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🎥 | Yuya Yagira Reminds me of my debut work "Nobody Knows" in improvisational acting "You can be on the scene like yourself"


Yuya Yagira Reminds me of her debut work "Nobody Knows" in improvisational acting "You can be on the scene like yourself"

If you write the contents roughly
A harsh location shoot was taken in Mongolia for about three weeks.

See the stage greetings and photos of "Under the Turquoise Sky" Yuya Yagira starred in an overseas collaboration movie for the first time, Japan Mo ... → Continue reading

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Location shooting

Location shooting(LocationEnglish: location shooting [1]) Ismovies,tv setEtc,Studio,BroadcasterDo outsidephotographSay[2]. However,単 語"Location(English: location) ”Itself has the same meaning[2](*EtymologyEspecially in the case of English[3].. ).JapaneseThen "Location"WhenAbbreviationBe done[4]Often.類 義 語"Outdoor photography(Satsuei)[5]There is.

In this section, it means "shooting without permission from the person in charge of the site".Guerrilla shootingIs also explained.


To distinguish between traditional shooting of real landscapes, places, stores, etc., as opposed to creating a set for shooting and shooting indoors or in the studio.Retro Nim.LocationOrLocationAlso called.Location (location)Location) Is the act of searchinglocation hunting(Location hunting).

NHK,Commercial broadcasting key station, There is a drama production companyTokyoWithinTV dramaSuch asMovie studioThere isKyoto CityAnd aroundKyotoKameoka,Yawata,ShigaBiwa lakeHistorical movies on the shore2-hour dramaOutdoor location shooting such as is frequently done.

In addition, even when using an existing building or landscape, we have taken care not to inconvenience the shooting location by rewriting it to a fictitious store name or changing the address notation of the telephone pole to a fictitious address, but in the past it was real. There were many shootings that used the stores as they were.

Some movie fans and fans of TV dramas, TV animes, and manga have a hobby of actually visiting locations and walking, and there are several such location introduction sites.このようなファン行為を、一部ではSome of these fan actspilgrimageOr called a pilgrimage to the sacred place.

Guerrilla shooting

Of the location shooting, shooting that is forced without the permission or consent of the right holder or responsible person of the location戦 争InGuerrillaIn analogy, in Japanese, "Guerrilla shooting"[6][7]..In the industry the abbreviation "GuerrillaIs also valid[8].

"Doing things silently without permission[9].. Means ""Damaten[9]And its abbreviation ""TamaIs "Guerrilla shooting"Broader termHit


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