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🤖 | "Z Gundam" Reccoa role Masako Katsuki becomes a movie Pretty Cure for the first time in 10 years! "Movie Healin" Seiran Kobayashi and mother and daughter

Photo "Movie Healin'Good Precure Yume no Machi de Kyun!GoGo!"Makeover !!" Guest voice actor announcement 2nd Seiran Kobayashi x Masako Katsuki (C) 2020 Movie Healin'Good Precure Production Committee

Masako Katsuki, the role of Reccoa in "Z Gundam", will be the movie Pretty Cure for the first time in 10 years! "Movie Healin" Seiran Kobayashi and mother and daughter

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Katsuo, on the other hand, is familiar with the roles of "NARUTO" Tsunade and "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" Reccoa Londe.

"Movie Healin'Good Precure Yume no Machi de Kyun!GoGo!Makeover! !! ], The movie original ... → Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Z Gundam

"Mobile Suit Z Gundam(Kidosenshi Zeta Gundam,MOBILE SUIT Ζ GUNDAM) Is JapanSunriseProduced byGundam series"ofTelevision Animation.

Nagoya TVAs a production stationTV Asahi seriesで1985年(昭和60年)3月2日から1986年(昭和61年)2月22日まで、土曜 17時30分 - 18時00分の時間帯にて全50話が放送された。物語は1979年 - 1980年に放送された『Mobile Suit Gundam』, But the setting is a series from the theatrical movie version trilogy. Abbreviation is "Ζ(Zeta).

In this section, from 2005 (17) to 2006 (18)ShochikuTheatrical movie trilogy released nationwide at affiliated theatersMobile Suit Z Gundam A New Translation』Series is also described.

Work description

Previous workOne year war7 years laterSpace centuryHappened in 0087Grips campaignDraw. "Spacenoid and EarthnoidThe axis of "conflict" does not change, but the previous workEarth FederationversusZeon PrincipalityIn contrast to the clear scheme of war, this workTitansとEugoConflict between two forces that arose from the Earth Federation Forces[1]It is the largest remnant of Zeon after the middle stage.AxisIntervenes, and the composition is such that the number of tactics such as the alliance / rupture between the three powers and the assassination of the leader can be seen. The later produced OVA "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY』, Touches on the process leading up to this situation (resistance of the Zeon remnants and the rise of global supremacy).

The characters are the main charactersCamille bidanNext-generation young people will appear, and it will be a development involving the characters of the previous work that has grown older.Amuro RayとChar Aznable(In this work, "Quattro Bazina"), the rivals of the previous work will temporarily fight together in Eugo as a companion to Camille. With CamilleFour MurasameSuch as tragic loveNew typeとReinforced humanRelationships, possibilities and tragedy are depicted in multiple layers.

Regarding the mechanism, it transforms into a moving formVariable mobile suitHas appeared in large numbers, and the leading machine is also an advanced version of the previous work (Gundam Mk-II) To the variable type in the latter half of the story (Z Gundam). In addition, the settings of the previous work are arranged, such as the Gundam Mk-II being robbed from the enemy and the old Zeon weapons being reused by the Earth Federation Forces.

Narration is in the playHenken BekkenerTo playJurota KosugiWas in charge of[Note 1].. There was little narration to explain the battle situation like the previous work, and the main focus was on the monologue at the beginning of the main story, the previous digest, and the next notice. The next notice will be "You are(When)See tearsIt ended with the catchphrase.

The correct reading for the letters "Zeta"Greek lettersof"Ζ"However, because of the ease of input and the similarity in shape, the Latin letters"Z"(Zet) is often substituted[Note 2].

The title of the work at the time of the preparatory draft is "Char's CounterattackWas (described later)Novel versionSee).


Background of the project

"Combat Mecha Xabungle], [Holy warrior Dunbine], [Galaxy drifting by femme], [Heavy Tank L-Gaim』And has been produced in quick successionBandaiAnd Sunrise's robot anime did not beat Gundam commercially[2].. On the other hand, Gundam said,Model informationAnd 'Comic bonbon』Although it was developed in magazines such as, this work was planned by Bandai because sales were lower than when the movie version trilogy was released. In addition, it was the main sponsor of the previous work and commercialized the toy.CloverHas already gone bankrupt, so Bandai is in charge of toys as well as plastic models.

The project began immediately after the sponsor withdrew due to the bankruptcy of Clover when "Dumbine" was aired. The program after "Dumbine" had already been decided to be "El Gaim",One of the conditions for Bandai to be the main sponsor instead of Clover was the resurrection of the Gundam TV series.[Source required].. There was a considerable preparation period for a TV animation because there was a broadcasting period of "L-Gaim" in between. However, despite such a long preparation periodZ GundamDue to its complicated design and deformation mechanism, design decision and commercialization were delayed. For this reason, the appearance of Z Gundam was rescheduled at the end of the second cool. The problem was what to do with the main character MS of 2 Cool until the appearance of Ζ, "MSV (Mobile suit variations) ”Is proposed to be adopted, and MSVFull Armor GundamとHeavy GundamWith the concept of "enhanced Gundam"Gundam Mk-IIBecame the main character in the first half[3].

MS (mobile suit) design

Many young designers participated with the intention of inheriting the genealogy of the design that appeared in the previous work and creating new ones.

