".A young man handing out leaflets to save Saga.I met Yugiri and fell in love with her at first sight.He is friendly and has the purity to believe in others.A friendly personality.
yuanSamuraiBorn in Japan, 7 years agoSamurai rebellionHe lost his only relative, his father, and had a past where he was picked up by Xu Fu when he was at a loss.Considered one of the intractable prefectures, as a punishment for the Shizoku rebellionMitan prefectureXu Fu's long-cherished desire to regain Saga, which was merged with Saga, and his own desire to regain Saga and create a peaceful era inspired him.We have started Saga rehabilitation activities.Originally, it aimed for the independence of Saga Prefecture in a relaxed way, but after the remnants of the Saga Rebellion joined the group and the number of people increased, it became impossible to collect, and they allowed their runaway.[30] ..As a result, he became an Army inquirer as a leader of the rehabilitation movement, and suffered from the grief of execution, but was urged to flee to Nagasaki by Yugiri's plan, and she escaped the difficulty because she was guilty and executed.After Yugiri's death, Saga Prefecture became independent of Nagasaki Prefecture, but it is unknown whether Kiichi was involved in it.[31].
Seijiro Ito
Voice- Ukiyama
Appeared in episodes 8 and 9 of "Revenge". I met Kiichi two years ago and became a friend.The true identity is an official who monitors the rebels lurking in Saga.A modern public security spy.Kiichi was also under surveillance, but touching Kiichi's personality made him unwilling to kill him and was trying to quit his Saga rehabilitation movement.Occupational pattern, it seems that he was not good at being photographed[Note 38]..Japan, which has just opened, is described as an "immature, distorted and barbaric country," and has been mentioned many times as a kind of habit.After Kiichi's escape, he came to a single combat with Yugiri, and although the detailed feelings at that time are unknown, he dared to give up the victory to Yugiri and died his life.
Voice- Hiroaki Hirata
Appeared in the 8th episode of "Revenge".Once "Kichiemon without pulling out" and "HibiyaWas called "Oni"Meiji governmentA high-ranking official, Yugiri's favorite customer at the Shimabara Yukaku in Kyoto.He lost his wife and resigned because he was old and wanted to spend the rest of his life in his hometown of Saga Prefecture.Yugiri is the whole house, and she begs her to show her a free world.The owner and the proprietress of the royal palace also highly value his personality and strongly recommend that he be hired.Yugiri was willing to accept and moved to Saga together, but a few months later he fell ill and gave Yugiri some of his property, including his mansion, and died.He teaches swordsmanship as self-defense, including housework.

the term

The zombies in this work are the seven girls of Sakura who revived with an incomplete body after death.Kotaro calls it "Zombie".
Blue-green skin[Note 39]There are red eyes and a bear that looks like a dent around the eyes. Scars everywhere on the body[Note 40]It is sewn or bandaged due to the cause of death, and there is an occasional creaking noise in the joints.
At first, he had no ego and was wandering while moaning, but by giving a stimulus, he can "wake up", that is, regain his ego. Sakura was the first member to wake up, but she didn't regain her memory before she was alive and spent her time until the end of the story with her ego returning halfway. The other members except Tae were awakened by the death metal live appearance in the first episode. The ego in life does not return, but as the story progresses, the ego as a zombie is sprouting.[32].
When working as an idol, Kotaro's special make-up makes it look the same as before, and the creaking noise of the joints disappears, but when it gets wet, the make-up will come off, so when you appear in Saga Rock, apply a waterproof spray for shoes. Appeared in a thunderstorm.
If you overuse your body or receive a strong impact, your neck and arms may come off, and your eyes may pop out, but you can move back to normal just by sticking them together.It withstands violent movements during live performances, and is not damaged even when it receives an electric shock due to a lightning strike.Techno voiceI'm showing a performance of singing in. No body temperature[33]Therefore, even when he is in the snowy mountains, he wears short sleeves and works calmly.[ep 5].. Still, it was necessary to pay attention to freezing, and the sword was frozen during the work.
Have an appetite[Note 41], You can eat and drink, and you have a taste[Note 42].. It has basically the same functions as humans, such as sweating and shedding tears, but it is more susceptible to the effects of the skin than humans.[Note 43].
In Japan, where cremation is common, it is unknown how each member's corpse was secured.
Zombie Land Saga Project
A project in which Kotaro uses seven Sakura zombies to perform idol activities.Kotaro's explanation is to revive the girls who made the "legend" during their lifetime as zombies, and to save Saga Prefecture as a new local idol group in Saga Prefecture, aiming at this time of the end of the local idol boom.[ep 3]..Kotaro responded in sales that although it is an activity that goes against the times, the impact of leaving scratches is great.[ep 6], The master of "BAR New Jofuku" said he thought he was crazy when he heard the plan[ep 4].
The whole picture was revealed in the 10th episode of "Revenge", and in a situation where the existence of [Saga] is about to be forgotten due to depopulation due to "Saga's curse" that has continued for thousands of years, he died due to "Saga's curse". Also, by reviving the girls who were supposed to bring prosperity to Saga and leaving [Saga] in people's hearts forever with their fate, they will visit at the beginning of the year called "Reiwa". Kotaro and the master told us that they plan to save Saga from an unprecedented crisis.[Note 44].
"Curse of Saga"
Rooted throughout Saga, where the master has fought for thousands of years [curse]. By using all means to eliminate the existence of [Saga] from the world, those who try to bring prosperity to Saga have been made dead in the form of accidents.According to the master's fortune-telling, "At the beginning of Reiwa, an unprecedented crisis will come to Saga," and Kotaro planned the Zombie Land Saga project with the meaning of stopping it.Originally, the crisis was supposed to come in 2019, the first year of Reiwa, but for some reason it was shifted on February 2020, 2, and the entire Saga prefecture was hit by a storm.
Iron frill
A fictional idol group to which Ai Mizuno belonged during her lifetime. CD sales will be the highest in Japan in 2008[ep 9].
When the members were in love, Kaoru (voice-) and Nono (voice-) Mai Mochizuki), Nina (voice-), Miyu (voice-).Currently, other than Shiori and Yui, Makoto (voice-) and Hikari (voice-) Mao), Juria (voice-).
According to Kotaro's explanation, Iron Frill has continued to reign supreme in the idol Warring States period since 2000, and Ai Mizuno was a core member called the "Fudo Center".[ep 3].. As of 2018, it is celebrating its 15th anniversary[ep 8].. He continues to make million hits while exchanging members. I participated in Saga Rock as a special appearance. : The group name has the idea of ​​"I'm an idol, but I keep singing with the will of steel that I can't give up."[34].
In the 12th episode, the scene where Inui (Kotaro) picks up the Iron Frill CD dropped by Sakura is depicted as Kotaro's recollection, and all the members watched the state of Alpino Live through the live video of AbemaTV.
Dorami and Korosuke
Urami is a runaway tribe, Saga Ladies Team, who conquered the Kyushu region at the end of the 20th century.The first president is Reiko Kirishima, and the commander of the kamikaze is Saki Nikaido, and there is a legend that he achieved Kyushu conquest in his first generation. As of 2018, Reiko's daughter, Maria, is leading as the 8th president, but even including the president, there are 3 members, and the motorcycle is also downgraded to a moped scooter.
The murderer, who is also a Saga ladies team, has been a rival of the relationship since the time of the first president.This is still proud of the power that does not slow down the momentum at that time as of 2018[Source required]..They are all fairly unified with big scooters of the same color in the same car model.Misa, who became a boat racer, is the 10th president.
In addition, both teams finally settled due to Saki's efforts, and they are fans of Franchouchou including the first president, Reiko, as if there was no connection in the past.
In "Revenge", there is more than one place to push, and the ladies' angry beauty was disbanded, and a new "dance team angry beauty" was formed.
Western-style building
SagaKaratsu City内 のChoda RiverA Western-style building used by Kotaro and Franchouchou in the vicinity as a residence and idol office.
Many of the interiors are antique like Western-style buildings, but the idol lesson area is modern.
A meeting is held every morning in a dungeon-style room to convey the plans for the day.Used as a post office in the Meiji era[35]..Since it was originally built near the coast, in the 10th episode of "Revenge", it drifted to Karatsu Bay, leaving the foundation ground (and basement) due to a large storm caused by a storm, and although it drifted to the Hamasaki coast, Sakura and others were outside. It collapsed as soon as it came out.Later, it will be newly built by the construction company where Takeo works.
The model building is "" in Karatsu city.Former Mitsubishi Joint Stock Company Karatsu Branch Main Building (Karatsu City Museum of History and Folklore)'[36].
A fictitious local information magazine published by the publisher to which Okoba and Inubashi belong. In addition to the spread article about Franchouchou's success in Saga Rock, the article also includes the uproar at Ureshino Onsen. It is described as a magazine that has an influence on the local people to the extent that Saki, a genuine Saga person, judges that "(Franchouchou) has become famous enough to appear in Sagajin".[ep 10].
Bar New Jofuku
A fictitious bar that appears in episode 11.Pictures of Xu Fuku Chojukan and old Yugiri are displayed, and the master has a meaningful talk with Kotaro.Located on the first basement floor of the building, it was submerged in the flood caused by the 11th episode of "Revenge", and Kotaro was rescued by police officer A as the master.
Drive-in bird
A real chicken restaurant in Imari City, Saga Prefecture.Local commercials are being broadcast locally.The president also appears in the role of himself during the work.In addition, Franchouchou appeared in a commercial and sang a commercial song, and the scene where Tae attacks Kokko-kun has been well received.During his lifetime, Saki frequently visited and favored the members of Urami, and was delighted with the store, taste, and Kokko-kun, which were the same as at that time.
Although it appeared in the anime only in the fifth episode, in the comicalize, the episode set in the drive-in bird continues from the fifth episode.
Kashima Gatalympics
A real event held in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, using the tidal flats of the Ariake Sea. During the work, Franchouchou participated in "Gatachari", which runs on the tidal flats by bicycle, and "Gatazan", which flies to the tidal flats by holding on to a rope hung from a crane.
In addition, the 34thKashima GatalympicsKawase, Kinukawa, and Tanaka, who are the voice actors of Francheche members, are participating in the event (# Event), A mosaic of the video at this time is used in the play[37].
Real in Saga Citylive house[11]..In the first period, it has appeared as a venue for a metal event of episode 1 and a mini-live of episodes 1 and 6. In "Revenge", it appeared as a venue for the resurrection live between the metal events of episode 9, and it has appeared as a venue for mini-lives after the second episode.
Hua Sui Lotus
The inn where Franchouchou came to business and stayed in the 1th episode of the 4st term.It is real and there is also a planning plan for Zombie Land Saga[38].
656 Square (Mutsugoro Square)
An open space event venue that actually exists in Saga City[11]..In the work, it appears as a venue for a mini-live of 8 episodes. It often appears as a venue for mini-lives in "Revenge".
Saga Rock Festival
A fictitious outdoor music event that is said to be "Kyushu's largest outdoor rock event" in the works. Known as Saga Rock.Saga Balloon FiestaIs the venue ofKasegawa riverbedIt is a setting that it is held in[ep 8]..Kotaro entered the newcomer frame as a chance to name Franchouchou, and the stage was half destroyed by a lightning strike during the live, but the live was a great success.Iron Frill is also participating as a special appearance.
Karatsu City Furusato Kaikan Alpino
A real product building in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. During the film, Franchouchou was selected as the first solo live venue for 500 people. Ai performed her first Saga performance at this venue while she was enrolled in Iron Frill, and Franchouchou chose a multi-purpose hall that no one has used for live performances since then, with the purpose of giving an impact to the world. Is[ep 5].
The day of the live on December 2018, 12[Note 45]Suddenly caused the heaviest snowfall in Saga's history due to the bomb depression, and the stage was partially destroyed by the collapse of the roof due to the weight of the snow during the live, but the live was a great success. The state of the live is realInternet tvIs an appAbemaTVIt is described in the work that it was delivered through.
Saga Castle Ruins Gate Fureai Concert
In Saga City, Saga PrefectureSaga CastleA regional cultural event that is actually held every year at Honmaru Gaishoin.Kotaro installed a performance for the zombies who woke up to the ego other than Tae.Originally it was supposed to show off "Yomigaere", but the happening triggered an improvisational rap of Sakura and Saki, and as a result, it was a great success.
The actual concert happened to be the 150th year of the Meiji era and was held on May 5th.
Kojima Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Appeared in the first episode of "Revenge".A part-time job of love, in Saga prefectureAppetizers-delicacyComprehensive processing manufacturer.Kojima Food Industry "Karma" is a real company, but Kojima Food Factory is in the works.The "Otsumami Gallery Imari" that appeared in Eyecatch is a directly managed store of Kojima Food Industry Co., Ltd.
At the morning assembly before work, "Don't waste the squid's soul ~ Kojima Food Factory Co., Ltd. company song ~Is sung.
Tosu Stadium(Facility naming rights name: Ekimae Real Estate Stadium)
A real ball game field in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture. The place where Ai died in a lightning strike during a live performance in August 2008.
Franchouchou will perform a live performance of 2019 people on March 3, 8, `` EFS (Station square Real estate Stadium) Live ”was planned, and Ai and Junko were worried that it was too early, but as a result of Kotaro who was impatient with“ something ”, the number of spectators was 500 and the attendance rate was only 1.66%, which is unprecedented in idol history. It became a deadly blunder without seeing[Note 46]..Franchouchou was forced to bear a huge debt of 2,000 million yen.By the way, Okoba also posted on Sagajin that the live performance at the venue, which is 60 times larger than Alpino, is premature and reckless. In the 10th episode of "Revenge", he paid off his debt, steadily increased his name, and declared that he would hold an EFS revenge live on March 2020, 3 when the time was ripe.However, on February 8, it seemed impossible to hold the event without infrastructure restoration due to the flood damage that struck the whole of Saga, but due to Kotaro's obsession with the decision to make it happen, on March 2th, all directions The venue will be restored to a state where it can be used due to cooperation and ties, and it will be held as a charity live on the same night, and the venue will be full of thanks and it will be a great success.
"Because Franchouchou's Saga is Saga"
A late-night radio program that Franchouchou first obtained in the second episode of "Revenge".Originally, rock musician White Ryu had been a radio personality at FM Saga for 2 years from 1992. At that time, it was handed over to Saga, saying, "I can entrust you with a hot soul," and the situation at that time was broadcast live, and the station officials also agreed, so it was officially a follow-up program.mainRadio personalityIs Saki and broadcasts every Friday at midnight. According to the broadcast period of "Revenge", it is actually broadcast on FM Saga every Sunday from 22:22 to 30:2.Along with the anime story, the "Hakuryu" version will be broadcast first, and the "Franchouchou No. XNUMX" version will be broadcast from the following week.
Click tick Press
Appeared in the 2th episode of "Revenge".Saga tvActually broadcast live from March 2015, 3Information program..Franchouchou will co-star with White Dragon as a reporter for the show.
Grilled pork ramen
Appeared in the second episode of "Revenge".Sunpao foodMade of cup ramen
SAGA Arena
Really exists in Saga City, Saga PrefectureSAGA Sunrise ParkBe insideMultipurpose hall.. Iron Frill suddenly decided to participate in the Kokeraotoshi event on June 2019, 6 in "Revenge", and Kotaro also screwed in Franchouchou's participation as an undercard.As a result, Franchouchou on the undercard livened up the stage, and the subsequent Iron Frill live concert was a great success, raising the name of Franchouchou.
By the way, the actual SAGA Arena started construction in 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in 2022, and construction has not yet started in 2019.
largeShopping mall.. In the 11th episode of "Revenge", Sakura and others who lost their Western-style building and were designated as shelters due to flooding evacuated with Machiko and performed welfare activities during the day and a mini live show at night.In addition, mini-lives are held in places that seem to be inside the cation, such as the 1th episode of the 8st term and the 1st episode of "Revenge".

