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📺 | "100 Crocodile" on the Devil's Blade, Arashi / Jun Matsumoto Delusion spreads to the "secret" of the new movie / drama


Delusion spreads to "100 crocodile" on the blade of devil, and "secret" of new movie / drama by Arashi / Jun Matsumoto

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The game console "PS5" has been extremely difficult to obtain for a long time and is still being resold at a high price.

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difficult to obtain

PlayStation 5

PlayStation > PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5(PlayStation Five, abbreviation: PS5) IsSony Interactive Entertainment(Abbreviation: SIE)2020May 11Released inHome-use stationary game console[9].


PlayStation 4As a successor to (PS4), on November 2020, 11Japan,America,AustraliaIt was released in advance in 7 countries (#Release date of each countrySee also).Disk driveReleased two types, a "normal model" equipped with a disk drive and a "digital edition" without a disk drive.Backward compatiblePS4 as a functionsoftIt is possible to play (except for some).

Since its launch in November, it has sold a total of 11 million units worldwide in about two months until the end of December.[10].


Several times the specifications of PS4
4K[11]60fpsIn order to support the above resolutions and faster load times with custom SSDs,CPU,But by the full GPU acceleration tech,memoryThe general basic specifications such as"PS4Several timesHas become the performance of[5]..By the way, about the GPU that affects the graphic performance,About 4 times that of "PS5", about 4 times more than "PS2 Pro"It is thought that the CPU and memory have specifications that match the GPU performance.[12].
PS4 software backward compatibility
By software OS compatibility and library compatibility[5], PS4 software can be playedBackward compatiblehave.Not compatible with hardware, so not compatible with all software, but as of the release date99% PS4 software can workIs.Also, a list of incompatible games is available.[13]。日本国内ではハード発売時点で『』『』の2作のみが非対応ソフトと告知されている[Note 2].
It may be necessary to update the game side, but with many software due to function expansion by OS and library assuming differences in hardwareframe rateCan be expected to benefit from stability and improvement, high resolution, etc.[13]..Also, HDR is turned on by default.[13].
It was installed in PS4SHARE menu(Alternated with PS5 create menu), Live from PlayStation, second screen function, etc. cannot be used[13]。PS4用のシステム画面テーマは使用できない。PS4ソフトのディスクについては、ディスクドライブ搭載のモデルでしかプレイできない[13].
Among the software released on the double platform of PS4 and PS5, there are titles that can be upgraded to the PS4 version under individual conditions (paid, free, limited time, etc.) if you have the PS5 version at the discretion of the publisher. Exists.Since it is necessary to recognize the PS4 version disk in order to upgrade the package software, it can not be upgraded with the digital edition without a disk drive[14].
Incidentally,PS1,PS2,PS3Not compatible with titles. For some PS3 titlesPlayStation NowYou can play with.
Reduced load time
storageRegarding customSSDAdopt[15], Main chip and 4 lanesPCIe 4.0Custom connected withcontrollerControlled byFlash memoryHas 12 channels. Access levels can be controlled in 2 steps for general products and 6 steps for custom controllers, allowing more flexible control according to the game situation.
By installing a custom SSD,Load timeBut on PS4, the sequential access speed is 50-100MB/ s (0.05 --0.1GBIt was about / s), but with PS5 it was accelerated to 5.5GB / s.this isHDDCompared to PS4 equipped withAbout 55-110 timesBecomes
According to PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny, "No matter how fast SSDs are, there is a big bottleneck in the data architecture of today's games," but PS5 SSDs have almost eliminated this. It says that it will achieve 4 times the speed of PS100 at face value[16].
