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📺 | Taiga "Seiten wo Tsuketsu" The first overall audience rating is 26.3%!Kanto exceeds the past 4 works

Photo Ryo Yoshizawa (taken in 2019)

Taiga "Seiten wo Tsuketsu" The first overall audience rating is 26.3%!Kanto exceeds the past 4 works

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In Kanto, the real-time audience rating and overall audience rating are "Kirin ga Kuru" (2020), "Idaten ~ Tokyo Olimpic 噺 (Banashi) ~" (2019), "Segodon" (2018), "Lady Lord Naotora" It became a record that surpassed the past four works of (2017).

Taiga drama "Seiten wo Tsukete" starring Ryo Yoshizawa (broadcast on NHK General TV, etc.) The first overall audience rating in Kanto is 26.3% ... → Continue reading

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Naotora, the castle owner

"Naotora, the castle owner』(Onnajoshu Naotora) is2017May 1From the same yearMay 12Was broadcast untilNHKTaiga dramaFirst work[1].

Sengoku period,laterTokugawa ShitennoCounted as one ofHikone clanBecame the ancestor ofNaomasa IiRaisedEnshuIinoyaLord of the LordNaotora IiTheheroIt is a story.StarringKou Shibasaki.


This work is the "" that the original taiga drama aimed atentertainmentIt was produced with the aim of returning to "a gorgeous drama with high sex".Production announcement2015Screenplay on August 8thContinuous tv novel"It was a great mealMorishita Yoshiko, who worked on the movie, will be in charge of this work, and this work will be the first appearance in the NHK drama.Kou ShibasakiWas announced to serve[1].

Morishita mainly focuses on political bargaining, which is the motif of the Taiga drama, with Naotora, Naochika Ii, and Masatsugu Ono.Childhood friendWith this setting, I made a story that involves friendship and love patterns.In order to draw the relationship from childhood, which is the axis of the story, it is unusual in the taiga drama at the time of broadcasting,A childThe childhood of the main character played by is depicted for a month.

As for the main character, Naotora Ii, there are few historical records, and it is drawn in the form of filling the blank with imagination using the records of related houses as clues.[2]..MorishitaFutaro YamadaThe dynamic world ofRiyoko Ikedaof"Rose of Versailles』Is thinking of a world that fuses the way of drawing human relationships[3].

2016A press conference was held on May 5, including the starring Shibasaki.[4].. Additional performers announced on July 7th and November 12th[5], The music on the same dayYoko KannoWas also announced to be in charge.Producer Yukie Okamoto, screenwriter Morishita and music Kanno, the three of them are teaming up with "It was a great mealIt will be the second time since[6].. Studio crank-in on September 9th, October 6thHamamatsu cityLocation coverage was held at[7].2017Crank up at "Kurumeki Rice Terraces" in Hamamatsu City on October 10th.[8].

Current TV drama recording methodDe facto standardHas becomeDOF adapterThis is the last work of a series of NHK Taiga dramas using the conventional recording method that does not use the recording method by digital recording at 24 fps using a high-definition progressive camera that combines the above (however, the flashback scene). Only for the reason of intentional production, it is dropped from 30fps to 24fps).


Birth of a lady

astronomical13 years(1544), TotomiIinoyaRuleIi FamilyHead ofNaomori IiIs the only daughterTowaAnd my childhood friendKamenosukeWas married.Immediately after that, however, Kamenosuke's father was killed by the Imagawa clan, the owner of Ii, on charges of rebellion.Kamenosuke also leaves Iinoya to escape the pursuit of Imagawa.Towa also got the permission of Imagawa, the Ii family's family templeRyutanji TempleBuddhist priestJiro HoshiReceive the name of. Ten years later, adult Kamenosuke returned to Iinoya and gave his name to Genpuku.Naochi IiTo change.Naochika is not from Jiro, the former wife, but from the familyShinTo the two, a human beingToramatsuIs born.

Eiroku3 years(1560),Battle between SasakamaDue to the defeat of Imagawa, Ii was also hit hard, including the death of Naomori.On the other hand, it was the hostage of ImagawaMatsudaira MotoyasuTake advantage of the confusionMikawaBecome independent.

Eiroku 5 years (1563), Imagawa's strong manJukei-niHowever, he murders his immediate family, who succeeded Ii's head.The remaining clan and senior vassals are forced to send troops in exchange for Toramatsu's life, and are killed in action one after another.A childhood friend of Jiro and his immediate familyMasatsugu OnoIs attached to Imagawa and is considered a traitor to Ii.8 years of Eiroku (1565), Imakawa gives a life to make Masatsugu the lord of Iinoya.To counter this, Jiro became the lord of the Ii family as a guardian of Toramatsu.NaotoraCall itself.