Theme song

Mainly theme songs and insert songsFranchouchouThe music of Franchouchou is used from the play of the first episode of the third episode.Franchouchou's singing members are basically Sakura Minamoto (Kaede Hondo), Saki Nikaido (Asano Tano), Ai Mizuno (Risa Taneda), Junko Konno (Maki Kawase), Yugiri (Rika Kinugawa), Lily Hoshikawa (Miumi Tanaka) Is 6 people.

Opening and ending

The opening theme and ending theme are songs by Franchouchou, and the lyrics are written by Makoto Furuya.When each single containing each song of the opening theme and each song of the ending theme of the first period will be released at the same time on November 1, 2018,Masami OhariSupport illustrations and comments by[39].

"Adabana Necromancy'
The first opening theme.Composition / arrangementYusuke Kato.
"To light'
The first ending theme.Composed and arranged by Yosuke Yamashita.
"Taiga, cry together"[40]
The second opening theme.Composed and arranged by Yusuke Kato.
"Days with dreams and no place to return"[40]
The first ending theme.Composed and arranged by Yosuke Yamashita.

1st period insert song

"Temptation from the Hell"
Used in the first episode.Composed and arranged by Jun Suyama.
Used in episode 1.The lyrics areMiho Karasawa, Composed by SHIBU, Ryuhei Yamada, Arranged by SHIBU, Song by Iron Frill [Ai Mizuno (Risa Taneda), Kaoru (), Nono (), Nina (), Miyu ()][41].
"Welcome to Saga"
Used in the first episode.The composition isAkio Shimizu, Mikki ~, arranged by Akio Shimizu, sung by Death Musume (provisional).The only song in the first period, Tae Yamada (Three Stones) Is participating in a scream[42].
"Saga Arcade Rap"
Used in the second episode.Lyrics by KOMU, composition by KOMU, SHIBU, arrangement by SHIBU, song by rapper A (Kimura Subaru), rapper B (Takeuchi), wrapper C (Kazuki Miyagi) By "Saga Arcade Rappers".
"DEAD or RAP !!!"
Used in the second episode.The lyrics are KOMU, the composition is Jun Suyama, KOMU, the arrangement is Jun Suyama, and the song is Green Face.
"Awakening RETURNER"
Used in episodes 3, 4, and 7.Lyrics, composition, arrangementTomoya Kinoshita, The song is Franchouchou.Episode 7 uses the "Electric Returner" version[43].
"Drive-in bird"
Used in episodes 5 and 8.The lyrics are drive-in birds, and the composition and arrangement is Norika Ishibashi.In the playRiz ☆ Rie"Singing" and Franchouchou singing arranged by Yosuke YamashitaDrive-in bird (Franchouchou ver.)2 patterns were used.
Used in episodes 6 and 7.The lyrics arema-saya, Composed and arranged by Yusuke Kato, sung by Franchouchou.
"Jelly fish'
Used in episode 7.The lyrics are Miho Karasawa, the composition and arrangement are Ryuhei Yamada, and the song is Iron Frill [Shiori (Shiori)Tokui blue sky), Yui (), Makoto (), Hikari (), Julia ()][44].
"Peace & Love"
Used in episode 7.The lyrics are YU-G, the composition is YU-G, Jun Suyama, the arrangement is Jun Suyama, and the song is Boys Mansions.
"To My Dearest"
Used in episode 8.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition and arrangement are Yosuke Yamashita, and the song is Franchouchou.
"Special attack DANCE"
Used in episode 9.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya,Takeshi Isozaki, Composed and arranged by Takeshi Isozaki, sung by Franchouchou.
"Kashima Ichigo Elevation"
Used in episode 9.The lyrics are Drunk Hashimoto, and the composition isShoichi Ichikawa.
Used in episodes 2 and 12[33]..The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, and the composition and arrangement areShingo Asari, The song is Franchouchou.
"Flap FLAG"
Used in episode 12.The lyrics and composition are Shingo Asari, the arrangement is SHIBU, and the song is Franchouchou.

