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🎥 | Mackenyu Nitta, dream is "I want to take the world of an actor who is active overseas and can speak Japanese"

Photo movie "Brave -Gunjo Senki-" Mackenyu Nitta cranked in at a challenge event for the world!

Mackenyu Nitta, dream is "I want to take the world of an actor who is active overseas and can speak Japanese"

If you write the contents roughly
I like FPS (First Person Shooter) and want to try this, "he said.

Actor Mackenyu Nitta will take part in a challenge event for the movie "Brave-Gunjo Senki-", which was held in Tokyo on the 18th. → Continue reading

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shooting game

Computer game genre > shooting game

shooting game(British: shooting game) Is mainly for shooting enemies,Computer game genreOne of the.STG,SHTIt may be abbreviated as.

Mainly for bullets and laser beamsMissileUse to shoot enemies (enemy aircraft, enemy weapons, enemy creatures, enemy aliens, enemy soldiers, etc.).

There are many ways to classify shooting games, but they are often classified according to viewpoint, scroll direction, attack method, and so on.Broadly speaking, 2D shooting / 3D shooting,Gun shooting gamesare categorized.#Classification/Type

Broad senseAction gamesThere is also a way to classify it as a subordinate concept ofAction gamesThere is also a classification method that distinguishes it from.Some of them are shooting with action elements, actions with shooting elements, and games that are completely in the middle, making it difficult to distinguish between them (they are roughly divided into "action shooting" or "shooting action". (Sometimes called).

There are various settings for the era and the world view during the work, but there are many works with a strong SF color and a strong military color set in the future.On the other hand, "1942A work set in the past like the series, "Strikers 1945There is also a work that depicts a world view with a strong SF color while being based on the past era like the series.

History of naming

The word itself was used in the early 1970s NES Zapper game, but at this time it had almost the same meaning as the shooting game.[1]..In electronic games, 1980's "Space Shooting", "Slim Boy Shooting Game 6", "ASCIIThere is "Tank Shooting" published in the August 1980 issue.[1].

in JapanSpace invadersSince its hit, numerous 2D STGs have been born and have become synonymous with shooting games.In recent years (since 2000), various 2DSTGs (FPS, flight shooting, gun shooting, etc.) differentiated from 3DSTG are increasing and diversifying, so even in Japan, there is a misunderstanding whether shooting games refer to 2DSTG or 3DSTG. May occur. There is no misunderstanding if you call it 2DSTG, but this time there is a problem that the word 2DSTG itself is not well known.

A game generally called a shooting game was once regarded as an action game.LoginIn the May 1983 issue, "XeviusIs called "battle (action) game" and ruby ​​is called "" released in August 1983.Hello microcomputerIn the introduction of the game genre in the table of contents of Volume 2, the action game was described as "a game that competes for reflexes, such as Space Invaders."[1].. In "Login", the March 1983 issue of "" advertisement says "shooting game", which seems to be an early example of its use in magazines and advertisements. In the December 3 issue of the shooting game introduction article, "shooting game"AlphosWas called a "scrolling game"[1].. The word "shooting" became popular in the anime movie "Shooting" released in 1982.Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounter the UniverseThere is a view that it is related, and there is a theory that the trailer said "GUNDAM LAST SHOOTING" and the promotional poster said "Last Shooting!"[1].


There are many classifications of shooting games, for example, the following classification methods.

For example 2D shooting / 3D shooting There is a method to roughly divide it.

In 2D shooting, what is displayed on the screen is two-dimensional, that is, what is displayed in a plane. In 2D shooting games, the world is three-dimensional and three-dimensional on the screen.Perspective projectionIs displayed on the computerCPUImprovement of processing power,Object-oriented programming,polygonDue to the development of technology, etc., in the data space of computerssimulationThis is made possible by the realization of typical data processing and the technology to display it visually.It should be noted that there are some intermediates between 2D and 3D, those that realize it "pseudo" instead of the true 3D technique, and some displays that are trying to appear three-dimensional, but in the data space. For those whose movements, etc., are not fully reproduced in 3D, please refer to "Pseudo 3DThere is also a way to classify it as "shooting".

2D shooting screenscrollDepending on the presence or absence ofFixed screen shooter / Scroll shooter Can be classified into.

Scroll shooting is even more Vertical scrollShooting / Horizontal scrollShooting / Both vertical and horizontal scrollingShooting / Multi-directional scrollIt can be classified as shooting.

For 3D shooting,point of viewDepending on how you take itFPS(First person shooter) / GSTIt is classified as (third-person shooter).

There is also a classification method called "action shooting", which is a shooting-based action game, and "competitive shooting game", in which one-on-one battles are played.

English-speaking countriesThen, Ikki Tousen method of shooting games[Source required]The one isshoot 'em up(For short,shmup) Tends to be classified.This is not a classification name limited to 2DSTG, but "Space harrier], [Afterburner], [Thunder blade], [Star fox], Ikki Tousen 3D STGshoot'em up(On the other hand, fighting action gamesbeat'em upOften called).vice versa,"Space War!], Even if it is 2DSTG, it is not the Ikki Tousen method.shoot'em upIs not classified as.Until a certain time, 2D STG was the majority of shooting games in the United States.

The specific content of each classification will be explained in the body of the article.



TaitoTomohiro NishikadoDeveloped by1978Released by the companyarcade gameof"Space invadersThe purpose of the game is to shoot down all the enemies while avoiding attacks from them, unlike the previous "matching game" that is played within a fixed time of a few minutes. A good person has adopted a game system that can be played for a long time, and has influenced subsequent shooting games in various ways, and is evaluated as "the originator of shooting games".Space Invaders wasn't just the "origin of shooters," it was a huge hit worldwide, a record-breaking hit that hadn't been repainted yet, and made huge sales, a small game until then. The size of the global market of the game was increased at once, and not only this genre but also the game industry was changed to a different one.Also in 1980, the game was released on US home computers (game computers).Atari 2600It was officially licensed as software for the world's first "killer application" (= its), which greatly contributed to the sales promotion of the housing.ア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ンIt became an application that motivated me to buy the housing because of the software.

Following the blockbuster of Space Invaders, while incorporating the game system of it almost as it is, in the form of changing the movement of the enemy and beautifying the color expression, Namco announced in November 1979GalaxianWas released, and this was also a big hit.Following that, "Balloon Bomber" and "Balloon Bomber" in the early 1980sMoon Cresta], [Galaga] And other constant hits, ("Pac-Man], [Donkey KongSuch asAction gamesと と も に) Shooting games have become established as a major genre in the video game world at that time.

At this time, the clock frequency of the CPU was still low, the amount of memory was limited to only a few kilobytes, and the processing power was low, so all shooting games at this time are types that move flat characters in a plane. It was a "2D shooting game".