The struggle of the castle owner Naotora

Naotora, who became the lord of the castle, will go bankrupt due to excessive debt if it is promulgated.Tokusei OrdinanceIs requested by the Imagawa clan.In addition, the repulsion of vassals and the movement of Masatsugu to seize the castle lord are added, and he falls into a predicament.

Naotora, on the other hand, firstMoney owner OfFukuhisa SetoAs a vassal, give a territory.Instead, it freezes the interest payments of the territory and gains the support of the territory with a desperate complaint.Seeing that, the vassals also began to support her devotedly.Masatsugu's transparent vassal was also a daring act that comforted her body and Ii.Naotora also senses his true intentions and talks with Go at night at Ryotanji Temple, keeping the relationship as it is, and the two deepen their trust.

Furthermore, NaotoracottonCultivation, timber industry, to the territoryliteracyWe will moisten the territory by taking measures such as tax-free cultivated land for 3 years.At the same time of thievesRyuunmaruAnd a merchant town adjacent to IiKigaGet acquainted with the townspeople and build a cooperative relationship through the timber industry.Imagawa is suspected of rebellion again, but he continues to avoid it with the work of his vassals and Ryuunmaru and the support of the people.Starting with Jukei-ni, Imagawa gradually recognizes her.Eiroku 10 years (1567), Imagawa in KigaHorikawa CastleNaotora, who gained the trust of the people around him, was appointed as the lord of the castle, and Haku, who summarized the story, entered the castle era.

The death of Masatsugu and the destruction of the Ii family

Eiroku 11 years (1568) Jukei-ni, who supports Imagawa, dies.Worth OfShingen TakedaAnd Ieyasu Matsudaira of MikawaTokugawa IeyasuMomentum for invasion of the Imagawa territory by.Naotora and Masatsugu devote themselves to the relief of Ii and promise Tokugawa that he will be in order when he invades Totomi.Re-married to the Matsushita family, a vassal of the Tokugawa clan, as a hostage.On the other hand, Imakawa, who cannot afford it, ordered the issuance of the Tokusei Ordinance again, and forcibly picked up Iitani from Naotora and put it under direct control.Masatsugu plays the role of a vassal and joins Imagawa, becoming the castle lord of Iinoya.The two pledge to revive the Ii family under the Tokugawa clan.

Takeda's invasion of SurugaTokugawa's invasion of Totomi begins.Tokugawa's guideKondo KouDirects Iinoya's betrayal with a fake plan and robs Iinoya.Tokugawa, who competes with Takeda, leaves Iinoya to Kondo, though he doubts.Masatsugu, who once escaped, was captured by Kondo himself in order to save Naotora who was captured instead, and carried all the crimes alone.磔Will be.Naotora, who witnessed as a nun at the time of execution, robbed a nearby spear and pierced Masatsugu's left chest.The two violently curse each other in front of stunned people, ending Masatsugu's life as a deceived elder.As a result, the blame for Ii is settled.Naotora loses his memory before and after suffering so much that he looks forward to playing Go with Masatsugu.However, he reads his death poem, regains his memory, and mourns.

Tokugawa, who continues to invade Totomi, slaughter the people of Kiga, including the Ryuunmaru party.From the scene of the slaughter, Naotora finds the dying Ryuunmaru and rescues him with the monk at Ryotanji Temple.Naotora gradually recovers from Masatsugu's death, along with Ryuunmaru, who is also disappointed.Nevertheless, she abandons the revival of the Ii family because of the avoidance of further tragedy.Toramatsu opposes the decision, but relies on the Matsushita family, who Shino married.Around the same time, the Imagawa family is also destroyed.Naotora receives the courtesy of Ryuunmaru and decides to live as a farmer.However, a few years later, Ryuunmaru saw her who protected the people from the invasion of Takeda in Iinoya, and left her behind.SakaiDepart for.

Success of millions

A few years later, Toramatsu, who grew up, decided to revive the Ii family.Toramatsu is a childhood friend of Ono's deceased child.Manfuku OnoServed with Ieyasu,Ii NaomasaGiven the name of.Their service begins with sandals, but they do their job perfectly.Small family nameWill be.In addition, XNUMX generationsTanaka CastleWith the battleBattle of Takatenjin CastleHe made a successful career in Henon, who was given the knowledge of XNUMX stones.Along with that, he will welcome the remnants of Ono and Ii as his vassals.However, Machiyo, who is impatient for his career, credit, and honor and wants to regain Iinoya from Kondo, and Naotora, who has a good relationship with Kondo and wishes for Iinoya's well-being, are in a fierce conflict.

