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📺 | Drama "Kamisama no karute" starring Sota Fukushi, 1% death on the first night! "Acting is bad" "Sakurai & Aoi Miyazaki ...


The drama "Kamisama no karute" starring Sota Fukushi, the first night 1% death! "Acting is bad" "Sakurai & Aoi Miyazaki ...

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In addition, Yuko Oshima will play the role of Naomi Tozai, the chief nurse of the ward, Amane Okayama will play the role of Sensuke Tachibana, the resident of the apartment, Mitakeso, and Genzo Itagaki, the director of the Department of Gastroenterology Kinya Kitaoji, Deputy Director of Internal Medicine, Kamoichi Naito of Honjo Hospital, Issey Ogata, and gorgeous actors gathered.

The first night of the special drama "Kamisama no karute" (Tokyo TV series) starring Sota Fukushi will be broadcast on February 1th ... → Continue reading

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