Initially, at the direction of Tomino, he was the designer of the previous program "Heavy Metal L-Gaim".Nagano MamoruWas working on the design, but he submittedRick Diaz,Galbaldy βHowever, Nagano dropped out just before the program was broadcast because the evaluation at the upper level of Sunrise was not good. Instead, he is the designer of the previous work in a hurry.Kunio OkawaraIn addition to being 21 years old at that timeKazumi FujitaWas invited, and the work proceeded in such a way that Fujita put together the ideas of Nagano and Ogawara. For exampleGundam Mk-II,Hiack,AssimaIs Ogawara → Fujita,HyakushikiIs summarized in the flow of Nagano → Fujita.

For a while after the first few design works were completed, Fujita was in charge of the design alone, but later in the final stages to explore more possibilities.Z GundamOf the illustrator / modeler who will designMakoto KobayashiAt the top of the list of cartoonistsKazuhisa Kondo, AnimatorKoichi Ohata,Rose, DesignerYoshinori Sayama,Hideo OkamotoMany designers were appointed, and orders were placed again for Nagano, who once dropped out.QubeleyとHambraviIs drawn.

MSVSeveral MSs have also appeared from, and the products of the MSV series have been re-released after being incorporated into the plastic model lineup of this work by changing the package. Tomino felt the need for the appearance of the old-fashioned MS at the time of the One Year War as an element to emphasize the passage of time for seven years, and he said that he chose mainly those with a distinctive appearance that can be seen at a glance.[4].


BGM is Shigeaki Saegusa (currently:Shigeaki Saegusa) Is in charge[5], A popular American singer / composerNeil SedakaI asked for the theme song.Maya AyukawaThe first half OP theme "Ζ ・ Beyond the time" sung by[Note 3]"And the ED theme" Believe in the Starry Sky[Note 4]"Is a song from the past Sedaka album with new lyrics and arrangements.Hiroko MoriguchiSinging the late OP theme "With love to the water starIs newly provided[Note 5].. "Hoshizora Believe" was scheduled to be the opening theme[6].. Also, according to Nagano's remarks at the event he attended at the time of the TV broadcast, the initial theme song wasVan HalenThere was also a plan to have unused songs handed over to[Source required].

Satomi MajimaOriginally, "Hashabai" sung byInvincible Steel Man Die Turn 3It is a song recorded as an image song of. Majima's husbandToru FuruyaIt was used as a song in the play in the appearance scene of Amuro Ray played by (also used in the same scene of the novel version).

In addition,arcade game"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Eugo vs. TitansAnd its upgraded version of "Same DX』Although the above three songs except" Hoshizora ~ "are recorded[Note 6], For PS2 / GC, which is a ported version of the consumer machineMobile Suit Gundam Gundam vs. Ζ Gundam] Is not recorded. The 7th VS. series "Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam VS. Gundam』, The only theme song in the appearance work is not recorded[Note 7].. The 8th work "NEXT』But it is a substitute for the BGM in the play[Note 8] .. However,"Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost], The theme song for the theater "Metamorphoze ~ Metamorphoze ~Is recorded.


The average audience rating in the Kanto area is 6.4%, the highest audience rating is 11.7%, and the key station, Nagoya TV in the Chukyo area, has a higher average audience rating of 12.3% and the highest audience rating of 17.7% than in the Kanto area.

Renewal of characters and mechanical characters, special machines that appear one after another during the workVariable MS, Due to esoteric content, etc., it was unpopular with fans of the previous work, but it was accepted by new fans[7].. Although there were pros and cons to this work when it was aired, it has become a standard work for young fans since the end of the 20th century.[2].

Commercial effect

This work was aired in the yearGunplaAlthough it was strong on the commercial side, such as doubling the sales of[8],Katsumi Kawaguchi"We couldn't meet Bandai's expected sales," he said.[9].Satoru MatsumotoAccording to the report, it is caused by soaring product prices due to cost increase due to complicated design.[10].. Kawaguchi also said, "I couldn't meet the expected value because there is no doubt that Gundam as content is attractive, but I want Gundam to continue with TV animation after" Ζ ". It became. "[9].

The LD-BOX released by Bandai Visual in 1994 became a hit with 1 sets for both Part 2 and Part 3. This was equivalent to 5% of Bandai Visual's sales at that time.[11].. In addition, Part 1 is No. 2 and Part 2 is No. 1 on the Oricon LD chart. The DVD-BOX was released in 2001, and it became a hit with 95 individual items.[12].. When the above-mentioned LD-BOX is converted into a single item, it is 45, so the number of sales is increasing significantly.[Note 9].. The total number of DVDs has reached 128 million, including the single DVD released at the same time as the DVD-BOX and the later rental DVD.


Japan Music Copyright Association(JASRAC) is May 2005, 5, 18Copyrighted materialAnnounced ranking of distribution amount based on usage fee. "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam" ranked 10th in this ranking BGM(Composer:Shigeaki Saegusa) ”Is entered. The soundtrack sound source is often used not only in related games such as "Super Robot Wars" but also in TV news, wide shows, and variety shows.

Late theme song "With love to the water star”Hiroko MoriguchiDebuted as a singer with this song.Since then, he has been singing this song in various places for a long time, and NHK broadcast it on BS Premium in 2018.All Gundam Grand Voting 40thIn the "Gundam Song" category of the successive Gundam anime series song fan voting rankings at that time, the song won the first place.[13].


