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🎥 | A series of criticisms of "Kamiki-kun's wasteful spending" ... Anime movie version "Wani dying in 100 days", talented Ryunosuke Kamiki ...


A series of criticisms of "Kamiki-kun's wasteful spending" ... Anime movie version "Wani dying in 100 days", talented Ryunosuke Kamiki ...

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Shinichiro Ueda is in charge, and the title is changed to "Crocodile that lived for 100 days".

On February 2, information on the anime movie "Crocodile that lived for 17 days" was lifted, and popular actor Ryunosuke Kamiki acted as the leading voice actor ... → Continue reading

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Shinichiro Ueda

Shinichiro Ueda(Shinichirou Ueda,1984May 4[3] -) isJapan OfFilm director.ShigaIka-gunKinomoto Town(Current:Nagahama) From[4][5].. PANPOCOPINA Co., Ltd. (Avex picturesBusiness alliance) Director[6][7].. My wife is also a movie directorMiyuki Fukuda[8].


Kinomoto Municipal Kinomoto Junior High School[9]From the time I was in schoolHandycamWith friendsIndependent movieStart shooting[10].Shiga Prefectural Nagahama High SchoolWhile still in school, he continued to make independent films and screened at school festivals, but when he was approached by an adviser of the drama club, he joined the drama club at the end of his second year of high school.[11].. In the drama clubStage playIn charge of the script and direction of[12], The work I created when I was in the third year of high school was in 3Kinki Senior High School Cultural FestivalPerformed at[13],Spring and autumn seatWas also performed in the invited performance "Acting High School Students"[14].

Continue to shoot videos on your own even after graduating from high school[15],HollywoodTo aim forOsakaI went to an English vocational school in Japan, but I couldn't get used to it and dropped out in 2 months.[16].. From around the age of 20, I once left filmmakingHitchhikeI went to Tokyo in Japan, but I was treated as a scamSelf-publishedHave debts multiple times, such asホ ー ム レ スExperience life[8].

At the age of 25, when he failed to develop a science fiction novel, he decided to become a movie director again.2009Participated in the independent film group "STUDIO MAYS"[17].. After that, he led the members who gathered to make a feature film in the same group and became independent, and in the same year the movie production group "PANPOKOPINAIs formed[18].. NumerousShort filmAs of 2018, domestic and overseasFilm festivalHas won 46 awards in[18].

Supporting young video creatorsSKIP cityBy production2015Makes a commercial debut in "Neko Manma" of the public omnibus movie ""[18].. This omnibus film consists of short films by four young film directors, including Ueda, from the screening hall.Theater ShinjukuThen a popularity vote was held by the viewers[19].. As a result, Ueda's "Neko Manma" won first place.[20], As a reward2016ToCine Libre Ikebukuro"Neko Manma" and a special screening of three past short films "3 / Ueda Uedabun no Yon" are being held at[21].

2017,ENBU SeminarThe movie "Cinema Project"Don't stop the camera!When he made his debut as a feature film for the theater,Yubari International Fantastic Film FestivalReceived the Yubari Fantaland Grand Prize.2018When the theatrical release begins in June, word of mouth spreads despite being a low-budget indie movie, and it is one of the screening halls.K's cinemaThen, in 10 days of screening, it became a hot topic as it was fully booked 30 times in a row.[22]Finally, the museum was fully booked 35 times for 77 days until the screening was completed.[23].. The work is about a month after its releaseAsmik AceHas given its name to distribution cooperation, and the number of exhibitions will be expanded from the initial two to more than 2.[24], Continuing a long hit, "Cinderella Story in the Movie World"[25], "Japanese Dream"[26]Was called. The same work was released in October of the same year31 Tokyo International Film FestivalWas selected for the "Japan Now category" and walked on the red carpet with the cast members.[27].

Due to the hit of the above movie, various media have been taken up frequently since the summer of 2018, and he has appeared as a guest on many TV programs.Nippon TV"One minute deep story that changes your life』And close contact coverage is done[28],TBS"To Masahiro Nakai's Friday Smiles], A half-life reproduction drama is produced[29]And so on. In addition, Ueda's other works also attracted attention, and past short films were distributed online.[30]And "Shinichiro Ueda Short Movie CollectionNationwide screening under the name of[31], The novella movie, which was planned to be screened only in some areasTamae's Super HighIs screened nationwide[32], The release of the DVD of the first feature film "" was decided, etc.[33]Many developments have been made. In the end, the new edition of the science fiction novel "Beyond the Donut Hole", which caused debt for a while, was released.[34].

