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🎥 | "Liar x Liar" Hokuto Matsumura continues to wait for "JK" Nana Mori "One-off" main video arrives

Photograph Movie "Liar x Liar" Scene Photograph (C) 2021 "Liar x Liar" Production Committee (C) Renjuro Kindaichi / Kodansha

"Liar x Liar" Hokuto Matsumura arrives at the "one-off" main story video waiting for "JK" Nana Mori

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In addition, under the pressure that all the test jumpers have to succeed in the test jump in bad weather, we are delighted with the scene where the team is united with "Hinomaru Soul" in mind and Masahiko Harada (Takayuki Hamatsu)'s jump success. Twelve points were released at once, including scene cuts showing the state of the test jumpers.

From the movie "Liar x Liar" starring SixTONES's Hokuto Matsumura and actress Nana Mori, the main video ... → Continue reading

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