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🎥 | [The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Keiko Horiuchi "Maybe it looks better than I usually do"

Photo Keiko Horiuchi (C) "By Players 2021" Production Committee / (C) 2021 "Movie By Players" Production Committee Appearing in New Project of "By Players" Series

[The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Keiko Horiuchi "Maybe it looks better than I usually do."

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After graduating from high school, he joined the Shiki Theater Company and played the role of a heroine in various masterpieces such as "Cats" and "Beauty and the Beast."

The drama "By Players" series (TV Tokyo series) in which the leading Japanese actors appear in their own roles. 202 ... → Continue reading

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Troupe four seasons

Troupe four seasons(Gekidanshiki) is produced, planned and operated by Shiki Co., Ltd. in Japan.Commercial theaterOn behalf ofTroupeIs.Initially art-oriented,Shakespeare,ChekhovExisting commercial theater (New school,Koma Theater,Shimbashi TheaterEtc.)New playGroup (Actor,Literary TheaterEtc.), but from around 1972Broadway,Disney movieTurned into commercial theater such as.It is said that 3,500 performances a year (1-9 performances a day) are performed.


Over 700 peopleAn actor, With 350 management staff and 350 technical staffTokyo-Osaka-Nagoya-京都Over 3,000 stages will be performed (entertainment) annually, centered on the dedicated theater set up in.年間観客動員数はThe annual number of spectators isrepeaterApproximately 300 million people including. 1970年代以降、海外Overseas since the XNUMXsmusicalThrough the long-run performance of the work, it played a major role in establishing the musical in Japan.

Not dependent on the import of overseas musicals,Keita Asari"Shiki Theater Company Original Musical" and "Shiki Theater Company Family Musical" produced by Shiki Theater Company are also popular.Also,Free theaterSince the opening of the business, the number of straight play performances has increased.


1953(Showa 28) January 7Keita Asari-Takeshi KusakaIt was a student theater group formed by 10 people around them.Theatrical company productionKeita AsariMet.

I wasn't aiming for a musical troupe from the beginning, and for quite a long time since its establishmentStraight playIt was a specialized theater company.これは、当時This was at that timeNew playIt is also related to the fact that the founders, who were concerned about the ideologically dominant and lacking theatrical fun that had swept the world, founded it as a theater company that pursued the fun of the theater itself.おもにMainlyJean Giraudoux,Jean AnouilhEt al.French literatureHe was playing a play written by a writer.

Prioritizing artistry, in order to continuously perform creative plays by Japanese people and fall into a business crisis or support their livesPart-time jobThe confrontation between the members of the theater company who prioritized the above and the executives of the theater company who criticized it caused a crisis of internal division, but by performing a high-level play with a stable ability to attract customers, corporate management was established only by the performance. , Theatrical troupe members are also aiming for management that can live.

1971Produced by Asari in (Showa 46)Koshiji snowstormThe leading musical "Applause], Accumulating know-how while performing various musicals,1979(Showa 54)Chorus lineIs a turning point.

Since Japanese theaters have monthly contracts, even if they make big hits, their profits tend to be limited, and Asari begins to seek to secure a dedicated theater.1983(Showa 58)Nishi-ShinjukuWe rented a vacant lot in Tokyo and set up a temporary theater with tents.1984(59)May 11Until"CATS"ofLong-run performanceI made a decision (Takashi YamadaChoreography).1985(Showa 60)OsakaOld of Nishi-UmedaNational railway"CATS" was re-performed at a temporary tent theater set up in a container yard, and a 13-month long-run performance was achieved.

AsariNakasone CabinetIn the ageYasuhiro NakasoneFrom the political worldBusiness worldYou will be able to make use of your wide network of contacts.In 45 (Heisei 1998), the 10th anniversary of the foundation,JNR reformCaused a contactMatsuda MasashiWas the president at that timeEast Japan Railway(JR East)MecenatAs part of its activities, the "JR East Japan Art Center Shiki Theater" was completed, making it the first dedicated theater in the Kanto region.