One year warHas ended, and seven years have passed.Space century0087 years.Zeon PrincipalitySubstantial victory over the army[Note 10]Was storedEarth Federation ArmyHowever, resistance to the federal army by the remnants of the Principality of Zeon was still continuing. Federal ArmyJamitov HymemBrigadier General (later General) is a special unit that aims to hunt Zeon remnants inside the federal army, with the threat of Zeon remnants as the cause.TitansTo form. Titans are not only the remnants of ZeoncolonyTakes hard measures against the anti-Earth Federation movement of the TitansBask OmColonel slaughtered 1 bunch colonies on Side 30 during an anti-federal rally by using poisonous gas (30 Bunch Incident), And hide the facts by controlling information. In response to these movements, the federal armyFlex forumBrigadier General is an anti-Earth federal organization centered on federal officers and soldiers who are disliked by Titans.EugoWas formed.Anaheim ElectronicsLunar city centered on the companyVon BraunNew battleship from the military industryArgamaReceive financial and material assistance such as being provided.

Asteroid AxisReturned from Earth for reconnaissance, gained federal registration and infiltratedChar Aznable TheQuattro BazinaHe was participating in Eugo by pretending to be a captain.

Titans is the newly developed Side 7 in the Colony Reconstruction PlanGreen NoahWith the intention of making it a military base, he kept secret the development plan for the successor to Gundam, which is a symbol of the federal army. OnceAmuro RayEt al.White baseThe colony where the members of the corps lived is Green Noah 1Green oasisIt was rebuilt as. There will be the main character of this workCamille bidanIs a childhood friendFa YuiryI lived with him.Camille's parents participated in the new Gundam development project as engineers, but Camille was a depressed boy who suffered from his father's affair and his mother who pretended not to see her husband's behavior at work.Camille respectsBright NoahVisits the spaceport with Fa to meet him, but there is a new officer of TitansJerid MessaEncountered.Camille, whose name was ridiculed and soared, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Jerid, but was in flight training.Gundam Mk-IIEscape the base on the occasion of the crash.Meanwhile, Char, who was tasked with reconnaissance at a military base, attempts to infiltrate a closely related colony alone. Char, who learned of the existence of Mk-II, decided to seize the aircraft, with two subordinatesRick DiazInvade again.Camille, who took advantage of the turmoil, is a female officer of Bright and Titans.Emma SheenShake off the restraint ofMPTaken Mk-II to give back to him. I was also worried about JeridKacricon CacoolerThe aircraft is also laid down. Char decides that the Mk-II pilots have no intention of hostile to them, and escapes from the Green Oasis with Camille and two Mk-IIs as souvenirs. thus,Gundam robbery caseStarting with, Eugo and Titans rushed into a full-scale conflict ...

Camille loses his parents due to Basque playing with a sneaky plan to recapture Mk-II, and Camille who strengthens his antipathy and hostility toward Titans becomes a full-time pilot of Mk-II at his own will. Emma, ​​who was involved in the Mk-II recapture operation, was indignant at Titans' outrage and separated from Eugo. Private shipTemptationBright, who was content with the sinecure of being the captain of Henken, joined Eugo after being saved by the Argama corps, and became Captain Argama by Zen transfer from Henken. Char is a new model received in the monthHyakushikiTransfer toOperation Jaburo descentIs entrusted with the command of.

On the other hand, the man returning from JupiterPaptimus SciroccoParticipated in Titans due to the obstruction of the descent operation. He swore allegiance to Jamitov and began to play a part. He also returned to Earth with the asteroid Axis.Haman Khan TheMineva ZabiAs a puppet, she wields her regent. Intervene in the conflict between Eugo and Titans as the third pole and take advantage of both sides.

In this way, Char is a new type of man-made man who licks spicy acid many times due to his fame and the connection with the past, reveals his origin as the successor to Brex who was hit by a deadly bullet, becomes the head of the army and deepens his suffering.Reinforced humanAwakened as a new type through encounters with us and numerous tragedy, a new modelZ GundamCamille, who was given a sword, Sirocco, who steadily increased his hand pieces due to a number of plots, and eventually seized Titans by the assassination of Jamitov, and Haman, who is aiming to revive Zeon with a broken heart for Char, as the axis.Colony laser-Grips 2A three-way battle between Eugo, Titans, and Axis was unfolding over.


Earth Federation Army(Among the federal army, those who do not belong to the above organizations)

Appearance weapon

Mobile suit,Mobile armorThose classified as mobile weapons such as

For anything else

ス タ ッ フ

(From the opening credit)

Theme song/Insert song

Opening theme
"Beyond the time" (original title:BETTER DAYS ARE COMING) (Episode 1-Episode 23)
Original lyrics[Note 11]・ Composition- Neil Sedaka / Japanese version of lyrics- Rin Iogi / Arrangement- Hiroya Watanabe / song - Maya Ayukawa
■OriconWeekly single chart
"With love to the water star(English title:FOR US TO DECIDE) (Episode 24-Episode 50)
Lyrics- Masano / Composition-Neil Sedaka / Arrangement- Koji Mamagino / song - Hiroko Moriguchi
■OriconWeekly single chart
Ending theme
"Believe of the Starry Sky" (Original title:BAD AND BEAUTIFUL)
Original lyrics[Note 11]・ Composition-Neil Sedaka, Philip Cody / Japanese version of lyrics- Machiko Ryu / Arrangement-Hiroya Watanabe / Song-Mami Ayukawa
Insert song
"Hashabai" (Episode 13)
Lyrics- Rin Iogi / Composition- Inoue Tadao / Arrangement- Miyagawa Yasushi / song - Satomi Majima
"Silver dress" (Episode 20)
Lyrics --Rin Iogi / Composition / Arrangement --Koji Makaino / Song --Hiroko Moriguchi

Replacement case

Currently, the opening and ending parts of the video software released in Japan use the same music as when it was aired on TV, but on some online distribution sites and overseas version video software, the video is However, there are cases where only the songs have been replaced with BGM recorded in the soundtrack (the opening song is "Ζ GUNDAM" in both the first and second semesters, and the ending song is "New World") (the opening video is the replaced BGM A new sound effect has been added). Regarding this, Sunrise said, "Please note that the opening and ending songs of" Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam "are different from the TV broadcast version due to the rights of the on-demand distribution. Please note that the current video is directed by Tomino. Is supervised and distributed as the official version of Internet distribution. "[14][Note 12].. In addition, from December 2017, the report that "it became possible to distribute with the original theme song" has been officially announced.[15].