August 2018, 10,Shochiku BroadcastingIt was announced that he was appointed as the director of the 7th original movie project of[35].. Directed by the project "Special ActorsIs2019It was shot in early summer, and will be released in October 2019 at about 10 halls nationwide.[36].. Also, as a release work in 2019, he was co-directed with Ueda in "4 / Cat Nekobun no Yon" and was involved as a staff member in "One Cut of the Dead!"SKIP cityProduction of "", a project to support young creators at Sai no Kuni Visual Plaza, is also in progress.[37].. The film was shot in 2018 days within 9, and was released in August 2019 at about 8 halls nationwide.[38][39][40].

The movie production group "PANPO KOPINA" launched in 2009 was launched in 2019.May 1"PANPOCOPINA Co., Ltd.Incorporated as. Wife'sMiyuki FukudaServed as a director[7], Ueda's childhood friend, a musician, serves as the representative director[6].. The same yearMay 6ThanAvex picturesAvex Pictures is in charge of managing media and event appearances and demonstration activities, and both companies are considering producing new video works.[6].

2019 year 11 month,ShigaMore Cultural Encouragement Award[41][42].. Winners of the Shiga Prefecture Cultural Award, etc. related to videoKozaburo Yoshimura38 years since then[43][44].

2020 TheEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionAs a result of being called to refrain from going out, some of my work was skipped, but I was the first to start making a "remote movie" that I never met with the cast and staff.[45].. On May 5st, "Don't stop the camera! Remote strategy!"YouTubeIt was released for free at, and Ueda and "Don't stop the camera!" Attracted attention again.Later, he said that making the movie saved his heart.[46].

2020 year 8 month,Avex picturesとProduction igAnnounces Participation in Production Secretary's Experimental Movie Label "Cinema Lab"[47]..To other participating film directorsKatsuyuki Motohiro,Oshii Mamoru,KodakayaUeda became the youngest of them. An establishment conference was held in October, and Motohiro called out about this project before the release of "Don't stop the camera!", And at that time, he was requested to "make" One Cut of the Dead 10 "". Revealed that[48][49]..Ueda is said to be the most problematic work of the label's work, which was once warmer.Poplan"Minagawa YojiProduced in the lead[50].

2020 year 10 month,Sony Pictures EntertainmentAttended the press conference of 12 short film production projects "DIVOC-12" by 12 film directors.This project was launched so that creators and actors who were influenced by the new corona disaster can continue their activities. Ueda,Fujii Michito,Yukiko MishimaWill team up with three up-and-coming directors to form a four-person team to produce short films under specific conditions.Ueda will make a short film with the theme of "feel" in this project.[46].. With my wife Fukuda on November 11th[51],2021It was announced on January 1th that they would form a tag team that they were selected by the general public.[52].

2021January,TwitterDeparture4 comic strip cartoon"Alligator dying after 100 daysWas based onAnime movie"Crocodile that lived for 100 daysIt was announced that he will work as a director and screenwriter with his wife, Fukuda, who has experience in animation production.[53]..Fukuda often helped each other's works, but this is the first time he is in charge of directing and writing in the same standing position.[54]..Became the director of the first anime movie, but as of January 2020, when the original manga is being serializedFilm adaptationUeda personally made a proposal and proposed it.[55][56].


My favorite word is "lifelong youth"[10].. What is your favorite foodChanger[57].Natural permTo camouflageHatIt is wearing a trademark, which is a trademark.

As a style, the slogan is "a movie that is interesting to watch 100 years later".[15],Comedy work, Mainly produces entertainment works. There is a theory that it is not so conscious of setting a specific theme or message, and that such things naturally exude.[58].. The characters in the work often have a merciless man who aspires to perform arts as the main character, while women tend to have strong characters.[59].. I self-analyze that the reason why these characters are often set is that it is easy to make comedy works.[38].. Also, in many cases, a father who does not want to be disliked by his daughter appears.[38].

At the production site, Ueda does not give instructions from above, but the staff for other shooting and recording are also conscious of making a movie together in a row, creating an atmosphere where all the staff can come up with ideas. .. It ’s a style of “just having fun making a movie”[58], Of the actors who actually appeared in Ueda's workKoji MutaExpresses the production site as "the staff, the cast feels like playing"[60].. I like images with a "live feeling" that I can never shoot, such as real troubles[61].. In addition, he says that he is the type that burns when the surroundings tell him to "stop".[62].

As an actor who often appears in Ueda's worksTomokazu Yamaguchi,Koji Muta,Manabu HosoiAnd so on[63][64].