Prosperity period

1980 eraShooting games will continue to develop as a driving force in the progress of the video game world.It has steadily accelerated progress in line with hardware innovations in all components of video games, including game systems, graphics, sound, and difficulty.Players as users will also hone their skills accordingly, and the style of aiming for "one coin clear" and "high score" has become established. By the mid-1980s, due to the simple and easy-to-understand rule of "shooting down the enemy and avoiding the enemy's bullets", and the characteristics of analyzing the pattern and advancing to the next side as much as you learned and getting a high score.arcade game,Consumer gamesRegardless of whether or not, shooting games have become a booming genre of video games.Game companies all develop shooting games,ToaplanThere were also game makers that were mostly specialized in shooting game development.

2D shooting decline

By the end of the 1980s, the rise of shooter games began to fade.Shooting has gradually become unwelcome from the game market due to the feeling of exhaustion of game ideas, rut, and operator dissatisfaction due to poor turnover.Besides that,Role playing games,Competitive fighting game,puzzle gameHits were born one after another in other relatively emerging game genres, and users were flowing to that, the difficulty level that is becoming more difficult, and some manufacturers (Irem) Due to the lack of capture information due to information control, the image that "shooting is difficult / difficult to get along with" has become generally established, and there are multiple factors of decline.

Especially"Street fighter ii"Virtua FighterThe fighting game, which was founded by ”, attracted overwhelming attention over shooting games due to its turnover rate, satisfaction per hour, ease of entry for beginners, and character, and took away the mainstream of arcade games at once.Shooting games have a poor turnover rate because advanced players play for a long time with 1 coin, and when the manufacturer announces a game with increased difficulty to increase the turnover rate, beginners will not be able to approach this time, and as a result, the total number of players It caused a decrease.As a result, the number of installations decreased due to the tremendous turnover rate of fighting games, which gradually shunned operators.And enthusiasts will no longer welcome unprecedented innovations, creating a vicious cycle in which only games for enthusiasts that are not much different can be made, further accelerating the departure of beginners.The symbol of this was the bankruptcy of Toaplan in 1994. Irem, which launched the "R-TYPE" series, also withdrew from the arcade game business in the same year, and Konami, who was developing the "Gradius" series, also said in the latter half of the 1990s.BEMANI』Series etc.Music gamesThe main axis was moved to.

With a series of manufacturers withdrawing from shooting games,TaitoSome long-established manufacturers continue production,Cave,Saikyo,RisingSome makers have newly entered the shooting game like this.These makers have a sense of crisis away from beginners, strengthening character, automatic difficulty adjustment,BombWe have taken measures such as standard equipment and lowering the difficulty level on one side.However, it does not lead to a fundamental solution, and in the end, each manufacturer has to worry about adjusting the balance so that advanced users can understand it while incorporating beginners. A few ambitious works and especially in the 1s and 1990sGun shooting gamesAlthough the hit works in Japan have been scattered, they have not yet acquired a wide range of users, and have become minor.nicheIt was decided that the conversion would progress.

The rise and pandemic of 3D shooting

From early on in English-speaking countries and Western countries where "realistic experiences" are preferred3D shootingThere were many people who asked for. In 1993, "DOOM" was released for DOS and became popular.In the early 3s, it was necessary to purchase a high-performance PC (only) because high processing power was required in terms of hardware in order to perform genuine 1990D processing.In English-speaking countries, there is a strong tendency toward "realistic experiences", so even if the price is high, many people buy high-performance PCs (game PCs) to realize it, and from early on, 3D shooting games It has become widespread.After that, in the 2000s, the performance of consumer game consoles (that is, PS, XBOX, etc.) progressed, and 3D shooting became widespread even among people who did not bother to purchase high-performance PCs. As a result, 3D shooting has become widespread worldwide. In the 2000s, "HALO" was a big hit as a "SF thing" in FPS. "Battlefield" and "Call of Duty" became very popular as FPS and realistic battlefields, and sequels were released one after another and became "series".Battlefield and Call of Duty have been the top-ranked regulars in game software sales such as PS and XBOX in recent years, and have been purchased in huge numbers around the world and continue to be played by a huge number of players.

# 3D shooting gameExplained in the section.

The number of manufacturers that produce 2D shooting remains small.

For home use, "Everyday ShooterAnd 'Every Extend Extra], [Blast Works"and so on.For arcade games, in Japan,Trouble Witches』Starts after location at a game show etc.[When?],exception"AlsoAMI,success, Described in the soft run-up of the new system board produced.

onlineAs for distribution-compatible games, in 2007, Konami announced that as an online shooting game, "Otomedius』Sold. For 2D scrolls, "" has started a closed beta test in Japan since 2010.

#chronologyIs posted at the end, so please refer to that as well.

2D shooter

A game genre that appeared very early in computer games,1962"Space War!" Is said to be the first appearance.Also developed in 1947, "Cathode ray tube entertainment device』Within the time limitCathode ray tubeIt was a game in which the knob of was operated to aim the light source at the aircraft and shoot it down.

2D means "two-dimensional viewpoint", and you can add perspective by scaling an object or 3D.polygon2D viewpoint games are included here even if they are processed.In addition, there are some that can attack in one direction, and some that can be changed arbitrarily.

Fixed screen shooter

A shooting game where the screen does not scroll.The world's first shooting games such as "Spacewar!" And "Cathode Ray Tube Entertainment Device" are in this format.Other typical titles are "Space Invaders" and "Balloon Bomber, "Asteroid", "Robotron 2084], [Grobda"Such.

If you destroy all the enemies, the plane will be cleared and many will move on to the next plane.In addition, it should be notedOwn machineThe thing that can move and shoot in all directions is called "Arena Shooter" outside Japan, like a arena (including multi-directional scroll shooting where the battle area is local).

Vertical scroll shooting

Basically the screen scrolls vertically from top to bottomTop viewA shooting game with the screen composition of.Known as "vertical shoe". "Xevius], [Star force], [Terra Cresta], [Twinbee], [Ultimate tiger], [Thunderbolt], [Battle Garegga], [DoDonPachi], [Touhou Project"Such. "Sylpheed], [RaystormThere is also a vertical scrolling shooter that uses 3D processing to make the front side larger and the back side smaller (perspective processing) (this method is rarely seen in side-scrolling shooters).

1990 eraFrom the second half, obstacles do not appear much, but instead "Mainly avoiding (avoiding) enemy bullets, And slip through a large number of barrages with your own machine with a small hit judgment.Barrage shooterThe movement has occurred (for details, seeBarrage shooterSee section).However, before that,Star soldier], [Image fightThere are many titles that have gimmicks such as the concept of terrain.

Most of the titles created from the beginning for home use or personal computers have a screen configuration in which the monitor is placed horizontally due to their characteristics.Therefore, the majority of titles in the vertical screen configuration are created for business use, and the majority of titles in the horizontal screen configuration are created for home use or personal computers.

