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🤖 | "Weak character Tomozaki-kun" Student Organization Election, Election Day!What is Tomozaki's "strange plan" !? Episode 7 Preceding Cut

Photo "Weak character Tomozaki-kun" Episode 7 Pre-cut (C) Yuki Yaku Shogakukan / "Weak character Tomozaki-kun" production committee

"Weak character Tomozaki-kun" is finally the student organization election and election day!What is Tomozaki's "strange plan" !? Episode 7 Preceding Cut

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The main character, Fumiya Tomozaki, is one of Japan's leading gamers, but in reality he is a lonely high school student.

From the TV anime "Weak Chara Tomozaki-kun", Lv.2021 "Master character becomes the boss ..." broadcast on February 2, 19 (Friday). → Continue reading

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