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🧑‍🎨 | Workshop to make lighting fixtures designed by Taikan Yokoyama Memorial Hall, Taito Ward Board of Education, etc. disseminate the charm of local culture


Workshop for making lighting fixtures designed by Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall, Taito Ward Board of Education, etc. disseminate the appeal of local culture

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The old house and garden at Ueno Ikenohata in Taito Ward are open to the public as a memorial hall.

Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall (Taito-ku, Tokyo) and Taito-ku Board of Education, etc. → Continue reading


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Taito(Taito) isTokyo OfWardLocated in the northeastspecial area..The area is the smallest in the 23 wards.


Edo PeriodThroughTokyoOldest inCity areaOne of theAsakusaIt is inSensoji TempleHas a history of 1400 years.In the Edo periodGenroku culture(City culture) is alive,MeijiFrom the periodMuseum,博物馆Was built,Tokyo University of the ArtsIt is also the origin of art.Great Kanto Earthquake(1923(Taisho 12))Second World WarLeft unburnedAsakusabashiIn the neighborhoodWholesale districtStill inTaisho,Early Showa periodThe cityscape and atmosphere of the city remain.

The central station of the wardUeno StationHas been around for a long timeNorth Kanto-Tohoku-Shinetsu regionKnown as the gateway toShinkansenAlso stops.The ward is generallyCommercial areaSo pureResidential areasIs a part, and the supply is also small.There are few detached houses except in some areas,building,Apartmentな どlandIs being used at a high level.

"" Selected by the Ancient City Preservation Foundation100 beautiful historical sites in JapanAs one of the nationwide cases where the beautiful historical climate of Japan that will be preserved for the next generation is well preserved.Kaneiji Temple-Ueno ParkAround,YanakaCityscape was chosen. Le Corbusier OfNational Museum of Western Art World heritageIt is registered.Tokyo National MuseumNational museums such as Hyokeikan and Tokyo National MuseumImportant cultural propertyIs a ward.

Origin of ward name

The names after the merger were confused because both wards have a long history of rooting in downtown culture.Various plans were devised, and finally the plan on the Shitaya-ku side was settled in "Ueno-ku" and the plan on the Asakusa-ku side was settled in "Higashi-ku". "Taito-ku" was used as the ward name using the word "Taito" that had already been adopted in.It is a combination of the "dai" on the hills of Ueno and the "east" that is associated with Shitaya and downtown Asakusa on the east side of Ueno.Kangxi DictionaryListed in a happy senseMizusho place nameBut also.Other candidates included "Shitamachi Ward," "Taiping Ward," "Sumida Ward," and "Asaya Ward."[2].

How to read is the publication published in the capital and wardsPhoneticOfficially, as seen inTaitoHowever, in the early days, it was not so strongly unified, and even now, elderly people born in the early Showa period often say, "In many cases, including local Taito residents."DaitoIs read[3].

To the name of the town in the wardTaitoBut there is1964(Showa 39)House displayIt was named after the ward name, and has nothing to do with its origin.


Tokyo 23 WardIt is located slightly northeast of the center of.On the east sideSumida RiverOn the opposite bankSumida-kuIt is a ward boundary with.Also, at the southern end of the ward, with the Sumida RiverConfluenceNearKanda RiverTouch.


  • 139 ° 46′47 ″ east longitude, 35 ° 42′46.5 ″ north latitude (Ueno Park 7-20, National Museum of Nature and Science)
natural environment
  • There are parks and green areas everywhere, and the natural environment is good.The destruction of the natural environment is also relatively small in Tokyo.
  • A row of cherry blossom trees is planted everywhere in the ward, and cherry blossom trees are planted everywhere, including residential areas and commercial areas, in addition to the area around the Sumida River.
  • As of May 5st year of Reiwa, there are 79 national, metropolitan and ward parks, 776,984 mXNUMX.


Town name

In Taito Ward, all overAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented. The underlined town names in the Town Name column before the display of the residence are all of them, and the rest are part of them. If there is a number at the end of the town name, indicate the chome.

