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🎥 | Asami Mizukawa, husband Masataka Kubota also denied the actress starring award "I was pleased"


Asami Mizukawa, husband Masataka Kubota also denied the actress starring award "I was pleased"

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Actually, he lives as a married couple with actor Masataka Kubota, but he says he was very pleased with the award.

The "75th Mainichi Film Awards" award ceremony was held in Tokyo on the 17th, and Asami Mizukawa, who was selected for the actress starring award, appeared ... → Continue reading

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SexWhat is (seikoui)?LibidoBased onaction[1].genital,anusActs such as contact and sexual intercourse[2][3][4][5]. ThatModernLaterJapanesename.In ancient Japanese,Old language"Mito no Maguhahi (Thanks to the eyes)"[Note 1]Turning from "Eyes(Modern notationModern pseudonym: Maguwai,Historical pseudonym: Maguhahi) ",verbIn the form of"Now: Harrow (History: Maghafu) ", ​​which is still rarely used.

EnglishThen.sexual intercourse(Reading: Sexual Intercourse) orLatinIn the origin wordcoitus(Reading: Koitas).FrenchThen it is called sapport sexuel (reading: Shupoul sexual).ラテン語ではIn Latin coitus(Reading: Koitus).

Human capital Sexual desireIt is a series of actions that are inspired by.快楽やPleasureLove expressionOften done for the purpose ofReproductionDoes not lead to.Mainly one set (Couple)ofMaleFemaleIs sexual intercourseMating), But multiple people have sexual intercourseOrgyIs one of them.人はそれぞれ様々なEach person is differentSexual orientation(Homosexuality,FetishismEtc.), and the range pointed to by "sexual activity" is wide.


The expression sexual activity broadly refers to sexual activity in general, but it can also refer to something typical or rare in some contexts.Opposite sexSexual intercourse between men and women, for examplesillaginoidStarting from, undressing, each other's bodyCaressThen,vaginaInsert your finger intoCunnilingus,BlowjobActs such as (Foreplay)ExcitedAfter increasing, there are things that lead to sexual intercourse (sex / genital connection), but especiallySame sexIn the case ofOral sexHuman sexual activity can take many forms, such as being completed by itself.Other than genitals (breast,Nipple,AssEtc.) are also included.

Sexual activity is often "originally"descendantsIt is sometimes said that "what you do to leave behind" and "what you do by your reproductive instinct", but in reality it is not only that, but between partnerscommunicationMeans andpleasureIn many cases, it is performed for the purpose of the act itself.

In many nations it is basically sexual activity in publicObedienceIt is said that.通常、人間には性行為を人目に晒すことにUsually to expose sexual activity to humansshameAccompanied by.また、性行為中にはAlso, during sexual activityForeign enemyTo be vulnerable toAnimalOfinstinctIt is usually done in hiding, avoiding the eyes of others.

In the past, the transfer of knowledge about sexual activity was basically not done in public education, but in recent yearsDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularFrom early onSex educationIs done.そこではWheresexAn overview of sexual activity, starting with the concept ofSexually transmitted diseasePrecautions such as, how to prevent the infectious diseasecontraceptionI teach you how to do it.

範 囲

For sexual activity, in addition to inserting the male genitalia into the female genitaliaBlowjob(Oral sex), There are various methods.

  • Male (male)erection officialgenitalInserting into the female (female) genitals is a typical sexual activity,sexual intercourseOrセ ッ ク スThat is.For non-human animals, "Mating".EjaculationWith or without.
  • It is common to do foreplay before having sexual intercourse.It aims to cause emotional and physical sexual arousal.It also promotes spiritual harmony.Having sexual intercourse without foreplay often contributes to the distress of women.女性は性的興奮を感ずると意思によらず膣部よりWhen a woman feels sexual arousal, she does not know what to do from the vaginaVaginal dischargeAnd the female genitals become moist, which causes the vaginaCoefficient of frictionIs reduced and ready to accept penis insertion.
  • Human and highermammalianIn some cases, sexual activity may occur between the same sex (Homosexuality).
  • The erected penis of the other partyanusSexual activity to insert in (anus)Anal sexThat is.The other party is a boy or a girl.
  • Two sexual acts (Couple) Is common, but it may be done by three or more people. 3人で行う性行為(性別の組み合わせは様々)はSexual activity performed by three people (various gender combinations)3PIt is commonly known as (three-player play).Similarly, in the case of 3 players, it is called 4P (4 players play). 4P is sometimes used to mean masturbation (although not usually called sexual activity).OrgyRefers to sexual activity performed by 4 or more people.
  • rapeIs sexual activity in which one side has no intention of performing sexual activity.Coerced sexual activity is perceived as a denial of one's personality from the coerced side.It may also lose fertility.強姦は多くの国のRape is in many countrieslawAnd heavycrimeHowever, the requirements for the crime vary from country to country.日本ではin JapanForced sexual intercourseNext[6], If the other party is 13 years old or older,暴行orIntimidationForced sexual intercourse (including anal sex (anal sexual intercourse) and oral sex (oral sexual intercourse)) is a requirement, and if you are under 13 years old, you will be guilty of forced sexual intercourse even if you have consent.[7].. 2017年(平成29年)7月13日の刑法改正以前は女性に対してのみの適用で強制性交等罪は強姦罪、強制性交はBefore the revision of the Penal Code on July XNUMX, XNUMX, it was applied only to women, and compulsory sexual intercourse crimes were rape crimes, and compulsory sexual intercourse wasAdulteryWas treated as each[7]..現状では、男性に対する強要を伴う性行為すなわちCurrently, sexual activity with coercion against men, that is,Mail rapeThere are many countries that do not treat those who have committed the crime as a crime, including Japan before the revision of the Penal Code on July 2017, 29.
  • There are sexual acts that are performed solely for the purpose of money. "prostitutionHas existed for so long that it is often described as "the oldest occupation of mankind", and in modern timesSex business, The sex industry, the sex industry, etc.近年ではin recent yearsAid communication,Adult videosAppearance etc.These acts may be partly or wholly criminal in some countries.
  • In the olden days, sexual activity was basicallyHusband and wifeIt was considered to be done only by those who have a relationship with each other, but in recent years in Japan it has become very common even for unmarried lovers.Recently, there are cases where people who are neither married couples nor lovers engage in sexual activity without giving or receiving money.この場合の相手方をThe other party in this caseSex friendsThat.CommandmentEven in harsh countries such as, some of these sexual acts may be criminalized or subject to social sanctions.
  • In sexual activity without proper contraception, the act can lead to pregnancy, and women may become pregnant even though they do not want to become pregnant.
  • If both sexes lead to sexual activity in an unprotected situation, if the opposite sex or if they are infected with a sexually transmitted diseaseSexually transmitted diseaseMay spread.
  • Some sexual activity does not involve sexual intercourse,PettingIt is called.Oral sex etc. are included in this.
  • Even without a partnerMasturbation(masturbation, Masturbation) is also a type of sexual activity.However, it is not included in "sexual intercourse".

