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🎥 | WOWOW "Kento Nakajima wants to know about movies now." Part 3 approaches the world of movie sound effects!



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【番組情報】 中島健人の今、映画について知りたいコト。

A movie information program in which Kento Nakajima (Sexy Zone) acts as MC "Kento Nakajima wants to know about movies now." ... → Continue reading


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Kento Nakajima

Kento Nakajima(With Nakajima Ken[3],1994年<6>3/13[3] -) isJapan Ofsinger,An actor,talent.Male idol group-Sexy ZoneMembers of[3].Nickname TheKenty[4],Kenty[5].

TokyoBackground[3].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


When I was in 6th grade,Shuji and Akiraof"Youth AmigoAnd became interested in Johnny's for the first time[2].. In 3rd grade2008年4[4],Ryosuke YamadaLonging for[6]Sent his resume to audition and entered Johnny's office[2].. In April of the same year,Scrap Teacher-Teacher Regeneration-The first appearance in a serial drama[7].. A unit formed by three Johnny's Jr.BIShadowAlso started activities[8].

August 2009, 6,Yuma Nakayama w/BI ShadowCD debut was announced with the formation of, and further on 7thRyosuke Yamada-Yuri ChinenAddedNYC boysWas formed. 『Women's Volleyball World Grand Prix 2009Became a special supporter of[9].. On July 7 of the same year, both A-side singles "Yuma Nakayama w/BI Shadow and members of NYC boys"Devil Love/NYC』CD debut[10].. As a member of NYC Boys on New Year's Eve this yearThe 60th NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance in.

In 2011, the magazine "MyojoWon the 17st prize in the 1th Jr. Grand Prize of your choice"[11].. #2 for 1 consecutive years[12].

August 2011, 9,Sexy ZoneCD debut was announced with the formation of, and debut single "November 11"Sexy ZoneWas released. Makes the youngest debut in the history of Johnny's group with an average age of 14.2 years. The oldest member, Nakajima, was 17 at the time.[13].

August 2012, 2,Meiji Gakuin UniversityFaculty of SociologyToAO entrance examinationAnnounced that you passed in and entered university[14].

In April 2013, the serial drama "BAD BOYS J[2].. On November 11th, the movie starred in the movie "BAD BOYS J -The Last Protected Things-"[15].

In August 2015, he also directed himself in "Sexy Zone ABC-Z Summer Paradise in TDC" and performed his first solo concert.[16].

February 2016, 2, starring movie "I can't be Kurosaki-kun"Release. Obtained 1st place in the national movie mobilization ranking in the first week of the release despite being a medium-scale release[17].. It became a hit that exceeded 100 million spectators[18].

Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University Faculty of Sociology in March 2017[2].. At the time of graduationAsahi ShimbunA photo of Nakajima and an interview article were posted in a full-page advertisement with the title "Places that have expanded my potential."[19].

October 2018, 1Round and round nine nine』, in the actressKanna HashimotoWith popular corner "It will be a gourmet chicken race gochi!』Join. 1st place in the first match[20].. 18 years regular appearanceTOKYO OfTaichi KokubunIt has been selected in the form of replacing with, and it has revealed that he received advice from Kokubu[21].. In the final round of Gochi 12 broadcast on December 20th, I got 19st place and decided to stay with full refund[22].

October 2018, Nippon TelevisionDoro Penalty-The Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Department Three-The first starring of the drama series of Golden Prime[23].

In March 2020, Nippon Television's 3-hour live broadcast program "Nippon Television Music Festival Premium Music 2020』The first music program MC Hirano Sho Hirano (King & Prince) And serve[24], In June, a similar TV drama "Under Police Midnight RunnerAlso starred in Sho Hirano and W.[25].


The other Johnny's talents blushed and shook off everyone's impression that he was amazing.PrincePenetrates the character[2][26]The text is "Sexy Thank You"[2].. I used it for the first time during the interview in 2013,Janie KitagawaI started to keep saying that only one person laughed[2]It is so popular that other entertainers can use it even when they become Nakajima.[27][28].. In July 2013, the love situation variety program "JMK Kento Nakajima Love Hori PrinceWas also broadcast[29].

When I was in the second grade of elementary school, I started learning the piano by the recommendation of my parents[30].. At the audition of Johnny's office, when the president Johnny Kitagawa requested a piano, he immediately played "Moldau's flow" and was told that "Yu will get better if he practices"[30].. At the Sexy Zone concert in February 2012Sexy Zone"Or"Lion Heart","Toothbrush toothbrushOther than playing medley, the movie "I can't be Kurosaki-kunAnd 'My heart wants to scream."[30],Drama"Sand bowl] Also performing a piano performance[31].