Housing facility

  • Toei Shitaya 1-chome Apartment (2-XNUMX Shitaya,1968(Showa 43))
  • Toei Shitaya 3-chome Apartment (11-XNUMX Shitaya,1976(Showa 51))
  • Toei Hashiba 2-chome Apartment (Hashiba 16-XNUMX,1976(Showa 51)- 1985(Showa 60))
  • Toei Negishi 5-chome Apartment (Negishi 18-XNUMX,1970(Showa 45))
  • Toei Taito Kojima Apartment (Kojima 1-5,1964(Showa 39))
  • Toei Kiyokawa 2-chome Apartment (Kiyokawa 22-XNUMX,1970(Showa 45))
  • Toei Ishihama Apartment (Kiyokawa 2-23,1963(Showa 38))
  • Toei Iriya 1-chome Apartment (22-XNUMX Iriya,1995(7))


Asakusa, Ueno district
Iriya, Negishi, Senzoku district


Population distribution by age in Taito Ward and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Taito Ward (2005)
■Purple-Taito Ward
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Taito Ward (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Day and night population

In 2005, the nighttime population (residents) was 163,528, but from outside the ward.CommutingWithCommuting to schoolRemains daytime in the wards of raw and residentpopulationIs the sum ofDaytime populationIs 303,522Noon The夜The population will be 1.856 times that of Tokyo (from "Tokyo Daytime Population 2005" edited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.ageThere are 16 unknown people in Tokyo alone. In the graph above, including those of unknown age, there is an error between numbers because the figures of unknown age are not included in the figures for the day and night population).






Ward mayor


Unique business
  • Newlywed family rent subsidy system
  • Japan's first regular bus route on the 2nd floor (between Ueno and Asakusa)


2019/10/12 First Year of Reiwa East Typhoon(Typhoon No. 19) caused enormous damage in Japan, but ward staff at an evacuation shelter for residents in Taito WardStreet dwellersSince he refused to accept (homeless), it became a problem to be taken up by the Upper House Budget Committee on the 15th in the Diet.[4]

Taito Ward opened four evacuation centers in the ward after 11:5 pm on the 4th due to the approach of the typhoon.After that, on the 12th, two street dwellers who visited the evacuation center of Shinobugaoka Elementary School, one of the evacuation centers, were asked by the ward staff to write their address and name on a piece of paper for reception. When the two declared that they did not have an address in Taito Ward, the ward staff repelled the two street dwellers because they were shelters for the inhabitants.

When this came to light, it was covered in various media after the 13th, but Taito Ward told the media that "the disaster prevention plan allows only residents to use the evacuation shelter in the ward."[5]He commented, "Responding to homeless people is an issue for future study," but the problem was confusing.National Democratic Party OfYuko MoriHouse of Councilors at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on the morning of the 15th[6]Shinzo AbeWhen asked to the Prime Minister, "What do you think about the problem of refusing to accept the homeless at this evacuation center in Taito Ward?" It is desirable. "

Taito Ward announces Mayor's statement on the evening of the 15th[7] However, "I am very sorry that there were some people who could not evacuate due to insufficient response to street dwellers at the evacuation center during this typhoon No. 19. We have caused great concern to the residents of the ward regarding this matter. Taito Ward took this case seriously and set up a study organization within the agency. In cooperation with related organizations, all people in the event of a disaster We will consider measures to support the disaster and take measures. "