"The Lion King," a work of the Shiki Theater [Spring], has become a turning point, breaking the long-run performance record of more than 20 years, which is the longest in Japan.After thatDentsu-Hanshin Electric RailwayInstalled in own buildings by major companiestheaterIs used exclusively as a dedicated theater, or "ア イ ー ダ''Mamma Meer!''the wicked』And expanded the number of mobilization by importing and performing the latest overseas musical works, such as musicals more than 4 days a weekStraight playContinues to perform. Until the performance of "Chorus Line", the Shiki Theater Company performed at most 19 times a year, with an average of about 10 times a year.However, "Chorus Line" was performed1979(54) was 50 times, 581 times the previous year, and 1983 (58), when "CATS" was premiered, counted 707 times.Since then, the number of performances has consistently increased,2002It has been performed 14 times in (2,530).

202010月24日から、東京・JR East Four Seasons Theater [Autumn]のオープニング作品として『Phantom of the OperaWill be performed[1].



Always keep your back straight when actingAbdominal breathingA unique declamation method that clearly pronounces vowelsVocal sound method) Is thoroughly implemented as the "four seasons method".This vocalization method was created so that the dialogue could be clearly reached from the stage to the ears of the audience.


Theater-in-theater method

In the past, it was necessary to make large-scale preparations in theaters in order to perform large-scale overseas musicals.

For example, when performing "Phantom of the Opera", it takes several weeks just to prepare and remove candles and proscenium arches rising from the abyss, so a dedicated theater or a theater that can be occupied for a long time. It could only be performed at (Nissay Theater, Kintetsu Theater, Chunichi Theater, etc.).Theater-in-theater methodIs simplyPlastic modelIt is like.

Assemble the stage equipment (including the acoustic equipment) once in another place in advance, and divide it into smaller units.In the theater you want to perform, you can complete the work by simply assembling (incorporating) the divided units into the theater, so you can finish the work in a short period of time.This has made it possible to realize performances in cities that could not be performed until now.

Since it is always completed in the same size, it cannot be used in theaters with significantly different frontages and depths.

Shiki Theater Company Gift Service

2010May 8,Letterpress printingとFujitsu FIPUsing the infrastructure of "Shiki Theater Company Gift ServiceWill be introduced.

It can be used when purchasing tickets at the Shiki Theater Company's web shop and theaters nationwide.prepaid cardThis will be the first introduction in the Japanese entertainment industry.[2].

Cards are sold at the Shiki Theater Company's web shop and some permanent theaters, and the deposit (charge) amount is selected from three types: 3,000 yen, 6,000 yen, and 9,800 yen. There is.

Amazon Login & Payment

2015May 5,Amazon.co.jpof"Amazon Login & PaymentIntroduced.これにより、Amazon.co.jpのアカウントで公演チケットが購入できるようになったAs a result, performance tickets can now be purchased with an Amazon.co.jp account.[3].


NormallyShiki Theater CompanySelected by the research student audition of the company, joined as a research student, trained in the theater company and made an appearance contract as an actor (performer), but in recent years, actors and singers belonging to external theater companies and entertainment productions have been appointed. Appearances have also increased considerably.

I auditioned in Beijing and Seoul every year, but I don't audition now.Japanese classes are provided for people from overseas in parallel with dance and singing, and some of them played the leading role.

The employment classification of actors isSole proprietorship(Contract employee)Performance feeVaries according to the cast and the number of appearances.主役や2番手クラスでは年1,000万円を超えている者がいると2000年代前半までUntil the first half of the XNUMXs, if there are people who exceed XNUMX million yen a year in the leading role and the second classgossip,urban legendHowever, after 2007, the four seasons have announced that it is true in the interview article of Asari and the text of the company history column page "Four Seasons Story" on the official website.

As Asari says, "Even if you receive it, you will be dropped," "Familiarity, who, collapse," and "People who drop one note will leave." If the cast is poor, the cast may be replaced on the way.