Vertical scroll shooting for business useThe monitor of the housing is placed vertically(3:4)What to useIs most of the time.In the era when home TVs had a 4: 3 ratio, most of them used CRTs, and vertical placement would cause malfunctions, so when porting to a stationary home-use game machine, the game was re-displayed on the horizontal screen. It had to be ported to the configured state.Whether to use the screen fully or to narrow the width a little to leave the original atmosphere is different for each title, but in any case the screen becomes smallerresolutionIt is inevitable that there will be disadvantages such as becoming low and difficult to see, and the unavoidable era continued for a long time.

However, in some cases, it is essential to play on a monitor that can be placed vertically, and some works are equipped with the original vertical screen mode and support this ("Sonic Wings 2], [Raystorm], [Radiant Silvergun], [Giga wing"Such).There are very few works that implement this mode, but it is difficult to obtain a monitor that can be installed vertically, or it requires appropriate connection knowledge, so we are particular about vertical display and install a vertical monitor safely. This is because it is installed as a specification for enthusiasts who can operate it.There is a way to use an LCD monitor that is easier to install vertically than the CRT type, but in this case it is not easy because it has a home video device connection terminal or a special upconverter device needs to be used. ..

recent years[When?]As home-use TVs have become higher resolution and larger screens, and stationary game consoles have become commonplace for high-resolution drawing, the traditional vertical scroll shooting for business use (stationary type) for home software and PCs. When porting as a game, some games have a specification that displays the original vertical screen in the center of the screen (Xbox 360 version "Great resurrection of the angry bee"Mushihimesama"Such).For works with such specifications, if you use a large-screen TV, you can secure a screen size that is the same size as or larger than the vertical monitor of the past, so you can play without hindrance.However, if nothing is done, both sides of the play screen will be hidden and the screen will be lonely, so in that case, illustrations related to the game will be displayed on both sides, and various gadgets useful for game play will be displayed. In some cases (PS4 version "Battle Garegga"Dangun Feveron"Such).

In addition, when ported to a handheld game machine, if it is relatively easier to make the screen vertical than a stationary machine, there was also a work that made it possible to play by holding the main body vertically ("Capcom Classics Collection''Namco Museum] Some of the recorded works, etc.).

Side-scrolling shooter

Basically the screen scrolls mainly from right to left sidewaysSide viewScreen composition shooting game.Known as "horizontal shoe". "Gradius], [R-TYPE], [Darius, The late "Thunder force"series,"Super big brother"Such.

The screen configuration isSide viewInevitably, the concept of top and bottom and terrain arises.Therefore, in contrast to vertical scrolling shooting, which is easy to go in the direction of pursuing exhilaration.Pursue strategicityThere are many titles.However, very rarely, "Progear stormThere are also games that have no terrain (in the sense that their own aircraft collide).

Side-scrolling shooterWhat to use with the monitor placed horizontallyIs most of the time, but oncescramble], [Jump bug, "Stinger", "Buster", "Formation Z], Etc., the vertical scroll shooting of the monitor was the mainstream. "Sky kid』AlwaysFrom left to rightScroll. "Defender], [Choplifter] Can be scrolled horizontally.

The number of titles has been decreasing since the late 1990s under the pressure of the vertical scrolling STG, but it has been increasing again since the late 16s when the display standard for both arcade and home use became a horizontally long 9: 2000 ratio. Is showing.

Both vertical and horizontal scroll shooting

With a few exceptions,Vanguard], [Salamander], [Terra force], [Axelay], [Philosoma], [Hector '87], Etc., horizontal scroll shooting and vertical scroll shootingAlternating configurationThere is also a game of.

As an effect on the progress of the game, forcible or selective scrolling in a direction different from the normal scrolling of the game may be performed in the middle of the stage, and it may appear to be locally scrolling both vertically and horizontally. is there. ("Gradius''Space manbow"Such)

Quarter view shooter

The screen is mainlyScroll diagonallyshooting game.The background is 3D. "Zaxxon], [Blazer], [Fairy tale maze, "", "" And so on.

The basic rules are the same as vertical scroll shooting, but Zaxxon also includes the concept of altitude and obstacles (instead, there is no movement back and forth).

Since it is an oblique viewpoint, there was an advantage that the enemy etc. can be seen three-dimensionally even with sprites, but it is difficult to grasp the positional relationship, and if you include the concept of altitude, you can not understand whether it is the same altitude as the enemy, or you can predict the movement of enemy bullets There are disadvantages such as difficulty, and it is difficult to give a range to the game.In the end, it wasn't created to be integrated into vertical scrolling shooters.

Multi-directional scroll shooting

The screen isThe player "scrolls in any direction" and "attacks in any direction"Shooting.Also known asArbitrary scroll shooting.

A typical title is "Bosconian], [Time pilot], [Vangeling bay], [Alien Syndrome], [Bizarre mysterious world], [Assault], [Valkyrie no Densetsu, The early "Thunder force"series,"Granada], [Geometry Wars] And so on.The arena shooting mentioned above and early FPS also have elements of multi-directional scroll shooting, and may perform similar internal processing.

When classified in terms of scroll expression, "type that scrolls when direction input is continued" ("Granada, "Assault", etc.) and "A type that always scrolls without inputting directions" ("Bosconian", etc.).The former is often classified as an action game even if the elements of multi-directional scroll shooting are rich.

Tunnel shooting

A shooting game in which the battle space is a cylindrical curved surface.The screen is drawn in a three-dimensional representation, but the battle takes place in a space that follows the surface of the cylindrical shape.This battle space is a kind of two-dimensional, albeit anomalous. "", "Gyruss, "" And so on.Also,"Argus] Is a normal vertical scrolling shooter, but the left and right sides of the map are connected and looped, and it can be regarded as a spatial composition similar to tunnel shooting.

3D shooter

A shooting game in which the data space of the game reproduces the three-dimensional structure and displays it in three dimensions.Simulation-like reproduction of virtual space by object-oriented programming3DpolygonTechnologyIt is realized by using such as.

The virtual space in the game is (for the time being) designed three-dimensionally, as pseudo 3D processingSprite-Enlargement / reduction of a single pictureThose using are also (for the time being) classified as 3D shooting games.

It should be noted that a game such as "3D processing using polygons from a two-dimensional viewpoint (including those from a diagonally looking down viewpoint)" ("Raystorm], [Ikaruga], [Gradius V] Etc.) are basically classified as "2D shooting", and basically not classified as "3D shooting".

In arcade games, so-called "large housings" are adopted, and there are many "experience games" in which the player is shaken in conjunction with the operation.

The gameplay is very different from the forced scroll type 2D shooting.

In addition, although it depends on the game settings of each title and the constitution of the player, 3D shooting seems to be drunk if you keep moving the line of sight too violently in the virtual space of the game (just swinging your head too violently in the real world) (Same as getting nauseated) "3D sicknessMay cause a symptom called ".It is hard to get sick if you refrain from swinging your line of sight.