Biological / physiological field

sexual intercourse

  • What is sexual intercourse?erection officialMale genitalia(penis)Female genitalia(vagina) Refers to the act of inserting.
  • The vaginaSex educationThe cavity is not open as shown in the schematic view (cross-sectional view) shown by, but is usually in a state of being tightly closed by vaginal pressure.Sexual intercourse is the act of inserting the penis into the back while expanding this closed vagina with the glans penis, and if the erection is insufficient, it is pushed back by vaginal pressure and insertion is difficult.Also,Vaginal dischargeInsufficient secretion can cause too much friction to insert, which can cause pain in women and damage to the vagina.
  • Therefore, when inserting,ForeplayTo increase each other's sexual arousal, men need to have a good penis erection and women need to have enough vaginal fluid.さらに挿入しやすいよう、膣口にあてがって亀頭部にApply it to the vaginal opening and put it on the glans head for easier insertionVaginal dischargeFamiliarizeVaginal dischargeMay be spread on the penis or vaginal opening with a finger.膣はThe vaginaMiscellaneous bacteriaOriginally to protect fromVaginal dischargeAlthough it is constantly kept moist by itself, it cannot be inserted by itself and vaginal secretions are essential.Vaginal dischargeIf the secretion is inadequate, auxiliary products such as lubricating jelly may be used.
  • When the penis, especially the glans, is moved back and forth after insertion, the vaginal wall and the glans / penis rub against each other, increasing pleasure for both men and women and further sexually exciting.The contraction of the muscles around the vagina adds stronger sensual stimulation to each other's genitals, and the faster the penis moves, the more pleasant it feels.
  • Rhythmic friction between genitals (Piston movement, English: Pelvic thrust), sexual arousal culminatedorgasmIt is called (Orgasmus), and men ejaculate with a feeling of climax, and women also experience phenomena such as vaginal contraction and reach a state of ecstasy.At this time, the strong contraction of the muscles around the vagina tightens the entrance of the vagina, the back of the vagina expands, and the inside of the vagina becomes negative pressure, so that the penis may be strongly sucked.However, it is rare for men and women to reach orgasm at the same time.
  • MenFemale genitaliaEjaculation directly inside (inside the vagina)Vaginal ejaculation) Then, the sperm contained in the semen heads for the uterus toward the egg,FertilizationThen,ImplantationThen the woman妊娠To do.
  • Men can get orgasm relatively easily from just before to immediately after ejaculation even if they have little sexual intercourse experience, but women often cannot enjoy orgasm even if they have sexual intercourse experience.
  • The insertion of the penis or finger may push air into the vagina, and the movement of the penis during piston movement or the contraction of the vagina due to orgasm may cause the vagina to be removed during sexual intercourse or after ejaculation. Air is pushed out fromfartMay produce a sound like (flatulence).It is commonly called "vaginal oak".
  • Animal fuckMating ThegeneFor matingReproductive behaviorThere is generally a period of estrus (with a few exceptions).On the other hand, humans have no particular estrus period.Reproductive behaviorIt is rather rare to have sexual intercourse as a person, and enjoy various forms of sexual activity for the purpose of obtaining pleasure and as one of communication.contraceptionWith the advancement of technology, the number of men and women who enjoy sexual intercourse easily is increasing rapidly.
  • With the exception of animal matingBonoboIt has been known.Mating is also seen outside the breeding season, and mating that seems to be aimed at communication rather than breeding, such as mating between males, mating between mother and male offspring, mating of immature individuals, etc. , Research has revealed.