As an affected personHitoshi Matsumoto(Downtown)[65],Koki Mitani[66],Yoshida Tank[67]And so on. When graduating from high schoolComedianThere was also an idea to become[1].

2012I have been participating in "PANPO KOPINA" since thenMiyuki FukudaStart living together with[Note 1],2014Married on December 12th[69],2017Has a son. The director's work of each couple has won multiple awards at domestic film festivals,Indie filmHe was known in the world as a couple director[70][71].. Both of them at the famous movie awardsEvery day movie contestExperienced the award[Note 2][72].. Of the movie directorKentaro YamagishiDescribes the two as "Ueda of momentum, Fukuta of taste"[73].. He said that Fukuda's unreserved opinions helped him when writing the script, and he actively adopted the perspective unique to women.[74].


  • Summer vacation in the second year of high school, with two friendsraftでBiwa lakeI have decided to cross.Azumigawa TownI started from, but the waves became high and drifted, and I requested rescue with my mobile phone. On the opposite bankHikoneHowever, it became a riot that became a newspaper after being protected by local police officers.[1][75].
  • 2006AroundmixiAtTaro Okamoto,Ayumu TakahashiIn various communities with the theme of celebrities such as Was there. He said he didn't stubbornly listen to any opinions that warned of self-promotion unrelated to the community. This episodeNico Nico Live Broadcast"Masayoshi Hisada x Go Yoshida's taboo wide show" (2018May 7Delivery), of the book reviewerYoshida GoRevealed by "I was a hard person"[76].. At that time, among the people who tried to remind Ueda, there was a quiz researcher in addition to Yoshida. According to the same distribution, "He was a person who had an unusual ability to act, but was in a completely wrong direction. As a result of correctly pointing to the movie, he began to produce results." This episode is "Weekly comics"The power to hear" in Vol.2623 reiterated Go Yoshida, saying, "If youthful pain goes in the right direction, it may be a big deal. I don't know who will be!" I finished it. Ueda transcribed the contents of the live broadcast on NicoNicoMiyan ZZOn Twitter, thanking Yoshida and Nishino for their blog post.[77].. Ueda's wife, Fukuta, also touched on this topic and said, "Only movies can be done properly, and my personal life is still quite pungent."[78].
  • In my early twenties, when I wasn't filming, I was deceived several times and was in debt, but I wasn't pessimistic about these events and oftenBlogI wrote it down and sublimated it as entertainment[79].. By the time I started self-publishing novelschannel 2A thread was set up to watch Ueda, and it was nicknamed "Wakuteka" because it was so positive.[80].
  • 2015A short film set in a wedding hallTake 8』, But has his own wedding four days before the crank-in[81][82][83].. However, the location of the ceremony hall is different. At the weddingflash mobDo[84], The video that shows the situation is the father'sYouTubePosted from account[85].. Ueda was too enthusiastic about making the wedding reception a masterpiece of entertainment, and the budget was initially around 300 million yen, but eventually it swelled to around 600 million yen.[86].
  • Before the theatrical feature film debut,40th Japan Academy AwardWhen he was watching the TV broadcast of the award ceremony (2016) with his wife Fukuda, he was asked "How many years can I go?" And Ueda answered "Give me three years." Then, less than three years later42th Japan Academy AwardIn (2018), Ueda's director "One Cut of the Dead!" Won the award for excellence in eight categories, and Ueda wrote that "reality has overtaken dreams."[87].
  • The 61st Best Picture AwardBlue ribbon awardWhen I attended the award ceremony (2018), I was so nervous that I was "very courageous" on the stage.Tokyo Sports Film AwardsI want to thank you, "he said by mistake in the name of the award.[88].
  • 73 timesEvery day movie contest(FY2017)Animated Film AwardThe work of his wife Fukuda won the award. Ueda, who acted as a producer, said he was listening to Fukuda's speech from the audience and swore to his heart that "it's my turn next." The following year, Ueda won the director's award at the 74th Mainichi Film Awards (2018), and achieved the feat of winning the award for the second consecutive year as a couple.[89].. In an interview after the awards ceremony, he said with a laugh, "I'm coming with a three-legged race. Last year my wife was conspicuous, and this year I was conspicuous and I'm glad I was even."[90].. In addition, Ueda's Twitter posted two-shot photos of couples with exactly the same composition at the time of the 73rd award and the 74th award.[91].
  • 2019January,Biwa Peninsula TyphoonDue to the influence of (Typhoon No. 15)Narita International AirportThe transportation network was cut off and turned into an "isolated island on land," and more than 1 people were in a canned state. I went to promote the DVD of "One Cut of the Dead!" South KoreaNobuhiro Suzuki, the representative of PANPO COPINA who accompanied Ueda who returned from Japan, also suffered the damage, and the two of them walked around the means to leave the airport and the accommodation, and struggled to procure food one by one.TwitterPosted in. About 11 hours after arriving, I was able to leave the airport by bus, but at the same time as fans were worried, "RealDolaque"The third stage of director Ueda's feature film has been decided!" #Escape from the isolated island of land "" and other reactions were also called.[92].. When you are in the airportMainichi ShimbunWas also interviewed, and the video at that time was also used in the article reporting the state of the airport on the company's website.[93].



