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🎥 | "Justice League" Snyder'Cut trailer released for a 4-hour blockbuster movie

Photo "Justice League" Snyder'Cut trailer unveiled Photo courtesy of AFLO

"Justice League" Snyder'Cut trailer released in a 4-hour blockbuster movie

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This is a new work by Junkie XL known as "Mad Max: Fury Road".

Director's Cut version of the DC movie "Justice League" directed by Zack Snyder (original title "Za ..." → Continue reading

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Junky XL

Junky XL(Junkie XL) Is NetherlandsOf a human musicianTom Hawkenberg(Tom Holkenborg,1967May 12 -) Is a solo project.

1990 era OfBig beatOne of the parties responsible for the movement and a pioneer in the field of rock and dance crossovers.


1994, As a member of an industrial rock band NetherlandsDebuted in Japan.However, he soon left the band activity and changed to the music producer business, and is involved in movie music, game music, TV commercial production, etc.The start of solo work as a musician1998ToAmerica-CaliforniaIt was after moving to.

2002Worked onエ ル ヴ ィ ス · プ レ ス リ ーof"A Little Less Conversation"ofRemixWas a hit all over the world, and since thenCold play,Block partyRock bands such asJustin TimberlakeSuch aship hopFrom the relationshipBritney SpearsToAvril LavigneHe is also active as a world-famous remixer that handles many remixes of a wide range of artists, including idol singers.Japan also,melody.,Ayumi HamasakiKnown for remixing these songs.

In the 3rd album "Radio JXL-A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin"Dave Gahan(Depeche Mode), Robert Smith (The Cure),Chuck D(Public Enemy),Solomon BurkeCollaboration with a brilliant face was also carried out and became a hot topic.

While making numerous remix requests and producing various soundtracks, he is also active in live activities while constantly releasing albums.Rock festivalThere are also many participants in.He has a very light footwork in both studio work and live activities.

2011Game on saleSaints Row: The Third"Angry Elephants" is used for.


Studio album

  • "Saturday Teenage Kick"- Saturday Teenage Kick (1997)
  • "Big Sounds of the Drugs"- Big Sounds of the Drags (1999)
  • "Radio JXL-A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin"- Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin (2003)
  • "Today"- Today (2006)
  • "Booming Back At You"- Booming Back at You (2008)
  • "Synthesized"- Synthesized (2012)


  • "Billy Club"- Billy Club (1998)
  • More EP (2007) * Featuring Lauren Rocket
  • Cities in Dust EP (2008) * Featuring Lauren Rocket
  • Fairlight EP (2010) * FeaturingJan Hammer

movie soundtrack

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