SIE is particularly focused on shortening the load time, and when the power is turned on from the rest mode (suspended state), the system will start up in 2 to 3 seconds, and the game will start up in a few seconds.Even during gameplay and scenes that used to take nearly a minute, loading is completed within a few seconds, leading to a significant reduction in stress.[17].
SSD expansion
In the future, we plan to support the addition of internal SSDs. It is possible to add a USB storage such as SSD (USB3.0 --USB3.2 gen2, capacity 250GB or more and 8TB or less) to the USB terminal externally, but only the internal SSD can be used to install the software for PS5, USB Only PS4 software can be booted from the storage.After the version 3.00 update, it is possible to reinstall to the internal SSD using the installation data of the PS5 software saved in the USB storage.[Note 3].
In addition, in the verification performed with the actual PS5 software immediately after the release of PS4, while the load time was shortened compared to PS4pro with the internal HDD replaced with SSD, the external SSD was better than booting from the internal SSD of PS5. The result is that the load time is slightly shorter, and it is known that the data transfer speed of the built-in SSD mentioned above is not fully exhibited by PS4 software.[18].
8K compatible high resolution
Equipped with HDMI 2.1, it supports native 4K output.In the future,Up-convertby8K resolutionWill be supported for output.
In addition, of course, the graphics side has also been enhanced, and even for existing PS4 game software, if texture images, effect effects, etc. are updated for PS5, it will be displayed with beautiful and smooth graphics equal to or better than the PC version. Ru[19].
Two editions
PS5 has a disk drive"Normal model"And no disk drive"Digital Edition"There are three types[20][21].. The model with a disk drive is the first in the PlayStation seriesUltra HD Blu-ray(UHD BD) compatible, digital edition is exclusively for download software.There is no difference in performance other than whether or not an optical drive is installed.
PS1~PS4/PSP/PS Vitaまでのシリーズで、国内向けのハードでは「"○"ボタンで決定」「"×"ボタンでキャンセル」のコマンドが割り当てられ、欧米向けでは逆に「"×"ボタンで決定」「"○"ボタンでキャンセル」が割り当てられいた。
元々デザインコンセプトは他社と同じことはしたくないソニーのデザイナーの精神を反映したもの『○と×はYESとNOで色は赤と青、△は頭や視点を表し色は信号機にならって緑、□は紙でメニュー・文書を示すもの、色は全体のバランスからピンク[24]』だったが欧米で販売する際に逆になった。これは欧米では否定的な意味として「×」あるいは「○」を使うため、check mark(肯定)と似ている「×」を決定に変更したためである。
オペレーションシステムのユーザインタフェースとPS5用に開発されたゲームの標準操作が変わるだけで従来の既存のゲームの操作が変わるわけではないため、PS4のゲームを遊ぶときは操作が逆になる。一部のPS4用ソフト(『New Sakura War''God Eater 3』など)を、PS5で遊ぶ場合に限り「"×"ボタンが決定、"○"ボタンがキャンセル」になるよう変更が加えられているものもある。ただし、Demon's Soulのように「"○"ボタンで回避/ダッシュ」「"×"ボタンでアクション」のコマンドが割り当てられ、従来のものと操作感が変わってしまったゲームもある。
1 year free warranty
There is a one-year free warranty provided by the manufacturer, but the retailer does not have a free warranty that certifies the start of the warranty period by stating the retailer and the date and time of purchase.This is a measure to cope with the increase in mail-order stores, but if there is no purchase certificate such as a receipt from the store certifying the new purchase date, it may not be covered by the free warranty.[25].
Game title
In addition, the action game "DualSense" that doubles as an operation demo when setting up the main unit(English edition)] Is pre-installed for free.
OS (system software)

Version 20 series

Version: 20.02-02.25.00 Delivery started on November 2020, 11
Version: 20.02-02.26.00 Delivery started on November 2020, 11
Version: 20.02-02.30.00 Delivery started on November 2020, 12
Version: 20.02-02.50.00 Delivery started on November 2021, 2

Version 21 series

Version: 21.01-03.00.00 Delivery started on November 2021, 4
Version: 21.01-03.10.00 Delivery started on November 2021, 4
Version: 21.01-03.20.00 Delivery started on November 2021, 6



  • May 4 - WIRED Mark SarneyAn exclusive interview with is posted.PlayStation 4(PS4) next-generation game machine that will be the successor (unpublished name at this point) was announced.
  • May 10 -The name of the next-generation machine isPlayStation 5It became clear that it was decided to be (PS5) and that it is scheduled to be released during the year-end sales season in 2020.[26].


