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🎥 | Daniel Radcliffe raids with a machine gun! Main video of "Guns Akimbo" game start

Photograph Movie "Guns Akimbo" Scene Photograph (C) 2019 Supernix UG (haftungsbeschrankt). All rights reserved.

Raid Daniel Radcliffe with a machine gun! Main video of "Guns Akimbo" game start

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On the TV screen during the movie "Hard Target", the starring Jean-Claude Van Damme is muted and shown moving with a two-handed pistol.

The movie "Gans ..." in which actor Daniel Radcliffe plays the main character with a pistol fixed in both hands and allowed to participate in the death game. → Continue reading

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2 pistols

2 pistols(Nichokenju) isYoshimoto KogyoAffiliation (Tokyo head office)Japan OfComedy combination.1993Debuted in.Nickname is "Nichoken"[1]..OsakaNSC12st gen[2].


Kawatani Master(Kawatani Shuji 1974May 5 -) (46 years old)
Hiroyuki Kobori(Kohori Hiroyuki 1974May 1 -) (47 years old)



Formed a combination in June 1993.The origin of the combination name is two fansTHE BLUE HEARTSof"44 aperture』From the lyrics.Later, "44 caliber" became a musical accompaniment when performing on stage.[18].

The income is poor for several years after the formation of the combination, and the master's degreeKenji Tamura,Jinnai TomonoriKobori continued to eat with the grace and debt of the woman (current wife) and other women with whom he was dating.[19]..However, he won numerous awards from 1997 to 98.[2]Will be able to support themselves[19].

base YoshimotoThen it became popular as an idol[20][21]Also active as a singer / voice actor[2].

Advance to Tokyo

As the first graduate of base Yoshimoto, he entered Tokyo in 2000.The master's degree had the intention of staying in Osaka, but Kobori's strong hope led him to move his headquarters to Tokyo.[19]..However, all the programs that appeared in Osaka were dropped.[19], In the TV program in Tokyo, "HinadanI couldn't impress ourselves well, the media exposure decreased, and I spent days of suffering as if they looked back on "the bottom".[22].

Mansai / Conte

In 2001LUMINE the YoshimotoWas opened and began to work in theaters[19],AlsoM-1 Grand PrixAimed to succeed as a manzai with the founding of[22]..However, in the M-1 Grand Prix, they lost in the semi-finals in 2001 and 2002 in a row, and introspected that they might have gained popularity in Osaka that did not match the skill of comics.[20]Aiming to improve the quality of comics[22]..As a part of that, a solo live "100 minutes non-stop manzai"Hyakushiki(Abbreviation for "Hundred Manzai") started in 2002[23].

In the M-1 Grand Prix, he advanced to the final for the first time in the 10 tournament, which is the 2003th year since the formation. It was provisionally 8rd place until the 3th group, but the loser revival frameUntouchableOvertaken by 4th place[24][25].

Even after the M-1 Grand Prix, "Laughter gold medal""LOL red carpetAnd show off the story at theaters around the world[21].

In order to concentrate on the short comics for the award race, I took a break from "Hyakushiki" for 3 years.THE MANZAIThen become a certified manzai teacher from 2012 to 2014[26][27][28].. Advance to the final in 2014, 4th in Group A[29].

After 2015King of conteAiming to participate, also focus on Tale[30][23].

Music activity

In parallel with Manzai, he continues his musical activities as in the Osaka era. "Komuro KidoriProduced the album by providing music to other entertainers.[31]..Also, since Kobori had a mushroom cut in 2009,Kazuyoshi Saitoof"I've always liked(Released in April 2010), "I want to be kind』(Released in November 2011), all in the music videoGeorge HarrisonAppearing in a role[32][33].

TV champion"Celebrity Playing Narrative King Championship"[34]And participated in Fuji TV's "Utauma Throne"[35], He may appear on variety shows by making use of his music skills.

Since 2010, music activities under the name of 2-choken gun have shrunk.

