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🎥 | [The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Masahiko Nishimura "It was interesting to know who others are looking at."

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[The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Masahiko Nishimura "It was interesting to know who others are looking at."

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He has been active on the stage such as Tokyo Sunshine Boys led by Koki Mitani, and later appeared in dramas and movies.

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Tokyo Sunshine Boys

Tokyo Sunshine Boys(Tokyo Sunshine Boys)Japan OfTroupe.Koki MitaniIs presided over.

At the height of popularity,ShinjukuWas inTHEATER / TOPS Was based in.

In some cases, it is written as "Koki Mitani and Tokyo Sunshine Boys" in the original credits of movies.


The name of the theater company isAmerica OfPlaywright OfNeil SimonIt is derived from the masterpiece "Sunshine Boys".1983,Nihon UniversityFaculty of ArtsIt was founded around Mitani who was enrolled in.

At first, it was just an unknown small theater company,Koki MitaniThe script and direction based on his unique sensibility gradually increased his reputation, and even became a "theatrical company that could not get tickets".MediaCame to be said in[Source required].

In the theater world, where "comedy is mainly black comedy", influenced by Neil Simon, "Well Made Play" (less poisonous but sophisticated), which was rarely seen in Japan until then, was influenced by Neil Simon. It is characterized by performing a comedy), which represents the "small theater boom" of the 80s.Hideki Noda,Naofumi KogamiIt was known as a group that was not influenced by the style of the movie and any of the Japanese small theater plays. Since the 1990s, MitaniTV drama OfWriterAs a result, the members also advanced into video works.

In 1994, after "Tokyo Sunshine Boys Trap", we entered a 30-year charging period.

In March 2009, Shinjuku, where "Old World Sunshine Boys' Rear Ball" was scheduled to be performedTHEATER / TOPSWas closed, so the new work "returns" by Tokyo Sunshine Boys was performed in a hurry, and the charging period was started again. After the performance of "returns"Keiko TodaIn the announcement, "I'm going to take a break for the next 15 years ..."

On May 2016, 5, NHK BS27 / NHK Educational TV broadcast "Radio time, "", "" Have been released (Publisher / Distributor:NHKEnterprise)[1].

Main actor

The above three people call themselves "Tokyo Sunshine Boys Presidium"

The role name when the presiding officer Koki Mitani appeared in the theater company's work

Main guest performances

Former member of the theater company

All performance records













  • (Replay)



外部 リンク

Koki Mitani

Koki Mitani(Koki Mitani,1961〈Showa 36 Year>May 7 -) isJapan OfPlaywright,Writer,Director,comedian,Film director.

Closed until 2024Troupe"Tokyo Sunshine Boys"Presided over.An actor,TV talentAlso act as.Sys CompanyBelongs.



TokyoSetagayaI'm from.I like my fatherSumo wrestlerwasOzeki-Kouki Taiho(laterYokozunaNamed "Koki" after (promoted to).My father is in FukuokaNakasuHe ran a club in and the house was wealthy.My father died at the age of 10.

From the "Viva! Chaplin" series when I was in elementary schoolCharles ChaplinBecome a fan ofスイスI've been to Chaplin in front of my house.The meeting did not come true, but when he handed the portrait to his secretary, he was returned with a signature one month later.

Setagaya Ward Kyuden Elementary School,Setagaya Ward Karasuyama Junior High School,Setagaya Gakuen High SchoolThroughNihon University College of ArtGraduated from the drama department.

When I was a boy,Tunnels"ofNoritake KinashiBelonged to the same soccer club as.At that time, Kinashi belonged to the 2nd army and Mitani belonged to the 13th army, but was eventually demoted to the 15th army.

1980 era

While in college1983, Troupe "Tokyo Sunshine BoysWas formed.In the early days, he was also an actor himself under the stage name "Sotaro Hitotsubashi".At this timeTV AsahiMidnight program ofUsopland], He posted his own work to the "Challenge Video Corner", which recruits video works from viewers, and it was adopted and broadcasted.Also,Watanabe ProductionThe young comedian group "BIG THURSDAY" launched by the company passed the 1st gen member in the writer category and participated in it.[1].

3rd year junior in the theater departmentOta Hikaru"Mr. Mitani has been a huge hit since I was a student. He was a hero at Nihon University. I gave up playing because I had a fight with my professor, so Mitani still has a complex."2006In his own program "Star MenMitani later wrote in his book when he appeared as a guest, "I was silent in the program, but it was not as popular as Ota's recognition." ing.

In parallel with the theater company, he also worked as a broadcast writer,Eye game], [Kin Don!], [Comedy manga dojo] And other program composition.Around this time, the TV anime "Sazae4 screenplays ("Wakame's Makeover" (1985May 4Broadcast), "Namihei Isono" (same yearMay 8Broadcast), "Sister's thoughts, brother's thoughts" (same yearMay 8Broadcast, "Tara-chan growth period" (same yearMay 8Broadcast)) I worked on it, but in the "Tara-chan growth period",Tara-chan Muscle builderUsingOlympicThere is an episode that the story of dreaming about appearing in the movie was dropped by touching the producer's reverse scale.[2][3].

