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📺 | Shingo Katori, "Anonymous" Impressive crank-up "I was really happy"

Photo drama "Anonymous-Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasure Room-" Impressive crank up! (C) TV TOKYO

Shingo Katori, "Anonymous" Impressive Crank Up "I was Really Happy"

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The drama "Anonymous ~ Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasure Room ~" is broadcast every Monday at 22:XNUMX on TV Tokyo.

The drama "Anonymous-The Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasures Room-" starring Shingo Katori (TV Tokyo / every Monday 2 ... → Continue reading

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Broadcast every Monday at 22:XNUMX

Anonymous-Metropolitan Police Department "Finger Murder" Countermeasures Office-

"Anonymous-Metropolitan Police Department "Finger Murder" Countermeasures Office-』(Anonymous Keishicho Yubisatsujin Taisakushitsu) is2021May 1からMay 3Until TV Tokyo series"Drama premiere 10It was broadcast every Monday from 22:00 to 22:54 in the frame.TV drama[1][2].. StarringShingo Katori[1][2]. All 8 episodes[3].

On March 3, the same year, a novel version by Mitsutoshi Nishijo was released, and it was developed in multiple media.


A fictitious department "Finger" established within the Metropolitan Police Department to deal with the social problem of keyboard murder = finger murder, in which the victim commits suicide in the worst case, suffering from slander and burning on the Internet. Draw the activity of "Murder Countermeasures Office".

Katori's TV drama appearance is "Dangerous boy IIIIt's been 33 years since then, and at other commercial broadcasters,Family shape』(TBS TV) For the first time in 5 years[1][2]..In addition, Katori is a program that will be broadcast weekly on commercial TV terrestrial broadcasting after leaving Johnny's office.[Note 1]This is the first time I have appeared in.


There is no end to slander and burning on the Internet, and murder by keyboard =Finger murderIs a social problem in modern Japan.The Metropolitan Police Department said, "To deal with this social problem.Finger murder countermeasure roomTo be founded.Although he was a detective in the First Investigation Division, a certain incident caused him to move out of the front line of the investigation.Wataru ManjoIs a lone wolf, but a faceless criminal with strong "finger pair" members =anonymousAnd solve the case.


Finger murder countermeasure room

Metropolitan Police DepartmentLife Safety DepartmentA department that investigates maliciousness, the possibility of incidents, and SNS troubles that are of high social interest.Known as "finger pair"

Wataru Banjo <42>
Performance- Shingo Katori[1][2]
The main character of this work.Formerly assigned to the Finger Murder Countermeasures OfficeInvestigation Department OfDetective..The rank is inspector.
Boasting outstanding insight, he was called the "Wolf of the First Investigation Division", but Kuraki deviated from the front line in the wake of the "Ota Ward President's Stab Case" in which his partner Kuraki was seriously injured two years ago. He was independently investigating the identity of the "Anonymous" that he had left behind.
Usui Sakura <25>
Performance- Sekisui beach[4]
The heroine of this work.Manjo's companion in the finger murder countermeasures room.The rank is the police officer.Former Traffic Safety Division.
Three years ago, he witnessed a friend from a high school who had neglected to consult because of his busy schedule, jumping into a truck and committing suicide, and became enthusiastic about saving those who were worried about the incident.
Rinko Suganuma <39>
Performance- MEGUMI[4]
A member of the Finger Murder Countermeasures Office, which specializes in collecting and identifying information.The rank is the police officer.Former General Affairs Department.
Junichi Shinomiya <27>
Performance- Hiroya Shimizu[4]
Digital charge of the finger murder countermeasures room.The rank is the police officer.
Special investigatorAn elite who was scheduled to be assigned to the Cybercrime Countermeasures Division due to hiring, but was pulled out by a finger.
She has a secret love for Sakura, and in the spin-off drama, she is depicted struggling to think that Manjo is a rival of love.[5].
Shinjiro Koshigaya <58>
Performance- Katsumura Masanobu[4]
Director of the Finger Murder Countermeasures Office.The rank is inspector.
Former Investigation Division XNUMX was investigating the "Ota Ward President's stabbed case"[Note 2], Succumbing to the pressure of Jogasaki and taking part in the fabrication with Sawato as the culprit, let's arrest by leaking information on Yamamuro who has a strong sense of justice in Kuraki under the name of "Anonymous" However, Kuraki is injured in the shooting battle.Attempts to resign from the police to take responsibility, but threatened by Jogasaki[Note 3], Jogasaki establishes a finger murder countermeasures room and accepts the personnel when the post of the manager is prepared.Waiting for Kuraki's consciousness to recover and asking for an opportunity to accuse the truth[Note 4], Tells Manjo that he has arrived at that fact that "Anonymous" who is posting information to "Ura K-sensei" is a different person from himself.

