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📺 | Tonight, "24 JAPAN" Episode 19, "What's in the" Example District "...

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Tonight, "24 JAPAN" episode 19, what's in the "example district" ... The Asakura family is in danger of collapsing

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In addition, Asakura faces a crisis of family collapse over the problems his son Yuta (Yuki Imai) has.

The 24th of "24 JAPAN" (TV Asahi), which is a remake of the overseas drama "19 TWENTY FOUR" ... → Continue reading

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Dysfunctional family

Dysfunctional family(Yesterday's family,British: Dysfunctional Family) Means at homeConflict,Tort,Physical abuse,Sexual abuse,Psychological abuse,neglectEtc. refers to households that are constantly present.Dysfunctional familyAlso known as (yesterday's fuzenkatei)Family collapse(Subjunctive mood), orFamily collapseIt is said to be (family) ([1]).


A dysfunctional family refers to a family problem in which the functions that should generally exist in the home, such as "child-rearing," "cohesion," and "relationship with the community," are not functioning soundly.

The most victims of this dysfunctional family are children who cannot escape from the family because they lack vitality.Children may have difficulty adapting to their surroundings and may cause various problems.

main reason

Factors that cause dysfunctional families include family membersAlcohol dependence,Abuse(Including rants and intimidating attitudes towards children),Co-dependenceAnd so on.Furthermore, in the case of such a dysfunctional family, it is possible that the parents or grandparents who make up the family grew up in a dysfunctional family.

Alcoholism,Gambling addiction,Drug addiction, Parentssuicide, ParentsDeath, ParentsFlirt, Parentsdivorce, ParentsRemarriage, Acts abandoned by parents (neglect), SpiritualChild abuse, Physical child abuse, sexual child abuse (Child sexual abuse), Disparity in treatment between brothers and sisters, family discord,Domestic violence, Borrowing, etc.[1][Reliability required verification].

Home features

Those who grew up in dysfunctional families have certain tendencies and behavioral patterns due to their domestic experience.

According to, dysfunctional families have some signs in the home[2] .

  • rejection
  • contradiction
  • No empathy for family
  • Lack of family boundaries
  • Parent-child reversal
  • Isolation from society
  • Ambiguous message
  • Extreme controversy / conflict

Dan Neuharth also shows eight signs of unhealthy parents as a cause of dysfunction.[3].

  • Conditional affection
  • Non-respect
  • Suppression of remarks
  • Emotional coercion
  • fling in teeth
  • ExcessiveDiscipline
  • Inner denial
  • Dysfunction to society or isolation from society

He also describes the eight parental patterns that cause dysfunctional families.[4].

  • Choking (infringement of child's identity)
  • Number
  • Abuse
  • æ··ä¹±
  • Perfectionism
  • Cult faith
  • Deprivation (deprives the child of what he wants)
  • Mental childhood (does not rule out abuse)

Nowadays, these parents are referred to as "poisonous parents" (written by Susan Forward).Toxic ParentIs often called.

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Yuki Imai

Yuki Imai(Yuki Imai,1998May 12[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor[2].

Shimane IzumoBackground[3].Production OgiBelongs.


When I was three years old, when I told my mother that I wanted to appear on TV, I was taken to a theater company and started working as a child actor.[4].

MarimokkoriIt is also a member of CORICORI who sings the theme song of "Yu King"[5].

BelongingCentral Group Central Children TalentThe registration was deleted at the end of 2009. Since 2010, he has belonged to Production Ogi.

TV Osaka / BS TV Tokyo serial drama for the fiscal year ending January 2020Hiposi In 1986, the second youth.] Starred in the TV drama for the first time[6].


TV drama

Other TV programs


Theater animation

Radio Drama

  • Death of the Centaur (January 2008, 1,NHK-FM) Riku Fujimoto
  • August 2012th, fine weather (August 8, 4, NHK-FM)


Internet tv


  • 10-year letter (2005)



  • Marimokkori (March 2008, 3)
  • Marimokkori Best (July 2008, 7)


  • Marimokkori-zu (March 2008, 3)


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