List of stories

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptConteShowAnimation director
Episode 11985
May 3
Black GundamHiroshi Onoki
Minoru Axutani
Yasuhiro ImagawaHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 2May 3DepartureYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Toshifumi TakizawaOsamu SekitaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 3May 3Inside the capsuleTomoko Kawasaki
Minoru Axutani
Hiroyuki YokoyamaKei Hyodo
Episode 4May 3Emma's escapeMaruo Miho
Minoru Axutani
Toshifumi KawaseYamada Kisaraka
Episode 5May 3With father and son ...Hiroshi Onoki
Minoru Axutani
Kunihisa SugishimaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 6May 4To the earthYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Shuji IuchiOsamu SekitaHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 7May 4Side 1 escapeMaruo Miho
Minoru Axutani
Ayumi ChibukiHiroyuki YokoyamaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 8May 4Other side of the moonHiroshi Onoki
Minoru Axutani
Toshifumi KawaseKei Hyodo
Episode 9May 4New bondMaruo Miho
Minoru Axutani
Kunihisa SugishimaYamada Kisaraka
Episode 10May 5再 会Hiroshi Onoki
Minoru Axutani
Yasuhiro ImagawaOsamu SekitaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 11May 5Atmosphere entryYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Tetsuro AminoHiroyuki YokoyamaHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 12May 5Jaburo windYasushi Hirano
Minoru Axutani
Ayumi Chibuki
Minoru Axutani
Toshifumi KawaseToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 13May 6Shuttle startHiroshi Onoki
Minoru Axutani
Kunihisa Sugishima
Minoru Axutani
Kunihisa SugishimaYamada Kisaraka
Episode 14May 6Amuro againYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Yasuhiro ImagawaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 15May 6Katz sortieMaruo Miho
Minoru Axutani
Hiroyuki YokoyamaOsamu SekitaHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 16May 6Through the white darknessYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Honbashi TakaoToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 17May 6Hong Kong CityAkinori EndoToshifumi KawaseYamada Kisaraka
Episode 18May 7Mirai trappedYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Kunihisa Sugishima
Hiroyuki Yokoyama
Kunihisa SugishimaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 19May 7Cinderella FouAkinori EndoJunichi SatoAtsushi HirabayashiHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 20May 7Burning escapeOsamu SekitaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 21May 7Zeta's heartbeatHiroshi Onoki
Minoru Axutani
Honbashi Takao
Minoru Axutani
Honbashi TakaoYamada Kisaraka
Episode 22May 8Scirocco's eyesMaruo Miho
Minoru Axutani
Toshifumi KawaseAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 23May 8Moon attackYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Kunihisa SugishimaHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 24May 8CounterattackAkinori EndoHiroyuki YokoyamaOsamu SekitaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Teruhi Shiro
Episode 25May 8The day when the colony falls[Note 13]Yumiko SuzukiMinoru AxutaniAtsushi HirabayashiYamada Kisaraka
Episode 26May 8Ghost of ZeonAkinori EndoShuji IuchiHonbashi TakaoHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 27May 9Char's ReturnYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Toshifumi KawaseAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 28May 9Jupitris infiltrationAkinori EndoKazuhiro MoriOsamu SekitaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 29May 9Side 2 crisisYumiko SuzukiKunio Sera
Kunihisa Sugishima
Kunihisa SugishimaHidetoshi Omori
Episode 30May 9Jerid Special AttackAkinori EndoHiroyuki YokoyamaAtsushi HirabayashiYamada Kisaraka
Episode 31May 10Half moon loveYumiko Suzuki
Minoru Axutani
Kazuhiro Mori
Minoru Axutani
Wife HitoshiYasuhiro Seo
Episode 32May 10Mysterious mobile suitAkinori EndoShuji IuchiHonbashi TakaoAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 33May 10Emissary from AxisJunichi SatoOsamu SekitaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 34May 10The voice that the universe calls[Note 14]Yumiko SuzukiToshifumi KawaseYamada Kisaraka
Episode 35May 11[Note 15]Kilimanjaro StormKazuhiro MoriAtsushi HirabayashiYasuhiro Seo
Episode 36May 11Eternal FouAkinori EndoKunihisa SugishimaHiroyuki Kitazume
Episode 37May 11Dakar dayYumiko SuzukiHiroyuki YokoyamaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 38May 11Sign of ReccoaAkinori EndoKunio Sera
Minoru Axutani
Osamu SekitaToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 39May 11LakesideYumiko SuzukiToshifumi KawaseYamada Kisaraka
Episode 40May 12Grips startAkinori EndoKazuhiro Mori
Minoru Axutani
Atsushi HirabayashiKatsumi Terato
Episode 41May 12目 覚 めYumiko SuzukiKunihisa SugishimaYasuhiro Seo
Episode 42May 12Goodbye RosamiaAkinori EndoHiroyuki YokoyamaNaoyuki Onda
Episode 431986
May 1
Haman's ridiculeKunio SeraOsamu SekitaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 44May 1Zedan GateYumiko SuzukiToshifumi KawaseToshimitsu Kobayashi
Episode 45May 1What comes from heavenAkinori EndoKazuhiro MoriAtsushi HirabayashiYamada Kisaraka
Episode 46May 1Standing siroccoYumiko SuzukiToshifumi Kawase
Kunihisa Sugishima
Kunihisa SugishimaYasuhiro Seo
Episode 47May 2Vortex of the universe[Note 14]Akinori EndoHiroyuki YokoyamaNaoyuki Onda
Episode 48May 2In RosamiaYumiko SuzukiToshifumi TakizawaOsamu SekitaAkihiro Kanayama
Episode 49May 2Life is scatteredAkinori EndoKunio SeraAtsushi HirabayashiHirohide Shikishima
Episode 50May 2Run in space[Note 14]Toshifumi KawaseToshimitsu Kobayashi