From 1989,Fuji Television Network, IncComedy drama "After all I like cats』In charge of the script many times[4], The next year's same frame "I want a child"[5]Since he was in charge of most of the episodes, he has been attracting attention in the world of TV dramas.

1990 era

1993ToLooking back there is a guy], In charge of the serial drama for the first time.But of the producerTakashi IshiharaDid not know that Mitani was a comedy specialist, so the request was for serious medical care.As a result, the comedy-like part of the script was rewritten by the production staff, and it became a work that was not intended by Mitani, but due to the success of the drama, the next1994ToTamura MasakazuStarringDefeatMystery drama "Renzabu Furuhata』Will be working on the script.The program was well received, and a member of the Tokyo Sunshine Boys troupe who played Shintaro Imaizumi, a timid detective.Masahiko NishimuraBecame famous.Since then"King's Restaurant], [Leave it to Ryoma!], [Don't call the prime minister], [Tonight in a corner of the universe] And other serial dramas.

At the same time, the popularity of Tokyo Sunshine Boys has increased, and it has become known as a "theatrical company that cannot get tickets."1991Is a masterpiece "12 friendly Japanese"ButNakahara ShunIt was made into a movie by the director and received high praise.From the theater companyKazuyuki AijimaとKajiwaraIs appearing in the same role as the stage.However, because Mitani felt a dead end in acting as a theater company, in 1994, he released "Tokyo Sunshine Boys' Trap".Kurashiki City GeibunkanAt the end of the performance at, the troupe entered a "30-year charging period."

In 1993,ParcoParticipated in the performance produced byTakeshi IharaとYuki MatsushitaWorked and directed the two-person play "Daa! Daa! Daa!"The following year, based on Mitani's ideaToshiaki KarasawaHe created and directed the suspense thriller "No Exit!", And has produced many hits from PARCO's production until now.

In the performance produced by Parco, Kabuki actorsKoshiro MatsumotoHe was also in charge of the script for the two works "By Myself" and "" planned by the family theater group "Theater Nine".Koshiro1995TV drama "King's Restaurant』, And for MitaniTaiga drama"Golden day dayAnd the stage "La Mancha Man』And was an actor who left a strong impression from long ago[6].

In 1994NHK-FMToRadio DramaHe wrote "University of Laughs" and staged it as a two-person play in 1996.The stage version isYomiuri Theater AwardsAfter receiving high praise such as receiving the highest award, it was re-performed in 1998, translated into Russian, English, etc. and performed overseas, and made into a movie in 2004.

1995, The actress who appeared in "I like cats"Satomi KobayashiMarried to.

1997,Radio timeDebuted as a movie director. The film adaptation of the stage "Radio Time" based on the experience that the script of "Looking back, there is a guy" was often rewritten in the field, and won high praise and many movie awards.

2000 era

2000The first original musical "Okpe!"so,Kishida Kunishi Drama AwardWas awarded.2001Is the second movie directed by the director, based on the experience of building a new home.EveryoneIs a hit, just like the previous work "Radio Time"The United Kingdom,GermanyScreenings were also held at.Also, starring in the stage ""Takeshi KagaHowever, there was a problem that he suddenly got sick just before the first day, but he suddenly participated as a substitute.Kazuyuki AsanoThanks to the efforts of, we were able to postpone the first day by 5 days and start the season.The same year, the long-soughtSitcom"HR], He also worked on the overall production along with the script.At the end of this, we will move away from the commercial TV series.

2004It was a dream for many yearsNHKTaiga drama"Shinsengumi!』In charge of the script.2006Is the first sequel to the history of the Taiga drama.Shinsengumi!! Toshizo Hijikata The Last DayWas broadcast as a New Year special, but this year's New Year, "Furuhata Ninzaburo Final" was also organized for three consecutive nights, and the first "Now, Revived Death" and "Shinsengumi !!" are 1 It will be broadcast on the 3rd of March.As a result, the audience rating was 21.5% for "Furuhata Ninzaburo" and 9.8% for "Shinsengumi !!", and Fuji TV apologized that "the adjustment was not in time".

2004, The first solo play ""Keiko TodaWill be performed with the appearance of.2005From 4 monthMichiko ShimizuA radio program in a dialogue format withMAKING SENSE』BroadcastJ-WAVEStarts with.From November of the same year to January 11, "2006 Gentle Japanese" was performed as a performance produced by Parco for the first time in a while.This workTokyo Sunshine BoysIt was the first time that it was performed by a performer other than.Appeared on this stageKoichi YamaderaDuring the performance in Osaka, Yamadera was in charge of the program "Good morning』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.), So Mitani acted as the MC under the name of "Corky" from January 1th to 10th.