Reality show

He is a "Kuzu entertainer" who is devoted to music activities and neglects to improve his comics and conte skills. A scenario in which Kawatani's wife Yukiko Nonomura and other entertainers preach a KoboriReality showMay appear in[36][37][38].


Kobori mainly takes the lead in creating the material, but in some cases masters and writers create it.[39].

As a typical story, there is a format "just yeah manzai" in which Kobori gives just the right answer to the quiz given by the master's degree.[23].. The concept was completed around November 2008, and it was unveiled for the first time on January 11, 2009 at the LOL Red Carpet.[40].. Although it is a variation of "a certain story", it is changed by adding something that is a little maniac.[39].


Award race results

M-1 Grand Prix

  • 2001 M-1 Grand Prix semi-final advance
  • 2002 M-1 Grand Prix semi-final advance
  • 2003 M-1 Grand Prix Final 4th


  • 2011 THE MANZAI lost the second round
  • 2012 THE MANZAI Certified Manzai Master
  • 2013 THE MANZAI Certified Manzai Master
  • 2014 THE MANZAI Certified Manzai Master Although he advanced to the final in 10th place in the qualifying circuit ranking, he lost in 4th place in Group A.

Other results

Starring program

tv set

Regular appearances

Other news programs

TV drama


V cinema

  • Lonely Cry All 2 works (2008) --Fumio Sato (Kobori only)


  • Tsunku ♂ Town THEATER The second smoke removal support project "Raise your hand! It's a health robber" (January 2007-1, 10, Shinjukumura Live)
  • Tokyo Highlight Menthol "vol.1" (June 2015-6, 18, Theater 21)

And many others

Theater animation




Single Author

"Hedro Papa's Yomeigen" (2019, Shogakukan) (Kobori)

Serialization column

  • Until LuckyRaccoon vol.39[54]
  • ROCKIN'ON JAPAN("The Road to 2-Choken Rock Star") Serialization is suspended



Limited to single live DVD.

  • PISTOLS (1998)
  • Hyakushiki (2003)
  • Gun Song ~ Chaka ~ (2003)
  • Hyakushiki 2004 (2004)
  • Gun Symphony -SYMPHONY- (2005)
  • Hyakushiki 2005 (2006)
  • Hyakushiki 2006 (2007)
  • Hyakushiki 2007 (2008)
  • Hyakushiki 2008 (2008)
  • Hyakushiki 2009 (2009)
  • Hyakushiki 2010 (2010)
  • Hyakushiki 2011/2012/2015/2016 (2017)