First Person Shooter (FPS) / Third Person Shooter (TPS)

In a three-dimensional virtual spaceMove freelyA shooting game where you fight. High processing power is required for 3D processing, but it has become widespread worldwide as consumer devices and smartphones have become more sophisticated and PCs have become cheaper.

First person viewThings, that is, those who see the virtual space from the perspective of the heroFirst Person Shooter (FPS)Classified asThird person perspectiveThings that look at the virtual space as if there were a camera in a place other than the eyes of the main characterThird Person Shooter (TPS)It is classified as.Diversification has progressed since the 2000s when hardware performance improved, and the number of titles that can be arbitrarily switched between first-person and third-person perspectives is increasing.

The player becomes the main character in the virtual space and clears the stage by completing the assigned missions.In addition to single play, playersLAN,インターネットMany games are designed so that you can play against each other and play cooperatively.

It is also a genre that is popular all over the world, and especially in Europe and the United States, where "realistic graphics and production" and "realistic experiences" tend to be preferred, 3D shooting games have become widespread from early on.On the other hand, cultural differences in Japan[2]Therefore, compared to Europe and the United States, FPS / TPS has been slow to spread in all arcades, consumers, and PCs.However, in the 2000s, with the development of the Internet, overseas game information became familiar, and it gradually became popular in Japan.

As an FPS that expresses a realistic battlefield, "Battlefield series], [Call of Duty Series] And so on.This is FPS, but it can also be called a simulation game that simulates the experience of a soldier. As "SF thing" of FPS, "HALO"series,"DOOM』Series and so on.

Examples of TPS are as follows.

In addition, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games said, "Game地平線"To aim for", remade from the physics engine, created with 6 years and more than 4 staff, a big hit PSXNUMX software, "Horizon Zero Dawn] Also, its combat part (although it is multi-factor in the whole game) is TPS. (Unlike other TPS, not a gun or laser gun)Bow and arrowIt has the characteristic of making heavy use of.

"Fort Knight] Also (although the whole game is multi-factor), the battle part is TPS.

Flight shooting

Driving a fighter etc.Free space movementA shooting game that can be played.Flight simulationOf the mixture of shooting game elements, those that emphasize the elements of a shooting game rather than the reproduction of physical phenomena.A representative work is "" using 3D polygons.Ace combat series], [Skygunner], [Blazing Angel], [Energy Airforce"Such.

Flight shooting is an old genre of history, but the name "flight shooting" has taken root.ACE COMBAT] And other works for consumer devices have come to appear under the genre name of flight shooting.Prior to that, it was usually released under the name of flight simulator, even if the content was essentially flight shooting.

In addition, the name "flight shooter" is not often used overseas.The term flight action is more common.

Space Combat Shooting / Space Combat Simulation

Space shipManipulate宇宙空間On the stageFree space movementA shooting game that can be played.It can be said to be a flight shooter set in outer space. "Star luster], [PROJECT SYLPHEED, "", Etc. are classified here.Also,Space flight simulatorIt is also a genre.Of these, those that emphasize the exhilaration of a shooting game are called space combat shooting (or simply space shooting), and those that have strong elements as a simulation game, such as high tactics and complicated aircraft operations, are called space combat simulation. There is no clear division.

It should be noted that the simulation does not necessarily aim to reproduce the space battle physically and scientifically correctly.Star wars seriesMost of them imitate space battles in science fiction.As a result, it has become a game that can be classified as a type of shooting game.

Also, in this genre, "Elite], "", "X: Beyond the Frontier], Not only missions with fixed contents like normal shooting, but also role-playing that adventures in space as a freelance space sailor in a science fiction world view and performs various random missions and trades. There are also titles that include many elements of games and management simulation.

Back scroll shooting

Forced scroll type that scrolls from the back to the front3D shooter. As pseudo 3D processing even before full-scale 3D processing with 3D polygons became possibleSprite-Enlargement / reduction of a single pictureThis kind of title has been made using.A typical title is "Space harrier], [After Burner II], [Galaxy force], [Star fox"series,"Panzer Dragoon] Series etc. Although it is 2DCG, there are also titles such as "" that perform 3D projection using special glasses.

Gun shooting games

"Ray gun"And so on. It has an older origin than 2D shooters and 3D shooters, and has existed even before the invention of video games.

Things that are forced to proceed
"The House of the Dead], [Death Crimson], [Mad dog McCree"Such.
Fixed screen
"Wild Gunman], [Hogan's Alley], [Duck hunt"Such.

Shooting game using a laser disc

Long time agoLaser discSome games used the video playback function of.

Things using live-action video
"Astron belt], [Star Blazer], [Mach 3], [Firefox"Such.
Computer graphicsThings using
"Interstellar, "Cube Quest", etc.
Things using animated images
"Genma Taisen], [Albegas], [Thunderstorm], [Badlands], [Space Battleship Yamato], [Freedom fighter"Such.

Bomb shooting

As a classification different from the above, bomb shooting (abbreviatedBomb shoe) Is divided into genres.In addition to normal attacks, special attacks called "Bomb" or "Bomber" that are invincible for a certain period of time and have tremendous attack power are possible.The number of times this special attack can be used is limited by some method.For more informationBomberSee the item.


Those that do not correspond to any of the above.Most of them have not been released as successors. "", "Empire City 1931"Such.

Shooting game related matters

Burst and 2D shooting

1980 eraIn 2D shooting works until the end of the game, the attack power of the player's own machine is the number of times the shot button is pressed, that is, repeated hits (Burst) Many works depended on the number of times.However, for the player, repeated hits of the shot button require physical strength and technique, and if it continues for a long timemuscle painThere is a risk of causing such symptoms, and the load on the game machine itself has increased.Furthermore, in the phase of competing for high scores, the results differed depending on whether or not an automatic continuous shooting device attached to the outside of the game machine was used.Therefore, in "Gamest" etc., high score aggregation was sometimes performed separately according to the presence or absence of a continuous shooting device.Since then, the auto-fire feature has been incorporated into almost every 2D shooter program.


Many shooting games are equipped with a system that adjusts the difficulty level according to the content of the play, and it is popular to set the difficulty level internally.RankCalled.The factors related to the rise (and fall) of the rank differ depending on the work, but generally it is related to the power-up status of the own machine, the number of laps, the number of remaining machines, the time after making a mistake, and so on.On the other hand, the factors that reflect the rank are the amount of attack of the enemy, endurance,Shoot backThere is the presence or absence of bullets.