2006In January, the director's third movie "THE Uchoten HotelWas released and recorded a big hit with box office revenue of 60 billion yen.The same year's taiga drama "Achievement is Tsuji』In the scriptShizuka OishiBegged by Nobunaga and tossed by NobunagaYoshiaki AshikagaAppeared in a role. "In March, it was performed at the Parco Theater.Battle! Takada Baba』, For the first timekabukiChallenge the production and production of.

2007,Art theater"The successor theaterTheater CLIE"ofFlutterPerformance "Fearless Kawaji Otojiro IchizaWas in charge of the production and direction.

2008Is the fourth film directed byThe Magic HourWas released and became a big hit.To promote the film, he made a guest appearance as "Corky" on "Oha Suta" broadcast on June 6nd.

2009Is a small theater in Shinjuku that once performed many timesTHEATER / TOPSAs a closing performance of Tokyo Sunshine Boys, they reunited for the first time in 15 years and performed "returns".In response to Kazuyuki Aijima's call, Mitani wrote a new work, and most of the former members of the theater company participated in the short preparation period, and Mitani also appeared as "Sotaro Hitotsubashi".After the performance, Keiko Toda announced that she would be taking a break for the next 15 years.

In the same year, the TV series "Shinsengumi!"The Three Musketeers], For the first time in a row of NHKpuppet showI wrote the script for. In Novemberニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfOff BroadwayWith the musical "", he made a foray into the world.It was the first time that an original Japanese work was premiered on Off-Broadway.

2010 era

50 years old2011Titled "Koki Mitani Thanksgiving Day", released four new plays, one movie and one TV drama, and it was a more active year than usual.same yearMay 5Reported divorce from Kobayashi by fax[7].. 12th March, the same yearKinokuniya Theater AwardReceived an individual award.

2012 TheChekhovof"Cherry blossom garden』, The first production other than the first self-madeBunrakuThe work, direction and new challenges of the work "Sorei Seishinchu" continued. In June, the novel "Koki Mitani Thanksgiving Day" was scheduled to be announced.Kiyosu Conference, And announced that it will be made into a movie as his own director the following year.

2013Is,Confidant / KizunaAs the third work in the overseas artist series following "National Film"Vladimir HorowitzAnd itsPiano tuner OfFranz MohrCreated and directed the stage "Dialogue with Horowitz".The film plays the role of MoaKen WatanabeIt was also noted as the first return to the stage in 12 years.

After the exile that was subsequently performedNapoleon BonaparteThe new stage "Onore Napoleon" is a playwright, director, and actor.Hideki NodaWas starring.this is,Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterArtistic director of "Shinsengumi!"Katsu KaishuIt is a project brought in from Noda who appeared in the role.At the end of the performance periodAmami YukiCollapsed due to myocardial infarctionMiyazawa RieThere was a sudden happening that he was appointed as a substitute, and it became a hot topic that about 100 people from the media rushed in for a standing seat.

Former actress 7 years younger on July 31, the same yearyumAnd remarriage.In November of the same year, the movie "Kiyosu ConferenceWas released.

2014Belonged to the entertainment agency SIS Company on January 1st[8].

2015 years,Agatha Christie OfHercule PouloAn adaptation of the work "Orient Express Murder Case』In charge of the script.Except for replacing the stage with Japan, the original is faithfully reproduced, and the original Poirot, Takeson Katsuro, isNomura MansaiPlayed.This was later serialized, and in 2018,Kill black well, In 2021Appointment with deathWas broadcast.

Director's 7th work "Galaxy highway』Failed critically, but the next2016In the taiga drama "Shinsengumi!"SanadamaruIs broadcast[9]..It was the first high audience rating in 5 years for a taiga drama, and "Taiga Restoration"[10]It was so popular that it was called.

In 2018NHK New Year dramaAsTaro Minamotoof"Fengyun children"Fuun Children-Ran Gaku Revolution (Reboryu) Hen-" is broadcast. In 2019, the new Kabuki "Fuun Children" will also be based on the new Kabuki "Moonlight Dew Course Japan Fengyun Children』Produced.First for Mitani's workKabukizaIt was premiered at.In the same year, the eighth movie "I don't remember!Is released.

2020 era

2020In May,2022The taiga drama of13 people from KamakuraThe scriptwriter is officially decided[11]Announced the cast himself for 11 days from November 16th to 20th of the same year[12]..Also, as Mitani's first full-scale distribution limited dramaAmazon Prime VideoOriginal work "Someone is watchingIs announced. It is a sitcom-style drama reminiscent of "HR," and Mitani is also in charge of directing it.