The exclusive profile of the exclusive actor is not published except for the pamphlet of the appearance work and the article on the official website, and no personal blog is set up, so it is not possible to know about private life.In most cases, even if you leave the group, it will not be announced by the theater company.

The actor's guarantee has an annual contract fee and a performance fee that are renewed every year, and the annual contract fee is the minimum guarantee for the actor to concentrate on the actor, and to meet the demands of the actor from the inside to the outside. Strict vocalization, dance, and system maintenance.If the request cannot be met, the annual contract fee will not be renewed.In addition, the performance fee will be paid after passing the enrollment, after the cast audition, the rehearsal cast audition, the final stage rehearsal audition, and the actual stage appearance audition. 1年実績では2017人が応募し、コース別の書類・実技で1,300人選考後、即戦力俳優と400年間の研究生を経た者との合格者は1人In 40, XNUMX people applied, and after selecting XNUMX people based on the documents and practical skills of each course, XNUMX people passed the test with ready-to-work actors and those who have been research students for one year.[4].

Shiki Co., Ltd.

Shiki Co., Ltd.It is,Commercial theaterIt is a theater entertainment company that operates the Shiki Theater Company itself.衣装メンテナンスも自社で行われ、ロングラン上演中の破損にも対応できるCostume maintenance is also done in-house and can handle damage during long-run performances[5].

Dedicated / permanent theater


Semi-dedicated theater

In Osaka and Nagoya, where there are dedicated theaters, the members of the theater company commute from the apartments dedicated to the Shiki Theater Company, rather than living in hotels where both the theater company and the members of the theater company cost money.

Dedicated theater scheduled to open

Private theater closed

A theater that had been permanently installed and performed all year round in the past

Related facilities

Four Seasons Arts Center
2006ToKanagawa横 浜 市Aoba-kuAzaminoIt is also the location of the head office of Shiki Co., Ltd., which controls the theater company.
  • Site area 1Square meter, Total floor area 1 square meters.It consists of two buildings, the South Building, which is the conventional rehearsal hall building, and the main building, which is the new rehearsal hall building.屋上にはOn the roofSolar powerPanels are installed and it is environmentally friendly.
  • As for the main equipment, there are a total of 10 rehearsals of various sizes, including large and medium rehearsals where you can rehearse with almost the same mechanism as the actual stage, and research for individual lessons. There is a room, an acoustic studio for narration, a costume / tokoyama room, a dining room, a training gym, a medical office, a massage room, and a back office of Shiki Co., Ltd.
  • Most of the performances are practiced at this center, which is the center of the Shiki Theater Company.
  • Research students without a cast are unpaid, but manyTroupeThen, the lesson fee, which is charged, can be taken free of charge at Shiki Theater Company, which has a profitable performance, and the cafeteria can also be used at a discount.The world that Matsuko does not knowWas broadcast on.
Yoyogi Atelier
1965,Shibuya WardYoyogi SangubashiCompleted in. It has three floors and is about 3 square meters, and is still used as a rehearsal hall.In addition, Asari production office, which became independent from the four seasons, has an office here.
Four Seasons Theater Materials Center
NaganoOmachiOpened inShiki Theater Company Keita Asari Memorial HallThere is a (former Shiki Theater Museum → Shiki Theater Company Memorial Hall) and a stage art storage warehouse.
  • The Four Seasons Theater Museum1996Opened in the Shiki Theater Materials Center, stage models, photographs, scripts, props, props, costumes and related documentary materials are on display.It also has a library where you can watch commercial videos of Shiki Theater Company.Management and operationFoundationPerforming Arts Center. The first renewal was carried out in April 2016, and the name was changed to "Shiki Theater Company". It was renewed for the second time in July 4, and the name was changed to "Shiki Theater Company Keita Asari Memorial Hall" again.
  • The stage art storage warehouse consists of 4 warehouses on a vast site of about 3000 square meters, and about 15 performances of the Shiki Theater Company so far.[9]Lighting / audio equipment, props / props / costumes, various materials, etc. are stored.Computer management is carried out by connecting online with the Shiki Arts Center and other places.

