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🎵 | Ikimonogakari, a teaser of the documentary work recorded in the first limited edition of the album "WHO?" ...

写真 『TALK SESSION about “WHO?”』Teaser


If you write the contents roughly
"Ikimonogakari 15th Anniversary !!! ~ I'm Going to Meet ~ Special Delivery Live"
Date and time:
(Live delivery) March 3th (Sun) Open 14: 16 / Start 00:17
(Missed delivery) -March 03 (Sun) 21:16
Release period: February 2th (Sat) 20:10 to March 00st (Sun) 3:21
Ticket price: ¥ 3,915 (tax included) * Thank you 15th anniversary price
Viewing platform:
・ Streaming +
・ Stagecrowd
* For details, please see the Ikimonogakari official website.

Ikimonogakari will be included in the first limited edition of the album "WHO?" To be released on March 3st (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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