Fuck position

  • Biologically diverse in humansFuck positionYou can take (position).現代日本では男性が女性の上から被さる形のIn modern Japan, men wear over womenNormal position(CorrectlyMissionary) Is considered to be common, but there are differences depending on the culture (described later).
  • Most mammals are doggy style, with males covering behind females.Other than humans, bonobo chimpanzees (Bonobo),OrangutanIs known to mate in the missionary position.


If you have sexual intercourse but don't want to get pregnant, use some meanscontraceptionMay be done.There are various methods and tools for contraception.Conception control.

Sociology / Cultural Anthropology


Many people are reluctant to say the words "sexual intercourse" and "sex," and various paraphrases are used.

Expression example

  • For both men and women to experience sexual intercourse for the first timeFirst experience(Hatsutaiken, Shotaiken,English: First sexual experience).Even if there is no particular notice, "First experienceIn many cases, the word "" alone means sexual intercourse.
  • Substitute verbs such as "do" and "do", and the demonstrative pronoun "that" (It) May mean sexual intercourse in context.
  • Also known as "harrow" (there is a theory that it came from "meeting"), "sleeping", and "love each other". When we say "sleep (with the opposite sex)", we often mean having sexual activity.Even in English, add the definite article the to bed andTo bedThis is what you mean when you say "let's go" (rather than the usual "let's go to bed").Also, "Make love" originally meant "to court (to)", but nowadays it is mostly used to mean "to have sexual intercourse with (to)".
  • Sexual intercourse between couplesChild making,Marital activities,Marital lifeIt is said that.
  • In Kayo and literature, roundabout expressions such as "welcome the morning" and "cross the night" are often used.
  • Originally used for non-humansMatingIs sometimes used as a slang term to mean human sexual intercourse.

Expression peculiar to Japan

Literary expression
  • "Seasonal"Spring:"" Also means sexuality, lust, prostitution, etc. (spring affairs, prostitution, "sucking spring", "selling spring", etc.), and may in turn refer to sexual activity itself.[8].
  • In the olden days, there were some esoteric words such as "exchange pillows" and "exchange emotions".There are several other words that indicate sexual intercourse, such as "matching the skin," "overlapping the body," and "holding."
  • "Bible"ofJapaneseIn translation, the word "know" means sexual activity. "ア ダ ムKnowed his wife Eve[9].. "Such.
Popular name, slang
  • For sexual activity between unmarried men and women in JapanLove hotelIs used relatively often, so having a sexual relationship between a man and a woman is euphemistically called "going to a hotel."
  • Mainly for studentsSecret wordSo, there were the words A, B, C, D, and E.それぞれEachsillaginoid-Petting-セ ッ ク ス-妊娠-AbortionWas meant.
  • "Less resistance"EtchThere is an example where the word "" is used[Note 2]..In some cases, the words "shiyo" and "yarou" also mean sexual intercourse.On the other hand, as a more vulgar expression, "fuckIs sometimes used.
  • In sex shops, etc., sexual intercourse itself is called "production" to distinguish it from sexual intercourse-like acts such as blowjobs.
  • Mid 19th centuryUKThe jargon that refers to sexual activity born inJigi Jigi (Jig-a-Jig) ”has changed its shape and spread widely to foreign countries under the influence of Britain, and the phenomenon of its origin being shared with other countries is occurring.For exampleインドネシアThe origin of kici-kici used inJapaneseThe etymological interpretation of is widely used[10].
  • Especially on the Internet, "Rumex japonicus" (also abbreviated as "Rumex japonicus"), which is a combination of bed squeaking and pant voice, is used.

Fuck in myth

  • Record of Ancient MattersThen.IzanagiIzanamiHowever, he noticed the difference in each body (in the original text, it is written as "surplus" and "missing"), and made a child (Japanese islands) by inserting and closing it.
  • Japanese calligraphyTo the godsIzanagiIzanami) IsWagtail (Wagtail)It is said that he knew how to make a child by seeing the mating.こういった伝説のため、古来日本ではBecause of these legends, in ancient JapanmarriageAnd the edge of the wagtail is deep.Sekirei is a bird that symbolizes marriage and copulation.

Folklore related to sexual activity (sex customs)

Japanese sex customs

  • In some farming and fishing villages, oncenight crawlingThere was a custom.It is the act of breaking into another person's house and having sexual intercourse with an unmarried woman at night.複数の男と関係を持った娘が妊娠した場合、その娘は子の父親としてIf a daughter who has a relationship with more than one man becomes pregnant, she will be the father of the child.Young people's innNominated a man he liked, and the nominated man was required to accept it.Future couple (Engagement), Etc. In some cases, both families went with the tacit understanding.This custom strengthened the unity of the village.
  • Old timesNewly written,LandingHowever, it is said that young people who were around the age had a custom of giving practical sex education in the Yukaku. It is said that adults provided sex education to men and women who reached a certain age, such as 13 years old.当然、結婚までOf course, until marriagevirgin-virginityThere was no idea to protect.ただしHoweversamuraiDaughter was asked for a virgin.
  • Edo PeriodThere were strict rules for sexual activity between men and women.夫婦関係にない男女間の性交は、不義密通と呼ばれ、「御定書百箇条」ではSexual intercourse between a man and a woman who are not in a marital relationship is called unjust communication, and in the "XNUMX Articles of the Ordinance"AffairIt was said that it would not be a crime for the husband who held the scene to kill his wife and the other man.In this case, severe sanctions were imposed on women's unfaithfulness, but they were tolerant of men's.However, this is not the case when the other party is a married woman, and in reality, it was often done with money because it was bad to hear from the outside.As a punishment, he was exiled for several days and was exiled to a remote island or Edo.

