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🧑‍🎨 | Noritake Kinashi, "I have no choice but to thank you" for the long-running crown program, casually appeared at the preview of the solo exhibition starting in Kyoto

Noritake Kinashi = Kyoto Cultural Museum taking a photo in front of his own "REACH OUT play"

Noritake Kinashi, "I have no choice but to thank" for the long-running crown program, casually appeared at the preview of the solo exhibition starting in Kyoto

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At the venue, Mr. Kirin's versatile and versatile works such as powerful works with Mt. Fuji as a motif, landscape paintings depicting street corners such as New York and Paris, and the "Fairies" series made with familiar materials such as packages of daily necessities and sweets. Works that give a glimpse of one side are all in one place.

Noritake Kinashi's paintings, drawings, videos, etc., which are known to have the face of a painter while playing an active part as tunnels ... → Continue reading

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Fairies(Fairies) IsJapanThreesomeFemale Dance & Vocal Group.Rising ProductionBelongs.Label TheSONIC GROOVE.2020The activity was stopped in June.


Based on the concept of "a world-class talented group that can compete overseas"Namie Amuro,MAX,SPEEDEtc.Rising ProductionIs a group that was worked on.Members were selected from more than 13 candidates attending dance schools in 100 affiliated regions nationwide[1].

Three months before their debut, they lived together in a dormitory in Tokyo, and everyone attended the same school.[2][3].

The group name is "Refreshed!!』(Nippon TV) Was solicited from the general public for a special project, "It's like dancing妖精It seemed like they were dancing. "FairiesWas decided[4].. at firstThe alphabetThe notation Fairies was the main, but from around February 2013 when Kiyomura stopped activitiesKatakanaNotationFairiesIt was changed to.There was no official announcement regarding the change in the group name notation.

DanceAnna MakinoServed as a lecturer.Ito and Shimomura have been students since before the formation of Fairies.[5].DA PUMP OfKENZOAlso teaches dance and choreography[6][7].

Some costumes are conscious of member colors, but many do not have color coding.

M three

M threeIs a derivative unit by Miki (Shimomura), Miria (Fujita), and Mahiro (Hayashida). All three were born in 3 and are in the same grade.


2011The formation of the group was announced on July 7,Refreshed!!"I will teach you how to make an idol!" Was broadcasted in the corner inside the program, which was closely related to the two months before its debut.[8].. Debut single "SeptemberMore Kiss / Song for YouReleased. In decemberNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.so"Fairies Fly to the World』Broadcast has begun[9].. Also this year53th Japan Record AwardWon the Best New Face Award.

2012ToTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.so"Harajuku Glitter AcademyWas broadcast[10].

2013Kiyomura stopped working in January[11], 6 people. In MarchM threeIs the single "Dreaming dancing dollIs released[12].

2014One-man live "Fairies LIVE -Fairies First-" in MarchAkasaka BLITZAfter holding in[13], 1st album 『Fairies] Is released. In July, Ito single "Poker faceWas released.In August, a live tour "Fairies LIVE TOUR 8 -Summer Party-" was held in Higashi-Meihan.

2015The 11th single "" released in NovemberMr. PlatonicIn ", each member's solo song was recorded in the coupling.[14].

2017Fujita withdraws in January[15], 5 people.

20182th single "16th single released in FebruaryHEY HEY ~ Light Me Up ~"ButOricon2nd place in the weekly ranking[16].. In June, the 6nd album "JUKEBOX, And then the final performance of the live tour "Fairies LIVE TOUR 2018 ~ JUKEBOX ~"TOKYO DOME CITY HALLHeld in[17].

2020In June, Nomoto, Hayashida, and Inoue terminated their contracts with Rising Production, and it was announced that Ito and Shimomura would work individually, and their activities as Fairies were suspended.[18].


Members at the time of inactivity

NameDate of birth (age)Birth Placeカ ラ ーRemarks
Ito Moeka
Momoka Ito
(1997-12-15) 1997May 12(23 years old)Saitama"Red"Main vocal
July 2014 solo debut
Miki Shimomura
Miki Shimomura
(1998-10-22) 1998May 10(22 years old)TokyopinkyuanCUTiERegular model
yuanSeventeenExclusive model
Sora Nomoto
Source Sora
(1997-11-09) 1997May 11(23 years old)KagoshimatagFormer "LAXY S" kids dancer
(UK B-Boy ChampionshipsFinal selection)
Mahiro Hayashida
Mahiro Hayashida
(1998-05-07) 1998May 5(22 years old)Hyogo黄色PictolinkOfficial user[19]
Rikako Inoue
Rikako Inoue
(1996-05-29) 1996May 5(24 years old)Nagasakipurple

Old member

NameDate of birth (age)Birth Placeカ ラ ーGraduation / withdrawalRemarks
Kiyomura Kawane
Kiyomura Kawane
(1998-06-02) 1998May 6(22 years old)Kumamoto绿20131
Miria Fujita
Miria Fujita
(1998-06-15) 1998May 6(22 years old)OsakaOrange20171yuanNico☆PetitExclusive model
Later Miss Meiji Gakuin (2018)[20]


The ranking isOriconWeekly ranking highest[21][22][23].