New city performance

Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi(Sendai cityAoba-ku),Shizuoka City Cultural Center(Shizuoka CitySakai District),Ueno Gakuen Hall(Hiroshima cityNaka-ku) For a few weeks to a maximum of half a yearLong-run performanceIs held regularly.These performances are held under the name of New City Performances, apart from the national performances.さらに2017年からはFurthermore, from XNUMXKAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater(横 浜 市Naka-ku) But a long-run performance for about half a year is being held.

Performance work

Musical (in alphabetical order)

Straight play (in alphabetical order)

Family musical (in alphabetical order)

Nissei Masterpiece Theater → Nissei Masterpiece SeriesHowever, many works are being performed.Also,The theater of the heartThe brand is being developed as a series.

Other works

Main actors (in alphabetical order)



Or row

Sa line


Na row

Is line


Ya line

Ra line / Wa line



Or row

Sa line


Na row

Is line


Ya line

Ra line / Wa line

From overseas

Actors who once belonged (in alphabetical order)



Old friend

Main guest performances (in alphabetical order)

* For manyCategory: Shiki Theater Company program contractorSee also

Research student I used to belong to

Business partner

Hokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido)
It used to jointly run a dedicated theater, but undertakes ticket sales for works performed at the Hokkaido Shiki Theater.
Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings
A theater dedicated to the four seasons was once opened on the site of the former head office building.However, the relationship is not as close as in other areas.
Nippon Television Network
He is listed as a sponsor of a dedicated theater performance run by Dentsu.また、同社お天気キャラクターのAlso, of the company's weather characterSora JiroI have also collaborated with[12].
It has opened four-season theaters in Tokyo and Osaka, and currently operates only four-season theaters in Tokyo.
Fuji Sankei Group
He is one of the sponsors of "The Lion King," which is being performed for a long time at the Shiki Theater Spring.
Although it is a sponsor, it has opened and operated a dedicated theater "Canon Cats Theater" in Yokohama.
Sekisui House
Although it is a sponsor, it purchases and operates the naming rights for a dedicated theater in Tokyo.
Daido Life
We are a special sponsor of "Aladdin", and the name of the exclusive theater (Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is "Daido Seimei Musical Theater Dentsu Shiki Theater [Umi]".
Daiichi Sankyo Health Care
Although it is a sponsor, it is listed as a sponsor of a family musical (Kokoro no Theater) that accompanies the school's summer vacation period, which is performed in the fall of the Shiki Theater.
East Japan Railway(JR East)
In addition to jointly operating a theater dedicated to the four seasons in the 23 wards of Tokyo, it also undertakes ticket sales for works performed at the theater dedicated to the four seasons in the XNUMX wards of Tokyo and Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi / KAAT.
Every day broadcasting
Especially support for performances in the Kansai area.
West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
In addition to jointly operating the Kyoto Theater, it also undertakes ticket sales for works performed at the Kyoto Theater, Osaka Shiki Theater, and Ueno Gakuen Hall.
Nippon Life
Corporate mecenatIn collaboration with the Nissei Cultural Promotion Foundation as part of its activitiesNissei Masterpiece Theater → Nissei Masterpiece SeriesIs being carried out.
Chunichi Shimbun,Tokai TV broadcasting
He is one of the organizers of performances in Nagoya.
Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
Shin-Nagoya Musical Theater (Shin-Nagoya Musical Theater closed in September 2015) → We undertake ticket sales for works performed at the Nagoya Shiki Theater (opened in the fall of 9) and the Shizuoka City Community Hall.
West Japan Shimbun
RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System
West Japan City Bank(Of which oldFukuoka City BankIs related)
Fukuoka City TheaterEspecially support in opening.Even now, they are conducting performance PR in their main business.
Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
We undertake the sale of tickets for works performed at the Canal City Theater.


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