Western sex customs

  • Western EuropeThen.Lord First nightIs said to have had (First night of marriageIt was the lord, not the groom, who first had sex with the bride).ただし、この初夜権は、ほとんどの場合、新郎が代価として金銭などを支払うことによって領主から買い取ることが通例となっていたため、実質的には新夫に対する一種の「結婚However, in most cases, the groom usually buys this first night right from the lord by paying money, so it is actually a kind of "marriage" for the new husband.TaxIt can be said that he had a personality as.

Fuck and marriage

  • marriageThe system has the role of socially managing sexual intercourse, and also has the aspect of strengthening ties between husband and wife and guaranteeing family function.This is because if they act instinctively, the number of people who do not fulfill their responsibilities such as raising children may increase.
  • Having sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse, even though you are marriedadultery(Slightly away, "Affair"). 2015年までのUntil XNUMX South Korea,Second World WarWhen a married person has sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex other than his spouse, as in Japan until the defeatAdulteryIn some countries.ただし、韓国の姦通罪は男女共に罰せられたが、日本のHowever, although Korean adultery was punished for both men and women, JapanOld criminal lawIn the case of adultery in, only women were punished.
  • Of course, the frequency of sexual intercourse between husband and wife is different, but it seems that there are also differences depending on the country.DurexAccording to the Global Sex Survey of Japan, the number of Japanese sexual intercourses is low compared to other countries.近年は、性交がほとんどない夫婦をIn recent years, couples who have little sexual intercourseSexless coupleOften called.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to the survey, if a couple who has not had sexual intercourse for more than a month is regarded as sexless, 1% of Japanese couples are in a sexless state.However, there is no statistical data that the spiritual connection is weak in Japanese couples.
  • A situation where a married couple has never had vaginal sexual intercourse (insertion of a penis into the vagina)Incomplete marriageThat.

Human sexual position

  • コ ン ド ー ムManufacturer'sDurexAccording to a company survey, the most common positions in the world areCowgirl29% of the total.続いてcontinueBack positionIs 28%,Normal position(CorrectlyMissionary, Face-to-face males) is 20%.
  • In modern Japan, the missionary position in which a man wears over a woman is considered to be common as the name suggests, but the doggy style is thought to have been the form of ancient Japanese sexual intercourse.
  • in JapanXNUMX handsThere is a variation of the position.中国でいうIn ChinaTaoist penisIs not just a position or skill, but a kind of health method that raises the "spirit" of men and women.


Harvard UniversityAccording to the medical school身体Typical愛情sexIntimacy is said to be good for the body.stressTo relieveHappinessPromotehormoneIsOxytocinIs said to raise the level of[11].

Sexual activity is a moderate exercise for men.as a whole,Fox trot,clean up,Table tennis,GolfIt's almost the same as walking the course to do.Men who had sex more than twice a week were 2% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than men who had sex less than once a month.1 times a week or moreOrgasmThe man who reportedEjaculationMortality was 50% lower than men who were less frequent[12].

In addition, returning to normal levels of sexual activity within a few months of a heart attacksurviveIt is related to the improvement of the rate.Improving healthspouseIt may reflect other factors related to improving health, such as a good relationship with the researchers, the researchers said.[13]..By doing Kegel exercises, both men and womenPelvic floor muscleSexually by trainingHealthCan be improved[14].


Sexually transmitted disease

  • By sexual contact with an asymptomatic carrierSexually transmitted diseaseMay become.
  • Examples of reports from 2004 to 2007[15]According to the report, males had sexual contact (excluding those with multiple routes) in 1,415 cases (75% of which were heterosexual) and females had sexual contact in 578 cases (of which 86% were heterosexual). Has been done.

Inability to have sexual intercourse / sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction,Vaginismus,Vaginal ejaculation disorderDiseases such as these cause problems such as inability to have sexual intercourse, ejaculation, or pregnancy.The medical definition refers to the lack or inadequacy of one or more of libido, erection, sexual intercourse, ejaculation, and extreme sensation.