#Release datetitleStandard product numberRankingRemarks
12011May 9More Kiss /
Song for You
AVCD-1624611 bit7 people
22011/12/21HERO /
Sweet Jewel
AVCD-1625209 bit
32012May 4Beat Generation /
No More Distance
AVCD-1625605 bit
42012/7/25Tweet Dream /
AVCD-1627609 bit
52012/11/14White AngelAVCD-1629705 bit
62013May 7At the end of the lightAVCD-1635006 bit6 people
72014May 2RUN with UAVCD-1639408 bit
82014/5/28Super Hero /
Love Me, Love You More.
AVCD-1643810 bit
92014/9/3BLING BLING MY LOVEAVCD-1646911 bit
102015May 3Kiss Me Babe /
AVCD-1651405 bit
112015/7/15Soushi Soai☆destinationAVCD-1654505 bit
122015/11/18Mr. PlatonicAVCD-1656206 bit
132016May 8Cross roadAVCD-1666803 bit
142017May 3SynchronizedAVCD-1674604 bit5 people
152017/7/5Love road showAVCD-1680206 bit
162018May 2HEY HEY ~ Light Me Up ~AVCD-1686002 bit
172019May 7Metropolis ~ Metropolis ~AVCD-1694206 bit

M three

#Release datetitleStandard product numberRanking
12013/3/27Dreaming dancing dollAVCD-1634008 bit
22014/7/30Your loveAVCD-1642816 bit

Ito Moeka

#Release datetitleStandard product numberRanking
12014/7/23Poker faceAVCD-1645216 bit


#Release datetitleStandard product numberRanking
12014May 3FairiesAVCD-1640914 bit
22018May 6JUKEBOXAVCD-1688704 bit

Video work

#Release datetitleStandard product number
12014/12/10Fairies LIVE TOUR 2014 --Summer Party-AVXD-16492
22016/3/9Fairies LIVE TOUR 2015 -Kiss Me Babe- / -PUZZLE-AVXD-16621
32017/10/11Fairies LIVE TOUR 2017 -Fairytale-AVXD-16808
42018/9/19Fairies LIVE TOUR 2018 ~ JUKEBOX ~AVXD-16897
52019/11/6Fairies LIVE TOUR 2019 -ALL FOR YOU-AVXD-16958


More KissTV Asahi"Professional" tie-up song[24][25]
HEROFairies Omotesando Illuminations 2011 Official Song[26]
Sweet JewelNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.The 37stRadio Charity MusicsonCharity fundraising image song
Beat GenerationASICS Trading"TIGON Lazer Beam" image song
Tweet DreamWaseda Academy"Soccer 2012" CM song
White AngelTBS TVsystem"Squid ☆ Octopus"Ending theme
Dreaming dancing dollTBS TV system "Leave it to Akko!"Ending themeM three
At the end of the lightTV Tokyo anime"Jewelpet Happiness』Opening and ending theme
AleASICS Trading"TIGON LazerBeam" CM song
Run with UWaseda Academy"American football" CM song
TV Tokyo anime "Jewelpet Happiness"Opening theme
TV Tokyo anime "Lady jewel pet"Ending theme
Super HeroFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Come on!?"Ending theme
Love Me, Love You More.movies"Movie version Yuto-kun goes] Theme song
Your loveTV Tokyo anime "Lady Jewelpet" opening themeM three
BLING BLING MY LOVETBS TV system "COUNT DOWN TV] September opening theme
Mr. PlatonicTBS TV series "Akko ni Omakase!" October-December 2015 Ending theme
31 timesEast Japan Women's EkidenTournament support song
Cross roadFuji TV's "Uchikuru !?" ending theme
SynchronizedNippon TVsystem"Buzz rhythm] March ending theme
Love road showFuji TV's "Uchikuru !?" June / July 2017 ending theme
HEY HEY ~ Light Me Up ~TBS TV series "COUNT DOWN TV" February / March 2018 opening theme
Bangin'Fuji TV systemNariyuki highway trip"Ending theme"JUKEBOX"


tv set

  • Refreshed!!(July 2011, 7-September 27, 8,Nippon TV) --Every Wednesday, a series of projects called "I will teach you how to make an idol!" Was organized in the program, which was closely related to the two months leading up to the debut. On August 2st, he made a live appearance in the studio and performed "More Kiss" and "Song for You" in a medley.
  • UtaNavi!"Fairies Park" (October 2011-March 10, 2012 stations nationwide) --Corner regular
  • Harajuku Glitter Academy(July 2012, 4-September 1, 9,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)
  • Bakusho Gakuen Nasebana-ru!(October 2012, 10-March 9, 2013,MBS TVProduction/TBS TVseries)