As a way to deal with the rank, there is a way to avoid making mistakes as much as possible, and to efficiently power up your own machine so that you can counter the rise in the rank.On the contrary, there is also a method of "lowering (or adjusting) the rank", which suppresses the difficulty level by intentionally suppressing power-ups or making mistakes that can be disadvantageous to the player.Which method to take depends on the work, the skill level of the player, the situation, etc., and a summary of such strategy patterns may be published in game magazines and books.Also, in general, in a play aiming for a high score, the player will proceed with no mistakes while performing efficient power-ups, which inevitably causes a large increase in rank.Therefore, depending on the work, two types of strategies, one that emphasizes clearing for beginners in consideration of suppressing the rank increase and the other for advanced players that emphasizes high score that ignores the rank increase, were published in magazines.In some cases, the rank increase is remarkable, and even advanced players must adjust the rank in order to clear it.Parodius! ~ From myth to laughter ~And 'Battle Garegga] And so on.

Game music

From the late 1980s to the 1990sGame musicOne of the centers of the arcade 2D STG at the time was Taito'sZUNTATA, KonamiKonami Kukeiha ClubIt became one of the triggers for the birth of a game music team brand.2DSTG of the arcade at that timesoundtrackAnd many arranged versions have been released.

Some of the 2D STG soundtracks at that time were still used as BGM and sound effects for TV news programs and variety shows (such as "Parodius! ~ From myth to laughter ~").

Chronological Table

Describe the things and events that have influenced the shooting game and the game industry.

2D shooter

1960 era

  • 1962 ―― “Space War!” ――It is said to be the world's first STG. A competitive game with a 2D fixed screen wireframe display.However, this is a minicomputerPDP-1It is a demonstration program that runs on.

1970 era

  • 1971 -"Computer space] --The world's first arcade STG that uses "Spacewar!" For arcades.However, the operation was still complicated for people at that time and failed.
  • 1978 ―― “Space Invaders” ―― STG's first mega-hit work that has become a social phenomenon.Imitation works and illegal copies are on the market.
  • 1979 -"Galaxian" becomes a post-"Invaders" game, and later becomes the basis for vertically scrolling STG.

1980 era

  • 1980
    • "Moon Cresta』――Introduced the concept of power-up.A game system for coalescence and landing.
    • "Dracula Hunter』――While raising the post" Invaders ", it presents a game characteristic different from" Space Invaders ".It was widely introduced in magazine media and gained popularity.
    • "Defender』――The first scroll STG in history.The following year, in 1981, he won the Game of the Year in the United States.Many imitations have appeared.
  • 1981
    • "scramble』- DefenderAlong with, the founder of side-scrolling shooter STG.
    • "Galaga-The sequel to "Galaxian". A long hit until 1985.
    • "Vanguard』――There is a concept of scrolling in multiple directions in addition to side-scrolling.
  • 1983
    • "Astron belt』――Shooting game using a laser disc.
    • "Major Havoc』――Fusion of multiple genres such as shooting and jump action.Wire frame display.The shooting part is the founder of half-top view.
    • "Xevius』--Established an in-game expression of the background world view by strengthening the graphic ability, and an STG style that shoots the ground and the air separately (not the first appearance).Many illegal copy works are on the market.In the Famicom ported versionHidden commandThere was also an invincible mode (also known as a debug command).Game musicWas also the catalyst for attracting attention as content for music software.
  • 1984
    • "Thunderstorm』--Several videos are over 5Laser disc games.
    • "Albegas』――Laserdisc game using Japanese TV animation images.
    • "Star force』――While holding up the post" Xevious ", the game is the opposite of" Xevious ", which emphasizes exhilaration by eliminating anti-aircraft and ground shooting, and becomes a hit.
    • "1942』--Introduced a unique attack avoidance system (somersault) to prevent STG from becoming a routine play style that is easy to fall into.
    • ""-It is considered to be the first hit title in STG for personal computers.FM-7Starting fromPC-8800 seriesEtc. Ported for personal computers of each company.
      Transforming into a humanoid giant robot by combining with a ally machine and 3 machines, etc.SFthanAnimeBring the settings to STG (although the expressive power of the computer at that time could not reproduce the settings in detail in the game, and the specifics were only described in the manual).
  • 1985
    • "Space Battleship Yamato』--Laserdisc game using images from Japanese anime movies.
    • "Twinbee』――Hit on a pop line.Make it meaningful for two players to play at the same time, such as having a special attack.
    • "Gradius』――A pioneering work of gimmick's various side-scrolling STG.This work was a big hit, and many sub-stream games were born. FC ported version omitted not a few gimmicks,Konami commandThe trick elements such as Moai Warp and Moai Warp attracted a lot of attention and sold 100 million copies.
    • "ASO] --A wide variety of power-ups are available.One of the founders of STG that requires planning for power-ups.
    • "Thexder』――Recorded an unprecedented blockbuster as an STG for personal computers.The latest PC at that time (PC-8801mkIISR)forKiller softIt became.
    • NESRiding on the big boom, STGs for home use can be sold in units of hundreds of thousands.
  • 1986
    • "Salamander-"Gradius』Orthodox genealogy.The graphics and gimmicks studded on the stage pointed to the evolution of the shooting game.
      In addition, it is said that the barrage of this game also influenced the later barrage STG.CELLAR OfTsuneki IkedaLists this game as an STG that can be called a masterpiece.
    • "Star soldier』- NESOriginal STG.Master Takahashi 16 rapid fireIs a special move that involves the whole of JapanBurstCreate an STG boom.The controller with automatic firing function was recognized in the game-related market.
      On the other hand, many children hurt their fingers and hands due to excessive firing, and it caused frequent button breakage in the arcade game housing, so the subsequent STGs will be fully automatic firing, and as the times progress, semi-automatic firing Becomes mainstream.
    • "Zanac] --STG that introduced innovative gimmicks such as optional selection of sub weapons and automatic difficulty adjustment function.In addition, high programming technology realizes effects such as difficulty adjustment and ultra-high-speed scrolling.
      After"ArrestaContinue tocompileSTG continued to have a strong presence in the gaming industry until the end of the 1980s.
    • "Darwin 4078』――Various changes in attack means due to power-ups, mutant strengthening that occurs under certain conditions, factors such as the hit judgment of your own machine becoming larger as you power up, it is necessary to plan the power-up to capture the game Made it indispensable.
    • "Fantasy zone-"Defender』Any side-scrolling STG that follows the flow.In addition to being able to switch the scroll direction to the left or right,coinThe power-up of the method of collecting weapons and purchasing weapons at the shop was characteristic.
      Since it was ported to multiple consumer machines and home PCs via multiple manufacturers and development teams, the difference in expressiveness due to differences in hardware performance, the limits of consumer machines at that time, and the manufacturers and development staff involved in porting development One of the reasons why the abilities and levels (reproducibility) of transplantation technology have come to be compared and these have become widely conscious.
    • "Darius』――STG that made us realize the importance of directing together with the large impactful housing with 3 screens lined up.
  • 1987
    • "R-TYPE』――As a development system of SF motifsHR GigerBringing tonal art elements into the game. "Gradius』Introducing a gimmick (charge shooting, force) of a different route, it will have a big influence on the STG after that.Combined with the variety of enemy attacks, a strategic STG will be established.The PC Engine version of this work was also a work that triggered awareness of complete porting.
    • "Ultimate tiger] --Established vertical scrolling bomber STG.
    • "Gradius』(X68000Version) --X68000 It was distributed as a bundled software of the first model, which was unusual at that time and was not for sale. After 16-bit CPU became mainstream, porting arcade games to original works on personal computers and consumer machines to the utmost limitComplete portWas the reason why I became aware of it.
  • 1988
    • "Gradius II』――The normal evolution of Gradius centered on the selection of own aircraft and the increase in power-up types.
      Before the announcement of this work, in 1987MSXso"Gradius 2Is on sale, and it is also the first case in which the same series has evolved differently in personal computers and arcades.
    • "Master』――Advocate STG with an emphasis on pattern learning.Contributed to the spread of rapid fire equipment.
    • "Image fight』――The direction of" R-TYPE "was further promoted, and more diverse gimmicks were introduced to the player and the enemy.
    • "Parodius(For MSX)-The excellent game system of "Gradius" remains the same, and many comical productions are included.
  • 1989
    • "Gradius III], [R-TYPE II] And other popular sequels have risen significantly in difficulty, and the difficulty of arcade STG has reached its peak.After that, the difficulty level will be lowered in the home port version and the sequel.
    • "Omega Fighter』――A title called the forerunner of aggressive score earning that greatly changes the game.