Ward assembly

  • Constant number: 32 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 1st year)-November 2023th, 5 (4th year of Reiwa)[8]
  • Chair: Takeshi Ishizuka (Taito Ward Assembly Liberal Democratic Party)
  • Vice-chairman: Jun Suzuki (Taito Ward Assembly Liberal Democratic Party)
Parliamentary nameNumber of membersMember name (◎ is secretary general)Affiliated party
Taito Ward AssemblyLDP9◎ Masahisa Ota, Koji Izumi, Takeshi Ishizuka, Kimiko Takamori, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, Motomi Mochizuki, Jun Suzuki, Yuichiro Okada, Ken AinoLDP
Taito Frontier7◎ Hideo Horikoshi, Masayuki Aoyagi, Junnosa Kono, Morality Mizushima, Kazuaki Kawai, Hiroatsu Tanaka, Megumi NakajimaConstitutional Democratic Party,National Democratic Party,Independent
Taito Ward AssemblyKomeito5◎ Yoshihisa Kosaka, Chihoko Kosuge, Akira Terada, Nobuko Matsuo, Fumio NakazawaKomeito
Connecting project4◎ Taro Hayakawa, Sayo Homme, Kimio Aoka, Tomonari MatsumuraIndependent
Japan Communist PartyTaito Ward Assembly4◎ Hiroshi Akima, Nobuko Ito, Noboru Suzuki, Ginjiro YamaguchiJapan Communist Party
Tomin First MeetingTaito Ward Assembly2◎ Koichiro Murakami, Kenjiro NakamuraTomin First Meeting
Taito Ward Citizens' Meeting1◎ Akio KakegawaA party protecting the people from NHK

Metropolitan assembly

  • Constant number: 2 people
  • Constituency: Taito Ward Constituency
  • Term: October 2017, 29 (October 7, 23)-October 2021, 3 (Reiwa 7 years) October 22, XNUMX ("2017 Tokyo Elections"reference)
Representative nameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Masahiro HosakaTomin First Meeting1
Hiroyuki NakayamaTomin First Meeting2

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tokyo 2st Ward(Chuo-ku-Minato-kuPart ofBunkyo ku・ Part of Taito Ward)Kiyoto TsujiLDP3Constituency
Akihiro MatsuoConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival
Tokyo 14st Ward(Part of Taito Ward ・Sumida-ku-Arakawa)Matsushima greenLDP6Constituency

With the ward change in 2017,Higashiueno 6-chome,Shitaya 2-chome (13th 1-5, 14-24, 14, 15, 24),入谷1丁目(1-3、9-14、21-28、32、33番)、入谷2丁目1-33番,Matsugaya 1-4 chome,Nishiasakusa 2-3 chome,Asakusa 2-13-27, Asakusa 3-7,Senzoku 1-chome, Senzoku 2-chome 1-32, Senzoku 3-4 chome,Imado 1-2 chome,Higashiasakusa 1-2 chome,Hashiba 1-2 chome,Kiyokawa 1-2 chome,Nihonzutsumi 1-chome, Nihonzutsumi 2-chome 1-35Moved from 2 wards to 14 wards.

National agency

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency
Tokyo Tax Office
  • Taito Metropolitan Tax Office



  • Metropolitan Police Department
    • XNUMXth Headquarters: Metropolitan Police DepartmentSixth directionTo supervise.The Youth Countermeasures Center is attached to the headquarters, and the Asakusa and Ueno police stations are under the control of this center.HeadquartersHouseIs located in Higashiasakusa, Taito-ku.
Police station


Fire department
  • Ueno Fire Station (2-9-XNUMX Higashiueno)Special rescue team-Emergency services1
    • Shitaya Branch Office (13-1-1 Shitaya) Emergency Services XNUMX
    • Yanaka Branch Office (1-25-XNUMX Yanaka)Special fire fighting company・No emergency services
  • Asakusa Fire Station (Komagata 5-chome 8-1) Special Fire Fighting Squadron / Emergency Services XNUMX
    • Asakusabashi branch office (10-5-1 Asakusabashi) Emergency services XNUMX
  • Nihontsutsumi Fire Department (Senzoku 1-chome 1-1) Special Fire Fighting Squadron / Emergency Services XNUMX
    • Nitenmon branch office (35-9-XNUMX Asakusa) No ambulance crew
    • Imado Branch Office (33-3-1 Imado) Emergency Services XNUMX