Manjo officials

Kenzo Hatori <43>
Performance- Yamamoto Koji(Episode 1・Episode 2・Episode 4-Final episode)
Former colleague of Manjo.Detective, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department.The rank is inspector.
Two years ago, Yamamuro was staring at Honboshi in the "Ota Ward President's Stab Case", but evidence that the fingerprint of the suspect Sawato was detected.[Note 5]Was discovered, and after that, Sawato committed suicide, and the investigation of Yamamuro was stopped by the upper management.
Kuraki Sena (Kuraki Sena)
Performance- Sim Eun Kyung(Special appearance)[6]
A partner in the first investigation section of Manjo.returnee children.
Two years ago, "Anonymous" in the "Ota Ward President's Stab Case"[Note 6]Investigate Kosuke Yamamuro, who has been accused of being the true criminal, and is seriously injured in a shooting battle with him.
After that, he awakens from the state of dementia, but he senses that he is being monitored by the police organization, pretending to be demental in order to deceive the eyes of the surveillance, and this time he calls himself "Anonymous" and the site "Ura K-sensei" on SNS By leaking information that only humans inside the police can know and sanctioning social evils, public opinion was allyed, and the police organization accused and denounced Sawato as a criminal in the "Ota Ward President's stabbed case". Revenge on the police organization that betrayed you.
By uploading the face photo and real name of the detective director, Jogasaki, as the mastermind behind the criminal fabrication in "Ura K-sensei", he induced criticism from the public, and as a result, it seems as if he had driven Jogasaki into suicide and achieved revenge. However, Manjo ordered the criminal to forge Sawato, who sniffed out that Hasebe, the Minister of State and the chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, had received a bribe as a result of face-to-face dialogue with the bereaved family of Jogasaki. You can find the evidence that you did.Manjo accused him of killing Jogasaki, who was also a victim of justice runaway and pressured by Hasebe, and temporarily relaxed the leak of investigation information to "Ura K-sensei", but again. I heard that there will be an opportunity to stick to "justice by collective intelligence" using the net that I believe in, and disappear from the front of Manjo.
Mysterious man
Performance- Kazushi Tanaka(Episode 3 and 4)
A black envelope in a fishing pond[Note 7]The man who passes.

Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Department

Akifumi Jogasaki
Performance- Takahashi Katsumi[7](Episode 5-Final episode)
Criminal director.It puts pressure on the inside of the finger to see if there is an insider of "Anonymous" who posts inside information of the police to "Ura K-sensei".
Two years ago, he was in charge of investigating the "Ota Ward President's stabbed case" and forged Sawato with the criminal to end the investigation and concealed the crime of Yamamuro, the true criminal. He promises to confess the truth at a regular press conference with the media, but he does not appear at the press conference and disappears.After that, the information that accuses "Ura K-sensei" of the black curtain that instructed the forgery of the criminal of "Ota Ward president stabbed case" with his real name with a face photo was uploaded by Kuraki who calls himself "Anonymous", so the video is delivered to his home. In order to protect the family, he left a suicide note apologizing that he was the only one who forged the criminal because the people rushed in and his wife and daughter were accused and the personal information of the family was exposed on the net.Potassium cyanideDiscovered in a state of poisoning and suicide.


TaiziIs a victim who is slandered online.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

  • Lotus Katayama(High school student who kills homeless people and exposes personal information)- Yuzu Aoki[11]
  • Yurie Katayama (Mother of Lotus)- Mahiru Konno[11]
  • Ryotaro Katayama (Father of Lotus, Director of Katayama General Hospital)- Masahiro Toda
  • Akira Jimbo (Lotus teacher)- Junya Kawashima
  • Satoshi Ida (Homeless murdered by lotus)- Goshu[12]
  • Yuma Akamatsu (Lotus classmate)- Araki Toba[13]
  • Haruto Sasayama (a classmate in the class next to Lotus, a former boyfriend of Shibata) --Mamoru Hagiwara[14]
  • Ayana Shibata (classmate who confessed to Lotus)- Miyano[15]

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

  • Kaori Suematsu(Professional student suffering from anonymous emails that slander his lover)- Kawashima Suzuharu[7]
  • Soichiro Nagisa (incense lover, Keiyo University baseball team member, abducted and confined man)- Taketo Tanaka
  • Keita Arai (Kaori's high school classmate and deceased)- Junya Iwakami
  • Shota Arai (Keita's younger brother)- Raiku[7]
  • Yuko Arisawa (Nurse at the medical center where Kuraki is hospitalized)- Akiko Aizuki(Episode 7)

Episode 7

  • Keiichi Kabayama(President of Kabayama Foods, whose SNS burns on suspicion of power harassment)- Kintaro Hara
  • Yuhei Koyanagi (College student giving a bomb threat to Kabayama Foods)- Ehisa Shiono[3]
  • Kosuke Yamamuro (A man accused by Anonymous and the true criminal of the "Ota Ward President's stabbed case") Yusuke Yamanaka
  • Isesaki (President of money lending business, victim of "Ota Ward president stabbed case")- Mitsuyoshi Tani
  • Hasebe (Minister of State, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission)- Kenichi Sakuragi
  • Shuzo Morimoto (Chief Inspector General, Commissioner-General of the National Police Agency)- Kanji Tsuda[3](The last episode of)
  • Toichi Sawa (Freelance writer, suspect and deceased in the "Ota Ward President's stabbed case")- Ron Mizuma[16](The last episode of)

