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🎥 | Movie "Thomas the Tank Engine" special video released approaching the world's fastest new character Kenji

Photo What to do in places where there is no overhead line Super express Kenji that looks good on cherry blossoms – (C) 2021 Gullane (Thomas) Limited

Movie "Thomas the Tank Engine" special video released approaching the world's fastest new character Kenji

If you write the contents roughly
The result is a blueprint for Kenji and a video that allows you to enjoy comical interactions.

The latest movie version of "Thomas the Tank Engine" "Thomas the Tank Engine Come on!Future invention show! Appeared in ... → Continue reading

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Blueprint(Aojashin,British: cyanotype) IsCyanotype,Nikko photoAlso goodChemical reactionUsed写真-CopyWith technique,LightThe light and darkness ofblueIt is called this because it is reflected as a shade of.Alternative processIs a kind of.

engineeringIn historymachine図 面,buildingCopy of drawing (Blueprint,blueprint), So "BlueprintIt came to be used in the meaning of "face", and from now on, it refers to future plans, etc.[1]Sometimes referred to as the "blueprint of life" or the "blueprint of organizational reform."

Diazo copierWith the spread of, it is no longer used in practice,Print・ Of the copying industryCorporationThere are many remnants of the name.


Iron ion OfValenceThe difference in the production reaction is used.

With manuscript / originalThermal paperOverlapexposureAnd black that does not allow light to pass throughText,lineUtilizing the suppression of changes inLatent imageTo form.ThenDeveloperDue to the chemical reaction with, it makes a difference whether it develops blue or not.imageTo copy.Characters and lines remain white on the photosensitive paper of the copy destination, and the white part that transmits light on the document develops blue on the photosensitive paper (blue background white line method,negative・ Negative) and vice versa (white background blue line method,Positive painting・ There is a positive).


Chemical reaction

Iron ions are light (mainly close)UV) From trivalent to divalentreductionHas the property of being.Taking advantage of this, a photosensitive paper coated with iron (III) salt is exposed, and the shade of the original is converted to the shade of iron (III) ions to form a latent image (the dark part of the original has many trivalents). Remain).

After that, it does not react with iron (III) ions, but with iron (II) ions.Navy blue(Stable dark bluePigment)Potassium hexacyanoferrate (III)When developed with (red blood salt), it reacts with the divalent iron ions generated in the part exposed to light, so that a white copy (negative image) can be obtained on a blue background.Usually, the blueprint refers to this.

4 Fe2+ + 3 K3[Fe3+(CN)6] → Fe3+4[Fe2+(CN)6]3 + 9 K+ + e-

on the other hand,Potassium hexacyanoferrate (II)When developed with (yellow blood salt), on the contrary, it becomes a blue copy (positive image) on a white background.However, potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) also reacts with iron (II) ions to produce a bluish white substance.コ ン ト ラ ス トWill be low.For this reason, in order to obtain a positive image, a negative image was created again using the negative image as a manuscript, but the negative image was exclusively used in the practical drawing because the accuracy was lowered.

As an iron (III) salt for photosensitive paper,Oxalic acidIron (III) ammoniumcitric acidIf iron (III) ammonium is used and the photosensitive paper is prepared by mixing it with a developing solution in advance, the development can be done only by washing with water (see below).

Negative recipe

After preparing a solution in which 150 g of ammonium iron (III) citrate is dissolved in 600 mL of water and a solution in which 80 g of potassium hexacyanoferrate (III) is dissolved in 400 mL of water, the whole amount is mixed and allowed to stand for half a day.After removing the precipitate with filter paper 5A, apply it as evenly as possible to high-quality paper and dry it in a dark place to make it a photosensitive paper (black paper or black paper because it needs to be stored in the dark).Aluminum foilStore by sandwiching between).

Although it depends on the thickness of the original, exposure is completed in about 3 minutes with direct light.After exposure, wash with water and dry to 1%hydrochloric acidorAcetic acidWhen soaked in water and dried again, the blue background becomes brighter and more durable.

In advance preparationPotassium dichromateAdding 5g improves sensitivity and makes white lines clearer.Green citrates are more sensitive than brown onesOxalateEven if about 3g is added, sensitivity is improved and durability is increased.

Positive painting recipe

mortarToGum arabicTake 4 g, add 20 mL of water to dissolve it, and add 3 g of ammonium iron (III) citrate dissolved in 6 mL of water and mix.Next, 2 g of iron (III) chloride dissolved in 8 ml of water is added, and after further mixing, it is applied to high-quality paper and dried quickly to obtain a photosensitive paper.

After photosensitization, apply a 20% potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) solution or immerse in the solution to develop, and wash thoroughly with water. Wash and fix with 1% hydrochloric acid, wash and dry with water.


Before the spread of diazo copiers,Silver halideBlueprints have been used as one of the major copying techniques due to the lower cost of photosensitive paper.

Duplicate drawing
However, in modern times, it is rarely used in practice.
科学teaching materialAs there is a certain popularity and demand.
I also like the expression of shades of blue,ARTUtilizing in the workEnthusiastThere are also many.
Winter: OfSeason words.


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