* The series is at the time of broadcasting, and the broadcasting date and time is as of mid-December 1985-early January 12 (for Ishikawa TV, the date and time when it was broadcast after the end of this broadcast).[16].

Broadcast areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateRemarks
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TVTV Asahi seriesSaturday 17: 30 - 18: 00Production Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido TV
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi
NiigataNiigata TV 21
ShizuokaShizuoka Kenmin TelevisionPresentShizuoka Asahi TV.
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TV
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting
KagoshimaKagoshima Broadcasting
AomoriAomori TVTBS seriesSaturday 17: 00 - 17: 30
IwateIwate BroadcastSunday 6:00-6:30PresentIBC Iwate Broadcasting.
AkitaAkita TVFuji TV series
TV Asahi series
Wednesday 17:30-18:00
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting CorporationNTV series
TV Asahi series
Tuesday 17:00-17:30
YamanashiYamanashi broadcastingNTV seriesWednesday 17:00-17:30
NaganoTV ShinshuNTV series
TV Asahi series
Saturday 17: 00 - 17: 30
ToyamaToyama TVFuji TV seriesMonday 17:20-17:50
IshikawaIshikawa TVMonday-Thursday 17:32-18:00Broadcast around 1987 after the end of this broadcast[17].
FukuiFukui TVMonday 16:30-17:00
Kinki wide areaAsahi BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesFriday 17:00-17:30PresentAsahi Broadcasting TV.
Advance broadcast one day earlier than the production station.
Shimane -TottoriSanin BroadcastingTBS seriesSaturday 17: 00 - 17: 30
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcastingNTV series
TV Asahi series
Tuesday 17:15-17:45
EhimeNankai BroadcastingNTV seriesFriday 16:55-17:25
KochiTV KochiTBS seriesFriday 16:30-17:00
NagasakiNagasaki BroadcastingFriday 16:50-17:20
KumamotoKumamoto BroadcastingThursday 17:30-18:00
OitaOita BroadcastingWednesday 17:20-17:50
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoTuesday 17:30-18:00
OkinawaRyukyu BroadcastingWednesday 17:15-17:45

Movie version

Theatrical movie trilogy "Mobile Suit Z Gundam A New Translation(-A New Translation) series is nationwide to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TV series "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam".ShochikuMovie works released at affiliated theaters[18].. The series was developed from 2005 (Heisei 17) to 2006 (Heisei 18). Prior to publicationTokyo International Fantastic Film FestivalIn 2004, "Giants" was pre-screened on October 2004, 10.

A work that reconstructs the entire TV series into a trilogy movie by adding new videos while using the existing images of the TV series. It is produced under the slogan "A New Translation", and there are many changes such as different endings of the story.

"Movie version ∀ Gundam I Earth LightAnd "Theatrical Version ∀ Gundam II Moonlight Butterfly" for the first time in 3 yearsGundam seriesIt is also a theater animation of.

Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project "Gundam Video New Experience Tour" Theatrical Trilogy is TCX (TOHO Cinemas独自規格ラージスクリーン)で劇場上映。第1作が2020年2月7日より、第2作が2020年2月12日より、第3作が2020年2月16日より上映[19].

catch copyIs "Reunion is a dynamic soul. Let go, "Ζ" !!(I), "Memories of kisses ...(II), "The last that no one knows ... New translation Ζ Complete edition.""Can one find warmth in the void universe!"(III).

Series overview (theatrical version)

  • Part 2005 "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation -The Heir to the Stars-" (released May 5, 28) --Box office revenue: 8 million yen (from Kinema Junpo)[20]
  • Part 2005 "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam II A New Translation -Lovers-" (released October 10, 29) --Box office revenue: 6 million (from Kinema Junpo)[20]
  • Part 2006 "Mobile Suit Z Gundam III A New Translation -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love-" (released March 3, 4) --Box office revenue: 4 million yen (from Kinema Junpo)[21]

Staff (Movie version)

  • Production --Takayuki Yoshii
  • Planning --Kenji Uchida
  • Draft-Hajime Yatate
  • Original / Screenplay / Storyboard-Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Character design-Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
  • Mechanical Design-Kunio Okawara, Kazumi Fujita
  • Character animation director[22] --Naoyuki Onda
  • Mechanical animation director[22] --Nakamoribun
  • Animation director[23] --Atsushi Shigeta, Toshihiro Nakajima, Seiichi Nakatani, Fumi Nakamori, Naoyuki Onda
  • Art Director-Junichi Higashi[24], Masatoshi Kai
  • Digital Color Design-Takako Suzuki
  • Cinematographer-Saori Kibe
  • Edit --Shigeyuki Yamamori[24], Kumiko Sakamoto[25]
  • Studio production- Hitoshi Matsuo
  • Sound Director-Sadayoshi Fujino
  • Music-Shigeaki Saegusa
  • Theme song- Gackt
  • Distribution- Shochiku
  • Producer-Keiichi Matsumura (Sunrise), Satoshi Kubo (Bandai Visual)
  • Planning / Production --Sunrise
  • General Director-Yoshiyuki Tomino

Theme song / BGM (theatrical version)

The theme song is Tomino's friend and an avid Gundam fan.GacktWas in charge. BGM is the same as the TV versionShigeaki SaegusaIs in charge[Note 16].. In addition to taking over the BGM of the TV series, new songs for movies are also used.