  • May 1 -SIEç±³ 国Las VegasHeld atElectronicsTrade fair2020 International CESIn PS5logoAnd will be installedhardwareAnnounced a part of.
  • May 3 -SIE is official PlayStationTwitterIn the account, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerney posted a technical explanation video about the PS3 system design on the PlayStation Blog overseas at 19 am on March 1th, Japan time.[5]Then I foretold.
  • May 4 -A new wireless controller for PS5 "DualenseTwo external photographs, main specifications, design history, etc. have been released.
  • May 5 - epic GamesIs a game engine that the company is developingU(UE5)" and released a real-time demo that works on PS5[27][28][29].
  • May 6 -SIE has postponed the delivery date of the PS5 video event "The future of gaming" due to the world situation at 6:11 pm Pacific Standard Time June 1 (6 am Japan time June 12) Announced that it was decided at the time).Distribution started on the same date and time as scheduled, and 5 game titles and body design were unveiled for the first time.[30].
  • May 9 -SIE distributes the video event "PLAYSTATION 5 SHOWCASE" and announces new software groups including release dates, prices, and simultaneous release software in each country[9].
  • May 10 --The video "PlayStation 5 disassembled video" that disassembles the main body of PS1000 (CFI-01A5) and shows the inside has been released on YouTube[31].
  • May 11 --Pre-sale in 7 countries including Japan, USA and Australia (#Release date of each countrySee also).According to a Famitsu survey, first-week sales in Japan were 11.8 units.


  • May 3 --Estimated cumulative sales in Japan exceeded 50 units[32].


  • x86-64-AMD Ryze "Zen2"
    • 8 cores / 16 threads
    • Up to 3.5GHz (variable clock)
    • Manufacturing process 7nm
But by the full GPU acceleration tech
System memory
  • 6GB GDDR16
    • Interface: 256bit
    • Bandwidth: 448GB / s
storageBuilt-in SSD
  • カ ス タ ムSSD 825GB[6]
    • PCIe 4.0 x 4 lane connection
    • Not replaceable (directly attached to the motherboard)
  • Effective free space 667GB
  • Read: 5.5GB / s[33](When uncompressed)
  • Read: 8-9GB / s (when compressed)
Extended SSD
  • NVMe M.2 SSD slot x 1
    • Compatible with Type 2230/2242/2260/2280
    • Not compatible with SATA-connected M.2 SSD
The system software scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021 will support commercially available NVMe M.2 SSDs.
(Currently, it is not recognized even if a commercially available SSD is connected)
Due to bandwidth and physical shape restrictions, a list of confirmed operations will be released.[34][35].
Can be saved

Data type

  • The types of data that can be stored in each storage are shown below.[36]
  • Extended SSD (NVMe) will be supported by system software scheduled to be released around the summer of 2021
  • Cloud storage is only available to PS Plus subscribers
Built-in SSDExtended SSDExtended HDD / SSD (USB connection)ク ラ ウ ドUSB mass storage
PS5 games○○ (planned)×××
PS4 games○
PS5 save data×○×
PS4 save data○
Screenshots and video clips×
  • Supports HDMI 2.1 output
    • 4K / 120Hz
    • 8K / 60Hz (planned to be supported)
    • VRR (planned to be supported)
  • HDR10
  • Supported resolutions: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p
formatMaximum ch
Dolby Digital 5.1 ch
Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 ch
Dolby TrueHD 7.1 ch
DTS 5.1 ch
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio 7.1 ch
DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 ch
AAC 5.1 ch
Linear PCM 7.1 ch
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X output is possible on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • Equipped with "Tempest" 3D audio technology
optical driveUltra HD Blu-ray(Read-only)[37]
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray (66G / 100G) ~ 10xCAV
  • BD-ROM (25G / 50G) ~ 8xCAV
  • BD-R / RE (25G / 50G) ~ 8xCAV
  • DVD ~ 3.2xCLV
  • PS5 only with optical drive
    • PS5 Digital Edition does not have an optical drive
  • Not compatible with the following disk formats
    • Blu-ray 3D
    • CD
    • SACD
Input/output terminals
USB2.0 Type-A1前面 前面
USB3.1 Gen 2 Type-C1
USB3.1 Gen 2 Type-A2The back of the main unit
Wired LAN RJ451
HDMI 2.1 Standard A1
communicationWired10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
wirelessIEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax (Wi-Fi 6)
Bluetooth 5.1
電力 消費 電力350W (PS5)