  • (2011) --Director / Screenplay / Editing
  • Don't stop the camera!(2017) --Director / Screenplay / Editing / Joint Original
  • (2019) --Director (with ・) ・ Screenplay
  • Special Actors(2019) --Director / Screenplay / Editing / Promotion Producer
  • Poplan(2021)

Short film

Works marked with ★ are DVDsShinichiro Ueda Short Movie Collection(Released on August 2019, 8).

VR movie

Anime movie

TV program

Web drama


  • Two plays "Self-defense" (2012, Waniz Hall) --Written and directed[12]
  • Moratorium Pants 7th Performance "Love Novelist" (2014, OFF / OFF Theater) --Written and directed (jointly with Akihiro Hashimoto)[104]


  • "SOS" (2014)

Advertising video

  • CODEO Special Short Film.1 "In the middle of happy tears and regretful tears" (2015) --Director / Screenplay * Bone conduction headphones "CODEO" PR movie
  • CODEO Special Short Film.2 "Hemming" (2016) --Director / Screenplay * Bone conduction headphones "CODEO" PR movie[105]
  • Lipovitan D WEB movie for PR "Don't stop Kansha!" (2019)

Participating works

Movie (participating work)

Short film (participating work)

  • Mainz ~ A Story of a Psychiatrist ~ (2010, Director: Takuto Nishigaki) --Screenplay / Shooting
  • Playback / Playball (2011, Director: Shoya Minami) --Screenplay / Editing[107]
  • Gift from Santa (2012, Director: Takashi Yamamoto) --Produced
  • Dreamless Boy (2012, Director: Hiroyuki Goat) --Photographed and produced
  • I will never forget(2013, director:Kenji Shibayama) --Original / Screenplay (jointly with Kenji Shibayama)[Note 8] * DVD "Day to wear black furisode <Kenji Shibayama's work collection Vol.2>"
  • Marshmallow x Pein (2013, Director:Miyuki Fukuda) --Produce / Shoot / Edit
  • Complex X Complex (2015, Director: Miyuki Fukuda) --Produced and edited
  • Full stomach detective Kuuko (2016, director :) --Assistant director[108]
  • Earpick rendezvous(2017, Director: Miyuki Fukuda) --Assistant Director (jointly with Junya Matsumoto), editor[109] * Yoshimoto Kogyo "Community-oriented movie"
  • Napping Girl (2018, Director: Hiroyuki Goat) --Assistant Director[110]

Web drama (participating works)

  • Don't stop the camera! Spin-off Hollywood Daisakusen! (March 2019,AbemaTV, Director :)-Executive Producer / Screenplay

Others (participating works)

  • "Daikiri Tenkaichi Budokai" 11th-15th Shooting / Editing / DVD Production (2010-2014)[111][112][113][114]
  • Moratorium Pants Cinematographer of theatrical video work "Hit Number" (2013)[104]
  • "One Cut of the Dead!" Blu-ray bonus video "ENBU OF THE DEAD" (2017) --Screenplay / Editing
  • "" Music Video (2019) --Supervised[115]



Movie (starring)

Short film (appearance)

  • Novelist in love (2011, directed by Shinichiro Ueda)-Shinichiro Ueda (person)
  • Cobra twist on the heart (2012, directed by Shinichiro Ueda)
  • Marshmallow x Pein (2013, Director:Miyuki Fukuda) --TV voice
  • Last Wedding Dress(2014, Director: Shinichiro Ueda)
  • Man who does not return (2017, director :) --Starring Man who does not return (suit actor, voice) / Ueda member role (1 person 2 roles) * Omnibus movie "Large Monster Charamporan Festival" TetsudonPart XNUMX[117]

TV program (appearance)

Internet TV (Cast)

Radio (cast)

Advertising video (appearance)

  • Lipovitan D WEB movie for PR "Don't stop Kansha!" (2019)


* Here, only the award recipients are listed.


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