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🎥 | Chaplin "Kid" inspired by "To the Departing Son" A new cut full of love and ties between parents and children

Photograph Movie "To the Departing Son" Scene Photograph (C) 2020 Spiro Films LTD.

Inspired by Chaplin's "Kid" "To the Departing Son" A new cut full of love and ties between parents and children

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Hiroyuki Ono, chairman of the Japan Chaplin Association, also said, "A child with a disability and a devoted father.

From Nil Bergman's latest film "To the Departing Son", with deep and beautiful love like Chaplin's masterpiece "Kid" ... → Continue reading

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Hiroyuki Ono

Hiroyuki Ono(Hiroyuki Ono,19749/27 -) isJapanPlaywright, screenwriter, film producer, director, composer, actor, film researcher, choreographer.Known as a Chaplin researcher, he serves as chairman.Osakabirth.Very convenient for the theater companyIn charge of script, direction, and composition.


  • 1974 Osakabirth
  • 1993 Osaka Prefectural Ibaraki High Schoolgraduate
  • 1994 Kyoto UniversityFaculty of Comprehensive Human SciencesEnroll in
  • 1995 Very convenient for the theater companyJoin in
  • 1998 Kyoto Universitygraduate.Master's CourseEnrolled in.
  • Completed the master's program at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University in 2000.Second semester, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto UniversityPhDadmission.
  • Obtained doctoral credits from the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University in 2003.Received the Alice Award for the musical "Beautiful People"
  • May 2003 Supervised and wrote all theater pamphlets for the Chaplin movie road show by Japanese Herald movie for the first time in 5 years.
  • 2004 Osaka City UniversityPart-time lecturer
  • 2007 Specially appointed lecturer at Osaka City University.
  • In 2008, he directed a special performance by Makoto Matsui at Shin Kabukiza in Osaka, and made his debut as a major theater director.
  • The movie released in 2014, "Uzumasa Limelight], In charge of the script and producer.
  • In 2015, "Chaplin and Hitler Media and Image World War" (Iwanami Shoten)Suntory Arts AwardAward.

Activities as a playwright / director

The musical theater company is very convenient and is in charge of composition, scriptwriting, and directing.ActressMayumi OgawaAnd sometimes joint performances. In 2003, won the Alice Award for the musical "Beautiful People" in Tokyo. In 2008, he directed Makoto Matsui's special performance at Shin Kabukiza in Osaka Namba, becoming the youngest director in Shin Kabukiza history.After that, he has expanded the range of activities such as directing at Akasaka ACT Theater and Misonoza in Nagoya.In recent years, after interacting with the Toei Kenkai, he produced a stage with Seizo Fukumoto, a slashed actor, as a guest performer, and advanced into historical drama.

Activities as a Chaplin researcher

2003ToJapanese herald moviesBut"Dog life』Repurchased domestic screening rights after that, from May of the same yearAsahi ShimbunHe wrote a theater pamphlet when he held the "Love Chaplin! Chaplin Film Festival" sponsored by Japan Herald Films.Yodogawa NagaharuAfter his death, he emerged as a Chaplin critic. He also supervised "Love Chaplin! Chaplin Film Festival" and "Love Chaplin! DVD Collector's Edition".2005In 7 monthUKHe also attended the Chaplin International Conference held in Japan on behalf of Japan. In 2009, he supervised and wrote a booklet for the complete DVD set "Charlie Chaplin Memorial Edition" (Kadokawa Daiei Studio, Kinokuniya Bookstore).

2006Was established (headquartered at Kyoto University).Honorary ChairmanTetsuko Kuroyanagi, Josephine Chaplin as Chief Advisor, Honorary AdvisorYoshiko YamaguchiIs inaugurated.Ohno acted as the founder's representative. From March 2006th to April 3nd, 25, produced by Ohno, entitled "Chaplin's Japan"Toraichi KonoRelics exhibition and international symposium京都City andNaraIt was held in the city.京都In addition to Ohno, he is active in Josephine Chaplin, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Chaplin research authority David Robinson, and Hollywood at the city's international symposium.NikkeiAn actor OfClyde KusatsuGave a lecture. The 2007nd Chaplin International Symposium was held in Kyoto on March 3th and 24th, 25, and in Nara on March 2th. In Kyoto, Chaplin's grandson Charlie Chaplin, Kabuki actorSomegoro IchikawaTalk with others. The 2009rd Chaplin Festival was held in Kyoto on March 3th and 14th, 15, in Osaka on March 3th, and in Tokyo on March 3th, and talked with Eugene Chaplin, the fourth son of Chaplin. .. In 16, he was involved in the premiere of "Chaplin the Roots" Chaplin's early works as a complete digital remaster.Currently, he is the chairman of the Japan Chaplin Association.

Major TV / radio appearances

  • June 2006 "Enjoy knowing my favorite personality Chaplin Why the world can laugh" (NHK Education) Main personality appearance
  • July 2006 "Saturday Forum Chaplin" (NHK Education) Chaplin International Symposium hosted by Ohno
  • November 2006 Chaplin NG film special program supervised and performed by "Chaplin Over the Century" (NHK bs-hi, NHK General TV)
  • December 2007 "Chaplin's secretary was Japanese" (NHK General TV) Chaplin special program supervised by Ohno
  • October 2010 Appeared on "Mito Komon" (TBS)
  • 2010-2011 "" (NHK Radio XNUMX) Regular guest "Hiroyuki Ono's Chaplin is coming"
  • January 2012 Appeared in "Jidaigeki Special Chushingura-The Right and That Love" (TV Tokyo)
  • October 2012 Supervised by "Nonfiction W Chaplin's NG Film" (WOWOW), appeared in the main personality
  • November 2012 Appeared in NHK Taiga drama "Taira no Kiyomori"
  • January 2014 Appeared on NHK BS Premium "UZUMASA Sparks"
  • February 2014 NHK BS Premium "The Profiler Laughs Because It's Pain-Chaplin Heaven and Hell Seen Comedy King" Appearance
  • October-December 2014 Star Channel "Chaplin LOL Theater Special Talk" Appearance
  • May 2019 NHK "Historical Anecdote Historia"
  • April 2019, 4 "Takajin no Sokomade Committee NP" (Yomiuri TV) Panelist appearance (regular appearance thereafter)[1]