On the other hand, Tokugawa is an alliance partnerOda NobunagaIeyasu's son under pressure fromNobuyasuAnd in the regular roomSenaTo die.Losing the two beloved, Ieyasu and the Tokugawa family are saddened.Sena was both Naotora's best friend since childhood.Naotora, who has been tragic throughout his life, has a dream of eliminating war from the world.Machiyo also shared Naotora's dream, and the conflict between the two was thawed.Machiyo decides to support Ieyasu and the Tokugawa family not only to succeed in life but also to realize their dreams.The Tokugawa family, who overcame their sadness, united and Naotora cooperated.The Honnoji TempleOvercome the crisis caused by.But right after that, NaotoraLabor coughSudden death.

Machiyo, who inherited the soul of Ii from Naotora, overcomes the feeling of loss and succeeds in peace negotiations with Hojo.Ieyasu acknowledged the genpuku of XNUMX generations as a reward, and matched the street letters of the Ii family and the Ono family.NaomasaName andAkazonaeGives a group of vassals including Takeda's former vassals, Matsushita, and Kondo.Naomasa was also ordered by General Shi, and Ii became a senior vassal to support the Tokugawa family.Even after his death, Naotora was loved by the people as the "lord" of Iinoya and watched over the rich fruits of the village.


Ii Family / Ryutanji Temple / People of Iinoya, etc. / Ryuun Party / Kiga townspeople / Imagawa family / Tokugawa family / Takeda family / Oda family / Hojo family

Ii Family

Ii Ichimon / Ono family / Ichimonshu, Okuyama family / Ichimonshu, Nakano family / Other Ii family vassals / Iitani three people