In addition, the sound source of SE including the operation sound of MSE & M Planning Center(AfterSound ringFrom)Fizz sound creationIt has been changed to the one, and as a result, "Mobile Suit GundamAnd 'Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORYIt was decided to unify with[Note 17].

Opening theme
"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam -The Heir to the Stars-"
"Metamorphoze ~ Metamorphoze ~'
Ending theme
All lyrics / composition- Gackt.C / Song-Gackt (Label- Japanese crown[Note 18])
"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam -The Heir to the Stars-"
"Because you are waiting (Remix ver.)"
"Mobile Suit Ζ Gundam II -Lovers-"
"Mind forest"
"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam III -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love-"
"Love Letter'
Insert song
"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam -The Heir to the Stars-"
Lyrics --Rin Iogi / Composition - Inoue Tadao[Note 19] / Arrangement- Miyagawa Yasushi / song - Satomi Majima

Production (theatrical version)

At the beginning of the project, it was a re-edited work of the TV version like "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "∀Gundam", but Tomino is healthy by adding a different perspective from the new interpretation to the original story that had only murder and tragedy. Under the theme of reconstructing a story, he re-edited (director, script, storyboard) into all the trilogy.[Note 20].. Nagoya Television, which was a broadcasting station at that time, is also involved in the production as a production cooperation.

The movie version of the film is edited by adding the movie version cut (hereinafter, new drawing) to the TV version cut (hereinafter, old drawing) within the same frame, and the texture of the old drawing part and the new drawing part are brought closer. "Aging" (meaning "aging") processing was performed[Note 21].. At the time of the release, Tomino stated that he dared to take this format because it would no longer be "Ζ Gundam" if it was completely new. The old drawing was trimmed and changed from standard size to Vista size[26].. In addition, depending on the cut, a part of the frame of the old drawing (console display in the cockpit, etc.) is partially added or modified.

The new drawing part was produced after the TV versionOVA"Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY]Jim Cannon II,Jim Custom,Jim KuelAnd "ADVANCE OF Ζ Under the Titans flag"ofGundam TR-1 [Hazel]MS such asCameo appearanceare doing.

The initial title of "The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love" is "Threesomes"was.

Story (theatrical version)

The general storyline is the same as the TV version, but with some episodes cut, such as Char's Dakar speech and Fou's re-appearance, Camille's rebellious TV version to reconstruct it as a healthy story. His personality became straightforward and somewhat mild, avoiding "correction" scenes and tragic endings. There are other changes such as many of the TV version of the dialogue being changed or omitted.

Cast voice actor (theatrical version)

When it was made into a movie, a major cast change was made for more than 20 people. Tomino is auditioning for Nobuo Tobita, who plays Camille, and Tomino was told by Tomino that "the cast may change on the day."[27]. Also,Fa YuiryUsefulMiyuki MatsuokaThere was also a change due to the retirement of the TV version of the voice actor. The movie version of the voice actor is also used in most of the various games related to "Z Gundam" released after the movie version was released.

Four MurasameThe role isSaeko ShimazuからYukanaRegarding the change to, Shimadzu revealed that "there was no offer to appear in the movie."[28].. Also, in the memorandum published by Shimadzu, when asked by Shimadzu, the general directorYuno TominoWas said to have said, "I was deceived by the sound director," "Four can only be done by Saeko," and "The original cast to be left was decided in advance, and Fou was included in it."[28][29], In an interview before the release of "Mobile Suit Ζ Gundam II -Lovers-", "In making" Ζ "a new translation, I have no intention of making it a reprint movie, the main characterCamille bidanUsefulNobuo Tobita"Even I re-selected at the audition." "Initially, I was considering a total replacement of castings including Amuro and Char." "When it comes to guest characters like Four Murasame, the idea of ​​appointing a newcomer is It was from the early stages. Considering the balance with the characters since the first, Fou and Sara needed a young voice so as not to make it a nostalgic movie. "" After considering the overall balance comprehensively with the sound director , I decided on this casting, "said Tomino himself, explaining the content of denying the remarks made by Shimadzu's memoir.[30].. On the other handGaddy KinseyLike, in I, another person played, but there are also examples of returning to the original cast in II and III.

Char Aznable was the first credit for the TV version of the voice actor, but Camille Bidan is the first in the movie version of "Lovers."

In addition, at the time of production of the movie version, he was already deceasedInoue(Sayla Mass(Role) is appearing in "Hoshi no Kodou wa Ai" by editing the voice of "Meguriai Universe" (library appearance).[31]. Also,Hirotaka Suzuoki(As Bright Noa)Koji Toya(Kacricon Cacooler, Captain Gwadan) passed away after recording "The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love", and this work became an isaku.