2st period insert song

"Don't waste the soul of squid-Kojima Food Industry Co., Ltd. company song-"
Used in the first episode.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are by Takeshi Isozaki, and the song is by Kojima Food Industry staff.Franchouchou members, including Mitsuishi, also participate in singing as an aunt at the factory.[42].
Used in episodes 1 and 12.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition is Shingo Asari, the arrangement is Yusuke Kato, and the song is Franchouchou.
"Because Saga is a saga-theme-"
Used in episode 2.Composed and arranged by Yosuke Yamashita.
"Because Saga is a saga ~ Jingle ~"
Used in episode 2.Composed and arranged by Yosuke Yamashita.
"Breath of SAGA"
Used in episode 2.Composed and arranged by Yosuke Yamashita and sung by Miho Karasawa.
"Do you hate windy days?"
Used in episode 2.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are by Takeshi Isozaki, and the song is by White Dragon.A cover version by Franchouchou was also used.
"Nope !!!!!"
Used in episode 3.The lyrics are Miho Karasawa, the composition and arrangement is Ryuhei Yamada, and the song is Iron Frill.
"Awakening RETURNER"
Used in episodes 3 and 4.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are by Tomoya Kinoshita, and the song is by Franchouchou.The third episode uses the solo version by Franchouchou No. 3, and the fourth episode uses the "Electric Returner Type" R "" version.
"50 and 4 things left behind"
Used in episode 3.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are by Yosuke Yamashita, and the song is by Junko Konno.
"STOMP !!!!!"
Used in the first episode.Composed and arranged by Jun Suyama.
"Furious Survival"
Used in episode 4.The lyrics are KOMU and ma-saya, the composition is KOMU and Yusuke Kato, the arrangement is Yusuke Kato, and the song is Franchouchou.However, Franchouchou No. 3 did not participate.
Used in episode 5.The lyrics are ARISA, the composition / arrangement is Jun Suyama, and the song is Ozora Wright.
"Little Parapo"
Used in episode 5.Composed by Jun Suyama and Tomoya Kinoshita, arranged by Tomoya Kinoshita, and sung by Franchouchou No. 6.
"Today is curry, yeah yeah yeah"
Used in episode 6.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are by Takeshi Isozaki, and the song is by Boys Mansions.
"Show down"
Used in the first episode.Composed and arranged by Jun Suyama.
"Bukkake for you"
Used in episode 7.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition and arrangement are Tomoya Kawasaki, and the song is Franchouchou.Franchouchou No. 7Hanazawa Kana) Is added, and the song is sung by seven people.
"To the light (with 7 ver.)"
Used in episode 7.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition and arrangement are Yosuke Yamashita, and the song is Franchouchou.As the title suggests, this is also a song by seven people including No. 7.
"Evening dew"
Used in the first episode.Composed and arranged by Jun Suyama.
"Saga Incident"
Used in episode 9.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, and the composition isKazuhiro Hara, Arranged by Yosuke Yamashita, sung by Franchouchou.
"Never ending saga"
Used in episode 11.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition and arrangement are Yosuke Yamashita, and the song is Kotaro Tatsumi.
"Chou Choice"
Used in episode 12.Composed and arranged by Yusuke Kato.
Used in episode 12.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition and arrangement are Yusuke Kato, and the song is Franchouchou. ..
"Tailwind Travelers"
Used in episode 12.The lyrics are Makoto Furuya, the composition is Kazuhiro Hara, the arrangement is Yosuke Yamashita, and the song is Franchouchou.

List of stories

Phase 1 "Zombie Land Saga"

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Episode XNUMXGood morning SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruSakai Munehisa
  • Sakai Munehisa
  • Takeshi Sato
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Takahiro Sasaki
  • Mari Nimatsu
Cui Fumihide2018
May 10
In 2008, Sakura Minamoto, a high school girl, was hit by a light truck when she ran out of the house with an application form for an idol audition. Ten years later, Sakura wakes up at a Western-style building in Saga prefecture, where she is attacked by mysterious zombie girls and escapes from the Western-style building.Sakura meets a police officer on patrol and asks for help, but when she sees Sakura, she is shot by a scared police officer and finds herself a zombie.When Sakura, who fainted, wakes up again, she returns to the Western-style building, where Kotaro Tatsumi, a mysterious man who calls himself an idol producer, tells him to "become an idol who saves Saga."Sakura can jump in and participate in a metal concert with other zombie girls who have regained their original appearance with Kotaro's special make-up.Sakura was full of anxiety, but the venue was surprisingly excited by the performance of groaning with death voice and intense headbanging.Sakura feels something exciting from the scene that flashed back during the live, and decides to act as a local idol (zombie).However, the live was canceled because zombie girls without ego attacked the audience.The next day, despite the disappointing Sakura, the members other than Sakura also regain their ego one after another (excluding Tae).Sakura says to the confused members "Good morning !!"
Episode XNUMXI ♡ HIPHOP SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruTakashi Ishida
  • Miwa Oshima
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Nii Manabu
  • Mari Nimatsu
  • Takeo Shuto
Cui FumihideMay 10
Members other than Tae Yamada (Zombie No. XNUMX) have regained their ego, but former idols Ai Mizuno (Zombie No. XNUMX) and Junko Konno (Zombie No. XNUMX) said, "It's impossible to be a local idol in a zombie." Nikaido Saki (Zombie No. XNUMX) is also skeptical and has no interest in idol activities.Only Yugiri (Zombie No. XNUMX) and Lily Hoshikawa (Zombie No. XNUMX) took the story a little more positively.Kotaro instructing such disorganized Sakura to appear in the "Saga Castle Ruins Gate Fureai Concert".Ai and Junko tried to escape from the Western-style building and return to Tokyo, saying "I can't do it", but when they saw them, they were terrified and fired, and they couldn't return to their original lives anymore. Give up enlightenment.And on the day of the concert, Sakura tries to hide herself as a zombie and continue her performance, but Saki doesn't pay attention to the zombie barre and doesn't want to perform.The quarrel between Sakura and Saki who opposes it eventually develops into a rap battle, and the audience applauds.Saki, who was bound by the solid response he felt at the concert and Sakura's enthusiasm, decided to participate in the project, saying, "I'm aiming for national domination as an idol."
Episode XNUMXDEAD OR LIVE SAGATakuya MasumotoTatsufumi Ito
Mikine KuwaharaMay 10
Sakura and others who will perform a guerrilla live in front of Karatsu station.The leader is Saki and the group name is "Franchouchou".However, Ai and Junko, who are still negative about the project, refuse to live.On the day of the event, five Sakura and others, excluding two, start singing their debut song "Mezame Returner" in front of the station, but in addition to the poor performance due to lack of practice, Sakura suffers from the trouble of forgetting the lyrics.With the power of love and Junko who joined the song, I managed to sing to the end, but the result was disappointing.Franchouchou promises to perform more proper songs and dances to the only girl who listened to the song until the end.And Ai and Junko also accepted to work as members of Franchouchou.
Episode XNUMXWarming dead SAGAMurakoshi Shigeru
  • Hisatoshi Shimizu
  • Sakai Munehisa
  • Hisatoshi Shimizu
  • Takeshi Sato
  • Yoshito Narimatsu
  • Rin Ryo
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Mariko Oka
  • Kazumi Fukagawa
  • Cui Fumihide
May 10
Kotaro has taken a sales job for Kunaka Pharmaceutical employee travel to earn money for Franchouchou's activities.The members of Franchouchou, who arrived at the business destination, Ureshino Onsen, enjoyed sightseeing, and the performance of the evening banquet ended with great success.Kotaro also secretly promised a tie-up with Kunaka Pharmaceutical without their knowledge, and this work seemed to be a great success without complaint, but he secretly entered the hot spring and the makeup fell off. Kunaka Pharmaceutical's spokesman, who witnessed Francheche members, develops memory problems due to fear and loses a full day's worth of memory.As a result, the tie-up that Kotaro wanted was not obtained.
Episode XNUMXNice bird SAGA in your heartTakuya MasumotoTakeshi Sato
  • Takahiro Sasaki
  • Ryuta Yanagi
Mikine KuwaharaMay 11
Franchouchou appeared in the TV commercial for "Drive-in Birds" to gain more funding and popularity.I managed to finish the shooting while being swayed by the eccentricity.In addition, he wears a T-shirt with the group name to increase his name and participates in the "Kashima Gatalympics", but it does not go well because he is covered with mud and his makeup is removed.At that time, Tae achieved the feat of winning the "Gatterzan" event and going up to the podium, but the T-shirt with the group name was muddy and could not read anything.The other T-shirt I wore inside was safe, but it had the drive-in bird logo printed on it, which didn't lead to their own promotion.On the other hand, Okoba, a reporter of a local magazine who came to cover Gatalympics, saw Junko and remembered something and became interested, and started an independent investigation.
Episode 6Because sentimental SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruYasunori Goto
  • Saori Hosoda
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Takahiro Sasaki
  • Yoko Takajo
Mikine KuwaharaMay 11
One night, a month and a half after the Gatalympics, Sakura and his friends sneaked into Kotaro's room and searched for idol-related information on the Internet.Among them, Junko, who knew the difference between Showa and Heisei idol activities, couldn't hide her inner confusion.Meanwhile, various activities so far have come to fruition, and finally Franchouchou begins to have fans, and the first instax party is held.However, Junko, a Showa idol, refuses to interact directly with her fans, causing a disagreement with her modern idol, Ai.Junko struggles with the difference between the times she lived and the present.On the other hand, Ai also suffered from the trauma from the past when she died from a lightning strike during a live performance on an outdoor stage.At that time, Kotaro fetched the job of appearing in the newcomer frame of Kyushu's largest outdoor rock event "Saga Rock Festival (commonly known as Saga Rock)", but his trauma, the outdoor stage appearance, made his face stiff. ..
Episode XNUMXBut Zombie Mental SAGAMurakoshi Shigeru
  • Sakai Munehisa
  • Tatsufumi Ito
  • Ryuta Yanagi
  • Mariko Oka
  • Yuki Murana
  • Mikine Kuwahara
Cui FumihideMay 11
Two weeks after the appearance of Saga Rock was decided, Junko, who couldn't accept the way modern idols should be, made a barricade and shut herself up in the room.Ai works hard with the members to fill Junko's hole.Kotaro, who visited Junko who was rotten alone, told her, "What is required of idols has changed with the times, but the essence of idols has not changed. Show your fans the pride of Showa idols. "Junko, who got rid of her worries after receiving the words, decides to continue her idol activities as "Showa idol Junko Konno".Saga Rock that all the members will face.However, the live performance in bad weather eventually became a thunderstorm, and Ai gave up her body to her trauma.It was Junko who followed Ai who was in trouble because she couldn't sing the solo part of her new song "Atsukunare" well.The moment when he regained his position and sang "Atsukunare", a thunder struck the stage.Although he was an electric shock member, Ai overcame the trauma and sang "Awakening RETURNER" with an electric voice, saying "It's a zombie, so there's nothing wrong with it", showing a performance that only zombies can do.After finishing the first big stage with great success, Sakura can't stop crying despite being on stage.Later, the Franchouchou stage was widely reported in a local magazine.
Episode XNUMXGOGO Neverland SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruTakashi Ishida
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Saori Hosoda
  • Somewhere
Mikine KuwaharaMay 11
Franchouchou's popularity in the prefecture increased as the article on Saga Rock was introduced in a local magazine, and he became a sought after mini-live to festivals.Meanwhile, a strong big man appears at the Chekikai and approaches No. XNUMX (Lily).After Saki repelled, he confessed that "No. XNUMX was just like Lily Hoshikawa" when asked about the situation.Lily reveals to the members that he is his real father, he is his son, and his real name is "Masao Gou".During her lifetime, Lily was famous all over the country as a popular child actor.She (he) came to appear on TV in the first place to please her father, Takeo, who loves TV.However, he collided with his father, who had come to attach importance only to Lily as a talent, not as a son.Lily refuses to shoot and shuts herself up in her room, but realizes that her beard has begun to grow and dies of a heart attack caused by shock. Takeo, who was just struck by the popularity of "Lily Hoshikawa" and regretted not having faced his son properly, has stopped watching his favorite TV since then.After learning that his father still regrets his death, Lily proposes to Kotaro and sings his main new song "To My Dearest" at a mini-live, singing his feelings for his father.Takeo, who rushed to the concert, was deeply moved, stopped blaming himself, and began to watch Lily's success.
Episode XNUMX

