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🎥 | Russo Brothers Interview & Special Video Lifted from "21 Bridges" starring Chadwick Boseman!


Interview with Russo Brothers and special video release from "21 Bridges" starring Chadwick Boseman!

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In addition, gorgeous talents such as Taylor Kitsch of "Battleship" and JK Simmons who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in "Session" set aside.

Presented by Chadwick Boseman of "Black Panther" and Russo Brothers of "Avengers: Endgame" ... → Continue reading


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BattleshipIs a table game(English edition)(Naval battle gamesBased on a game similar toPencil puzzle.


This puzzle was in 1982アルゼンチンMagazine "Humor & JuegosIn the magazine Naval battle It was announced under the name.The work has not been published for the next five years, but since 5 the monthly magazine "Monthly magazine of the same publisher"Enigmas LógicosIt will be published in the magazine.

The first held in 1992World puzzle championshipTaking the opportunity of being asked in the United States, "And Japanese "PuzzlerWas also introduced in magazines such as.

Currently, this puzzle is being presented in puzzle competitions and magazines along with many variants.


The purpose of this puzzle is to place the fleet within the frame.The number of fleets varies depending on the size of the frame, but the following numbers are used in a general 10x10 frame.

  • 4 battleship (1 squares in size)
  • 3 cruisers (2 squares in size)
  • 2 destroyers (3 squares in size)
  • 1 submarines (4 square size)

Each ship occupies a fixed number of squares continuously in the vertical or horizontal direction.In addition, each ship does not touch each other vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

At least one of the two clues, usually both, is given to solve.

The first clue is the situation of the mass.A part of the ship's shadow and waves are drawn on some squares.The ship's shadow is always included in the final placement.Also, the wave sign indicates that there is no ship there.

Another clue is the numbers placed outside the board.This number represents the number of squares in the row that have a ship shadow.

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