Main hospital


  • Taito City Central Library(Lifelong Learning Center)
    A large-scale integrated library with the largest number of users in the ward.As for the size, it is a municipal library class in a local city.The collection of books occupies more than 3 floors, and one floor is a novelist from the local area entitled "Ikenami Shotaro Memorial Room".Shotaro IkenamiThere is a corner dedicated to the collection of books. At the back of the 2nd floor, there is a local museum where you can do research. We also rent out CDs, DVDs, video software, etc.The exterior and interior are futuristic, with a 4-floor atrium elevator hall.
  • Ishihama Library
    Public library.There is also a self-study room for junior and senior high school students.
  • Negishi Library
    Public library.Local government-operated small-scale type.
  • Central Library Asakusabashi Branch

Exercise facility

  • Taito Riverside Sports Center
    It is basically a ward operation, but some private companies are outsourced.As a physical education facilityAthletic field, Sumida pool, exercise rest area, ward managementBaseball field, Cycling course, gymnasium, etc. are fully equipped.However, the scale is not so large.
    The main feature is that it is adjacent to Sumida Ward across the Sakura Bridge and Sumida River, and there is a hidden spot overlooking the cherry blossoms right next to the center.It is also adjacent to Sumida Park, so you can enjoy athletic facilities.
  • Kiyoshima heated pool
  • Yanagikita Sports Plaza

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


sister city
Friendship city


Tertiary industry


Major large stores

Companies headquartered in the ward

Companies based in the ward


Mass media


Cable TV




Junior college


high school


Junior high school


All 7 schools

Closed junior high school
  • Taito Ward Kuramae Junior High School
    1991 Closed as Taito Ward Asakusa Junior High School due to merger with Taito Ward Fukui Junior High School.
  • Taito Ward Fukui Junior High School
    1991 Closed as Taito Ward Asakusa Junior High School due to merger with Taito Ward Kuramae Junior High School.
  • Taito Ward Taito Junior High School
    Yumi Adachi,Goro NoguchiWas in school.
    In 2002, due to the merger with Taito Ward Okachimachi Junior High School, it became Taito Ward Okachimachi Taito Junior High School and closed.
  • Taito Ward Okachimachi Junior High School
    Kinichi Hagimoto,Ryuji HaradaWas in school.
    In 2002, due to the merger with Taito Ward Taito Junior High School, it became Taito Ward Okachimachi Taito Junior High School and closed.
  • Taito Ward Shitaya Junior High School
    In 2002, due to the merger with Taito Ward Ryusen Junior High School, it became Taito Ward Kashiwaba Junior High School and closed.
  • Taito Ward Ryusen Junior High School
    In 2002, due to the merger with Taito Ward Shitaya Junior High School, it became Taito Ward Kashiwaba Junior High School and closed.
    It was often used as a shooting location for Saturday dramas of the Nippon Television series.Wild pig. Produce,Gal saretc.
  • Taito Ward Horai Junior High School
    In 2002, due to the merger with Taito Ward Imado Junior High School, it became Taito Ward Sakurabashi Junior High School and closed.
  • Taito Ward Imado Junior High School
    In 2002, due to the merger with Taito Ward Horai Junior High School, it became Taito Ward Sakurabashi Junior High School and closed.

primary school

Taito Ward's municipal elementary schools have their ward policy to wear standard clothing (uniforms).
  • Taito Ward Ueno Elementary School
    An elementary school newly established by merging the traditional Taito Ward Kiyoshima Elementary School and Taito Ward Shimotani Elementary School.
    The lyrics of the school song are based on the ideas of all current students, parents, and local residents, and each class representative child is the instructor.Eisuke RyosukeIt was created by setting up several dialogue meetings.
    In 2019, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our founding.
  • Taito Ward Negishi Elementary School
    1871,Kanazawa DomainA historic school founded based on donations from the Lord Maeda and others.AccessoryKindergartenAlso1889(Meiji 22) Boasts a founding tradition.
    It is located on the border between Arakawa Ward and Taito Ward.
  • Fuji Elementary School
    The number of children is the largest in the ward.1900(Meiji 33) Opened,school song TheShinpei NakayamaComposition.
  • Taito Ward Matsuba Elementary School
    A traditional elementary school with a history of over 100 years.The color of the school building is colorful.Yumi AdachiWas in school.
    It is located about a 5-minute walk from Ueno Elementary School in Taito Ward.