This life once exhausted What a cause and effect If you sing and dance but you are destined Keep your feelings for your best friend in your heart Until I pierce my SAGA

Takuya MasumotoTakeshi Sato
  • Takahiro Sasaki
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Yoko Takajo
Cui FumihideMay 11
Franchouchou participated in a Kashima dance practice session to interact with the elderly.When Sakura, Lily, and Tae are taking a break in the park, a trio of female students with bad luck gets involved.They were the current members of the Saga Ladies Team "Dorami" to which Saki once belonged.Overwhelmed by the power of Saki who came to pick up Sakura and others, they dismissed, but Saki was upset when she saw the name "Maria Kirishima" embroidered on the back of the president of Urami.Maria was the daughter of Saki's best friend Reiko, the first president of Angerami.That night, Saki rushes to the scene when she learns that Urami is trying to settle with her rival ladies team, Korosuke, in a chicken race showdown that once caused her death. Saki who calls himself "Kamikaze Captain of the 1st" and shows a dive that is not afraid of death on behalf of Maria.Overwhelmed by her determination and spirit, the conflict between the teams ended.At the Franchouchou concert held at a later date, there were two teams who were impressed by Saki's solo "Special Attack DANCE".
Episode XNUMXNO ZOMBIE NO IDOL SAGATakuya MasumotoYasunori Goto
  • Ryuta Yanagi
  • Mariko Oka
  • Yuki Murana
  • Kazuyuki Iidai
  • Mariko Kawamoto
  • Takahiro Sasaki
May 12
Franchouchou has deepened his ties as a team with various fans.Sakura smiles at her acquaintances and friends who increase their power through professionalism, but on the other hand, she feels inferior to her lost memories.One day, Kotaro brings a story of a solo live at the venue "Karatsu City Furusato Kaikan Alpino" with a capacity of 500 people.Sakura who went to preview the venue felt something that would lead to memories of her life and motivated her to live, but for that reason she became a little runaway and individual play became conspicuous.Kotaro, who couldn't see Sakura, called them special training in order to cool his head.TianshanHowever, the time of descent is reached without any impact on the cherry blossoms.In the end, Sakura, who was able to see the team objectively because she was isolated, became aware of her runaway and decided to cooperate with her friends to make the live a success.However, seven days before the concert, Sakura was hit by a truck as soon as she left the gate of the Western-style building, similar to the cause of death in her lifetime.
Episode XNUMXOnly one SAGA in the worldMurakoshi ShigeruKonosuke Uda
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Saori Hosoda
Cui FumihideMay 12
Sakura regained her life's memory in exchange for her memory after becoming a zombie because she was hit by a truck.However, it was a tragic event in which every effort from an early age was completely fruitless and pessimistic, yet he died in an accident shortly after he decided to "do his best again at the end."Sakura refused to participate in the practice because she lost her memory after becoming a zombie, and even if she made an effort, she couldn't do anything, and thought that the live would fail if she participated.The members of Franchouchou, who are unable to practice because they lost Sakura, who was the centerpiece and organizer of the group, tried to persuade Sakura, but it didn't sound at all.Sakura took the escaped Sakura to Kagamiyama Observatory and asked Kotaro, "Do you really want to be an idol?" Sakura said, "This is the result of my longing for an idol. I'm a woman who dies after trying hard. Is there anyone who doesn't have it? "However, Kotaro declared loudly that he would make Sakura an idol again, saying, "I have it even if you don't have it. I'll never abandon you."
Episode XNUMXGood Morning Again SAGAMurakoshi Shigeru
  • Sakai Munehisa
  • Hisatoshi Shimizu
  • Takahiro Sasaki
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Yoko Takajo
  • Ryuta Yanagi
  • Mariko Kawamoto
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Kazumi Fukagawa
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Cui Fumihide
May 12
4 days left until Alpino Live.The members of Franchouchou try to motivate them to change their hands and products, but Sakura, who has not yet shown her willingness to participate in the concert, does not change her intentions.What changed the situation was the praise that allowed Sakura to participate in the concert with the hard guidance of Sakura.The members who felt the feelings for Franchouchou reaffirmed their determination, "I want to fail on the stage with Sakura rather than succeed on the stage without Sakura."Sakura, who was struck by the feelings of such members, decided to participate in the live concert the day before the concert.However, on the day of the event, the heavy snowfall caused the low pressure system to paralyze transportation.Franchouchou started singing "Yomigaere" on the stage when he started in anxiety, but he couldn't bear the weight of the snow and the ceiling of the stage collapsed.Sakura is disappointed that she has involved everyone in her misfortune, but Kotaro continues to clap in such a desperate situation.The audience also begins to applaud the members who stand up and continue to sing.Sakura also stood up to meet everyone's expectations and continued to perform on the collapsed stage.Sakura regains all her memories in the hot cheers and spotlights.The live was a great success.After singing the encore song "Flag Wo Hatameka", Sakura said "Saga !! Good morning !!" at the end.At a later date, there was a figure of Okoba who was worried about two things, such as Ai Mizuno, Junko Konno, and Lily Hoshikawa, who should have Franchouchou XNUMX, XNUMX, and XNUMX registered as demons.

Phase 2 "Zombie Land Saga Revenge"