1990 era

  • 1990
    • "Thunderbolt』――It is easy to understand and hits a wide range of customers.Due to the high income, it becomes an amazing long-run work and is ported to many consumers.
    • "Parodius!』――Commercial arrangement porting of shooting games for consumers.In addition, the difficulty adjustment by the rank system was successful with an emphasis on friendliness, and it became a big hit.
    • "Solar striker』- Game boyThe first shooting game.Gunpei YokoiProduced by.The genre of Game Boy has been enhanced with a simple gameplay.
  • 1991
    • "Metal black』--Although the evaluation as STG is treated as an honorable mention, the high-quality production had a strong impact and influenced many later STGs.The direction of Taito shooting, which specializes in directing rather than gameplay, is recognized.
    • "Street fighter ii』With a big hitCompetitive fighting gameWill become a boom, and the STG market will shrink due to commercial disadvantages.
    • "cotton], [XEXEX], Etc., works that push the character elements to the front have appeared.
      Especially"It's out !! TwinbeeThe characters are gaining popularity, and starting with this work, the "Twinbee" series will be fully developed in multimedia.
    • "Dezaemon』――Known for the system that general users can make shooting games, then sold as a series on various platforms.
  • 1992
    • "Sonic Wings』――Select your own machine, present a simplified power-up method.Since then, this style has become the mainstream of vertical STG.
    • "Super big brother』--To STGbodybuilding・ Muscle beauty (and so-called metaphorAmerican hard gayIt was a kind of illusion that combined the elements of), but it was a unique work that became a hit as a result of the user's popularity beyond the game content due to its unique world view.
      Music made according to the world view is unique in a circle, and the soundtrack records sales that remain in the history of game music (it is said that it sold several times as many as the game software itself).
    • "Truxton II』――It boasts the highest level of difficulty among many STGs.
  • 1993
    • "Sylpheed』(Mega cdVersion) --The background production by the pre-render movie attracts a lot of attention.
    • "Preeminent』――Hit with relatively low difficulty.STG at the end of the Toaplan.
    • "R-TYPE III] --Released at SFC.A work that can be said to be a precursor to the shift of the main arcade series to home use.
  • 1994
    • Giving birth to many excellent STGsToaplanGoes bankrupt.However, the main staff members areCaveEstablished a new company such as, and continues to produce STG.
    • "Gunbird]-Sublimate the system cultivated in "Sonic Wings".Make it a hit with unique characters and direction, and difficulty setting that considers beginners.
    • "Darius Gaiden] --Difficulty is reduced by installing a bomber.The direction and BGM are also highly evaluated, and it is still handed down as a masterpiece.
    • "Rayforce』――It is called a masterpiece because of its eloquent production and the gameplay that follows Xevious.
    • "Raiden DX] --Normal evolution of "Raiden".Easy-to-understand content.We prepared a low difficulty level and showed the attitude of accepting new STG players.
    • "Shooting Tsukuru 98』――In combination with the software of the same series, you will be able to create your own STG specializing in production.
  • 1995
    • SS,PSHas been released, even on home video game consolesarcade gameIt is possible to transplant with a quality close to.From this point onward, the basic specifications for porting consumer devices will be the addition of fan service elements to "complete porting" that pursues reproducibility.
    • "" --All of your ship is composed of real female characters South KoreaVertical STG made.In JapanLocation testAlthough it ends with only, it may be an upright person to flyMoeElements, etc. of later worksTrendIs adopted, and is a pioneering work that broadened the interpretation of STG setting expressions.
  • 1996
    • "Battle Garegga』--STG from" shooting game "to" game to avoid barrage (=Barrage shooter) ”, The work that triggered the transition.
    • "Raystorm』--Full storypolygonThe flashy images and music by.
    • "Twinkle Star Sprites] --Present a genre called scroll-type battle STG.After that, some sub-stream works were born, but they have not been established.
    • "Cho Ren Sha68k』- X68000Made forDoujin Game.. It is relatively orthodox as an STG, but due to its own program, the X68000SpriteHas succeeded in raising the display limit of.
  • 1997
    • "DoDonPachi』(Donpachi) --The original barrage shooting game and a completed form.It overwhelmed the players at that time with a very large number of bullets and a difficult second lap.Long run after that.Starting with the appearance of this work, many barrage shooters were born.
    • "Strikers 1945II ”-“DoDonPachi』In contrast to the barrage-based gameplay, it made a long run with a contrasting tailoring of" fast bullet speed ".
    • "Einhander』- SquareProduced by the transfer staff from Konami in. It recorded a high sales of 11 for STG at that time. It is popular for its production that makes full use of 3D polygons, highly strategic armed operation system, and techno-style BGM.
  • 1998
    • "Esplayed] -Hit a wide range of people by introducing difficulty and character for beginners.
    • "Radiant Silvergun』――Abundant gimmicks, emphasis on aiming, and a special earning system, etc.
    • "Shooting Tsukuru 95』――It was talked about because of its different specifications from" Dezaemon "and its high expansion and versatility.
  • 1999
    • "Gradius IV -Resurrection-』――It is the first new work in about 10 years, but it is a reprint of the past work of the series, and it will determine the decline of side-scrolling STG in arcades and the trend to shift to consumers.
    • "Giga wing』――A counter-type attack system that" reflects "a fierce barrage and enemy bullets against it.Around this time, changes began to appear in the basic structure of STG, which is "enemy bullets = things that can only be avoided".
      This work is not the first enemy bullet processing system by "reflection", but the doujin game "Reflection] Is the first appearance.