All 19 schools

Closed elementary school
  • Taito Ward Shimotani Elementary School
    Closed in 1990 due to merger with Taito Ward Kiyoshima Elementary School.2009(21)3UntilIwakura High SchoolIt was used as the Shitaya school building.
  • Taito Ward Kiyoshima Elementary School
    Closed in 1990 due to merger with Taito Ward Shimotani Elementary School.An elementary school located at the current location of Ueno Elementary School.
  • Taito Ward Ninagamachi Elementary School
    Closed in 1990 due to merger with Takecho, Taito-ku (currently Heisei) Elementary School.
  • Takecho Elementary School, Taito Ward
    Closed in 1990 due to merger with Taito Ward Ninagamachi Elementary School.
  • Taito Ward Sakamoto Elementary School
    In 1996, the school was integrated into Taito Ward Taisho Elementary School and closed.
  • Taito Ward Nishimachi Elementary School
    Closed in 1998 due to merger with Takecho, Taito-ku (currently Heisei) Elementary School.Amami YukiWas in school.Eiju General Hospital relocated to the site.
  • Taito Ward Ikuei Elementary School
    Kaori MurajiIt was a historic elementary school that produced the 130th anniversary of its founding, but due to the merger with Taito Ward Ryuhoku Elementary School.2001Closed in 13.
  • Taito Ward Ryuhoku Elementary School
    This elementary school has a history of more than 120 years since its foundation, and closed in 2001 due to a merger with Taito Ward Ikuei Elementary School.
  • Taito Ward Matsuchiyama Elementary School
    Closed in 2001 due to a merger with Tanaka Elementary School in Taito Ward on the 128th anniversary of its founding.
  • Taito Ward Tanaka Elementary School
    Closed in 2001 due to merger with Taito Ward Matsuchiyama Elementary School.
  • Taito Ward Seika Elementary School
    Closed in 2003 due to merger with Kuramae Elementary School in Taito Ward.
  • Taito Ward Kojima Elementary School
    Closed in 2003 due to merger with Kuramae Elementary School in Taito Ward.It is currently used as a famous atelier.
  • Taito Ward Saibi Elementary School
    Closed in 2003 due to merger with Taito Ward Seika (currently Kuramae) Elementary School.
  • Taito Ward Taito Elementary School
    2005Closed in (17) due to merger with Taito Ward Kanasogi Elementary School.The school name is from the old Shitaya-ku era.As mentioned above, it was used as a reference for determining the ward name when the ward was established.


  • Negishi Kindergarten
  • Takecho Kindergarten
  • Taisho Kindergarten
  • Kiyoshima kindergarten
  • Fuji Kindergarten
  • Senzoku Kindergarten
  • Kinryu Kindergarten
  • Tahara kindergarten
  • Taito Sakura Kindergarten
  • Ikuei kindergarten
  • Kaneiji Kindergarten
  • Sensoji Kindergarten
  • Taito Hatsune Kindergarten
  • Yanaka kindergarten
  • Tokufu kindergarten
  • Koganji Kindergarten
  • Kuramae Kindergarten
Authorized child institution
  • Ishihama Hashiba Children's Garden (formerly Ishihama Kindergarten and Hashiba Nursery School)
  • Kotobuki Children's Garden (formerly Saibi Kindergarten)
  • Taito Children's Garden (former Taito Kindergarten)
Closed kindergarten
  • Meiwa Gakuen Kindergarten (Private)

Other educational institutions



JR logo (east) .svg

East Japan Railway(JR East)

Tohoku Main Line
Sobu Main Line
Tokyo Metro logo.svg

Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)


Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation

Keisei Logo.svg

Keisei Electric Railway

Tōbu Tetsudō Logo.svg

Tobu Railway

Tsukuba Express mark.svg

Metropolitan New City Railway(Tsukuba Express)


