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📺 | Shingo Katori reaffirms the difficulty of the drama "Anonymous" is a hot comment after shooting!

Photo crank up! – (C) “Anonymous” production committee

Shingo Katori reaffirms the difficulty of the drama "Anonymous" is a hot comment after shooting!

If you write the contents roughly
At the time of cranking up, Katori said, "In this corona wreck, everyone in the world is experiencing for the first time, and as much as possible, infectious disease countermeasures, etc. I've been shooting while doing my best, but somewhere, I was worried that (shooting) would really stop someday.

The drama "Anonymous-The Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasures Office-" starring Shingo Katori, which is being broadcast on TV Tokyo, is cranking up ... → Continue reading

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photograph(Sweet,British: photographing or shooting or filming) Is写真,moviesTo take (take) a video or video[1].カメラTaking a picture, movie, video, etc. by (shooting machine).

(Usual)写真,X-ray photograph,movies,SpectroscopyThe shape of the objectOpticsImage by a traditional method andthe film,dry plate,CCDThe image is recorded on the element and recorded, but this process is called photographing.[2].

Also called "imaging", this is especiallyWhen recording images of celestial bodiesUse for[3](Used as "imaging observation").

The object to be photographed is called the "subject."[2].

As a reminder, I'll explain it here, but when a photograph moves, it's called a "video." It's a mistake to call it "video"[4].


There are various taxonomies.

One Photo Summarized video("Still photography" "Still photography" ≒ still photography) / Imagephotograph There are two main methods.

Photo shooting (still shooting)

As I will explain first, the classification name for still photography tends to be called "XX photography" rather than "XX photography" (for example, it is called "portrait photography" rather than "portrait photography"). (It tends to be called).

As a classification method for photographing (still shooting), there is a method for classifying objects (subjects).

As a classical taxonomy (it is a classical taxonomy in the art whose history is older than photographyPortrait / Still life / 風景画There is one category of portrait photography (portrait photography) / still life photography (still life photography) / landscape photography (landscape photography, nature photography).

Also, photography is classified according to its purpose. For example art / Academic / News report / CommercialArt shoot by either (Art photography) / Academic photography ([5]) / Press shooting (News photo) / Commercial photography (commercial photography)Advertising photosIs also included) ... etc.

For example, it can be sub-classified for shooting people. ポ ー ト レ ー トShooting (According to the request of the person,肖像画To take a photo like)News photo) / Commercial portrait photography / ... etc.

As for still life photography, artistic still life photography / academic / record still life photography / still life photography for news coverage / commercial still life photography (including) Advertising photos) / ... etc. can be sub-classified.

Regarding nature photography, there are artistic nature photography / academic and record nature photography / ....

Video shooting

ImageRegarding the shooting of (=moving photos),

One is to classify by shooting location,ス タ ジ オShoot insideStudio shot""Set shooting, Etc., and shooting outdoors outside the studio is “Location shooting"Or"openphotograph".

One is to classify by shooting speed, especially those shot at special speeds. High speed photography / Timelapse / Timelapse And so on.

Out of studio shootVFXEspecially, the ones that use a background of a special color to combine the images after shootingBlue backgroundphotograph”(“Green background shooting” when using green).

Digital cinematography(The fluttering area is...British: Digital cinematography) Means the conventional silver salt type during the filming stagethe filmLight to electrical signals without usingImage sensorusingMagnetic tape,hard diskThe image is recorded on a recording medium such as.


Explaining the recording medium, the photosensitive material was originally used in still photography.Wet board→dry plate→the filmHas changed.[Source required]

Photo Summarized video

This section describes the basics of photography. Note that the concepts of “exposure”, “shutter speed”, and “aperture” in photography are basic concepts that are also used in video photography.

Composition, exposure, shutter speed, aperture

([Who?])”The technology required for shooting is構 図,Exposed, Light condition /照明Becomes the center[Source required]".Exposed TheISO sensitivity,Shutter speed,ApertureDetermined by[Source required], Usually so-calledProper exposureHowever, depending on the expression intent, we may choose to overexposure (high key) or underexposure (low key).[Source required].

Color/monochrome selection

Also, in the first placeカ ラ ーOrモ ノ ク ロYou have to decide whether to shoot in.

Lens selection

またlensSelection also plays an important role. LensFocal lengthFrom the longest order oftelescope lens,Standard lens,Wide-angle lensDivided intoClose-upSuitable forMacro lens, The focal length can be changedZoom lensA distorted image is obtainedFisheye lensThere is a special lens like this, and the photographer must select the lens that best suits the intended shooting.

Focal length and depth of field

Focal length isDepth of fieldIt also has a correlation with it, and it is shallow for telephoto lenses and deep for wide-angle lenses. The depth of field can also be controlled by the aperture value, and theF value(Enlarge) to get deeper, that is, a picture with focus from near to far (Pan focus)become. If you do the opposite, the depth will be shallower, and the background and foreground of the main subject will be blurred (BlurExpression).

Select shutter speed

When the shutter speed becomes slowBlurUsually occurs,tripodIt is normal to avoid this by using lighting or lighting, but if you have a special expression intention,Motion blur) May occur.

Filter selection

For color photography, the emulsion number (manufacturing lot) of the sensitive materialReciprocity failureOf the light sourceColor temperatureThe color balance may be lost due tofilterIt is necessary to use "correction" such as adjusting the exposure amount by using a film for each light source or light source.Digital cameraIn the case ofWhite balanceDepending on settingsColor toneAdjust.

Video shooting

movies,TV dramaWhen shooting,crankInn”, end shootingCrank upIs called.this isJapanglishSo, it is said that it is derived from the hand-cranked handle (crank) when the camera was hand-cranked.

Movies andVideo cameraWhen shootingStill picturesInvolves movement, unlikeCamera work(Bread,tracking,dolly, Crane, etc.) is possible, and in many cases,voice OfrecordingIs also needed. Also, after the shooting is completed, the video and audioEditis necessary. When editingmontageTechnique ofNarrationThe addition of “” gives a certain meaning to the image.

(British: Cinematography)as well as,Videography(British: Videography) Is a term that means videography, video technology, video photography, videography, video technology, video photography, cinematography, movie technology, movie photography, etc.In this page, video photography technology or movie photography technology, movie Refers to shooting technology.Photography(British: photography) Is a word that means photography, photography technology, photography, etc., and this page refers to photography technology.


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