2000 era

  • 2000
    • "Psyvariar』――Among the barrage STGs, it forms a particularly beautiful barrage group and is talked about in combination with the radical enemy bullet handling system.
    • "Deity』――It works on low-spec PCs, and the system and production that are conscious of the Ray series and the Terra Diver are highly evaluated.It is also known that the trial version was distributed as low-priced PC software.
    • "Vasara』- Sengoku periodIt is a hot topic with settings and characters that combine and over technology, and a charge shooting system.
  • 2001
    "Gunparade MarchBy sharing the world view with works of other genres, we have succeeded in cultivating a new user base.
    • "Ikaruga] --A novel enemy bullet processing system with simple game content.Emphasis is placed on reproducing accurate patterns by almost eliminating random elements.
  • 2002
    • "DoDonPachi Daijou』――Existence of the final boss with high difficulty and extraordinary strength.One of the limits of barrage shooting.A play video of a super-advanced shooter was added as a household privilege.After that, a minor change version "Black Label" with fine adjustments appeared.
    • "Touhou Project』(Toho Benimasato)- FanDespite being a work on the market, it has gained a lot of fans due to its unique world view, beautiful bullets emitted by enemy characters, attractive characters, excellent BGM, and a wide range of difficulty settings.I was also surprised to find that almost all of the programs, graphics, and BGM were personally produced.Even now, new works are constantly being supplied.
      This "Toho Koumakyo" has grown into one of the largest titles in today's douujin content, and the secondary creation of the Touhou Project has also become a major movement.
    • "Rajiozonde] --Released as free software.While it is a super-difficult bullet-type shooter that is not inferior to "Donpachi Daijou", such as the standard setting of infinite number of own aircraft, it has adopted a beautiful girl character for its own aircraft and has declined. It created a new direction of "moe-type shooting" following "bullet-type shooting" that was heading toward the period.
  • 2003
    • "Ketsui ~ Kizuna Hell ~』――Rigid style, extremely high difficulty, characteristic bullets, high quality BGM, etc. gained core popularity.
    • "Espgaruda] --A wide range of hits due to the system for beginners and low difficulty.A production reminiscent of ESP Ra.De.
  • 2004
    • "Mushihimesama』――Diversification of player choices by selecting three types of game modes.Before and after this work, as the demand for Moe increased, there was a full-scale movement to incorporate it into arcade works.
    • "Gradius V" - household use(PS2) Only released.The gimmicks unique to home use, the addition of barrage STG elements, and BGM that fuses orchestra and club music promoted differentiation from past works.Received the Game of the Year: PS2 Best Shooting Award from the US game site.
    • "Tsubasa GIGAWING GENERATIONS』――In STG history, score display up to an extreme number of digits by scoring magnification.
  • 2005
  • 2006 -
    • "Triggerheart Exelica』- Mecha GirlWith the expression, it becomes a big topic in the character area.An example of a strong relationship between STG and Moe elements for business use.
    • A special STG program will be broadcast on a French game channel (see below).
  • 2007
    • "Otomedius』――Arcade 2D shooting The first online arcade game. "BEMANI] Introducing the know-how cultivated in the series, consideration is given to the play tempo from the tendency of STG before the operation of this work.
    • "Shooting skill test"("Shooting love. 2007』) ―― Using this game, for the first time in the history of shooting games, a large-scale national tournament was held in a two-player battle (“Shooting Love. Koshien”).
    • "Death smiles』――As with" Otomedius "of the same year, emphasis is placed on the approach to the" moe "element.Consideration for beginners was emphasized, such as a difficulty level / stage selection system and a segmented life system in which damage is suppressed more than usual due to the attributes of the hit object.
  • 2008
    • "DoDonPachi Resurrection Ver.1.5] --For beginners' content such as hyper counter mode that can cancel bullets, auto bombs, and abolition of power-up items.On the other hand, the second week of high difficulty is also prepared, and the content is satisfying for advanced players.As a result, it was widely evaluated from beginners to advanced users.
  • 2009
    • "Darius Burst』――Darius series completely new work for the first time in 12 years.Incorporating new attempts such as appointing a popular creator and changing the main composer, it became the cornerstone of the revival of the Darius series.

2010 era

  • 2010
    • "DoDonPachi Resurrection Black Label] --A minor change model of "Donpachi Resurrection".Significant additions, changes, and adjustments that were not possible in the previous Black Label series, such as the addition of this work's original system "Rage Mode", all BGM renewal, change to 1 lap END, addition of back boss, etc. It was.Also, in this work, there are differences in difficulty for each shot style and selection of ON / OFF for auto bomb, which allows you to live separately.
    • "Game sideThe magazine "Shooting Game Side", which specializes in STG articles by the editor-in-chief of "Shooting Game Side", will be published in October.
    • "Darius Burst Another Chronicle] --A work using a special housing since "Darius II".Up to 4 players can play together in the same chassis.The longest BGM in the series, which lasts about 26 minutes, was adopted.
  • 2013
    • "Don Patchon" --Cave's first social STG.Although the content was simplified, the flashy production made me feel like a cave.The reflection points of this work are utilized in the later "Gothic is a magical maiden-make a quick contract!".
    • Cave, who has produced many barrage shooters,Xbox 360EditionDoDonPachi SaitoFinally withdraw from arcade games and consumer games.
  • 2015
    • "Gothic is a magical maiden-make a quick contract!-" --Social STG that Cave has cultivated with STG know-how cultivated in the arcade consumer era for smart devices.
  • 2016
    • "Darius Burst Chronicle Savers" --In addition to the porting of Darius Burst Another Chronicle, the original "CS MODE" and "DLC MODE" have been added. In "DLC MODE", collaboration with other companies' STGs and composers attracted a lot of attention.
  • 2017
    • "Aka to Blue" --A barrage shooter by Tanoshimas founded by a creator from Cave.The full-scale content was evaluated in various places, and the arcade version went live in 2019.