Transit Bus

  • Toei Bus
    • S-1 system (Kinshicho Station --Asakusa Kaminarimon --Ueno Matsuzakaya Mae --Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit)
    • Gaku 01 system (University of Tokyo campus-University of Tokyo hospital-Ueno Park Yamashita (circulation))
    • Miyako 02 system (Otsuka Station-Okachimachi Station-Kinshicho Station)
    • Miyako 08 system (Nippori station --Tobu Asakusa station --Oshiage --Kinshicho station)
    • Sato 22 system (Nippori Station-Mikawashima Station-Nagibashi-Kameido Station)
    • Top 23 system (Ueno Station --Asakusa Kotobukicho --Oshiage --Hirai Station)
    • Kusa 24 system (Asakusa Kotobuki Town --Kameido Station --Higashi Ojima Station)
    • Upper 26 system (Ueno Park --Oku Asakusa --Tokyo Skytree Station --Kameido Station)
    • Kusa 39 system (Ueno Station --Asakusa Toshicho --Aoto Garage --Kanamachi Station)
    • Kusa 41 system (Asakusa-Kotocho-Uguisudani Station-Machiya Station-Adachi-Umedachon)
    • East 42-1 system (Minami-Senju Station West Exit / Minami-Senju Garage --Tobu Asakusa Station --Asakusa Bridge Station --Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit)
    • East 42-2 system (Minami Senju Station West Exit / Minami Senju Garage --Tobu Asakusa Station --Asakusabashi Station --Higashi Kanda)
    • East 42-3 system (Minamisenju garage --Tobu Asakusa station --Asakusa Kaminarimon)
    • Grass 43 system (Asakusa Kaminarimon / Asakusa-Kotoshicho --Minowa Station --Senju Garage --Adachi Ward Office)
    • Upper 46 system (Ueno Matsuzakaya-mae --Asakusa Toshicho --Minamisenju garage / Minamisenju station east exit)
    • Upper 58 system (Ueno Matsuzakaya-mae --Nezu Station --Edogawabashi --Waseda)
    • Top 60 system (Ueno Park --Nezu Station --Kasuga Station --Otsuka Station --Ikebukuro Station East Exit)
    • Kusa 63 system (Asakusa-Kotoshicho, Kaminarimon XNUMX-chome --Minowa Station --Nishi Nippori Station --Sugamo Station --Ikebukuro Station East Exit)
    • Kusa 64 system (Asakusa Kaminarimon Minami-Shin-Mikawashima Station-Oku Station-Oji Station-Ikebukuro Station East Exit / Sugamo Togenuki Jizo)
    • Upper 69 system (Kotakibashi garage --Takadanobaba station --Waseda --Kasuga station --Kasuga station --Ueno Park (circulation))
  • Keisei Town Bus
    • Yes 01 system (Asakusa Kotobukicho-Horikiri Shobuen Station-Kameari Station)
    • Shinko 59 system (Asakusa Kotobuki Town --in front of Tokyo Sky Tree Town --Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku Square) *Keisei BusJoint operation with
  • Tobu Bus Central
    • Sky Tree Shuttle (Ueno Station / Ueno Park --Asakusa District --Tokyo Sky Tree Town)

Taito Ward Circulation BusMegurin(Operated by Taito Ward,Hitachi Motor Transportation(Hitachi) and Keisei Bus (Keisei) outsourced operation)

  • Kita Megurin (Around Asakusa) (Hitachi)
  • Kita Megurin (Negishi area) (Hitachi)
  • Megurin Minami (Hitachi)
  • East-West Megurin (Hitachi)
  • Guru Megurin (Keisei)