Famous for late writing, where the script is not finished until the deadline is approaching.On the stage "Ganryujima", the first day of the performance will be significantly delayed due to the delay in the script.Kojiro SasakiUsefulTakanori JinnaiIs getting off the board.At this time, Mitani declared, "If something similar happens in the future, I will break the brush."
When work gets stuck, he runs into small eccentricities such as unboxing a large amount of tissue or getting caught between a bed and a wall.This is Mitani's script and starring based on the actual experience.20th Anniversary Special-Spring-A Popular Program Competition-It is also depicted in the episode "God of Dialogue".
With a nervous personality, the Internet sees negative opinions about self-made and rarely sees it because it diminishes creativity.An example of a difficult side is that it is difficult to get others into the house.Cocorico OfNaoki TanakaWhile promising to show his collection of figures, he responded to Tanaka, who visited his house, outside the front door and did not invite him inside.Even when his ex-wife, Satomi Kobayashi's father, visited Kobayashi while he was out, he couldn't even enter his house.
Favorite woman
Akina Nakamori,There is moon watching,Remi HiranoI'm a big fan of.Nakamori has been appointed as the criminal in the first episode of "Furuhata Ninzaburo", and has been referred to as a "sympathetic criminal" many times in subsequent episodes.
Movie mania
He has been familiar with Western movies broadcast on TV since he was a child, and is a big movie enthusiast focusing on Western movies.Makoto WadaA collection of dialogues about the movie with "It's another story"[13], "This is another story", a movie magazine "Kinema Junpo, And won the 1998 Kinema Junpo Reader Award for "This is another story".Mitani, who is also a Wada fan, can draw "caricatures" that look exactly like Wada's touch, and on the cover of the book that summarizes the series, he co-creates caricatures of movie actors with Wada.
"Great escapeI especially like movies that plan and realize something in a group, such as "Mission Impossible", because many of these movies have "Mission Impossible" in the title, such as the TV drama "Mission Impossible". "I like things"[14].
TV mania
He has been a TV enthusiast since he was a kid, and he says, "I love TV more than three meals."He is familiar with many TV programs and is familiar with overseas dramas, especially "Detective colombo』I am familiar with.Other"Doraemon], [Perman], [Osomatsu-kunSuch asTelevision AnimationAnd "Ponki kicks], [Good morning"[15]Also familiar with programs for children such as.The lines and content used in these shows often appear in his TV dramas.
In addition, Fuji TV "Night hit studioIs a "night hit freak" that I have been watching since the early days.[16], In the movie "Radio Time"Inoue JunIt is said that the setting of the role played by is based on Inoue's character in "Yoru no Hit Studio".
Asahi Broadcasting TV"Detective! Night Scoop, And released all the DVDs, and appeared as a "client" in the promotion activities before the release of the movie "The Magic Hour" in 2008.
"Shin HakkendenAnd 'Puppet show Sangokushi] Etc. NHK continuationpuppet showI've been a big fan of puppet shows since I was a kid, collecting the figures and making videos of puppet shows. When NHK asked me to write a puppet show, the schedule was full, but I accepted it because I didn't want anyone else to do it.The Three Musketeers』I worked on a puppet show that I had dreamed of since I was a child.
I've been watching NHK's taiga dramas since the 1970s, and I'm particularly addicted to the taiga that was broadcast from junior high school to university.Wind, clouds and rainbowI like "" in 1976Wind, clouds and rainbowOn the night when the final episode of 』was broadcast, Mitani was in a state like sleepwalking.Tsuyoshi KatoplayTaira ShomonAnd in that villainShigeru TsuyuguchiPlayed byTota TaharaThere is also an episode that Mitani's mother saw her playing in a sleepwalking state.[17]..From those backgrounds, "Wind, clouds and rainbowWas played by TsuyuguchiTota TaharaAs a respect for Tsuyuguchi, he used the line "Shut up Kodo!" As the line of Masahiko Nishimura in his own "Sanada Maru".[18], That line became a hot topic.
NHK general TV"Hello from Studio ParkI'm also an avid fan of[19].
History mania
He is also a history enthusiast, and many of his works are set in the late Tokugawa period and the Meiji era.When I was a junior high school student, my classmate was a history textbookShinpei EtoI thought it was similar to the photo, so I put on a kimono similar to the one in the photo and took a photo, and since then I have modeled my friendBakumatsu OfAspirantThere is an episode that he continued to take cosplay photos of.Yokoyama MitsuteruThe manga "Suikoden], [Three KingdomsI'm also a fan of.
When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to a local club and was the leader of the "grave research group".Teramachi in KarasuyamaI was counting the number of graves.
3 cats (American shorthair"Ototsuan", Ocicat's "Oshimambe", abandoned cat "Hoi"), and two dogs ("Chiko" and "Harpo").Pets often appear in essays.
He married Satomi Kobayashi in 1995, but divorced in 2011. There were no children between the two. Remarried to former actress yuma, 2 years younger in July 20132014In June, the first boy was born.
My hobby is moviesDVDWhen collecting, the retailers are particular about looking at the titles in alphabetical order, and prefer those with special benefits and dubbing.Since work is an extension of my hobby, I have no other hobbies and take almost no holidays.
Physical characteristics
Height is 174.8 cm.
It has been pointed out that the back of the hand is slightly hairy.Koshiro Matsumoto (currently the second generation Matsumoto Koshiro)Raised a hairy hand about Mitani's first impression, and was also hairyKikuta KazuoSays that the figure of[20]..Later, Koshiro looked back on his first encounter with Mitani and said, "I felt like Kazuo Kikuta was back. I felt that someone with some kind of talent was right in front of me."[21]I remember.