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Episode XNUMXGood Morning Returns SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruSakai Munehisa
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
May 4
Franchouchou's popularity has risen to the point of releasing a CD with the great success of Alpino Live, and Kotaro who gained momentum will be on March 2019, 3.Station square real estate stadiumThe large-scale live "EFS Live" will be held at, but the result will be a big failure with a customer attraction rate of 1.66%.Franchouchou, who had a huge debt, spent his days working part-time to repay his debt, and Kotaro was shocked and drunk every day.And April 4th.That day was also the day when Franchouchou performed his first live at GEILS a year ago, so Sakura and his friends decided to perform a resurrection live between metal events held there, trying to start over.Franchouchou performed live without Kotaro, but boos flew from the guests to the idol-like appearance of the girls who did not match the color of the live.Kotaro who recovered after receiving the words of the master appeared there and cheered on them, but the crowd who had already killed them glared at him and it became a brawl.Franchouchou, who is in a chaotic live venue and is still blasted by Kotaro's words, "Sing if you are an idol," will perform a new song "REVENGE".Audiences who are fascinated by their appearance.And again, Franchouchou's new activities under the direction of Kotaro began.
Episode XNUMXRadio SAGA that is about to breakMurakoshi ShigeruTakashi Ishida
  • Arihiro Goto
  • Mayumi Hidaka
  • Yuki Murana
  • Gen Sato
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Sasaki Mamoru
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
May 4
Kotaro plans to appear in media such as TV and radio as a means to solve the two issues of debt repayment and increasing name recognition at the same time.Immediately as a reporter of the area introduction programYutoku Inari ShrineFranchouchou visited.There, Saki meets the longing musician White Ryu, who was also called as a guest.Saki was thrilled to be on location with him, but was shocked to hear that he would quit his long-standing late-night radio personality.During his lifetime, Saki, who was greatly influenced by the radio, rushed into the radio station with Sakura and hit the dragon with his thoughts in order to tell him not to quit.After receiving Saki's thoughts, he was nominated as the successor to the program, saying that "a person with a hot soul should succeed."Saki, who inherited the will of the dragon, told him the feelings he had and then saw him off the station.Franchouchou thus had one late-night radio slot, and later at a GEILS live concert, his song, "Do you hate windy days? Was sung.
Episode XNUMXAcoustic SAGA of love and youthð ®· Mura SeikoTakeshi SatoYasuchi Okamoto-May 4
In June, Franchouchou was gradually increasing his name and repayment of debt due to his steady live activities and late-night radio activities, but they are veteran idols for most of their activities. Kotaro was reluctant to depend on a certain love.At that time, the most popular idol group in Japan, Iron Frill, will be on the 6nd.SAGA ArenaI will participate in the Kokeraotoshi event.Kotaro screwed in Franchouchou's participation without love as the undercard of Iron Frill, and ordered love to focus on solo activities.Ai asked Junko, who is also a veteran idol, for guidance, but Junko, who was active as a solo idol during her lifetime, was not accustomed to teaching group idols and was suffering from the trauma of EFS live failure.Junko, who confesses her troubles to Sakura, is proposed to consult with Ai, and the two head to Ai's work site.Around the same time, Shiori, the center of Iron Frill, visited with love after work and scouted love for Iron Frill.Junko who witnessed the scene is very upset.
Episode XNUMXPure Electric SAGAð ®· Mura SeikoTakeshi Sato
  • Kazuaki Imoto
  • Atsushi Ogasawara
  • Yoko Takajo
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Kei Saotome
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Cui Fumihide
May 4
Sakura and Junko have witnessed Shiori scouting for love.Sakura tried to encourage Junko, but Junko said that she should respect the will of love and gave up on the transfer to Iron Frill.After that, Junko, who has been unable to practice, consults with Kotaro about her worries.Kotaro replies to Junko, "Do you think Franchouchou is a person who can't help being limited by love?" "Do you admit that you don't have the power to hold back one of your friends?"Junko, who was given an electric guitar by Kotaro saying, "Destroy yourself," wakes up and begins a special training with the members, saying that they know what they should do.On the day of the live, most of the audience were fans of Iron Frill, and Franchouchou was worried because of the big failure of the EFS live, but the rock number with Tae as a drummer and Junko as a guitar vocal. The venue was very lively with "Gekko Survive".Junko screams as if she spits out her thoughts and smashes (Kotaro's) electric guitar.Franchouchou, who absorbed the electricity in the venue from the chords of the electric guitar that was torn off with the love that jumped in, will perform their representative song "Awakening RETURNER" with electric voice and lightning production.The undercard stage was a great success, and Junko declared to Shiori that she wouldn't give her love.And the day after the live performance of Iron Frill, which was a real hit, was a great success, Shiori, who was interviewed on a national live TV program, declared himself a rival to Franchouchou on the spot.
Episode XNUMXLittle Parapo SAGAð ®· Mura SeikoTakashi Ishida
  • Yasunori Goto
  • Takashi Ishida
  • Saori Hosoda
  • Mariko Kawamoto
  • Noriko Takahashi
  • Toshiharu Kudo
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 5
At the time of the annual meeting, Lily, who took the stage before Kotaro on that day, reports that she won the application for the Saga qualifying tournament of the national TV audition program.If you win the championship and decide to participate in the main race in Tokyo, it will be a big promotion, and the venueSaga Cultural CenterFranchouchou went to, but there was also a nationally famous genius child actor, Ozora Wright.In the tournament qualifying, Kotaro, who was secretly elected, casually crushes the ball, while Lily shows off a splendid rakugo story with her own versatility and passes the qualifying.I was supposed to have a singing confrontation with Wright on the stage of the final, but I had a trouble that Wright sang the memorable song "Life" that I intended to sing first.Lily, who judged that the evaluation was low even if she sang the same song in succession, improvised the score, costume and choreography, and gave "life".scatHe was praised for showing off "Little Parappo" arranged in the wind.As a result, although he won the championship by a small margin, Wright was depressed when he was completely overtaken by the opponent as an artist.Lily encourages such Wright, and Wright who recovers promises "I will co-star again when I come to Tokyo".And "Little Parappo" is buzzing mainly on video sites with its characteristic lyrics and dance, and gains nationwide popularity among children and students.And today, Lily performed "Little Parappo" in front of the children at a certain mini-live.
Episode 6Walking bet SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruAi YoshimuraTakahiro Kaneko
  • Yasuyuki Noda
  • Miyanishi Tamako
  • Nakamoto Hisashi
  • Satoko Miyaji
  • Ippei Ichii
  • Sasaki Mamoru
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Yuji Hakamada
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 5
Franchouchou is working hard today to repay his debt of nearly 656 million yen, although he is gradually gaining popularity.On that day, Tae, who was on holiday, was asked by Yugiri to buy ingredients and went to the supermarket to use them.Then, a reporter, Okoba, who happened to see such a praise in the town, started to follow the praise to approach the mystery of Franchouchou.After arriving at the supermarket while making a detour on the way, Maria Kawamura, who was working part-time there, had a dance competition sponsored by Kunaka Pharmaceutical at 3 Square, and Maria Kawamura was told that she would also participate as "Dance Team Angerami".Invited to the tour, he jumps in and participates in a dance confrontation with the tournament champion Kokko-kun to win and win the championship.He received a winning prize of 10 yen and XNUMX kg of onions, but he wasn't interested in the money and tried to throw away the envelope he received.Police officer A who is guarding appears in front of Maria and others who were in trouble when they saw the situation, and when he heard the situation, he said thatKaratsu Boat RacecourseTake me to.Members of Rami's rival team "Killing" are gathered there, and although their leader Misa retired from the team and became a boat racer, she is worried that she has never won. I was out.After hearing the story, Maria believes in Misa's victory and sits in the audience seats. During the race, Misa finds Maria in the audience seats and inspires her to never lose, winning the first place.And the voting ticket that was unintentionally betting the full amount on Misa is a big hole boat ticket because no one else was betting on Misa, and earned XNUMX million yen with XNUMX yen as a starting point. It ends up.Franchouchou finally pays off his debt with the unexpected amount of money he brought back.However, when they returned home to the Western-style building, they were struck by the trouble, and they didn't know that Okoba was witnessing and filming the scene ...
Episode XNUMXMy My Revolution SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruYasuchi Okamoto
  • Miyanishi Tamako
  • Mayumi Hidaka
  • Arihiro Goto
  • Yuki Murana
  • Akio Kawamura
  • Kubotoshi
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 5
Mai Mai, a second-year high school student, used to go around public baths as a hobby that day, but she mistakenly entered the men's bath because of her innate crudeness.There is Kotaro who happened to come to the same public bath when the bath in the Western-style building broke, and Mai, who stomped on the soap he dropped, slipped and fell, banging his head and fainting.Kotaro, who panicked when he killed Mai, took her to the Western-style building to make her a zombie and forcibly put her in Franchouchou, but when Mai regained consciousness, Sakura and his friends If it is a zombie, it will be bald.However, Mai, who had a sullen personality, accepted that she was not only surprised by Sakura and was a zombie, but she was a fan of Franchouchou, and she went to Franchouchou as a trade-off to keep this secret. I would like to join.Mai, who joined Francheche with the permission of Kotaro, enjoys the days of lessons with her longing Francheche.Meanwhile, it is said that the school festival will be held at the high school where Mai dances, so the school festival live will be held for the purpose of unveiling Mai dance as Franchouchou No. 2.Franchouchou, who are touring high school, are impressed by Sakura's hearing that "standing up many times even if you die and pursuing your dreams is the meaning of your life."On the day of the school festival, Franchouchou, who performed "Bukkake for You" live, declares the birth of Franchouchou No. 7.However, immediately after the announcement of graduation from Maimai's mouth, not only the audience but also the members of Franchouchou were disappointed.Mai, who sang "To the Light" as the last memory, tells the members the reason for withdrawal after the live, saying, "You must first survive in this Saga before you can shine like everyone in Franchouchou."All the members who heard the words were convinced and accepted the graduation, and the new one-day member left Francheche.On the other hand, Okoba searched past newspaper articles and found out the real names of all but Yugiri and that all were dead.
Episode XNUMXSaga Incident No. XNUMXð ®· Mura SeikoIkuo Morimoto
  • Takashi Ishida
  • Konosuke Uda
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Atsushi Ogasawara
  • Kei Saotome
  • Yuji Hakamada
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Ippei Ichii
  • Kazuaki Imoto
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 5
Autumn 14, KyotoShimabara YukoAt Yugiri, who was in an immovable position as a "legendary Oiran," Yugiri, a favorite guest and a high-ranking government official, wants to take over as a housekeeper.Yugiri was willing to accept and moved to Saga, but Saga at that timeSamurai rebellionWas taken responsibility for, and the place name was confiscated as intractable and then absorbed by Nagasaki.The following year, in the spring of 15, Kichiemon died, and Yugiri, who took over part of the heritage including the mansion of the former Saga castle by his will, spent the rest of his life teaching his disciples a geisha.One day, Yugiri, who visited the cherry blossom viewing alone at the recommendation of a disciple, meets a young man named Kiichi Momoka.He inherited the will of his adoptive father, Xu Fu, and was engaged in activities to revive Saga so that the name of Saga would not be forgotten.Yugiri was struck by his enthusiasm and began to cooperate in clearing and proofreading Kiichi's documents, and became acquainted with Kiichi's friend Shojiro Ito.Eventually, Kiichi's enthusiasm was transmitted and the number of comrades who agreed with the resurrection of Saga increased, but one night there was a figure of Shojiro secretly handing a sentence to a dubious beggar.[Note 47].
Episode XNUMXSaga Incident Part XNUMXð ®· Mura SeikoIkuo MorimotoTakeshi Sato
  • Mariko Kawamoto
  • Saori Hosoda
  • Yoko Takajo
  • Satoko Miyaji
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Yasuyuki Noda
  • Naomi Miyata
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 6
Comrades of Saga resurrection who gather under Kiichi every day.However, the other comrades had a strong resentment against the moderate Kiichi because the Meiji government robbed him of the place name "Saga", and thought that an armed uprising was unavoidable.Kiichi, who suffers from the friction between his "dream" and "reality," has come to collide with Shojiro, who urges him to stop his activities.Then, in December, the comrades decided to armed uprising when they heard that a key figure would visit the former Saga castle in preparation for applying the Nagasaki Prefectural Ordinance to Saga.Kiichi, who knew it, followed him to stop everyone, but after that he witnessed Shojiro purging his comrades and learned that he was actually a secret government.Kiichi, the representative, is no exception to the attack, but Shojiro tries to kill him, but he is stopped by Yugiri who appears.Mise PassKiichi was desperate because he had killed his comrades because of his dream and knew the reality.Kiichi was prepared to miss Yugiri and appear at the police and be executed, but Yugiri reminded him that he should not waste his dreams and efforts.Kiichi, who was instructed by Yugiri on the escape route, thanked her and vowed to make her dream come true and set out for Nagasaki.Yugiri stands in front of Shojiro who pursues Kiichi and becomes a duel, but it is settled in the form of the defeat of Shojiro who dared to win Yugiri.Yugiri, who was arrested by the police after taking care of Shojiro's death, became the mastermind of the overthrow of the government in the early morning of December 15, 1882.Kase RiverAn informal decapitation on the riverbank ended his short life.Later, on May 16, 1883, Saga Prefecture became independent from Nagasaki Prefecture due to a petition by volunteers from the prefecture, and the first Saga Prefectural Assembly was held on August 5, the same year, and the long-sought revival of Saga Prefecture was fulfilled. ..Time has passed, and in 9, Franchouchou will perform "Saga Incident" with Yugiri at the center at a mini-live of GEILS.After that, Yugiri, who visited "BAR New Jofuku" alone, had a drink with a master who was once called "Xu Fu" while feeling nostalgic for the time, and chose his own path in the new Saga left by "he". He said he would walk in.
Episode XNUMXHow Zombies Revenge SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruKonosuke UdaHisatoshi Shimizu
  • Miyanishi Tamako
  • Toshiharu Kudo
  • Arihiro Goto
  • Mayumi Hidaka
  • Yuki Murana
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
May 6
A year ago, on January 2019, 1, Kotaro suddenly announced at a meeting that he would perform a live performance at "Ekimae Real Estate Stadium," which has a capacity of about 18. Franchouchou's members said, "I've overcome the unreasonableness until now." So let's try it again this time. "And on the day of March 2, the result was a catastrophic defeat with 5 spectators and a 3% attendance rate, and Franchouchou was forced to take a debt of 8 million yen.Kotaro was desperate and drunk every day, causing disagreements among the members of Franchouchou due to the desperate situation.Meanwhile, the members who saw the appearance of going to buy dried squid with bad make-up by themselves without relying on Kotaro's special make-up said, "I decided that it was impossible because I did not do it." I relied too much on Kotaro, "he said, and decided to revenge on his own.As time passed, on February 500, 1.66, Franchouchou became more famous than before due to the repayment of his debt and the reward of his steady activities.Kotaro apologized for last year's EFS live at the meeting and announced that he would perform a revenge live at the Ekimae Real Estate Stadium on March 2, 2020, saying that "the time has come". I decide to let him. On February 2, Okoba appears in front of Kotaro who visited the Ekimae Real Estate Stadium, which is the stage of revenge, and all Franchouchou members point out that they are zombies.Kotaro tells Franchouchou that he will hold a revenge live at the Ekimae Real Estate Stadium a month later, to Okoba, who accuses Kotaro of letting them do idol activities for his own self-interest.Okoba is angry that he should not humiliate the dead anymore and tries to stop the concert.Kotaro, who visited under the master (Xu Fu), talked about Okoba and vowed to succeed in the "Zombie Land Saga Project" that saves Saga from [Saga's curse], but immediately after that, he was local to Kyushu. Storm occurred.As a result, the entire area of ​​Saga was cut off, and an "incident" occurred in the Western-style building where the members lived.
Episode XNUMXFor example, just because you are SAGAMurakoshi ShigeruKonosuke Uda
  • Atsushi Ogasawara
  • Saori Hosoda
  • Mariko Kawamoto
  • Kazuaki Imoto
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Tsuyoshi Kuwahara
  • Kei Saotome
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 6
When Sakura and the others wake up on February 2, the entire Western-style building where they live isKaratsu BayWas drifting.Due to the flood damage caused by the record storm that continued to fall from last night, the entire area of ​​Saga Prefecture had become an isolated island on land.Somehow it drifted to the nearby Hamasaki coast, but the Western-style building collapsed as soon as the cherry blossoms went out.Although they were stunned, they were led to the shopping mall "Cation", which is a refuge, from Machiko, a woman who happened to be at a part-time job in love.Sakura and his friends spend their days doing welfare activities during the day and performing live shows for children who are frightened by anxiety at night to help the refugees. On February 2, Kotaro and Master, who had been trapped in "BAR New Jofuku" due to flood damage, were discovered and rescued by police officer A.Kotaro, who took the master to the hospital in an ambulance, returned to the Western-style building to meet Sakura and others, but was stunned by the fact that the entire foundation (and basement) had disappeared, and was washed ashore on TV. Know the current state of the collapsed Western-style building.On the other hand, Sakura's make-up has reached its limit, and it was in the midst of a zombie barre crisis.Still, they don't want to cancel the live show for children, so they make use of Junko's part-time work experience to make a mask to hide their faces.However, the masks made in a hurry broke during the live, and the Franchouchou people were finally seen by the audience.They made up their minds and explained that they were zombies, but the audience, including the children, said, "I'm not a zombie because my sisters aren't scared," and "Franchouchou, not a zombie."Love endures tears that are about to overflow, and with a quick wit, he misrepresents "It was a surprise zombie make-up live show."Okoba, who was there as they continued to live in zombies, understood that they were not forced by Kotaro but were idols on their own initiative. To do.Kotaro, who was finally able to join Sakura and his friends, declared that the live performance on March 21 would definitely be carried out, and started to move alone for the live performance.Sakura calls out to his back and says, "Thank you for making me an idol."Kotaro, who was rewarded for everything he had done so far, killed his inner tears and said, "I will make you the best and eternal idol in the world."
Episode XNUMXLargest SAGA everMurakoshi Shigeru
  • Sakai Munehisa
  • Hisatoshi Shimizu
Sakai Munehisa
  • Satoko Miyaji
  • Yuki Murana
  • Miyanishi Tamako
  • Arihiro Goto
  • Yasuyuki Noda
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Cui Fumihide
  • Mikine Kuwahara
  • Hitoshi Yamaguchi
May 6
March 3th. Franchouchou members emit cations to save Saga for the EFS live.Sakura and his friends, who continue to move on foot through the paralyzed city, finally arrived at the live venue, Ekimae Real Estate Stadium, at 7 am on March 3th, the promised meeting time.Audiences who came one after another to the place that was devastated by the flood.Not only old fans but also big names in the entertainment world such as Shiori and Wright spread, and many people came to know Franchouchou's live performance and gathered at the venue.With the help of Kotaro and Okoba, Franchouchou's charity live was so large that it attracted attention all over Japan and even around the world.Franchouchou and Saga became the center of the world.And the live that begins.Exactly a year ago, what was waiting in front of Franchouchou, who suffered a big defeat with a 8% attendance rate at this place, was the audience and cheers that filled the audience.Their "Revenge", which never gave in to desperate situations and refused to even die and tried to revive their obsession, is now blooming big flowers here. Franchouchou performs with "REVENGE", "Kagayaite" and the encore song "Oikaze Travelers", which fascinates the audience.And a call and response with a moaning voice.The revenge live was a miracle success as the whole venue was united and surrounded by cheering and stick light.Since then, Saga has been steadily recovering every day-but one day, a mysterious flying object visited over Saga, and the moment a ray of light fell from it, the earth was enveloped in an explosion.


Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[45]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [46] Remarks
May 2018-June 10, 4 Thursday 23:30-Friday 0:00 AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
May 2018-June 10, 5 Friday 0:00-0:30 (Thursday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Sun TV Hyogo
Friday 0:30-1:00 (Thursday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
May 2018-June 10, 6 Saturday 1:25-1:55 (Friday midnight) Saga tv Saga
Saturday 2:58-3:28 (Friday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
Saga Television will broadcast a total of 2018 episodes as a "year-end and New Year special program" during the three-day daytime from December 12 to December 28, 12.[47].. Rebroadcast from April 2019 on TOKYO MX and Sun TV[48].
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[45]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2018/10/4 Thursday 23:30-Friday 0:00 AbemaTV
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Monday 19:00 update TSUTAYA TV
Monday 22:00 update Video path
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[49]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [46] Remarks
May 2021-June 4, 8 Thursday 23:30-Friday 0:00 AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / Repeat broadcasting available
May 2021-June 4, 9 Friday 0:00-0:30 (Thursday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Friday 0:30-1:00 (Thursday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
May 2021-June 4, 10 Saturday 0:55-1:25 (Friday midnight) Saga tv Saga
Saturday 1:58-2:28 (Friday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[49]
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2018/11/28Adabana NecromancyEYCA-12097
To lightEYCA-12096
October 2019, 10 (shipping date)sparkling(Curry Messi ver.)YYYY-00189[Note 48]
2021/5/19Okawa, cry with meEYCA-13356
Have a dream and have no place to go backEYCA-13357


