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🎵 | brainchild's, Blu-ray artwork including unreleased song studio live video & details lifted

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Blu-ray artwork & details including brainchild's, unreleased song studio live video

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In this work, brainchild's, whose Tomei-Osaka tour scheduled for 2020 was postponed (eventually canceled) due to the influence of the new coronavirus, has been extended five times from September to October as an alternative. This is a re-edited video work of the first paid distribution event held, and includes 9 studio session live performance videos including the unreleased song "Heaven come down", and vocalist Masaru Watanabe (FoZZtone) in the new Coronavirus. ), Bass Yuichiro Kanda (Tsuru), Drum Hideaki Iwanaka (White Lie), Keyboard MAL (Arty Packer) members and related people, documentaries, interview videos, etc. totaling over 10 minutes, now in this era That's why Hideaki Kikuchi is a must-see and must-listen content that brainchild's wants to convey.

A collaboration project produced by Hideaki Kikuchi, also known as guitarist EMMA, brainchild'… → Continue reading


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