The last episode of

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitleLatte column[19]scriptdirected byAudience rating[20]
Episode 1May 1Triggered fingerWho killed my daughter !? Chase the internet threatening criminalHiroyuki KomineOikawa Takuro7.3%[21]
Episode 2201 daysIndelible pastBride sits down on the ground! Abandoned engagement on hoax5.7%[22]
Episode 3208 days17 year old murdererWhat's wrong with exposing the real name of the murderer !? The secret of the doctor's father and 17 years oldShinya Tamada6.0%[23]
Episode 4May 2Anonymous loverThe price of infidelity! Dangerous online romance and murder suspect stalkerShingo IrieTakahiro Ouchi5.7%[24]
Episode 5May 2Whereabouts robbedA man who died twice on the net and in reality ... a fish of hope to stop murder !?Shinya TamadaHiroaki Yuasa4.7%[25]
Episode 6301 daysFalse revengeHandsome ball child confinement! Life limit 240 secondsShingo IrieTakahiro Ouchi4.4%[26]
Episode 7308 daysThe identity of AnonymousEvidence of murder Forgery !? Uncovering hyacinth and black leather glovesHiroyuki KomineHiroaki Yuasa4.5%[27]
The last episode ofMay 3Nameless justiceThe final battle! Justice of 1 million people goes out of control ... A tearful bullet that attacks a partner!5.3%[20]
(The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)


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Video products

"Anonymous-Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasure Room-DVD BOX" (Product No .: VPBX-15757) 4-disc set (3 main discs + 1 bonus disc)
"Anonymous-Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasure Room-Blu-ray BOX" (Product No .: VPXX-75165) 4-disc set (3 main discs + 1 bonus disc)
Distributor:VAP, Released: September 2021, 8[29][30], Enclosed benefits: Special booklet

Spin-off drama

"Anoni Machu! ~ Love Finger Sumo Countermeasures Room ~』(Anonimachu! Koi no Yubizumotaisakushitsu), a video distribution serviceParaviIt will be delivered after the main story "Anonymous-The Police Agency" Finger Murder "Countermeasures Office-" is over.The main character is Shinomiya, who plays Hiroya Shimizu.[5].

Cast (spin-off drama)

  • Junichi Shinomiya-Hiroya Shimizu
  • Usui Sakiyoshi-Nagisa Sekimizu
  • Rinko Suganuma --MEGUMI
  • Shinjiro Koshigaya-Masanobu Katsumura
  • Wataru Manjo --Shingo Katori

Guest (spin-off drama)

  • Adam (musician who can't sell)- AMEMIYA
  • Satomi Yamashita (Woman dressed in B-boy style)- Yuka Sakurai
  • Tanakichi Tanabe (Sakura's childhood friend)- Maeda Koki
  • ー
Last Episode
  • ー

Staff (spin-off drama)

  • Director-Takahiro Ouchi,Yoshimasa Ohashi, Koichi Umeda, Mt. Ooyama Koichiro
  • Screenplay-

Delivery schedule (spin-off drama)

Number of storiesDelivery datesubtitleDeliverydirected by
Episode1May 1Unfortunately love song15 minutesTakahiro Ouchi
Episode2201 daysThe sign of love is to step on the rhyme16 minutes
Episode3208 daysValentine Kiss17 minutes
Episode4May 2Whose design is Ubi?16 minutesYoshimasa Ohashi
Episode5May 2I'm that girl, that girl is me?16 minutes
Episode6301 daysThe fiance is me!16 minutesKoichi Umeda
Episode7308 daysRansom of love15 minutesMt. Ooyama Koichiro
Last EpisodeMay 3That girl and Anonymous15 minutesTakahiro Ouchi


"Novel Anonymous Police Agency Finger Murder Countermeasures Office"(Shosetsu Anonymous Keishicho Yubisatsujin Taisakushi)Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The TV drama of the same name that was broadcast in the seriesNovelize officialSaijo MitsutoshiIt is a novel of.

2021March 3Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Published by[31].

Synopsis (Novel)

Characters (novel)

Wataru Banjo
The main character of this work.A detective from the former Investigation Division XNUMX assigned to the Finger Murder Countermeasures Office.

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Co-starring NG
(October 2020, 10-December 26, 12)
~ Metropolitan Police Department "Finger Murder" Countermeasures Office ~
(October 2021, 1-December 25, 3)
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TV Tokyo Monday 22:00 - 22:54
Co-starring NG
~ Metropolitan Police Department "Finger Murder" Countermeasures Office ~
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