Release datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
2019/8/28Zombie Land Saga Original SoundtracksEYCA-12628
2019/11/27Zombie Land Saga Franchouchou The BestEYCA-12682 / BCD + Blu-ray[Note 49].


rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product numberRemarks
Issue 1[50][51]
SAGA.12018/12/21Episode 1-Episode 4EYXA-12123 / BIncludes "Welcome to Saga", "DEAD or RAP !!!", "Saga Arcade Wrap", "Awakening RETURNER", and "Atsukunare" on the bonus CD[52].
Includes "Saga Restoration Festival" and "Saga International Balloon Fiesta" as bonus footage. (# EventSee also)
SAGA.22019/2/22Episode 5-Episode 8EYXA-12124 / BIncludes "To My Dearest", "Special Attack DANCE", and "Drive-in Bird (Franchouchou ver.)" On the bonus CD.[53].
Includes the "34th Kashima Gatalympics" as a bonus video[53]. (# EventSee also)
SAGA.32019/4/26Episode 9-Episode 12EYXA-12125 / BIncludes "Yomigaere", "Flap FLAG", and "Awakening RETURNER (Electric Returner)" on the bonus CD.
Includes PV-worthy "Challenge Land Saga," "Pilot Film," and "Kick-off Movie" as bonus footage.
BOX2021/3/26Episode 1-Episode 12EYXA-13343 / BIncludes a drama CD "Naisho Before Christmas SAGA" as a bonus.
Re-recorded all the bonus videos recorded in Volumes 1 to 3.
Issue 2[54]
SAGA.12021/6/25Episode 1-Episode 4EYXA-13353 / BOn the bonus CD, "Don't waste the soul of squid-Kojima Food Industry Co., Ltd. company song-" "REVENGE" "Do you hate windy days? FranChouChou cover" "Awakening RETURNER (No. 3 solo ver.)" "50 Includes "And 4 Forgotten Things", "Furious Survival", and "Awakening RETURNER (Electric Returner Type" R ")".
Includes the 2st to 1th episodes of the radio "Because the Saga of the White Dragon is a Saga" and "Because the Saga of Franchish No. 3 is a Saga From Zombie Land Saga Revenge" on the bonus CD-ROM.
Includes an interview video "Complete Interview" as a bonus video.
SAGA.22021/7/30Episode 5-Episode 8EYXA-13354 / BIncludes "Life", "Little Parappo", "Today's Curry, Yeah Yeah Yeah", "Bucchakete for You", and "Hikari e (with 7 ver.)" On the bonus CD.

Radio "Franchouchou No. 2 Saga is a Saga From Zombie Land Saga Revenge" on the bonus CD-ROM

Includes the 4th to 7th episodes of.

Includes interview videos "Episode 7 Non-credit Opening & Ending Version" and "Zombie Land Saga Revenge ~ Experience PV ~" as bonus footage.

SAGA.32021/8/27Episode 9-Episode 12EYXA-13355 / B


"Franchouchou No. 2 Saga is a Saga From Zombie Land Saga RevengeFrom April 2021th to June 4th, 18 every Sunday from 6:27 to 22:22FM SagaRadio program broadcast on.Personality is the role of Saki NikaidoAsano Tano[55].. The radio of Saga Prefecture's legendary rock star "White Dragon" drawn in the second episode of "Revenge" is reproduced from the episode inherited by Saki Nikaido, who plays Tano. Because the dragon Saga is a saga ”is also being broadcast unannounced[56].

  • 1st-Hakuryu
  • 2nd-Rika Kinugawa
  • 3st - Go Inoue, Nobuhiro Takenaka
  • 4th --Minami Tanaka
  • 5th --Aoi Koga
  • 6th-Kaede Hondo
  • 7st - Yuri Yoshida
  • 8th --Kotono Mitsuishi
  • 9th-Maki Kawase
  • 10th-Risa Taneda

Video distribution

"Yugiri in Snack ChinatsuIsUAF YouTubeA video of the concept that Yugiri, who works at Snack Chinatsu, welcomes viewers was delivered on the Cygames Channel of[57].

  • First Night-Delivery April 2021, 4
  • Second Night-Delivery May 2021, 5
  • Third Night-Delivery June 2021, 6

In addition, as a collaboration project on May 2021, 5Horse daughterFrom the official YouTube channel "Pakatube!", The time when Gold Ship appeared as a guest was delivered.[58].


Zombie Land Saga

From January 2018, 10 to February 9, 2021CygamesWeb comic distribution site "PsychologyWas serialized in.The drawing is Megumi Soraji[59]..Only one paper bookKodanshaIt was released from. Volume 2 of "Saga Fierce Fighting Training"Anime shopReleased by Cygames only in the system and CyStore[60]..ThoseE-book(Renamed only one volume to "Saga Awakening Edition")ShogakukanIs on sale, and the 3rd and 4th volumes of "Saga Nostalgic Roman Edition" and "Saga Future Development Edition" are also handled in the same way.In addition, the electronic version of the 2nd volume comes out earlier than the 1st volume.Although it is a comicalize, Kotaro's producer activities are focused on, and there are many scenes where the events of the main story are annotated to watch the animation.

  • Megumi Soraji (manga), Public Relations and Public Hearing Division Zombie Section (Original) "Zombie Land Saga" Cygames x Kodansha <Cycomics>, released on February 2019, 2[61],ISBN 978-4-06-515320-8
  • Megumi Soraji (Manga) / Public Relations Division Zombie Section (Original) "Zombie Land Saga Saga Fierce Fighting Training" Cygames, released on October 2019, 10
  • Megumi Soraji (manga), Public Relations and Public Hearing Division Zombie Section (Original) "Zombie Land Saga" (electronic version), Cygames x Shogakukan <Cycomics x Ura Shonen Sunday Comics>, all 4 volumes
    1. [New Edition] Saga Awakening Edition (Kodansha Edition Volume 1 New Edition), released on June 2020, 6[62]
    2. Saga fierce fight training edition, released on August 2019, 8[63]
    3. Saga nostalgic romantic edition, released on March 2021, 3[64]
    4. Saga Future Development, released on June 2021, 6[65]

Side Story

A spin-off depicting Tae Yamada in his lifetimeZombie Land Saga Gaiden The First Zombie"But"Ultra jump』(Shueisha), Serialized from the June 2021 issue[66]..Kazumi Fukagawa is in charge of the manga[66].


"Zombie Land Saga Stage de Dawn!"[67]Staged under the title of, two days, September 2020th and 9th, 5Sogetsu HallIt was performed at.Initially, the performance was scheduled from March 3th to 11th of the same year,New coronavirusIt was postponed to the above schedule due to the spread of the infection.[68].

Cast (stage)

Staff (stage)


Events in Saga Prefecture

The 34th Kashima Gatalympics
The 2018th held on May 5, 27Kashima GatalympicsIn addition, Kawase and Kinukawa handed over the tidal flats to the "5M Freedom Play" competition that runs on the tidal flats, wearing a T-shirt with the same design as the Francheche T-shirt that appears in episode 25 of the work. Tanaka participated in the "Rattling" competition, in which he rides a bicycle on an elongated board, and Tanaka won the second prize.[69].. At that time, the information on this work was before the ban was lifted, so the relationship with this work was hidden, but when the general audience who saw Tanaka's prize posted on Twitter, it was retweeted more than 3000 times, and some net media Was reported in[70].
Saga Restoration Festival[71]
"Saga Restoration Festival" held on October 2018, 10 (Saga CastleThe 2nd "Buchiage Campaign" at Honmaru History Museum, Shachihoko Square)[Note 50]A talk event was held by Hondo, Kawase, and Kinukawa. For the eventYoshiyoshi YamaguchiThe Governor of Saga also made a surprise presentation and appointed Franchouchou as the "PR Ambassador of Saga Prefecture".[73][74].
Saga International Balloon Festa[75]
`` Held on November 2018, 11Saga International Balloon Festa"(Kase RiverAt the riverbed), "Sometimes'Zombie Land Saga'in Balloon Festa 3" was held as the third "Blow-up Campaign". Honda and Tanaka will appear at the event[76][77].
Cygames Presents Imari Bay Fireworks 2018[78]
"Cygames Presents Imari Bay Fireworks 2018" held on November 11, 17 (Imari CityImari BayThe 4th "Buchiage Campaign" was held at Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., South Wharf in the Nanatsujima area of ​​the port. Honda and Kawase will appear at the event[79][80].
Zombie Land Saga LIVE ~ Franchouchou Let's all get together! inSAGA ~[43]
It was announced at the following solo live, and officially announced that it will be held on July 2019, 4 on April 2, 7. Six main voice actors appear. The venue is Karatsu City Furusato Kaikan Alpino, which appeared in the final episode of the anime.[81].. As mentioned above, the production of the second phase of animation was announced at the same event.[3].
Cygames Presents Imari Bay Fireworks 2019
Continuing from 2019, a collaboration event will be held at "Cygames Presents Imari Bay Fireworks 11" held on November 16, 2019. Goods limited to the venue were also sold. Tano and Kinukawa will appear at the event.