Image character

Online delivery

  • 3 minutes Fairies (June 2012, 6-February 12, 2015, OPEN CAST) -Official paid video distribution site[34]
  • After School Fairies (April 2014, 4-March 18, 2015,Nico Nico Live Broadcast) --Monthly regular broadcast[35]
  • It's Fairies !!!!! (January 2017, 1 --March 11, 2018, live tele) --Every Wednesday, two members appear on a weekly basis[36]


  • Fairies LIVE (February 2014, 2, Shinjukumura LIVE)
  • Fairies LIVE -Fairies First- (March 2014, 3,Akasaka BLITZ)[13]
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2014 -Summer Party- (August 2014th, 8th, 9th, 17, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2015 -Kiss Me Babe- (March 2015, 3, 14, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo / May 15, Tokyo additional performance)
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2015 -PUZZLE- (November 2015, 11, 7, December 22, Nagoya, Osaka, Chiba)
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2016 -Answer- (May 2016, 5 and 5, 21, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka / July 22, Chiba additional performance)[37]
  • Fairies LIVE 2017 -Synchronized- (February 2017, 2,Zepp Tokyo)
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2017 -Fairytale- (May 2017, 5, 3, 6, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka)
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2017 -STAR- (November 2017th and 11rd, 18, December 23rd, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo)
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2018 ~ JUKEBOX ~ (May 2018th and 5th, 26, June 27nd and 6th, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo)[17]
  • Fairies LIVE TOUR 2019 -ALL FOR YOU- (June 2019th, 6th, 8th, July 15th, 16th, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka)











  • On January 1, it was announced that Kiyomura would stop his activities as Fairies in order to concentrate on his studies, and temporarily end his blog, Twitter, etc.[48].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,M threeIs the 1st single "Dreaming dancing dollIs released[12].


  • March 3th, one-man live "Fairies LIVE -Fairies First-"Akasaka BLITZHeld in[13].
  • September 3th, 26st album "FairiesWas released.
  • On July 7, Ito released the single "Poker faceDebuted as a solo.
  • July 7th, M Three's 30nd single "Your loveWas released.
  • August 8th-9th, the first live tour "Fairies LIVE TOUR 30 -Summer Party-" will be held in Higashi-Meihan.All four performances mobilized 2014 people.
  • On December 12th, the first video work "Fairies LIVE TOUR 10 -Summer Party-" that recorded the live tour was released.


  • March 3th-14st, May 21th (additional), live tour "Kiss Me Babe" will be held in Higashi-Meihan. At the Tokyo performance on March 5, we celebrated Inoue's high school graduation with fans with a surprise.[49].
  • November 11-December 7, live tour "PUZZLE" will be held in 12 cities.It became the tour finalMaihama AmphitheaterThe performance mobilized a record high of 2100 people.


  • May 5th-5nd, July 22th (additional), live tour "Answer" will be held in 7 cities.Expanded scale with additional performances on the first day of the tour at Maihama Amphitheater[37].
  • March 8th, 10th single "Cross roadWas released.OriconWon 3rd place in the weekly single ranking and set a personal best with the number of sales[50]..In this work, I challenged two vocals, Ito and Shimomura.


  • On January 1th, it was announced that Fujita would leave Fairies and retire from the entertainment world to concentrate on his studies.[15].
  • On February 2th, the first live "Fairies LIVE 19 -Synchronized-" was held with 5 members.
  • March 3st, the first single of 1 people "SynchronizedWas released.
  • May 5-3, live tour "Fairytale" will be held in 14 cities.
  • July 7, single "Love road showReleased.Fairies' first VR version has also been released.
  • November 11th-December 8rd, live tour "STAR" will be held in Higashi-Meihan.The new song "HEY HEY ~ Light Me Up ~" was unveiled for the first time at the Tokyo performance on the final day of the tour.



  • June-August-July 6th, live tour "ALL FOR YOU" will be held in 8 cities.
  • On July 7, the single "Metropolis" was released.Of all three songs recorded in this workMusic videoWas produced.


  • On June 6, it was announced that Nomoto, Hayashida, and Inoue would end their contracts with Rising Production and end their activities as Fairies.[52][53]..In addition, although future activities are undecided, "the group will not be dissolved"[18].


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