Youth sexual activity

  • Condom makerDurexThe company publishes statistics on first-time experiences in major countries. 2005年の報告では全世界平均が17.3歳、一番年齢が高いAccording to the XNUMX report, the global average is XNUMX years, the oldest.IndiaIs 19.8 years old, Japan is 17.2 years old,AmericaIs 16.9 years old, the lowestアイス ランドWas 15.6 years old[1].
  • Premarital negotiationsIn recent years, it is said that "the age at which the first experience is completed is getting younger", but this claim is not correct.なぜなら、上述のように、過去においてBecause, as mentioned above, in the pastNewly written,LandingThis is because there is a fact that the sexual experience was carried out at an early stage in the form of.Keisuke AkamatsuSome folklore scholars have pointed out this point.To be correct, it is better to think that the difference in sexual experience by gender and hierarchy has only decreased.妊娠Sexual activity for the purpose of curiosity or money without sufficient knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases may have a negative impact on the future, but at schoolSex educationHowever, the reality is that they have not been able to deal with such situations well.
  • When you or your partner is under the age of 10Male genitalia-breast OfTanner stageIs seen or touched by a partner as well as the state of I-IV as well as the state of V, and it is possible that oneself sees or touches.
  • In their teens, they often have sexual intercourse with multiple partners, and their partners are also diversifying.The feature is that the period from new encounter to sexual activity is short.さらにパートナーが避妊具を拒否するなどIn addition, the partner refuses contraceptives, etc.contraceptionHigh rate of sexual activity without, so pregnant,AbortionThere are many women who do.[16]
  • Teens are late in noticing pregnancy and have a high rate of mid-term abortions.Preeclampsia, premature birth, low birth weight, easy to becomechildbirthIt takes a long time, has a lot of bleeding, and is likely to occur in the early teens, and may be accompanied by complications. 10歳代ではIn the teensSexually transmitted diseaseThere are many mergers[17].
  • Of brain scientistsToshiyuki SawaguchiFor women, pregnancy and childbirth during puberty have an adverse effect on both mother and child, and the earlier the first sexual activityUniversityTheDropoutOrUniversityToGoing on to school"Women should not have sexual activity during adolescent romance," he said, saying that he is more likely to not do it.[18].
  • There are various studies on early sexual behavior. 2005年、社会疫学者のIn XNUMX, a social epidemiologistMasako KiharaWas in charge of the analysisNational High School PTA AssociationAccording to a survey of about 1 people, 3% of boys and 30% of girls in the third year of high school answered that they had experience.[19]..また、2002年の東京都内の生徒約3000人の性調査によれば、高校3年の男子の37.3%、女子の45.6%がセックスを経験済みと答えているIn addition, according to a sex survey of about XNUMX students in Tokyo in XNUMX, XNUMX% of boys and XNUMX% of girls in the third year of high school answered that they had sex.[20]..For this reason, it is argued that the aging of sex is progressing mainly in urban areas, but this is also incorrect.Originally, there are regional differences in sexual behavior, and it is pointed out that the age of first experience is lower in rural areas than in urban areas.Shinji MiyadaiIt is,AomoriHe mentioned in "The Suburbs of the Illusion" that the girl was not added any special value when she tried to hunt with her telekura.また、青森市出身のAlso, from Aomori CityTakanori Hatayama"I don't do it outside because it's cold, and that's what happens indoors," he said.データでも、群馬県のぐんま思春期研究会が2000年に行った約6000人を対象にした調査では、高校3年の男子46.1%、女子42.2%が経験済みAccording to the data, a survey of about XNUMX people conducted by the Gunma Adolescent Study Group in XNUMX found that XNUMX% of boys and XNUMX% of girls in the third year of high school had experienced it.[21]In a 2000 survey of 197 boys and 264 girls of the Akita Prefectural Sex Education Committee, 3% of boys and 47% of girls were experienced in the third year of high school.Asahikawa Medical UniversityIn a 2004 presentation by the Department of Public Health in Japan, 1 high school students aged 3 to 3200 who did not develop sexually transmitted diseases were surveyed by asking questions and genetically testing their urine. The rate is 35.8% for boys and 47.3% for girls, of whichChlamydiaThere is also a report that the infection rate was 7.3% for boys and 13.9% for girls.[22].
  • Japan Sex Education AssociationAccording to the 7th Youth Sexual Behavior Survey, the experience of sexual intercourseUniversityWas on the rise from 1974 to 2005, but decreased in the 2011 survey.A high school studentIncreased slightly from the 1970s to the 1980s, boys increased sharply from 1993 to 1999 and then remained almost flat in 2005, girls increased sharply from 1993 to 2005, and both men and women decreased in 2011. But girls have more experience.Middle school studentsHas 2-4% experience in all age groups[23].
  • People of the same age are proud to get their first experience done faster, and the tendency to look down on something else or make them feel a complex is sometimes regarded as a problem.Kinsey ReportAccording to the report, there is a clear inverse relationship between the speed of sexual experience and educational background / income.However, it has been pointed out that the Kinsey Report itself had a problem with the survey method, and that such an inverse proportional relationship existed because of the United States in the 1940s and 50s, and it is not necessarily proportional to academic ability in modern times. ..It is said that there is a larger difference depending on the region, such as the inland area or the west coast.
  • An infantOf the opposite sexPrivate zoneSome people see.日本では、家庭で両親が異性の子と一緒にIn Japan, parents at home with children of the opposite sexbathingIt is common to change clothes and, and if there are siblings of the opposite sex, they may see their private zone.また、家庭以外でもAlso, outside the homeNursery,KindergartenChange of clothes atMedical checkupYou may see a private zone of the opposite sex.By acquiring knowledge about the private zone, the chances of seeing the private zone of the opposite sex will gradually decrease.