Other events

"Cygames Fes 2018" held on December 12, 15 (ChibaMakuhari Messe), "Zombie Land Saga-with Franchouchou" was held as the "Buchiage Campaign" Grand Finale.[83].. In the talk live, the OP theme "Adabana Necromancy" and the ED theme "To Hikari" were unveiled for the first time. 6 people other than Mitsuishi will appear on the stage[84].
Zombie Land Saga LIVE ~ Franchouchou Let's all get together! ~
Live event by Franchouchou voice actors on March 2019, 3Shinagawa Intercity HallWas held in[85].. Due to the flood of applications, it was decided to carry out live viewing[53].

Collaboration and tie-up

Collaboration with Saga Prefecture products

  • Japanese sweets "Sagami NishikiTo manufactureMuraokayaReleases "Zombie Land Saga" collaboration package version of the same product[86].
  • TVQ Kyushu BroadcastingThen, on January 2019, 1, the special program "Zombie Land Saga Sanctuary Pilgrimage Tour-We Want to Live, Want to Go!" Will be introduced around the places where three talents who are active in Fukuoka etc. appeared in the work. SAGA ~ ”was broadcast. Kaede Hondo, who played the role of Sakura Gen, was in charge of the narration.[87][88].
  • From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day小 城市 OfTakeshita ConfectioneryIt is,Black mont blancWith a crunch chocolate barCollaborationSold the product[89].
  • From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKaratsu CityManbo has started over-the-counter sales of collaboration packages with "Ikas Missider"[90].
  • From February 2019, 2, Manbo started selling the collaboration package with "Manbo Ikashumai" over the counter.[91]
  • July 2019, 7-November 26, 11Karatsu CityとJR KyushuAs a collaboration project with Saga PrefectureKaratsu Line-Chikuhi LinePart ofWrapping train(Kiha 125 type1 car) started operation[92].. The original schedule was until October 10, but the service was extended in line with the "31 Saga International Balloon Fiesta".
  • From Saturday, August 2020, 8, the Saga Municipal Bus operates the collaboration wrapping bus "Francheche" as a fixed-route bus.At the bus stops near the first train, the last train, and around the sacred place, self-introduction and guidance broadcasts by "Sakura Minamoto" will be broadcast.Inside the car, a lot of zombie land saga related goods are displayed, centering on the driver's personal belongings, and the role of Saki Nikaido who got on the "Francheche" when he appeared in the Saga PR video "Burari Zombie Land Saga!" The autographs of voice actor Asami Tano and voice actor Rika Kinugawa, who plays the role of Yugiri, are also on display on the board behind the driver's seat.An operation commemorative ticket (8 yen) depicting seven Franchouchou and Tatsumi is also on sale at the Saga Station Bus Center (limited to 7).
  • Franchouchou was designed in Saga City after April 2021, 4manholeIs installed[93]..All 14 types are manufactured, and a casting manufacturerHinoide water supply equipmentManufactured at the Saga factory in Japan[94].. On April 4st, Sakura Minamoto will be at "TOJIN GREEN PARK", a park near the Tojin Plaza Building.balloonSeveral designed aircraft are installed, and on May 5th and 25th, Hoshikawa Lily will be on the 26 (Mutsugoro) Square, and on the east side of the Cygames Saga Building.Otakara(From Otakara) Take a Yugiri on the east sidewalk of MachidoriSaga Castle Honmaru History MuseumThe nearby "Sai no Mon" (Castle 2) Before with Saki NikaidoNaomasa NabeshimaA manhole that designed the statue was set up.Eight types have been installed so far, and the remaining six types are scheduled to be installed by June 8.
  • Local license plate of "Zombie Land Saga" is issued to the mini bike[95]..A license plate with Zombie Land Saga original design will be issued only in Saga prefecture.Since October, the first is a balloon in Saga City, a city history and folk museum in Karatsu City, and Aioi Bridge in Imari City, all of which are designed with seven members of the idol "Francheche" under construction. Delivery.The target is a mini bike of 1cc or less with a fixed place in the prefecture.We plan to gradually expand to the other 10 cities and towns.

Collaboration with other works

Curry Messi
Collaboration started on October 2019, 10[96].. In addition to the release of the collaboration video, Shine (Curry Meshi ver.) Was included in the "Nissin Curry Meshi x Zombie Land Saga Special Box Set".
Collaboration announced on October 2019, 10[97][98].Hello KittyCollaborate with Sanrio Characters such as.
Zombie Land: Double Tap
Collaboration announced on October 2019, 10[99][100].. Two members of Franchouchou are dubbing the role of zombies in the Japanese dubbed version.
Super Robot Wars X-Ω
The character of this work will appear for a limited time in December 2020[101].Masami OhariFranchouchou members board the original robot "Saga the Great 7" that did not appear in the main story drawn in the cheering illustration drawn by[102][103]..Also, for the collaboration, the whole body image of Saga the Great 7 was transcribed again.
Idolmaster Cinderella Girls / The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage
In March 2021, an event will be held in "Cinderella Girls" where the characters of this work will appear.
In April 2021, the cover of the three songs "Adabana Necromancy", "REVENGE", and "Cry Together with Okawa" was added to the dress at "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage", and Franchouchou was added to the dress. The costume "Zombie Heart" has been added as a paid sale.
Bandori! Girls band party!
A collaboration event will be held in June 2021.In addition to the addition of covers for the two songs "Adabana Necromancy" and "Taigayo tomoni cry", collaboration limited items have been implemented.


Response to the work

  • After the final episode aired on December 2018, 12 at midnight, the number of tweets containing the word `` Zombie Land Saga'' exceeded 20 and won the first place in the trend word ranking of Twitter.[104].
  • "A place farther than the universeAnd 'Tada does not love』And other original animationsKADOKAWA"I'm personally disappointed, but the original anime that was popular in 2018 will be said to be'Zombie Land Saga'," said Sho Tanaka, an anime producer. "(Something that surprises viewers) It ’s important. ”[105].
  • Nico Nico DougaQuestionnaire "Internet users seriously choose! Anime general election 2018 annual grand prize" (2018 respondents to the questionnaire), which was held at So, this work won the first place with 138,080% of the votes. In addition, it ranked first among all males and teens in their 13.33s by age group.[106][107]。本アンケートに先立って、ニコニコ動画では2018å¹´10月から12月に放送・配信開始されたアニメを対象とする同様のアンケート「ネットユーザーが本気で選ぶ!アニメ総選挙2018秋」を行っており、こちらでは本作は16.64%の得票を獲得して1位に選出されていた。「アニメ総選挙2018秋」の都道府県別得票率では、佐賀県での得票率が53.83%と圧倒的に高く、2位以下も長崎県が24.22%、福岡県が21.29%と九州地方の各県が高い得票率を示した[108][109].. Announced prior to the vote for "Anime General Election 2018 Autumn",Animage''Animedia''New type"Akiba Research Institute""Anime! Anime!This work also won the 1st place in the "Anime Ranking Selected by Media", which was selected by totaling the rankings of each media.[110].
  • Tokyo Anime AwardWon the Grand Prix in the TV category in the 2019 Anime of the Year category.
  • The 2018rd `` for 3 worksCrunchyroll Anime AwardI missed the award, but I was nominated for the best work award, etc., and was selected as the best original animation category at the 5th "Anime Trending Awards".[111]It is highly evaluated by viewers overseas.


OriconSurveyed "Zombie Land Saga" (Phase 1) Blu-ray Sales Trends (Ranking is Anime Blu-ray Ranking)
Aggregation periodVolume 1Volume 2Volume 3Source
August 2018-September 12, 1712,640 sheets (3rd place)--[112]
August 2018-September 12, 246,985 sheets (1rd place)--[113]
March 2018, 12-February 31, 20191,848 sheets (2rd place)--[114]
August 2019-September 1, 7801 sheets (7rd place)--[115]
August 2019-September 1, 14593 sheets (13rd place)--[116]
August 2019-September 1, 21311 sheets (15rd place)--[117]
August 2019-September 1, 28Not ranked--
August 2019-September 2, 4Not ranked--
August 2019-September 2, 11Not ranked--
August 2019-September 2, 18Not ranked15,211 sheets (1rd place)-[118]
August 2019-September 2, 25Not rankedNot ranked[Note 51]-[119]
August 2019-September 3, 4Not ranked399 sheets (12rd place)-[120]
August 2019-September 3, 11Not ranked269 sheets (14rd place)-[121]
August 2019-September 3, 18Not rankedNot ranked-
August 2019-September 3, 25Not rankedNot ranked-
August 2019-September 4, 1Not rankedNot ranked-
August 2019-September 4, 8Not rankedNot ranked-
August 2019-September 4, 15Not rankedNot ranked-
August 2019-September 4, 22Not rankedNot ranked16,924 sheets (2rd place)[122]
August 2019-September 4, 29Not rankedNot ranked1,257 sheets (3rd place)[123]
August 2019-September 5, 6Not rankedNot ranked727 sheets (3rd place)[124]
Cumulative23,17817,50018,908[117] [121] [124]

Impact on tourism and industry in Saga Prefecture

The following reports have been made as to the impact on tourism and industry in Saga Prefecture, which was the stage of this work.

  • On November 2018, 11, the "former Mitsubishi Joint Stock Company Karatsu Branch Main Building" (Karatsu City Museum of History and Folklore), which is a model of Sakura's residence, was opened to the public, and more than 25 people visited the venue. This facility has been closed since 1000 due to aging, and is open to the public every year in conjunction with the "Nationwide Opening of Modern Heritage". The number of visitors in the previous year was 2003 in two days[125].
  • The aforementioned Muraokaya product "Zombie Land Saga" collaboration package version is said to be in full operation at the factory with sales 1.5 times higher than initially expected.[86].
  • Saga Prefecture that appeared in Episode 5Imari City"Drive-in Bird", which has its head office in, will be broadcast after the broadcast.Pilgrimage to sacred placesSays that the number of visitors is increasing[126].


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