Partly because my parents liked Western movies, I also like movies so much that I sometimes go to the theater and watch three movies a day.[32].. In 202092th Academy AwardsAppeared as a special guest in the special number of the award ceremony[33]Interviewed actors and directors in English on a local red carpet[34].. From 2021, the movie information program "Kento Nakajima, now I want to know about movies" on WOWOW. In charge of the independent MC[35].

To be the ideal womanZARD OfIzumi SakaiAre listed[36], For songs that women want to sing in karaokeCan't breathe[37].


Only personal activities are listed. For group activitiesBIShadow,Yuma Nakayama w/BI Shadow,NYC boys# appearance,Sexy Zone#See.

*The starring works areTaiziNotation

TV drama


TV program

Distribution program

  • Disney It's a Quiz World (March 2019, 3-, Disney + )-MC[60]
  • 30th Anniversary Free 2Days Seriously Entertainment Love Special ~ WOWOW Life Starting Here ~ (January 2021th and 1th, 16, WOWOW On Demand) --MC[61]



Television Animation


  • MUST 2008 (August 2008-September 8, 2, Odaiba / Aomi J district special venue "Johnnys Theater")[70]

Solo concert

  • Sexy Zone ABC-Z Summer Paradise in TDC "Love Ken TV" (August 2015-8, 7, Tokyo Dome City Hall)[16]
  • Summer Paradise 2016 “#Honey♡Butterfly” (August 2016-8, 3-5, 23, Tokyo Dome City Hall)
  • Summer Paradise 2017 “Mission: K” (July 2017-August 7, 29, Tokyo Dome City Hall)[71]


  • All Japan Volleyball High School Championship (2017)-Passion Castor[72]


Magazine serialization

  • Myojo"If you can live with me." (May 2015 issue -)[73]
  • an ・ an"Kento Nakajima's Ken Trend" (No.2038 February 2017, 2 issue -)[74]


Song titleLyricsCompositionJASRAC
Work code
TeleportationMEG.MESteven Lee, Drew Ryan Scott1D8-6428-2Sexy Zonealbum"one Sexy Zone]-Nakajima Solo[75]
CANDY ~ Can U be my BABY ~Kento NakajimaSamuel Waermo1E6-4649-1Sexy Zonesingle"Byby Duby ~ See you again ~ / A MY GIRL FRIEND] <First Limited Edition K>-Solo Nakajima[76]
Love windKento NakajimaMiNE, Atushi Shimada, Freadrik Samsson1G4-1747-3Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
single"Man never give up] <First Limited Edition K>-Solo Nakajima
Black CinderellaKento NakajimaSusumu Kawaguchi, Zak Waters1H2-8284-9Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
album"Sexy Power3]-Nakajima Solo
Deer high heelsKento NakajimaDaisuke Mori207-7951-8Sexy ZoneAlbum'Sexy Power3'-Nakajima Solo
Karekano!!Kento NakajimaKento Nakajima210-8650-8Kento Nakajima
Sexy Zone
single"Cha-Cha-Cha champion] <Sexy Zone Shop Edition K>-Solo Nakajima
Eternal merry-go-roundKento NakajimaMakito Taro195-9742-8Kento Nakajima
Sexy Zone
Forever LKento NakajimaMiNE, Atushi Shimada212-7281-6Kento Nakajima
Sexy Zone
single"Colorful eyes』<First Press Limited Edition B>-Solo Nakajima
Mr. JealousyKento NakajimamOnSteR nO.9, Jo Hee7C7-9146-6Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
album"Welcome to Sexy Zone]-Nakajima Solo
Hey !! Summer HoneyKento NakajimaKento Nakajima221-8259-4Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
Best album"Sexy Zone 5th Anniversary Best』<First Press Limited Edition B>-Solo Nakajima
MissionKento NakajimaNicklas Eklund, Kevin Borg1K9-6782-3Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
DVD & Blu-ray "Sexy Zone Presents Sexy Tour 2017 ~ STAGE] Special CD with Limited Edition-Nakajima Solo
Because of loveKento NakajimaKento Nakajima243-8688-0Kento Nakajima
Sexy Zone
album"PAGES] <Regular Edition>-Solo Nakajima
SHE IS ... LOVEKento NakajimaKento Nakajima733-3846-0Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
album"POP x STEP!?] <Regular Edition>-Solo Nakajima
Luv ManifestoSKYKento Nakajima720-5923-1Sexy Zone
Kento Nakajima
Marius leaf
Matsushima Satoshi
album"XYZ = repainting--Kento Nakajima & Marius Yo & Satoshi Matsushima


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注 釈

  1. ^ Takahisa MasudaAppeared as a supporter of[54].


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