Features of the work

The work is basicallycomedyHe specializes in creating works with new concepts that have never existed before.
While creating a story with thorough reasoning, the attractive portraits are unrivaled by other writers.
There are many heart-warming human hymns with wit and humorous productions, and there are few explicit social satires, grotesque depictions, and harsh lines.
There are many stories with the framework of "a group works together to overcome difficulties" and "plays someone different from the original one due to the urgent circumstances".
I'm not good at romance because "I don't like my outlook on romance."
American playwrightNeil Simon The name of the troupe is also derived from Simon's masterpiece "Sunshine Boys".
Of the movie directorBilly WilderIn 94, Wilder's last year (at the age of 2001), he became a listener himself and interviewed Wilder.[22].
I aimed to be a screenwriter Sayaka Hayasakaof"Excuse me], [WorldlyI was impressed by the fact that I got those scenarios from an acquaintance and wanted to write something like this, and one day I said that ("Excuse me], [Worldly』) He says he wants to write something.AlsoIchikawa MoriichiThe drama of the work "Golden day day], [You're not alone], [Relatives, Etc., and the performers of each work, Koshiro Matsumoto,Toshiyuki Nishida, Koji Yakusho is also appointed for his own work.
He hates the performance of his work in a way that he cannot be involved in, and does not give permission to the theater club of the school or groups that cannot participate in the revision of the production and script.The main reason is that all the scripts are written as "remarks" for the actors who play each role (after deciding the actor first, write the script while imagining that actor).[23][24]..For this reason, if there is a change of actors in the replay, the script will be revised according to the image of the new actors, regardless of whether or not they are directing themselves.On the other hand, Nishimura, who had a strong image of the third supporting character for a while after the phantom performance of "Furuhata Ninzaburo", Mitani addressed other scripts such as the serious role and enemy role that Nishimura is good at in most of the works. Casting that sets it apart from the house.
For example,Lol college』OriginallyYuji Miyakeと5th Bando YasosukeIt is a radio drama written for, but later with Masahiko NishimuraYoshimasa KondoWhen it was staged with the appearance ofKoji YakushoとInagaki GoroWhenever it was made into a movie with the appearance of, the script itself was rewritten from scratch.[25].
An actor
The actors who appear in Mitani's work and their production team are popularMitani groupThere is a remarkable tendency to appoint favorite actors, reliable actors, and actors who have influenced themselves many times, starting with Nishimura, who has been an ally since the troupe era.Kazuyuki Aijima,Kajiwara,Takashi Kobayashi,Kenji Anan,Masahiro Komoto,Toshito Ito,Miyaji MasakoAppointedNonaka IsaoAnd Yoshimasa Kondo, who are not members of the group, are also regularly appointed.Sato B product,Michiko Ameku,Minoru SawatariSuch asTheater Tokyo Vaudville ShowMember,Akira ShiraiAre also regular performers).In some cases, he may be asked to appear because he has appeared in works that impressed him in the past, such as Koshiro and the government office.In addition, it should be notedToshiyuki Nishida,Hiroshi Sato,Shingo Katori,Shiro Ito,Shunji Fujimura,Yoneko Matsukane,Yasuyasu Umeno,Inoue Jun,Michiko Shimizu,Masachika Ichimura,Toshiaki Karasawa,Kyoka Suzuki[26],Uchino Seiyo,Oizumi HiroshiEtc. were repeatedly appointed to the work while already having a certain career, and brought out a new charm.Many actors were in the limelight because of their good performance in Mitani's work (Keiko Toda,Naoki Tanaka,Fumyo Kohinata,Sakai,Yamamoto Koji,Tomohiko Imai,Eisuke Shinoi,Kazuyuki Asano,Takehiko Ono,Koichi Yamadera,Keiko Horiuchi,Yoshida sheep,Akiko Yagi,Takeo Nakahara,Satomi Nagano,Rie MinemuraSuch).
In the movie directed by Mitani, many big actors appear at the end (so-called Tome) with the credit of the ending cast.Perhaps because of that, the director's first film, "Radio timeAnd the sixth work "Kiyosu ConferenceIn the end credits of "", the order in which the cast names are displayed is "aiueo order (alphabetical order)", and the third work "THE Uchoten HotelAnd the sixth work "The Magic Hour, The fifth work "Nice money bondage, The fifth work "I don't remember!』In" order of appearance "[27].
As a film director
"Since I started shooting movies, when my work is about to be released, I started to appear on TV as part of my promotional activities, and now it's commonplace for people involved in movies to appear on TV for promotion. Was still rare at the time. I vowed to do anything that could contribute to the promotion. It's not a gorgeous type on the screen just because it looks like an actor. I don't look good and I don't really care about talking. After that, I had to hit it with my body. I was pushed into the pool and danced with full-body tights. At one point, I was stuffed with tube wasabi in my nose during the planning of the program (it was also fun). I watched it on the air. I received an email from Keiko Toda saying that it was "painful".From that point on, I began to wonder if this was all right, and since then I have refrained from appearing on TV. "[28].