  • "Reintroduction to Chaplin" Japan Broadcast Publishing Association <New Book of Living People> 2005
  • "The Man Who Was Targeted More Than Anyone in the Chaplin Assassination 5.15 Incident" Media Factory, 2007
  • "The whole picture of Chaplin's unreleased NG film" Japan Broadcast Publishing Association, 2007
  • "Shaplin's Shadow-Japanese Secretary Toraichi Kono" Kodansha, 2009
  • "With ChaplinHitler-World War of Media and Image "Iwanami Shoten 2015 XNUMXth Suntory Arts Award Winner
  • "Kyoto no Nedan" Kodansha's New Book, 2017
  • "Chaplin Works and Their Life" Chuko Bunko, 2017


  • "Portrait of Godal" Akira Asada,Toshiki MatsuuraWritten by Ohno Very Convenient Publishing Department 1997
  • "The present of Marx"Yukiya KarataniOther authors Translated and co-edited Very convenient publishing department, 1999
  • "For Chaplin" Yodogawa Nagaharu-Fumio Eto-Midori Sawato・ ・Nobuo Chiba・ Co-authored by Chaplin Very Convenient Publishing Department, 2000
  • "Pasolini・ Renaissance ”edition, very convenient publishing department, 2001
  • "Chaplin's Japan-Chaplin SecretaryToraichi KonoRelics Exhibition and Chaplin International Symposium ”Hiroyuki Ono Editing and Writing Japan Chaplin Association 2006
  • "Chaplin and War" David Robinson / Hiroyuki Ono Planning and Supervision Hiroyuki Ono Editing Japan Chaplin Association 2007
  • "Enjoying Knowing My Favorite People Chaplin Why The World Can Laugh" Japan Broadcast Publishing Association, 2006 (Text of "Enjoying Knowing")
  • Edited by Hooman Mehran and Frank Scheide "Chaplin The Dictator and the Tramp" (BFI publishing)
  • Edited by Hooman Mehran and Frank Scheide "Limelight and the Music Hall Tradition" (Mac Farland)

Movie (theatrical release)

  • 2003 "Love Chaplin!" (Japanese Herald movie) 12 masterpieces of Chaplin Supervised by national road show and written pamphlet
  • 2007 "With Chaplin ... Chaplin ..." (Kadokawa movie) 12 masterpieces of Chaplin supervised and pamphlet writing
  • 2010 "Ooku" (Shochiku) as a man with smallpox
  • 2012 "Chaplin the Roots" (Eleven Arts Japan) Chaplin's initial dubbed version road show supervised and dubbed version script
  • 2012 "Chaplin the Roots Original Edition" (Eleven Arts Japan) Chaplin Early Works Original Edition Roadshow Supervision and Subtitles
  • 2014 『Uzumasa Limelight』(Seizo Fukumoto-Chihiro Yamamoto-Hiroki Matsukata-Minoru Kobayashi) = Screenplay / Producer
  • 2015 "" (Yamamoto IchiroDirector) = Appearance
  • 2019 『Funeral master』(Maeda Atsuko-Kengo Takara) = Screenplay / Producer


  • 2003 "Love Chaplin!" Chaplin's masterpiece DVD set (Japanese Herald movie / Geneon Entertainment) supervised and booklet written
  • 2009 "Chaplin Memorial Edition" (Kadokawa Movie / Kinokuniya Bookstore) Chaplin's masterpiece DVD set (Japanese Herald Movie / Geneon Entertainment) Supervised and booklet writing
  • 2009 Supervised and performed in "All about Chaplin" (GP Museum Software)
  • 2012 チ ャ ッ プ リ ンEarly short story collection DVD set of the movie "Chaplin the World" (voice appearance, voice appearanceMichio Hasama,Masako Nozawa,Koichi Yamadera,Hiroaki Hirata,Norio Wakamoto,Chiba Shigeru,Tomokazu Sugitaother.Eleven Arts Japan, Happinet) Supervised, booklet, Japanese script writing.
  • 2016 Chaplin Blu-ray BOX (KADOKAWA) supervision, booklet, Japanese dubbed script
  • 2016-Chaplin Official DVD Collection (Hachette) Supervision, Booklet, Japanese Dubbed Script


  • 2008 Choreography of "Zojirushi VE Yuyusei"
  • 2012 "Suntory Whiskey Yamazaki 12 years" Teacher and I (Kenichi Hagiwara, Shun Oguri) "choreography


  • 2003 Alice Award (for the musical "Beautiful People")
  • 2004 Japan Writers' Association Best Essay
  • 2006 Pordenone International Film Festival Special Award
  • 2010 US McFarland Award
  • Audience Awards at the 2014 New York Asian Film Festival
  • Cheval Noir Award for "Uzumasa Limelight" at the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada (Best Film Award)
  • 2014 Kyoto City Cultural Arts Award[2]
  • 2015 "Chaplin and Hitler Media and Image World War" (Iwanami Shoten), XNUMXthSuntory Arts AwardAward[3]


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