Intercity bus

Night express bus

  • JR Bus Kanto Departs from Ueno Station and operates to Toyama and Kanazawa.
  • Keisei Bus Departs from Keisei Ueno Station and operates to Nara / Tenri.
  • Narita Airport Transportation Departs from Keisei Ueno Station and operates to Sakai / Wakayama and Matsumoto / Nagano.
  • Chiba Chuo Bus Departs from Keisei Ueno Station and operates to Shiga and Kyoto.
  • Tohoku Express Bus Departs from Ueno Station and Tobu Asakusa Station and operates to Yamagata, Shinjo, Kyoto / Osaka, Okayama / Kurashiki, and Kanazawa.
  • Konan Bus Departs and arrives in front of Ueno Station and operates to Hirosaki and Aomori.
  • Kokusai Kogyo Bus-Iwate Prefecture Transportation Departs and arrives in front of Ueno Station and operates to Tono / Kamaishi and Tsuruoka / Sakata.

ABCaaaaIwaki-Kitaibaraki City,Takahagi-Hitachi City,Tokai village-Hitachinaka City,Hitachiota City-Daigo Town-Hitachi Omiya-Naka City,Mito-Ishioka,Tsukuba CityFrom etc. to Tokyo StationBusta ShinjukuYou can get off at Asakusa Station and Ueno Station by highway bus to.

Midnight Express Bus

Limousine bus



National road

City road


Water bus route

Tokyo sightseeing steamer

  • Sumida River Line
  • Asakusa / Odaiba direct line
    • Asakusa Depot

Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

License plate

Taito Ward is the Adachi number (Tokyo Transport Bureau) Is assigned, which corresponds to the area of ​​"Eastern 23 Wards".

Adachi number allocation area is Taito Ward, Edogawa Ward, Katsushika Ward, Adachi Ward, Koto Ward, Sumida Ward, Arakawa Ward[9].


Sights and historic sites


Main shrine


Main temple

Nearby Tourist Spots


Museums, art galleries, zoos



Festivals and events


  • Sensoji Temple
    Monthly events are held from the New Year's Great Prayer Meeting to the Joya no Kane at the end of the year.
  • Asakusa Sanja Festival
    The three shrines mean that the three pillars of the Shintai are enshrined.Asakusa ShrineIt is also another name for.The shrine of Asakusa Shrine enshrines the fisherman's brother who raised Kannon of Sensoji Temple and the monk who instructed him to enshrine it.It is a famous festival because of its vigorous momentum and the precincts of Sensoji Temple, which is widely famous nationwide.Newspaper companyAnd each TV station visit for coverage.
  • Ono Terusaki ShrineGrand festival
    A festival centered around Ono Terusaki Shrine by the parishioners of XNUMX neighboring towns.Every year on festival daysMay 5BeforeSaturday-SundayHas been defined.AmaterasukamiBecause it enshrines, it is one of the top shrines in Taito Ward.
  • Togoshi ShrineAnnual festival
    Togoshi ShrineIs an ancient temple with a history of 1360 years, and is famous for the original Sennuki Mikoshi, which boasts one of the largest and heaviest pedestals in Tokyo, with a width of 4 shaku and 3 inches. The night festival by the Juhachigamachi Mutsumikai is a sight to see.
    In contrast to the Sanja Matsuri festival, the Sennuki Mikoshi is worth seeing while entering the shrine.
    Nippon TaketakaIs enshrined.
  • Tomatsuri
    Imado ShrineAnd a festival organized by the district neighborhood association.Once every three yearsMikoshiThere is a transfer.
  • Downtown Tanabata Festival
    A local shopping street will be held at "Kappabashihon-dori".
  • Iriya Morning Glory Festival
    Kiko Iriya Mother GodIt will be held on the sidewalk in and around the precincts of.

Special event

Specialty/Special product

  • Edo Chiyogami
  • Edo Hake
  • Edo
  • Leather goods and shoes

Official character

In Taito Ward, an official character consisting of multiple characters tailored to the characteristics of the regionTaito-kunExists[10].