Work list

TV drama

* Including web-only dramas.

Movie (director's work)

Movie (Other participating works)


  • 3 km north of heaven (1989)
  • Hikoma goes (1990)
  • 12 friendly Japanese(1990)
  • Fukasawa version of Tanuki Goten (1990, Hakuhinkan Theater)
  • Show Must Go On (1991)
  • Difficult Anchikusho (1991,Tokyo Vaudville Show, Original:Daisaku Taki)
  • Vamp Show (1992,Zero labored hall space zero)
  • Makeshift men (1992, XNUMX)Tokyo Vaudville Show)
  • Daa! Daa! Daa! (1993,Parco Theater)
  • Music drama Sazae-san (1994, Tennozu IsleArt sphere)
  • No exit! (1994, Parco Theater)
  • With you (1995, Parco Theater)
  • Imelda (1995,Parthenon TamaSmall hall, etc.)
  • Music drama Sazae-san (replay / 1995, Tennozu Isle Art Sphere)
  • Ganryujima (1996, Parco Theater)
  • Lol college(1996, Parco Theater)
  • Battle of Fort Apache (1996, Tokyo Voodville Show)
  • By Myself (1997, Parco)
  • With you (1997, Parco Theater)
  • The definitive offense and defense of Fort Apache (replay / 1998, Tokyo Voodville Show)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Onsui (1999, Parco Theater)
  • Matryoshka (1999, Parco Theater)
  • Okpe!(2000, Aoyama Theater)
  • Ryoma's wife, her husband and mistress(2000, Tokyo Voodville Show)
  • Vamp Show (Replay / 2001, Parco Theater)
  • Bad News ☆ Good Timing (2001, Parco Theater)
  • Hikoma goes(Replay / 2002, Parco Theater)
  • You Are The Top / Tonight's Kimi (2002,Setagaya Public Theater)
  • Okepi! (Replay / 2003, Aoyama Theater)
  • Naniwa Butterfly (2004, Parco Theater)
  • 12 gentle Japanese (replay / 2005, Parco Theater)
  • Duel! Takadanobaba(2006, Parco Kabuki)
  • extra(2006, Tokyo Voodville Show)
  • Confidant / Kizuna(2007, Parco Theater)
  • Wandering record of the president(2007,Honda Theater)
  • Fearless Kawaji Otojiro Ichiza(2007,Theater CLIEFlutterPerformance)
  • Good Night Slip Tight (2008, Parco Theater)
  • returns (2009,THEATER / TOPS)
  • TALK LIKE SINGING (2009-2010,Off BroadwayScarball Center,Akasaka ACT Theater)
  • Naniwa Butterfly NV (2010,Theater tram)
  • Bastard Takuboku (2011,Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterOther)
  • National movie (2011, Parco Theater, etc.)
  • Bedge Purdon(2011, Setagaya Public Theater)
  • 90 minutes(2011, Parco Theater, etc.)
  • Naniwa Butterfly NV (Replay / 2012, Parco Theater, etc.)
  • Rei Seishinchu (2012, Parco Theater)
  • Dialogue with Horowitz (2013, Parco Theater, etc.)
  • Ore Napoleon (2013, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater)
  • Rei Seishinchu (Replay / 2013, Parco Theater)
  • National movie (replay / 2014, Parco Theater, etc.)
  • Sake, tears, Jekyll, and Hyde (2014, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, etc.)
  • Rei Seishinchu (replay / 2014,Kyoto Theater)
  • With you (replay / 2014, Parco Theater, etc.)
  • Showgirl (2014, Parco Theater)
  • Murasaki Shikibu Diary (2014, Parco Theater)
  • Kira, what is it? (2014, Honda Theater)
  • Clan of the Tamogami family (2015, Tokyo Voodville Show)
  • burst! ~ Dangerous Two (2015, Parco Theater)
  • Showgirl ~ Such an encounter is not bad ~ (Replay / 2016, Parco Theater)[36]
  • Enokeso Ichidaiki (2016, Setagaya Public Theater)
  • Distrust-Why she tells a lie (2017, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater)
  • Children's circumstances (2017, New National Theater)
  • Showgirl vol.2 (2018,EX Theater Roppongi)
  • Is Edo Burning (2018,Shimbashi Theater)
  • Sake, tears, Jekyll, and Hyde (replay / 2018, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater)
  • Rainbow Fragment-Another Judy (2018, XNUMX,Spiral hole)
  • Japanese history (2018-2019, Setagaya Public Theater,Umeda Arts TheaterTheater drama city)
  • Kabuki Mitani "Moonlight Dew Course Japan Fengyun Children"(2019,Kabukiza)
  • Sherlock Holmes of love and sorrow (2019, Setagaya Public Theater, etc.)
  • Earth (2020, Parco Theater, Sankei Hall Breeze)