Relationship between young age and sexual damage

  • in JapanAge of sexual consentIf you have sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 13agreementWith or withoutRape crimeIn addition to being asked, the so-called "" that controls sexual intercourse between adults and children under the age of 18Fornication Ordinance(Example: Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Sound Development of Youth) has been enacted in each prefecture.余りに低年齢の性のモラルが乱れているとして、例えばAssuming that too young sexual morals are disturbed, for exampleYutaka TakehanaAfter he became vice-governorTokyoThen, there is a movement to revise the ordinance and further tighten the regulation.In addition, among junior high school girls, so-called "Yaoi comics" and "801 comics" that depict male homosexuality are popular, and sexual depictions such as anal sex and blowjobs are accelerating the first experience age of female junior high school students. May be pointed out.However, since it is a male homosexual cartoon, restrictions on them are currently weak.
    • There is also an opinion that sexual intercourse between children under the age of 18 should be cracked down as well, and in factNaraThen.2006年The "Ordinance on Guidance for Boys in Nara Prefecture" was enacted in Japan, and sexual intercourse under the age of 18 is subject to guidance.ButShintaro IshiharaSome criticize the government's interference with sex, which is essentially an area of ​​personal privacy.In addition, there are cases in which children under the age of 18 are invited to have sexual intercourse, and then they are suggested to report damage under the fornication ordinance and take money.
  • OkinawaIt is also pointed out that there are many undesired first experiences.Okinawa TimesAccording to a 1998 survey conducted by Okinawa Prefecture, the sexual damage rate of university students in Okinawa Prefecture was 15.3% for women and 2.7% for men, even if rape and attempted rape were narrowed down.また、沖縄県ではAlso, in Okinawa prefectureOkinawa U.S. Girl Assault CaseIt is also reported that rape by US soldiers is being carried out. Since returning to the mainland in 1972, more than 120 cases of rape by US soldiers have come to light.

Sexual activity with close relatives

  • AnthropologySpecifically,Incest tabooHas been reported to be universal to all humankind.Also,イ ス ラ エ ル OfKibbutzStudy, orTaiwan OfTongyangxiThe study found that men and women who had a lot of social contact at an early age, even if they were not siblings, became more distant from each other as they grew up, and it was difficult for them to develop romantic feelings. (Westermarck effect).However, there are various theories as to what kind of mechanism is used to avoid relatives, and there is an opinion that the possibility of short-term sexual activity cannot be denied.キブツを調査していたI was investigating kibbutzMelford SpiroIs strongly emotional due to the influence of education during adolescencesuppressionIt is pointed out that a phenomenon such as the Westermarck effect can occur if this is done.
  • Sexual experienceSexual abuseIn the survey results regardingIncestWe have also examined the incidence of, but they suggest a relatively high incidence.アメリカのAmerica'sKinsey ReportAccording to the report, 5.5% of all women (including 1.0% of their fathers and stepfathers) have been sexually abused by relatives.The Kinsey Report is a report made in a conservative era, and since it is an era in which women's honest answers to sexual surveys are overlooked, the subject of the questionnaire is a "special layer" who reports nakedly. It was also pointed out that there is a possibility that it is biased toward ", and inevitably the percentage of answering various questions may be high.フェミニストのFeministDiana RussellIn a 1978 survey of 930 women in San Francisco, 18% of women by the age of 16 reported sexual abuse by relatives.また、社会学者Also a sociologistDavid finkelhorAccording to a 1978 survey of college students, 10% of men and 15% of women experience sexual activity with their siblings.Data in Japan is less than in the United States,Tsutomu Gotoof"Incest(1972) states that 1229% of 4.7 women had an incestuous or attempted relationship.
  • Incest may not always be abusive, and Finkelhor's investigation of incest between brothers and sisters shows that about a quarter is abusive.It is said that the effect of the act on sexual self-esteem depends on the age of incest experience. 4歳以降ならば性的自尊心は強くなることが多いが、1歳以下の場合、性的自尊心が低くなってしまうことが多いSexual self-esteem often increases after the age of 9, but sexual self-esteem often decreases after the age of 9.[2].
  • In the 1970s in the United States,Close relationshipIn the criminal code from the idea thatIncest crimeAlthough there have been calls for the abolition of the provisions of the above, such statements have been repelled as the possibility of sexual abuse of children has been raised.This issue is still often talked about today.

Sexual behavior in group life

  • Sexual activity is generally prohibited when men and women live together in groups.This is to prevent conflicts between groups due to competing for the opposite sex.In general, it is instructed not to have a romance between men and women inside a ship that sails in the ocean or inside an Antarctic research expedition base.

Elderly sex

Aging societyThe sex of the elderly is also attracting attention.After menopause, women's libido tends to increase because they no longer have to worry about becoming pregnant.高齢者の性交では勃起障害やErectile disorders and sexual intercourse in the elderlyVaginal dischargeInsufficiency is often a problem.しかし、性交不能の場合でも、抱き合うことやBut even if you can't have sexual intercourse, you can hug each otherCunnilingusIt is possible to get sexual satisfaction with or fellatio.In order to improve the quality of life, there is an increasing tendency to try to treat and improve these problems without looking at them as taboos.

Sexless as we get olderCoupleTends to increase.伝統的にTraditionallyJapanThen.Husband and wifeThis is because there is a strong tendency to be ashamed of being sexually active as we get older, and both couples have a feeling that it is embarrassing to have sexual intercourse even more frequently as an elderly person.Asahi ShimbunSurvey of[24]According to the report, 1% of couples in their 20s, 11% in their 30s, 26% in their 40s, and 36% in their 50s answered that they had no sex in the past year-a few times a year. Was the result.

In addition, according to the "Survey Results and Analysis" and "All Survey Results Data" in the "32 / Senior Sexology Survey Special Issue" published by the Japan Society of Sexology, Vol.2014 Suppl. 20122000年Survey and2012年In a comparison of the surveys, the number of people who had no sex at all was 2000 in 4 in the 1 survey, but it became more than 2012 in 2 in the 1 survey, and the sexlessness between husband and wife has progressed significantly. On the other hand, the number of intimate relationships with the opposite sex other than the spouse has almost tripled for both men and women.[25].