3D shooting

  • 1973 -"Maze War』―― 3D shooting that fights in the maze of wire frame display.Supports online battles.FPSPrototype of.
  • 1974 -"Spasim』――Space battle 3D shooting with wire frame display. Supports 32 simultaneous communication battles.
  • 1978 ―― “” ―― Pseudo 3D 3D shooting with graphic patterns.It is also the first video game to introduce a name entry for high scores.
  • 1979 -""- Atari 2600Space warfare 3D shooter for others.It also has the elements of a simulation game.After"Star lusterIt is said that it became the original plan.
  • 1980 ―― “” ―― Tank battle 3D shooting with wire frame display.
  • 1983 ―― “” ―― Subjective perspective back scroll shooting of wire frame display based on the movie of the same name.
  • 1984
    • "Elite』――Become a space sailor, trade and fight around the stars, and realize a highly flexible gameplay in a vast virtual world. 8-bit computerBBC MicroIn such cases, 3D space movement by wire frame display was reproduced.Later a 16-bit computerIBM PCIntroducing "Elite Plus", which is a polygonal display for Japanese people.PC 98It has also been ported to Japanese.
    • "Tube panic』――The industry's first back scroll shooting of pseudo 3D expression that gave the game board a rotation function[4]..There were two types, an upright housing and a cockpit housing.
  • 1985
    • "Space harrier] --Deep scroll shooting of pseudo 3D expression using sprites.It is also a hot topic in large movable housings.
    • "Star luster』- NESHowever, it reproduces 3D space movement.It also has elements of simulation games such as energy management and base defense.In addition to the complicated contents, there was a habit of notation of radar representing 3D, and the manual was insufficiently explained, so the main at that timeNESIt was not widely understood by the younger age group, which is the user group of.
  • 1987 -"After Burner II] --Deep scroll shooting of pseudo 3D expression using sprites.It was also one of the peaks of the large movable housing.
  • 1988 -"Metal hawk] --Pseudo 3D shooting from a top-down perspective using a large movable housing.Fight while freely moving in a three-dimensional space like a miniature garden.
  • 1989 -"Night striker』――Although it is a follower of Space Harrier, the production effect such as excellent housing and BGM was excellent.An unusual way to earn points is also a hot topic.
  • 1990 -"Wing commander』――Space battle 3D shooting for AT-DOS.At that time, it was a big hit overseas with its eloquent production based on beautiful graphics and well-crafted scenarios.
  • 1991 -"Wolfenstein 3D』- FPSIs established as a genre.
  • 1993
    • "Star fox』――Back scroll shooting for SFC that realized 3D representation by polygons by stacking special chips.
    • ""-The theme is "Star Wars".Established a space combat simulation with a gimmick of managing energy distribution to each ability of your own machine and a group of missions with high puzzle elements.
    • "DOOM] --A big hit mainly overseas.FPSSuddenly became a major genre.The style of exploring and fighting in a vast confined space became the basis of FPS for some time after this (called a DOOM clone).
  • 1994 ―― "" ―― ""Star wars series"soLuke SkywalkerPlayedMark HamillAnd a huge live-action cutsceneHollywoodTaken with.With a perfection and elaborate settings and stories comparable to cutscene movies, it has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.
  • 1995
    • SS,PSIs on sale.Due to the evolution of hardwareThird-person shooterMany works of the genre called (TPS) have appeared.
    • "Panzer Dragoon』――Advocate a TPS style that specializes in story production.
  • 1996
    • "Quake』――Full polygon 3D drawing, multiplayer that supports the Internet.Established a standard FPS operation system called keyboard movement and mouse look (although it was not the default setting).
    • "Ace Combat 2] --A hit with simple game content and beautiful graphics.
  • 1997
    • "Star fox 64』――Sold more than 400 million copies worldwide, making it the most hit work in shooting game history, excluding FPS.
    • "Golden eye 007] --A work exclusively for NINTENDO64.Contributed to raising awareness of FPS in Japan.
  • 1998
    • "" --A mission-clear space combat simulation with a high degree of perfection not only in settings, mechanical design, story cutscenes, but also in mission content as a game.
    • "Half life] --A work that introduces a strong drama to FPS.It is packed with elements that will have a great impact on various subsequent games, such as event scenes that occur in real time (basically operable), flexible AI that changes tactics and even escapes, puzzle solving, and low endurance.Also, countlessMODEWas also created.
    • "Unreal』――Sports FPS featuring overwhelming graphics at that time and the adoption of an open-air outdoor map in FPS, which was mainly a closed space.Derivative work specializing in battle "Unreal Tournament] Was also produced and serialized.
  • 2001 -
    • "HALO』――Sci-fi FPS, the world's most popular FPS for home video game hardware.It is said that the basics of operability of FPS / TPS for consumers have been generally established.
    • "Rez』――By creating a sense of unity with the music and sound effects that change depending on how the enemy is defeated, the playergrooveIt is designed to create a feeling.This kind ofMusic gamesFusion with a typical system will often be seen in later shooting game works (whether 2D or 3D).
      This is not the first STG music game approach, and in the past,Otocky] Was also tried.
  • 2002
    • "Battlefield 1942』--Specialized in online battlesFPS..While focusing on infantry warfare, it seamlessly integrates tank warfare and aerial warfare.
    • "America's Army] --Faithfully reproduce the training and rules of the US Army.It was made with a national budget.
  • 2003 -"THE Earth Defense Force』――Exhilarating feeling to wipe out a large number of powerful enemies with extremely powerful firearms, simple and profound game design,Special effects,B-grade movieA domestic TPS that was a hit with its careful construction despite its low-priced software, such as a world view reminiscent of.
  • 2005
    • "FEAR』――A unique work that fuses horror and military.Specializing in single play.Japanese horror game "zeroIt is said that he was influenced by.
    • "Resident evil 4』――From the horror adventure-based game design up to the previous work, the battle system has been sharpened and the gameplay has been sublimated as a TPS, which will have a great impact on the subsequent series.
  • 2006
    • "PROJECT SYLPHEED』――First space combat simulation for next-generation home hardware.
    • "Gears of War』――A work that establishes and maximizes the basic defense system in FPS / TPS, which has traditionally been an attacker and has tended to neglect" defense. "
  • 2007
    • "Portal--A puzzle action game that uses the FPS system and advanced physics engine.Won numerous awards.
  • 2009
    • "Paperman』――In addition to thoroughly eliminating Gore expression, which is one of the reasons for avoiding FPS, it hit the light layer by casting anime-like characters and famous voice actors.
    • "Border break』――This is the first TPS for arcade games that is premised on continuous play with an IC card. It is used in "HL2 Survivor" as an AC FPS, but it is the first TPS.
  • 2015
    • "Splatoon』――The game design that does not rely solely on" shooting and defeating enemies "and the pop and friendly visuals and characters have won the support of a wide range of people, including the younger generation.Although it was a new IP, it became a million hit.
  • 2017
    • "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS』――Survival MOFPS / TPS with up to 100 participants.
    • "Fort Knight] --Adding craft game elements to TPS.It will be a big hit that causes a social phenomenon in Europe and the United States.

Gun shooting

A list of major gun shooting gamesGun shooting gamesSee item.

TV show about shooting games

"Histoire Du Shooting Game"

In 2006, the French game channel "Gameone2DSTG special program produced and broadcast by.Covers most of the 2D STG in the chronology above. Explains the prosperity and decline of 2DSTG, and the present (2005).A program that reports on the history of 2DSTG, such as the fun of each 2DSTG, analysis of the reasons for hits, and interviews with developers.

There are several Japanese translations by volunteers[5].

Shooting game capture army corps join!

Cable CS broadcast in 2009MONDO21The program aired on.The content is to pick up one title each time and play a capture video by an advanced player with commentary.


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