Stage (stage script / direction)


  • Sazae(1985, Fuji Television)
    • "Wakame makeover"
    • "Namihei Isono"
    • "Sister thought, brother thought"
    • "Tara-chan growing season"

puppet show

Manzai script



Scenario / drama


  • War that cannot be paid for (Ohzora Publishing, October 1991)
  • Renzabu FuruhataMurder case file (Fuji TV Publishing, June 1994) "Furuhata Ninzaburo" 6, 1 Fusosha Publishing
  • (An illustration:Tenya Yabuno) (Shueisha, October 1995)
  • I learned a lot that night (Gentosha, October 1998)
  • Kiyosu Conference (Gentosha, June 2012)

Manga original


  • Only Me Only Me (media Factory, November 1993) Later Gentosha Bunko
  • Now and then Koki Mitani Commentary on all works by Koki Mitani himself +51 questions (Kadokawa Shoten, April 1997) Renamed to "Work, Koki Mitani" when the paperback was made.
  • Koki Mitani's mundane life series (Asahi Shimbun, October 2002 -)
  • Director Koki Mitani's movie director's diary (Magazine House, October 2011)


(The above two pointsMakoto WadaDialogue collection with

  • Two people who are upset (Gentosha, January 2007)
  • Two frustrated people (Gentosha, March 2008)
  • Two people biting (Gentosha, June 2009)
  • Two people who stand up (Gentosha, March 2011)

(The above two pointsMichiko ShimizuCo-authored with.A reconstructed version of the broadcast of the radio program "DoCoMo MAKING SENSE")

  • Koki Mitani talks about his creation (Kodansha, November 2013) Daisuke MatsunoCo-authored with

Related books / research books


  • No Problem (Composer:Takayuki Hattori, Movie "Radio Time" Ending Theme, 1997)
  • "Shinsengumi!" Main theme (composition:Takayuki Hattori, Taiga drama "Shinsengumi! Theme, 2004)
  • Nokko's selfish boogie (composition:Ryudo Uzaki, 2007)
  • Not alone(Composer / Song:Ken Hirai, "The Three Musketeers" ending theme, October 2009)
  • ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (Composer:Kiyoko Ogino, Theme song for the movie "A Ghost of a Chance", 2011)


  • Dekigotology vol.10 -I'm really sorry! Volume- (Weekly Asahi Customs Research Special Bureau ed.,Shinchosha Co., Ltd. Published on July 1993, 7)
    • Contributed in the section called "My Dekigotology".

Links between works

There are links between the works that can be taken as Mitani's playfulness, and in some cases you can see what happens after another work.

World view link

Baritone Hotel
The first appearance is "Mistaken Man" in "Furuhata Ninzaburo". Appeared as a stage in "Fair Murderer" of "Bad News ☆ Good Timing" and "Furuhata Ninzaburo FINAL". It is also mentioned in "THE Ecstatic Hotel".
Izakaya Nature
Appeared on the stage "12 Gentle Japanese", "Show Must Go On", "returns", TV drama "I like cats", and "Osama no Restaurant".In the TV drama version "The Show Must Go On", a scene of launching at the izakaya nature appears at the end.
Bell Equip
The restaurant that was the setting for "Osama no Restaurant". The work "VS Masao Nandaimon" in the second series of "Furuhata Ninzaburo"Yamashiro Shingo) ”,“ VS ​​Futaba Fenghuang (Tomoko Yamaguchi) ”Has a scene where flowers are given by this shop.
Ghost Castle
"I like cats after all" and my second daughter Reiko (Shigeru Muroi) Lived in the apartment. In the work "VS Nandaimon Masao (Yamashiro Shingo)" in the second series of "Furuhata Ninzaburo", it appears under the name of the store run by Nandaimon.
Red shoes
Appeared in "Kimi to Nara" as "Kunitaro Koiso and mom in red shoes have an affair." In "Bad News ☆ Good Timing", it appeared in the line of Enttsu Iwata as "a bar in Hakata that I used to go to for work".After that, it appeared as "Club Red Shoes" in "The Magic Hour".
Kusunoki Elementary School
Appeared as the mother school of the characters in the 2009 stage "returns".After that, in the 2017 stage "Children's Circumstances", which Mitani drew with his own boyhood as a motif, the appearance of children gathering at the school was drawn.In addition, "Kusunoki Elementary School Song" also appears in the two works in common (composition isKiyoko Ogino).