Single CD


Mini album

Live alone

  • 1995
    • August 8- "naked"(Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome Theater / Osaka)
    • August 11- "naked"(Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome Theater / Osaka)
  • 1996
    • August 1- "Burning! 2-choken gun"(Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome Theater / Osaka)
  • 2000
    • November 11nd and 22rd- "Pistol Monkey Kung Fu Man"(Ginza Gas Hall / Tokyo)
  • 2001
    • August 3- "Pistol Monkey Third Man"(Ginza Gas Hall / Tokyo)
    • November 7th-6th- "Pistol Monkey Feverman"(Kintetsu Small Theater / Osaka)
  • 2002
    • August 12- "Hundred formulas"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2003
    • August 3- 2-minute comic book "Hyakushiki II" of 100-choken gun(Sapporo Train Street Studio / Hokkaido)
    • August 3- 2-minute comic book "Hyakushiki II" of 100-choken gun(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 3- 2-minute comic book "Hyakushiki II" of 100-choken gun(Yoshimoto Sakae 3-chome Theater / Aichi)
    • August 3- 2-minute comic book "Hyakushiki II" of 100-choken gun(Yoshimoto Golden Theater / Fukuoka)
    • August 3- 2-minute comic book "Hyakushiki II" of 100-choken gun(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • August 8- "Gunka-Chaka-DVD release commemorative re-performance"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2004
    • August 3- "Hyakushiki" of 2-choken gun(Yoshimoto Golden Theater / Fukuoka)
    • August 3- "Hyakushiki" of 2-choken gun(Train Street 8-chome Studio / Hokkaido)
    • August 3- "Hyakushiki" of 2-choken gun(Yoshimoto Sakae 3-chome Theater / Aichi)
    • August 3- "Hyakushiki" of 2-choken gun(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • August 3- "Hyakushiki" of 2-choken gun(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • November 11th-2th- 2-choken gun control live gun symphony ~ symphony ~(Honda Theater / Tokyo)
  • 2005
    • August 1- "Osaka pistol"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 5- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Yoshimoto Sakae 3-chome Theater / Aichi)
    • August 5- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Vibre Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Gobankan Red Brick Hall / Hokkaido)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Yoshimoto Kamiyacho Theater/Hiroshima)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2006
    • August 12- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 12- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2007
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Terminal Plaza, especially Pathos / Hokkaido)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(ASUNAL HALL / Aichi)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Vibre Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2008
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki-Fukuoka-shiki-"(Vibre Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki-Nagoya-shiki-"
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki-Sapporo-shiki"(Terminal Plaza, especially Pathos / Hokkaido)
    • August 6- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki-Osaka-shiki-"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 7- Hyakushiki Manzai "Hyakushiki-Tokyo-shiki-"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2009
    • August 9- "Hundred formulas XNUMX + extra bullets"(Kyobashi Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 9- "Hundred formulas XNUMX + extra bullets"(ASUNAL HALL / Aichi)
    • August 10- "Hundred formulas XNUMX + extra bullets"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2011
    • August 10- "Hundred formulas of 2-choken gun 2011"(Kyobashi Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 10- "Hundred formulas of 2-choken gun 2011"(Terminal Plaza, especially Pathos / Hokkaido)
    • August 10- "Hundred formulas of 2-choken gun 2011"(Vibre Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 10- "Hundred formulas of 2-choken gun 2011"(SUNSHINE STUDIO/Aichi)
    • August 11- "Hundred formulas of 2-choken gun 2011"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2012
    • August 12- "Hyakushiki 2 of 2012-choken guns-Self-remake of the 19 years of selected material we have selected! Enjoy with new material-"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 12- "Hyakushiki 2 of 2012-choken guns-Self-remake of the 19 years of selected material we have selected! Enjoy with new material-"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2013
    • August 1- "Hyakushiki 2 of 2012-choken guns-Self-remake of the 19 years of selected material we have selected! Enjoy with new material-"(Aru YY Theater/Fukuoka)
  • 2015
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Yoshimoto Makuhari Aeon Mall Theater/Chiba)
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Daimaru Shinsaibashi Theater/Osaka)
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2015"(FM Berry Studio / Tochigi)
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Aru YY Theater/Fukuoka)
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki / Okinawa)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Fushimi JAMIN'/ Aichi)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Numazu Raccoon Yoshimoto Theater/Shizuoka)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Terminal Plaza, especially Pathos / Hokkaido)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2015"(Yoshimoto Kamiyacho Theater/Hiroshima)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2015"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2016
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2016"(Daimaru Shinsaibashi Theater/Osaka)
    • August 8- "Hyakushiki 2016"(Terminal Plaza, especially Pathos / Hokkaido)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2016"(Fushimi JAMIN'/ Aichi)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2016"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2017
    • August 11-"Hyakushiki 2017"(HEP HALL / Osaka)
    • August 12- "Hyakushiki 2017"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2018 (25th anniversary of the formation of the combination)[55])
    • August 12-"Hyakushiki 2018"(Fushimi JAMIN'/ Aichi)
    • August 12-"Hyakushiki 2018"(HEP HALL / Osaka)
    • August 12- "Hyakushiki 2018"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2019
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2019"(Sapporo Broadcasting Arts & Music Dance College XNUMXth Floor / Hokkaido)
    • August 9- "Hyakushiki 2019"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 11- "Hyakushiki 2019"(Music Bar Perch / Nagoya)
    • August 11- "Hyakushiki 2019"(HEP HALL / Osaka)


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