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🎥 | 7ORDER's first solo LIVE photo exhibition at Budokan “WE ARE 7ORDER IN PARC…


7ORDER's first solo LIVE photo exhibition at Budokan "WE ARE 7ORDER IN PARC ...

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A project started in May 7 by Kentaro Yasui, Yuma Sanada, Shoki Moroboshi, Myuto Morita, Keigo Hagiya, Aran Abe, and Reo Nagatsuma.

2021ORDER LIVE TOUR 1 of "7ORDER", which was released in January 7. → Continue reading


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Aran Abe(Abe Aran,19978/30[4] -) isJapan Oftalent,An actor.. 7-member male unit7ORDERIs a member of.TokyoI'm from


201010/23, Joined Johnny's office[2].

2012からJohnny's Jr.Of the inner unitTravis Japan[4]Started activities as2016From 5 monthLove-tuneStarted activities as a member of.But,201610The stage ofABC seat 2016 Cheer shop !! ~ OH & YEAH !! ~After that, the activity as Travis Japan can no longer be seen.[5]After that, concentrate on activities as Love-tune[6].

2013,49』Debuted as an actor,2014of"Near Kyori Love ~ Season Zero ~Starred in the TV drama for the first time[7].

2018On November 11, it was announced on the paid official website "Johnny's Junior Information Bureau" that he would leave Johnny's office on the same date.[3].

20191, Established official Instagram[8].TOKYO MXAppeared in a variety show[9], October 3Yuma SanadaTogether with TOKYO MX, we will hold "Yuma Sanada and Aran Abe's Connect, Connect, Connect" at the event "TOKYO MX FES. 2019".[10].

same year5/22,7ORDER project] Has started, and the members of Love-tune have reunited. Announced to resume activities with 7 people[11].


The word "Ken" means strong luck, and "Alan"[Note 1]The name "to be world-class" is included in the name.[12].


The appearance in the groupTravis Japan # Appearance,Love-tune # appearance,7ORDER # appearanceSee. Only personal appearances are listed.

TV drama


Entertainment shows




  • Gamshala J's Party !! Vol.9 (March 2015, 3-April 30, 4,EX Theater Roppongi[27]
  • ガムシャラ! サマーステーション[チーム覇](2015年7月23日・26日・29日・30日・8月12日・13日・15日・16日、EXシアター六本木)[28]


注 釈

  1. ^ It may be mistaken for half because of the sound of the name, but he states that he is a pure Japanese.[12].


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