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📺 | Rie Miyazawa & Yuriyan Retriever sing WOWOW drama "FM999" in JK's brain

Photo "WOWOW Original Drama FM999 999WOMEN'S SONGS" Cast Team (from top left) Hina Yukawa, Rie Miyazawa, Mey-Rin, Rina Ota, Aki Yashiro, Serina Motora (from bottom left) Mariko Goto, Rie Tomosaka, Aoi Yamada, Toko Miura, Yuri Yuriyan Retriever (C) WOWOW

Broadcast of WOWOW drama "FM999" sung by Rie Miyazawa & Yuriyan Retriever in JK's brain

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Along with the drama about Kiyomi, three women will appear on the brain radio "FM1" and perform "Woman's Song", and the singers will be Rie Miyazawa, Mey-Rin, Rina Ota, A variety of women such as Aki Yashiro, Serena Motola, Mariko Goto, Rie Tomosaka, Aoi Yamada, Toko Miura, and Yuriyan Retriever will serve.

The drama "WOWOW Original Drama FM ..." starring actress Rie Miyazawa and comedian Yuriyan Retriever. → Continue reading

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Miyazawa Rie

Rie Miyazawa(Miyazawa,1973May 4[1][3] -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model,singer.TokyoNerima-kuBackground[4].. Height 167 cm, blood typeType B[3].. Belongs to MXNUMX Planning. As an actressmovies,stage,TV dramaAppeared in such as.JapaneseWith her motherDutchHalf with a father[5].husband TheV6 OfTsuyoshi Morita.


When I was 11モデルDebuted as[6]Soon after, the magazine "Weekly seventeen』(At that time) became the cover model.1987(Showa 62),CM"Mitsui RehouseThe first generation ofRehouse girlPlayed the role of "Reiko Shiratori" and attracted attention and became the topIdolBecame one of.

Has been active since the same periodKumiko GotoBecause he was in the same grade, he was on good terms and had a good rivalry. When he was 11 years old, he had a history of co-starring with Goto in a KitKat commercial.

When I was a teenager, when I was 10,Loinclothカレンダー』And at the age of 18Hair nude photo book"Santa Fe』And make a strange topic, andmanagerIt was noticed by the existence of the mother (commonly known as Rie Mama) who was serving as.engagementAnd engagement cancellation, dating with men, and moreanorexiaRumors from the entertainment mediaBashingA series of reports,AmericaSan DiegoToEmigrationFor a while, the entertainment activity was suspended.[6].

From the time when it seems that he has recovered from being extremely thin, he gradually resumed his entertainment activities.2002(Heisei14 years)Twilight SeibeiAfter the success of the movie, the range of activities as an actress has expanded, and the reputation as an orthodox actress is becoming established.[6].. RespectTaro OkamotoHe is also active in reading poems such as "living, dying" and "marital love" written by. SoftWhisper voiceThe owner ofNarrationHe also works a lot.

Yearly record

Private life

On February 2009, 2, we announced that we were 13 months pregnant by fax from our office.[15].. A later report on February 2 revealed that the other party was a Japanese businessman and former professional surfer living in Hawaii in his 20s.[16].. Submit a marriage registration in early April of the same year. The ceremony was held in Tokyo on the 4th of the same month.[17]..On May 5, the same year, she gave birth to her first baby girl.[18].

Divorce reported by some media on May 2012, 5[19]Admitted that divorce talks are underway by fax from the affiliated office on the same day[20].. Officially announced divorce on March 2016, 3[21].

August 2018, 3,V6-Tsuyoshi MoritaMarried. A letter reporting this was sent to V6 fan club members[22].