2017年5/18ToNHKBut"Close-up modern +"soSenior citizens OfsexIt was revealed that 60% of men in their 76s and 70% of men in their 75s have sexual desire.また、60歳以上のシニア専門のAlso, specialized for seniors over XNUMX years oldDispatched sex shopWas introduced, and a man in his 70s who was refused sexual intercourse by his wife appeared, and it was revealed that he is using the store once every two months.その風俗店がThat sex shopProductionAlthough it was introduced that it will not be done, the commentator'sSoichiro TaharaAsked, "What do you do other than the actual production?"Song BigenReplied, "It seems that the service is mainly provided by hand and mouth."In addition, Tahara said, "Wait a minute! I said I'd go once every two months, but what are you doing! Really?" Song said, "It's different for each person ... but I'm satisfied with sleeping together. Some people will be satisfied with the story alone, others will provide ordinary sexual services ... "妻が嫌がった場合、夫はどうすればいいのかという田原の問いに対しては、宋は「存在するものとしてIn response to Tahara's question about what to do with her husband if his wife hates him, Song says, "As it exists.Sex industryThere is.There are problems with women involved, but I think there is a reality that is one of the solutions. "ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfNursing homeThen, between the residentsloveEncourage andSexually transmitted diseaseTo the resident to preventContraceptiveIt was also introduced that consideration was given to having sex freely in the facility.Song said, "Love in a facility for the elderly can be in Japan, and if the other person changes, there are quite a few people who want to have sex again on the side of the woman." Tahara said, "I'm not popular with women who are popular in the facility." What would you do if you had a woman? What would you do if three or four men came to a popular woman? ”Song replied,“ If it doesn't match well, there could be tragedy. ”また番組中で、3歳の田原は自分にも性欲があると告げたAlso during the show, 4-year-old Tahara told me that he also had sexual desire.[26][27].


With or without clothes

  • ClothingTake off everything (the degree of excitement changes easily depending on how you take it off)[28][29][30])allnakedHave sexual intercourse while wearing clothes while exposing each other's genitals (Clothed sex) There are two cases.
  • In the old days of the Edo periodSpring paintingAs you can see in the above, it was rare to be naked before World War II due to the housing situation where privacy cannot be maintained and the housing environment where indoor heat insulation is not sufficient.In Japan, couples often sleep in the shape of a river with their children in between, and they have sex while being careful not to wake up their children.For this reason, it seems that they avoided behaviors that clearly showed their parents' sexual activity when the child woke up.In addition, when there is no time or there is a risk of being found by a third party, it may be done with only the lower half of the body exposed.This kimono was a convenient outfit.
  • Bias for clothesFromCosplayIn some cases, you may enjoy sexual activity by wearing costumes such as.In this case as well, when having sexual intercourse, there are cases of nakedness and cases of clothing sex.

Sex time

  • Durex, a condom maker with a 26% share of the world market, publishes annual sex time statistics for major countries, according to a survey report of 19.7 minutes in the United States.ドイツ22.2 minutes,スペイン21.7 minutes,イタリア20.1 minutes, the longestUK22.5 minutes, the shortestThailand11.5 minutes, the global average is 19.7 minutes, and Japan is 19.5 minutes.[31]..However, this statistic is the time from the insertion of the penis to the finish.In the United States and other parts of the world, it is presumed that the sex time is actually longer than this statistic because it is sex after carefully performing foreplay over time, but in Japan the foreplay is short. , It is likely that it will be the same time as the penis is inserted immediately.

Sexual activity in public

Usually, sexual activity is performed in a place that cannot be found by a third party other than yourself and your partner, but it may also be performed in a place that may be found by a third party or in front of a third party.一般にはGenerallyPerverted libidoIs considered to be a manifestation ofShowyIt may be ridiculed as such.Public sexual activity is legally a crime (Japanese law isCriminal law Chapter 23 Article 174 Openly obsceneSee sin. )

  • As a situation that may be found by a third partyAutomobileWithin (Car sex),park, In the mountains,coastal, Outdoors such as on the street (Gangster),Karaoke box,mixed bathing OfSpa,Company OfWarehouse,Extraordinary stageIt may be done by.In addition to this, even at home, there are cases where a third party is inside the house.
  • The situation that is dared to be held in front of a third party may be for some financial purpose or for a group of like-minded people.
  • stripMale and female performers (professionals) sometimes show sexual intercourse in theaters called "black and white shows."Since it is a show, there is an implicit rule that men do not ejaculate.It is also called a "raw board show", and sometimes the desired audience and dancers have sexual intercourse on the stage.In the case of manaita, customers may ejaculate while wearing contraceptives (commonly seen until 1972-1985, but the enforcement of the new wind business law in 1985 tightened the crackdown and is now in urban theaters. , Almost never done).
  • Adult videosShootingカメラ-directed by-照明-voiceIt is done by several staff members.Electric trainThere are adult videos shot outdoors, such as inside and on public roads, but there are also cases where the current offender was arrested.
  • In rare cases, some people do it in public places to show resistance or protest against society.
  • A large number of like-minded people may get together and have sexual intercourse (Group sexSee).