Origin-related celebrities

Native celebrity

For celebrities from the former Asakusa Ward and the former Shitaya WardAsakusa Ward,Shimotani WardSee

Related celebrities

Person with connection

MeijiFrom the beginning1960 eraUntil, Asakusa represents TokyoRed light districtAndRikizo Taya,Yoshie FujiwaraSuch asAsakusa OperaStar,Kenichi Enomoto,Furukawa RoppaSuch asComedian,FranceSuch asstripTheater intermissionControlFrom Kiyoshi Atsumi, Hachiro Azuma, Kinichi Hagimoto,Jiro Sakagami,Beat takeshiEtc., especiallyPopular performing artsThere are many people who are closely related to Asakusa in this field.Asakusa Park Roku WardSee.

  • Inoue Hisashi(Playwright / Novelist) --Started as a writer with a French seat, and was in charge of the script for the intermission contest.RepresentScorpioHas an office and a private office in Yanagibashi XNUMX-chome.
  • Animal Hamaguchi(Professional wrestler) --Animal Hamaguchi Training Gym, andAnimal Hamaguchi Wrestling DojoIs set up in Asakusa XNUMX-chome.
  • Yai Jizo(Dry cellInventor) --- Established "Yai Dry Battery Joint Stock Company" in Nagaya, Asakusa.The company does not currently exist.
  • Hitoshi Goto(Japanese-style painter, picture book painter, graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in Japanese painting) --- Former Iwasaki Residence GardenKintang leather paperTo restore and manufacture.
  • Okakura Tenshin(Art(Administrator / Art Activist)-Former residence / former period of Yanaka Hatsunecho XNUMX-chome (currently Yanaka XNUMX-chome)Japanese Art InstituteThe site is the Okakura Tenshin Memorial Park.
  • Fumio Asakura(Sculptor) --The former residence of Yanaka Hatsunecho XNUMX-chome (currently Yanaka XNUMX-chome)Asakura Sculpture MuseumIt has become.
  • Yokoyama Taikan(Japanese-style painter) --The former residence of Kayamachi XNUMX-chome (currently Ikenohata XNUMX-chome) is the Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall.
  • The first Sanyutei Encho(Rakugoka) --I lived in Ikenohata Nanakencho (currently Ikenohata XNUMX-chome), Shitaya Mannencho XNUMX-chome (currently Higashiueno XNUMX-chome), and Shitaya Kurazakacho (currently Ueno / Higashiueno).
  • 8th Katsura Bunraku(Rakugoka) --I lived in Nishikuromoncho (currently Ueno XNUMX-chome) and was called the "master of Kuromoncho".CurrentRakugo AssociationOffice is adjacent to the former residence.
  • 9th Katsura Bunji(Rakugoka) --I lived in a nagaya in Kita Inarimachi (currently Higashiueno XNUMX-chome).
  • Hayashiya Hikoroku(Rakugoka, 8th generationHayashiya Shozo) ―― He lives in the same nagaya in Kita Inaricho as the 9th generation Katsura Bunji, and was called "Master of Inaricho".
  • Shiki Masaoka(Haiku) --The former residence of Uenegishi Town (now Negishi XNUMX-chome) is Shiki-an.
  • Mori Ogai(Novelist) --There was a time when I lived in Kanasugi Village (currently Negishi XNUMX-chome) and Ueno Hanazonocho (currently Ikenohata XNUMX-chome).
  • Natsume Soseki(Novelist) --I grew up in Asakusa Suwa-cho (now Komagata XNUMX-chome).
  • Kazuha Higuchi(Novelist) --The time when I lived in Shimotani Okachimachi XNUMX-chome (currently Higashi-Ueno XNUMX-XNUMX-chome), Ueno Nishikuromon-cho (currently Ueno XNUMX-chome), Shimotani Ryusenji-cho (currently Ryusen XNUMX-chome), etc. is there.The Ichiyo Memorial Museum is located near the former residence of Ryusen XNUMX-chome.
  • Genbuchi Fujii(Doctor, first generation) -It is said that he lived in Satakehara (currently Ueno, Taito-ku), and he presented Ryukakusan to the shogun at that time.[11]
Resident (current)

Works set in Taito Ward



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