As mentioned above, I have been working as a model since I was a child.Kumiko GotoI am very close to him, such as planning a trip with him, and the stage of Miyazawa in 2015.UKAt the performance, Kumiko Goto watches the performance and goes to the dressing room to hug. Also, the actress who co-starred in the taiga dramaMizukawa AsamiIs a friend who calls each other by name, and is loved like a younger sister. An actress who was very close to her mother, MitsukoKaori MomoiEven before Miyazawa broke, he often came to Miyazawa's house to eat, drank alcohol until morning at Miyazawa's house, and went to work as it was, and Momoi himself loved Morie. Other than thatKanda Uno,Kyoka Suzuki,Shofuitei,Beat takeshi,Haruka IkawaHe has a wide range of personal connections from the political and business world to the big names in the entertainment world, probably because of his mother's influence.

Above allKenichi MikawaHe is loved like a younger sister, and Kenichi Mikawa, who was asked by Miyazawa's mother to abandon his engagement, persuaded him. Mikawa convinced Miyazawa, who was staying in Los Angeles at the time, that "You are too heavy on your back. You are an only child. What would you do if you became a mother?" Miyazawa's mother, Miyazawa's counselorMichiko KiharaI spent the night with Miyazawa at home with him and encouraged him.[23].



TV drama



Theater animation


TV program

Radio program




* All released by CBS / Sony

Release datespecificationStandard product numbersurfacetitleLyricsCompositionArrangerRemarks
1989/9/15EPXDSH-932371Dream rushKawamura MasumiTetsuya KomuroTetsuya Komuro·Kubo KojiProduced by Tetsuya Komuro.guitarでB'z OfTakahiro MatsumotoIs participating.
8 cm CD08EH-36662Full of secretsJun Sato
1990/2/158 cm CDCSSL-30541NO TITLISTKawamura MasumiTetsuya KomuroProduced by Tetsuya Komuro. Fuji TV drama "I'm always in love with someoneThe theme song.
2SHOOTING STARKeiko AsoJun SatoKenji Yamamoto
1990/10/18 cm CDCSDL-31721GameJohn Lennon

David Bowie

C. Alomar


John Lennon

David Bowie

C. Alomar

Bobby WatsonDavid Bowie"FameThe cover of.

Fuji TV drama "Someday I will go home with someoneThe theme song.

2Sunshine BoyItoi ShigesatoJulia
1991/11/218 cm CDSRDL-34041Sweet X'mas KissF. Bernard


Itoi Shigesato

F. Bernard


2I hate Christmas EveItoi ShigesatoNaoki YamadaTadashi Namba
1992/2/148 cm CDSRDL-34341I really like itKikujiNaoki YamadaTadashi NambaThe TBS drama "Tokyo Elevator GirlThe theme song.SaxophoneでTakeshi ItoParticipated.
1993/5/218 cm CDSRDL-36581Red flowerYoshiaki Shirai
2My Kick HeartTetsuya Komuro
1993/10/18 cm CDSRDL-37371boy friendHiromoto KomotoTHE BLUE HEARTSTHE BLUE HEARTSParticipated in the performance.
2Love hitsAkihiko Matsumoto


Release dateLabelspecificationStandard product numberalbum
1991/4/1Sony MusicCDSRCL-1782
1993/6/21Sony MusicCDSRCL-2668ROSEE
1993/12/1Sony MusicCDSRCL-280620ans. ~ Best Selection ~
1998/11/21Sony MusicCDSRCL-4404Golden J-Pop / The Best

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

* The order of appearance is expressed as "order of appearance / number of participants".

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
1990(2)/41 timesFirstGame10/29Ninja

Photo album

  • Pour Amitie (1989)
  • Quelle Surprise (1989)
  • Rie Miyazawa (FRAGILE) (1990)
  • Santa Fe(1991)
  • Santa Fe New Edition (1999)
  • Sachiko Ito x Rie Miyazawa STYLE BOOK (2005)



TV drama


  • 2004 Year
  • 2006 Year
  • 2008 Year
    • 16th Yomiuri Theater Awards Best Actress Award ("Doll house])
  • 2013 Year
  • 2017 Year
    • 25th Yomiuri Theater Awards Grand Prize / Best Actress Award ("Footprint Princess-Anachronistic Winter Ghosts-", "Captain Kuhio's Wife", "Uncle Vanya")[48]


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