Relationship between the ending of the movie version and other works

  • In the movie version, the ending itself has changed significantly from the TV version, the main character Camille did not cause a mental collapse, Gundam Mk-II was completely crushed and lost, not only a wreck, Axis withdrew without embarking on global control, It became.このため、カミーユからFor this reason, from CamilleJudau AshtaAxis (in the form of taking over Ζ GundamNeo Zeon) Fighting TV version sequel "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ』Scenario is no longer connected.富野は『劇場版Ζ』の後に続く物語の製作については否定的なコメントを残しているTomino has left a negative comment on the production of the story that follows "Theatrical Version Ζ"[32]..また、『ファースト劇場版三部作』との6作をもって『六部作』、『逆襲のシャア』を含めて『七部作』とする旨の発言もしているHe also stated that the six works with "First Movie Trilogy" will be "Seven Part" including "Six Part" and "Char's Counterattack".[33].
  • A conversation between Sayla Mass and Kai Shiden, which is not in the TV version, and a scene of Mirai's parent and child moving by car are added, which makes us feel "Char's Counterattack".
  • No official opinion has been given as to which is the official history, the TV version or the theatrical version, but some people outside the production side assume the TV version and treat the theatrical version as a different theory. Be[Note 22].
  • In the Universal Century Chronology published in the official pamphlet "Gundam 2009th Anniversary Screening Memorial Program" sold at the "Gundam 30th Anniversary Screening" held in various places in 30, the parts related to "Z Gundam" In, the omission of events that do not exist in the movie version and the description that the date of Operation Mailstrom was changed to February 2[Note 23]..The chronology of this "Memorial Program" also includes the contents of "Gundam ZZ", and the contents of this part are the same as the existing ones.
  • As a related work of the movie version, it was serialized in parallel with the release timeKotobuki TsukasaCartoon ofMobile Suit Z Gundam Day After Tomorrow-From Kai Shiden's Report-However, this work makes the relationship with "ZZ" ambiguous after the end of the movie.[34].

Influence of this work

"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam -The Successor of the Stars-" did not have many screening movie theaters, and although there were 83 in Japan, it was ranked 3rd in the weekly movie ranking.上映してから5週間、ベスト10入りしているIt's been in the top XNUMX for XNUMX weeks since it was screened[35]..また、『第5回In addition, "XNUMXthTokyo Anime Award』Won also won the Excellent Work Award in the Theater Film category.

"Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam II -Lovers-" was screened in 104 places, and "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam III -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love-" was finally shown in 106 halls.At the same time, "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam" was re-evaluated by various media.

DVD / Blu-ray (theatrical version)

Released / sold byBandai visual.

DVD (1st work)

Released on May 2005, 10.

  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation -Giants- DVD Normal Edition (1 Disc)
    • Video benefits
      • Special news / theater trailer
    • Enclosed benefits
      • Liner notes (8P)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation -Giants- DVD First Limited Edition (2 Discs)
    • Disc 1: Main DVD (same as the regular version)
    • Disc 2: Special DVD
      • Making of Ζ Gundam -The Heir to the Stars-
      • Gackt"Metamorphoze" music video
      • "Giants" gallery
    • Enclosed benefits (same as the regular version)
    • With a special outer case

DVD (2st work)

Released on May 2006, 2.

  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation II -Lovers- DVD Normal Edition (1 Disc)
    • Video benefits
      • Special news / theater trailer
    • Enclosed benefits
      • Liner notes (8P)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation II -Lovers- DVD First Limited Edition (2 Discs)
    • Disc 1: Main DVD (same as the regular version)
    • Disc 2: Special DVD
      • Making of Ζ Gundam -Lovers- Edition
      • VOICE MAGIC -Voice Manipulators-
      • "Lovers" gallery
    • Enclosed benefits (same as the regular version)
    • With a special outer case

DVD (final work)

Released on May 2006, 8.

  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation III -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love- DVD Normal Edition (1 Disc Set)
    • Video benefits
      • Special news / theater trailer
    • Enclosed benefits
      • Liner notes (8P)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation III -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love- DVD First Limited Edition (2 Disc Set)
    • Disc 1: Main DVD (same as the regular version)
    • Disc 2: Special DVD
      • Making of Ζ Gundam -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love-
      • Special talk Yoshiyuki Tomino x Gackt
      • "The heartbeat of the stars is love" gallery
    • Enclosed benefits (same as the regular version)
    • With a special outer case


Released on May 2012, 5. All three works include special news and theater trailers as video benefits, and a 25-page commentary is included. A reduced version of the theater brochure and postcards have been added to the BOX version.

  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation -Giants of the Stars- Blu-ray (1 Disc)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation II -Lovers- Blu-ray (1 Disc)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation III -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love- Blu-ray (1 Disc)
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation Movie version Blu-ray BOX (3 disc set, limited time production)
    • 3-disc Blu-ray case with special outer case drawn by Naoyuki Onda & Fumi Nakamori

Related works

Video work


フ ル3DCGShort film work byGUNDAM EVOLVE』But several volumes were made with this work as a motif.

  • 2nd work "GUNDAM EVOLVE II RX-178 GUNDAM Mk-II"
  • 9th work "EVOLVE ../ 9 MSZ-006 Ζ-GUNDAM"
  • 12th work "EVOLVE ../12 RMS-099 RICK-DIAS"
  • 13th work "EVOLVE ../ 13 RMS-108 MARASAI"

Competition of NEW GUNDAM -RED or WHITE-

"Competition of NEW GUNDAM -RED or WHITE-] Is an event screening work released at Gundam Front Tokyo DOME-G from November 2015, 11. As a presentation by Anaheim Electronics, in red colorDelta Gundam Unit XNUMXAnd gray colorΖ Gundam Unit 3 (initial verification type)Appears.