Character links

Sachiko (cat)
A cat that appears in "I like cats". It also appears in "I want a child". Only the name appears in "The Magic Hour".
Junichi Nakagawa (Takeshi Kaga)
A character from "Looking back, there is a guy". Also appeared in "Furuhata Ninzaburo".
Takako Nakaura (Kaori Momoi)
Characters from "Furuhata Ninzaburo". Also appeared in "Radio Time".
Shuji Horinouchi (Akira Fuse) & Thousands of children (Keiko Toda) & Seijuro Furukawa (Yasuyasu Umeno)
Characters from "Radio Time". Appeared in "Minna no Ie".
Naosuke Iijima (Naoki Tanaka) & Tamiko Iijima (Akiko Yagi)
Characters from "Minna no Ie". Also appeared in "THE Ecstatic Hotel".
Jiro Tange (Jihide Kawahira)
Characters from "THE Ecstatic Hotel". Twin brothers appear in "Okepi!"
Rokuro Harada (Mitsutaka Tsutsui)
Characters from "Osama no Restaurant". Only the name appears in "Furuhata Ninzaburo".
Kenji Tadano (Shingo Katori)
Characters from "THE Ecstatic Hotel". Also appeared in "The Magic Hour".
Yoko (Ryoko Shinohara)
Characters from "THE Ecstatic Hotel". Appeared in "Nice Gold Tied".
Daiki Murata (Hiroshi Sato)
Characters from "The Magic Hour". Appeared in "A Ghost of a Chance" and "Galaxy Kaidô".
Rokubei Sarashina (Toshiyuki Nishida)
A character from "Stunning Sleep Paralysis". Also appeared in "Kiyosu Conference".

Red washbasin man

A small song of "a man with a red washbasin on his head".This story has been told by characters in multiple works so far, but as soon as I tried to say the last punch line, something got in the way and the story was interrupted, and the ending remains a mystery. ..For more information, seeRed washbasin manSee.

Self parody

After all the cat dies
A self-parody of "I like cats after all". Hanami's book that appears in "Master of the Game" in "Furuhata Ninzaburo".
Looking back, there is baldness
A self-parody of "If you look back, there is a guy".
Jury No. 2 line
Dialogue in "12 Gentle Japanese". A self-parody of "Radio Time".

Performer's link

It is not uncommon for the same director and screenwriter's work to have the same performers, but in the case of Mitani's work, even if they play different characters, it is possible to put a self-parody connected to the role in other works in the dialogue etc. is there.Below, only those with such a self-parody are listed.If the role name is the same,Links of the above charactersSee.

Hiroshi Sato
One of the regulars of Mitani's work. "THE Uchoten Hotel" has a connection with Kazuyuki Aijima, which was also seen in "Shinsengumi!". Ainoshima was played by Sato in "Shinsengumi!"Serizawa duckIs the confidant ofNiimi NishikiHowever, in "THE Uchoten Hotel", Ainoshima is in a scene where he gets used to Sato.Also, when I hear that the recommended dish at the restaurant of Hotel Avanti, which is the stage, is "duck dish", I make a disgusting face.
He also appears as one of the characters in the script of Koki Mitani, who starred in the episode "God of Dialogue" in "The World's Strange Story 20th Anniversary Special Spring-Popular Program Competition-".
Shingo Katori
One of the regulars of Mitani's work. In "THE Uchuten Hotel", he plays a character similar to the role in "Aikotoba wa Courage". You can see "he" after that in "The Magic Hour".
Masahiko Nishimura
One of the regulars of Mitani's work. In "Shintaro Imaizumi" of "Furuhata Ninzaburo", you can see the self-parody of "Osama no Restaurant".
Tomohi Yashima
One of the regulars of Mitani's work. Performed in "Shinsengumi!"Takeda KanryusaiHowever, when trying to persuade the faction to withdraw from the Shinsengumi, he tells Isami Kondo, "Let's do something about it!" It was also a decisive line.
Oizumi Hiroshi
One of the regulars of Mitani's work. In "A Ghost of a Chance" and "Kiyosu Conference"Hashiba surnamePlays the character of.

Appearance work

TV program




  • Recitation LOVE LETTERS(In 2008 with Akiko Yagi, in 2012Misuzu Jinno(Co-starring with) --As Andy
  • DVD Another person named me (2013 voice appearance)

Main regular programs / serialization





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