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注 釈

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Kubota Masataka

Masataka Kubota(Masataka Kubota,1988年8/6[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.

KanagawaBackground[1].Stardust promotionBelongs.wife Theactress OfMizukawa Asami.


Born as the third son of three siblings (brothers 3 and 4 years older, respectively)[2][Note 1].

gas stationWork atmechanicAiming forKanagawa Prefectural Kanagawa Technical High School[4]Go to[5]Etc. originallyEntertainment worldI wasn't interested in it, but at the recommendation of my mother, "De ☆ ViewFrom within the magazine of Stardust PromotionauditionFind, apply, and enter the office[6].

2006年January,Fuji Television Network, IncsystemMidnight drama"Chekeratcho !! in TOKYO』First starring and acting debut.However, at the time of his debut, he said that he had fallen even after auditioning.[7].

2008年,Mobile Investigator 7』Chosen to star again.This drama was the director of the seriesTakashi MiikeStarting withShusuke Kaneko,Kunihiko Yuyama,Oshii MamoruIn all 45 episodes, etc. are listed as directors[8]It became a hidden popular drama that broadcasts for a year[9]It is said to be one of Kubota's early works, but Kubota later revealed that meeting Miike in this work was a turning point as an actor.[8].. He said, "I understand why I chose Kubota 10 years later," and the desire to prove that the choice was correct motivated me to act as an actor after that.[7]..The following year, in 2009, the leading drama "Naniwa no Hana-Ogata Koan Casebook-』To challenge the historical drama for the first time[10].

2012年October,"Kiyomori Taira]Hira ShigemoriIn a roleNHK taiga dramaFirst appearance in.2014年NHK broadcast in the first halfContinuous tv novel"Hanako and Anne』Appearance raises name recognition[11]. Since thenTBSDrama seriesFor NAnd 'Bouquet for Algernon],Nippon TVDrama seriesDeath Note], [THE LAST COP』Continued to appear inORICON STYLEFirst half of "2015 Break Actor"[11]And won the top spot throughout the year[12].

Fuji TV drama "Fuji TV drama that started broadcasting in April 2019Radiation house~ Radiology Diagnosis Report ~"so9 dramas a monthFirst starring[13].

2020年The NHK serial TV novel "Ale』In the composerYuji KosekiServed as the main character modeled after[14]..The man starring in the morning drama is "Massan"ofTamayama Tetsuji6 years since then[15]..Recognized for this year's success and sent to promising young actorsEllandol AwardWon the rookie award[16].

In my personal life,2017年Fuji TV drama "July broadcast drama"We didThe actress who was dating on the occasion of co-starring inMizukawa AsamiAnd after a dating period of about 2 years2019年9/21I submitted a marriage registration to the ward office in Tokyo and got married.Revealed on the same day[17][18].


When you take it off, it is muscular.When I need it for a role, I train and pay attention to my diet, but usuallyHorizontal barHanging inoverhangAs much as[19].

When I was in elementary schoolbaseballWhen I was in junior high school,SLAM DUNK]basketball[20]..In high schoolダンスBelong to a departmentPoppin danceWas doing[21]. (I.e.I also like car washing, saying "I want to wash my car even if it takes 3 to 4 hours"[22].


2012 Year

2013 Year

2014 Year

2015 Year

2021 Year

  • 45 timesEllandol Award New face award[29]
  • 106th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award('Ale))



配 信

  • We did / DISH // and General High School did it (July 2017, 7)


*The starring works areTaiziNotated with.

TV drama


Theater animation


TV show

  • Secret actor (Act) (April 2014, 4,WOWOWAdult program league 2)


Radio Drama



  • Net cinema Hatsukare(January 2006-March)-As Ussy
  • Web movie "Purely missed and beautiful" (July 2007, 7-, all 2 episodes)-Rita Mikami
  • Another story of clinical criminologist Hideo Himura (March 2016, 3-April 20, 4,Hulu) --Arisugawa Arisu[80]
    • Clinical criminal scholar Hideo Himura's reasoning 2019 "Hunter's Nightmare" (September 2019, 9-October 29, <planned>, Hulu) --Arisugawa Arisu[81]
  • ShiseidoShort movie "Snow Beauty 2016" Snow falling upside down "" (released July 2016, 7) --Starring (Fumi NikaidoAnd W starring)[82]


Event live

  • Jamming Flow solo live "beat the live" (August 2005, 8, Shibuya RUIDO K10)
  • POWER BOXX Vol.2 (August 2007, 8, Harajuku Astro Hall)
  • Collaboration illumination lighting ceremony with the movie "Kanojo loves lies too much" (November 2013, 11, DiverCity Tokyo)
  • CRUDE PLAY Free Live (November 2013, 11, Lazona Kawasaki)
  • CRUDE PLAY Live & Guerrilla Live (December 2013, 12, Shibuya)
  • We did presents We Did It NIGHT ~ It doesn't end with "so-so", summer ~ (August 2017, 8, Team Smile / Toyosu PIT)


Magazine serialization

  • Browns Books "BARFOUT!" "Happiness" (June 2013 issue-August 6 issue)

Photo album


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  1. ^ When it was decided to play the role of a younger brother in the movie "Thicker than Water," which depicts complex emotions toward his brothers, he said, "I felt that there were many things I could sympathize with."[3].
  2. ^ 2014'sFor N』And the same role[42].


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