340W (PS5 Digital Edition)

External dimensionsWidth 390mm x Height 104mm x Depth 260mm (PS5)

Width 390mm x Height 92mm x Depth 260mm (PS5 Digital Edition)

The left shows the external dimensions when placed horizontally excluding the base.
massAbout 4.5kg (PS5)

Approximately 3.9kg (PS5 Digital Edition)

Package contents
  • Product body
  • Dualense 1 wireless controller
  • Dualense Charging cable for wireless controller (USB Type-C to A)
  • HDMI cable (Ultra High Speed ​​compatible with HDMI 2.1 standard)
  • 繝 繝
  • Base (used for vertical / horizontal placement of the product body)
  • Quick Start Guide / Safety Guide


CFI-1000 series

Standard model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CFI-1000A01PlayStation 52020th of February 11With optical drive
CFI-1000B01PlayStation 5 Digital Edition2020th of February 11No optical drive


Genuine and Sony Group released devices

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CFI-ZAA1PlayStation Camera Adapter2020th of February 11Adapter to connect PlayStation Camera
CFI-ZCT1JDualSense Wireless Controller2020th of February 11One is included in the main body.
CFI-ZDS1JDualSense charging stand2020th of February 11A stand for charging Dual Sense. The AC adapter uses ADP-15WH A.
CFI-ZEY1GHD camera2020th of February 11Two stereo 1080p cameras[Note 6]
CFI-ZMR1JMedia remote control2020th of February 11Requires 2 AA batteries.
CFI-ZWH1JPULSE 3D wireless headset2020th of February 11Supports 3D audio
Equipped with a noise canceling microphone.Includes wireless adapter.
CUH-ZCT1JWireless controller (DUALSHOCK 4)2014th of February 2PS4 controller. Only Bluetooth connection is supported. It can be used with PS4 software.
CUH-ZCT2J2016th of February 9PS4 controller. Supports Bluetooth connection and wired connection. It can be used with PS4 software.
CUH-ZDC1JDUALSHOCK 4 charging stand2014th of February 2A stand for charging the DUALSHOCK 4. The AC adapter uses ADP-10MR A (PDEL-100 shared with PS Vita TV).
CUH-ZEY1JPlayStation CameraShared with PS4.
CUH-ZEY2J2016th of February 9Shared with PS4.It is smaller than the conventional product and comes with a stand.
CUH-ZVR2PlayStation VR2017th of February 10Shared with PS4. Supports HDR video pass-through. AC adapter is CUH-ZAC1
CUHJ-15006PlayStation VR shooting controller2017th of February 6Shared with PS4.
CECH-ZCC1JPlayStation Move charging stand2010th of February 10A stand for charging the PlayStation Move. AC adapter is CECH-ZAC2 (PSP-380 can be used instead)
CECH-ZCM2JPlayStation Move Motion controller2017th of February 11Shared with PS4.


Called DualSensecontrollerThen.PlayStation 4For up toDUALSHOCKSince the basic design of the appearance is different from the existing controllers of the series, it was named Dual Sense as a new name instead of numbering (DUALSHOCK 5), emphasizing the realization of a game experience that appeals to the five senses.[38].

  • Haptic technologypowered by
  • Adopts an adaptive trigger that makes the L2 and R2 buttons feel resistance
  • USB Type-C(Wired)/Bluetooth(Wireless) connection
  • Built-in microphone
  • Changed the "SHARE" button that was able to take videos and screenshots with DUALSHOCK 4 to the "Create" button[39][40]..You can easily post the video that the user is playing to SNS and video distribution sites.[39].

Release date of each country

2020May 11Released in the following countries[9][41]..In addition, it is sold out by advance reservation, and it will not be sold over the counter on the day of release.[42].

Also, the next weekMay 11ToEurope,Middle East,South America,Asia,South Africa(Both are being released sequentially in some countries / regions)[41].

Countries / regions released thereafter



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