  • Director-Kawada Adult



Mobile Suit Z Gundam

Yoshiyuki Tomino (original), Kazuhisa Kondo (drawing), all three volumes.

  • At the time of the TV version airingKazuhisa KondoThe manga version by the manga magazine "Comic bonbonWas serialized in.Basically, it traces the story of anime, but some MSs unique to manga have also appeared.It was later reprinted in MediaWorks' Dengeki Comics.

Dengeki Comics version

Mobile Suit Z Gundam (Star Heirs / Lovers / Star Heartbeat is Love)
  • When the movie version was released, the manga magazine "Gundam AceThe movie version of the comicalization was serialized in[Note 24]..The artist in charge of each work is different.The book is released by KADOKAWA.All 3 volumes.
    1. "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam -The Heir to the Stars-" Hisao Tamaki
    2. "Mobile Suit Ζ Gundam II -Lovers-"Similar to Shiraishi
    3. "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam III -The Heartbeat of the Stars is Love-"Naoto Tsushima

Yoshiyuki Tomino (Original), Hajime Yatate (Original), KADOKAWA (Kadokawa Comics Ace), All 3 books.

Mobile Suit Z Gundam Define
  • In "Gundam Ace", "Mobile Suit Ζ Gundam Define" by Hiroyuki Kitazume, who was the animation director in this work, has been serialized since 2011.[42]..This is the author's manga "Mobile Suit Gundam CDA Young Comet Portrait], It is a comicalization drawn from Char's (Quattro) perspective.The book is 17 volumes already published.

Original work

  • The parallel world work "Side Story of Gundam Ζ" based on this work by Kondo, who was in charge of the comicalization of the TV version, is a model magazine "Model information",and"B-CLUBWas published in. Char (Quattro), whose sister Seira was taken hostage by Basque, belongs to Titans, Eugo is the remnant of Zeon, Camille is a former Zeon citizen, and the name of the leading MS is drawn with original settings such as "Ζ Gustav". It is finished unfinished.
  • At Gundam Ace, the movie version of Gaiden "Mobile Suit Z Gundam Day After Tomorrow-From Kai Shiden's Report-』Serialized[Note 25].

Film comics

At the time of the TV version airingModern movie companyMore The Anime Film Comics has been published as a manga style using the film of this work. A total of 1 volumes containing 5 episodes per volume. Yasuhiro Seo, who participated as an animation director, is in charge of the original cover cell. Significant changes and omissions of lines by the editor are conspicuous. In 10, a complete reprint was published by Kindaieigasha.

  1. "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Film Comics [Complete Reprint] BOX-1" ISBN-978 4764822573(Published September 2009, 7)
  2. "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Film Comics [Complete Reprint] BOX-2" ISBN-978 4764822641(Published September 2009, 9)


At the time of the anime's airing, all five volumes of the novel version by Yoshiyuki TominoKodanshaFrom, laterKadokawa ShotenPublished by. Like the novel version of the previous work "Mobile Suit Gundam", this work has a different development from the TV version. Also, the story is not connected to the novel version "Mobile Suit Gundam".

Originally, around 1984, before the TV version began airing, a sequel novel to "Gundam" was planned under the title of "Char's Counterattack," and there is a history of shifting to that novel version with the decision to produce the TV version.

Mamoru Nagano was in charge of the cover illustration for the Kodansha version, and the mecha, characters, and costumes with details different from those of the anime were drawn. Especially for mechanics, the model magazine was initially treated as a "Nagano version".Model graphicsThe setting is added by, and later "Gundam Sentinel", Which became the essence of the setting of"Anaheim GundamIt was also a pioneer of.

Kadokawa Bunko version has a cover illustrationHaruhiko MikimotoIs in charge. It was drawn with characters and mechas that conform to the anime. On the other hand, the illustration of the frontispiece MSKazumi FujitaDue to the fact that it is not based on animation, the design has been significantly changed.[Note 26].

1986 years,Akinori EndoIn his book, "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Fou Story And to the Warrior ..."AnimageIt was announced as an appendix to the February issue. this is,Four MurasameIt is a thing that wrote the past before the appearance of the main part ofMobile Suit Gundam』Has also appeared as a main character. It was reorganized in September 2001 and published in Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. The cover illustrations, frontispiece illustrations, and character introduction illustrations are the same as those drawn by Hiroyuki Kitazume in 9.

  • Akinori Endo "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Fou Story And to the Warrior ..." ISBN-978 4044119065(Published September 2001, 9)


"Super Robot War seriesSince there are innumerable game works in which this work appears at the top, only the works that have been commercialized independently based on this work will be described here.

Game book

  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Vol.1 Green Noah's decision
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Vol.2 Paleologas Drifting
    • Hobby JapanThe above two books published by Camille are the main characters (PC = player character) as in the main story. Vol.1 is based on the beginning of the animation, and depending on the player's choice, Camille will repel Eugo with Titans. Vol.2 is a gamebook original story, and some characters also appear in the ZZ gamebook trilogy published by Hobby Japan in an important position.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0087 Jerid Sortie Order
    • Jerid MessaIs a PC. A gamebook original story about the Titans trainee days in Alaska.Keibunsha, Published by Bandai Bunko respectively.


  • CR Fever Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (2017,SANKYO)


OkayamaIt is inRoadside Station Kume no SatoThere is a model of Ζ Gundam of about 1/3 scale made by an individual. The design is the so-called "Kazumi Fujita version" depicted in the illustrations of the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko version "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam". A hydraulic cylinder etc. is built in the legs and it can be moved[Note 27](Z GundamSee also).


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(April 1984, 2-January 4, 1985)
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