Ii Ichimon

Naotora Ii(Ii Naotora)
(Otowa → Jiro Hoshi → Naotora Ii)
Act:Kou Shibasaki(Girls' age:Miwa Arai)
Of this workhero.Omi ProvinceIinoya(Iinoya) LordIi FamilySoryo daughter.The name before leaving homeOtowa(Towa)[Annotation 3]So, it is sometimes called by that name even after leaving the house or taking office as a guardian.In everyday life except when facing a superiorFirst personHas been "I" (I) consistently since childhood, but after repatriation, "I" (I) has increased.
Kamenosuke and Tsurumaru are childhood friends, studying together at Ryotanji Temple, searching for "Ryugu kid", and "Ii family"First generationI was playing around the well at the edge.Since the "first generation" is enshrined in the well, he visits the well for a long time and prays and gives thanks to the "first generation".
With a manly and lively personality, a relationship with Kamenosuke was raised, and although he was initially confused, he decided to become his wife and support the Ii family.However, due to the alleged rebellion of Naoman, Kamenosuke leaves Iinoya.After that, when the Imagawa clan ordered him to have a relationship with Tsurumaru, he kept his promise with Kamenosuke.PriestAim.At one point, he spent time with the Imagawa clan, but he was a priest at the hands of Kazuhisa Nankei, and represented the name of the person who inherited the Ii clan, "Jiro."Jiro HoshiHe is given the name of a monk (Jirohoshi).
Even after his father died, he worked hard to restore his relationship with his immediate parents, Masatsugu, and Ichimon, but he lost his immediate parents due to a trap from Imakawa.Naohei, Saumasuke, and Naoyuki died in the war in the form of being dragged by the death, and there was a time when he was drunk with remorse.Naotora IiI will stand in the guardianship of Toramatsu and rule Iinoya.The appearance is not repatriated, so even when you are removing the nun as a NaotoraHair shavingRemains.
At the beginning of his inauguration, he was repulsed by Ryotanji and Naoyuki, who also joined the family affairs, and was hindered by Masatsugu. While struggling to get the domestic affairs on track, he gained the trust of his vassals and territories, and joined forces with the newly added merchants Hisaya and Ryotanji to obtain the permission of guardianship from Jukei-ni. To reach.In the 27th session, he was recommended by the Kiga people based on the achievements and trust he had cultivated, and he got permission from Imagawa to take care of Kiga's new castle and punishment.
 However, after the death of Jukei-ni, Imakawa will again issue the Tokusei Ordinance.After accepting the crushing of Ii as ordered, he tried to revive by attaching to the Tokugawa side, but failed, accepting the thought of Masatsugu who dared to be executed as a sinner's villain to protect Ii, himself Kill him with his hands.Due to this trend, he gave up the reconstruction of the Ii family, arranged the next place to put himself in the Ii family, returned to the farm, and lived with Ryuunmaru.When Ryuunmaru decides to go to Sakai, he decides to go with him for a while, but he has advised him to stay in Iinoya, where he has some concerns and regrets.After that, while being a farmer, he secured an advisory position for Yasushi and became a person who protects the people of Iinoya and brings benefits.Immediately after going to Sakai to cooperate with Ieyasu in his later yearsLabor coughHe gets sick due to a suspected illness and dies prior to his teacher Nankei and his brothers.Dharma name isYuan Tsukiizumi Zen meditation[10]..While the fields were abundantly growing, Ieyasu and Ieyasu's peasants sent him off as a "lord", and Ieyasu and Naoyuki, Rokuzaemon, and Manfuku, who were on the battlefield, were informed of their death in a letter. It was.
Naomori Ii(Good luck)
Act:Tetsuta Sugimoto
Naotora's father.Naohei's grandson.The lord of Iinoya.Samurai official TheMamoru Shinano.
The Ii family, as the main owner, often suffers from being caught between the Imagawa family and the Imagawa clan's elders, but for the Iitani people, they are prepared to shave themselves, and are generally compassionate and sometimes strict. We are taking care of both sides.
Joined Yoshimoto Imagawa's attack on OdaBattle between SasakamaReceived a surprise attack by the Oda army.Naomori et al. Rout and are cornered and commit suicide.After that, the neck returned to Iinoya by Sonichiro.
(Senga → Yutsubaki)
Act:Naomi Zaizen
Naotora's mother.Daughter of the Imagawa clan vassal.The name before leaving homeSenga(Underground).He leaves home after Naomori's death.
Unlike the Ii family, who tend to be emotional, and their husbands and older brothers, who tend to be sweet to the soul, they have a deep affection and sternly admonish the path as a woman of the martial arts, but sometimes they are watermarked. It may also be agitated and guided.
Even after Jiro became the head of the Ii family as Naotora, he supported him from the shadows, and after the dissolution of the Ii family, he kept a cat and lived in Ryotanji.
Naohira Ii(Good Naohira)
Act:Maeda Gin
Great-grandfather of Naotora and Toramatsu (Naomasa).Naomori, Naochika, Sena's grandfather.Naomori's father・ Naomatsu, Nankei, and Sana's father.He was the predecessor of the Ii family and went down to the military gate after fighting with the Imagawa family.Although he is a retired man, he is still full of blood even when he is old, and his hostility toward the Imagawa family has not diminished, and he is burning hostility toward Ono, an old man who is closer to the Imagawa family.
When Naochika was told to go to Sunpu for an excuse for rebellion, he revealed his anguish that he had been a senior in the family but had been seeing off the death of a younger person. did.After his immediate parents were killed, he was sent to the battle for Imagawa as a condition to save Toramatsu, and he died inexplicably during the subjugation of Mr. Amano.
Naomitsu Ii(Good Naomitsu)
Act:Takeshi Ujiji
Naotora's great uncle.Father of immediate parents.At that time, he was in a hostile relationship with the Imagawa clan when his son became the next head candidate due to a marriage with his daughter, Otowa.Hojo familySuspected of plotting a secret, he was summoned by Sunpu and then killed by Yoshimoto's order.After that, the neck met his son silently.
For the father who became the wife of his son who is good at flutedrumI intended to give it to him, but he was given to him after his death.
Naochi Ii(Good Naochika)
(Kamenosuke → Naochika Ii)
Act:Miura Haruma(Youth:Fujimoto)
Naotora's fiancée is a childhood friend.Naoman's child.Childhood nameKamenosuke(Kamenojo).The samurai rank after the genpukuMamoru Higo(Higonokami).Also, before the genpuku, from Otowa and TsurumaruturtleIt is nicknamed as, and may be called by that name even after the genpuku.
When I was a kid, I was sick and lost to my childhood friend, Otowa, with physical strength, and I couldn't match Tsurumaru with my intelligence.fluteWas good at.After his father Naomitsu was defeated, he himself was targeted by the Imagawa family.The Ii family chose to let him escape, with the help of Otowa.ShinshuIt fell to.
When the situation surrounding the Ii family changed due to the alliance between the Imagawa and Hojo clan, he was recalled to Iitani and grew up to be a fine young warrior in both Bunbu and Budo.And, the original clothes by Niino Saumasuke.
When Naomori was defeated in the Battle of Okehazama, he came to rule Iinoya, and was awarded Ichiko Toramatsu with Shino.However, after the defeat in Okehazama, he was trapped by the Imagawa clan because he was trying to make a connection with the Matsudaira clan, and went to Sunpu for a defense that was suspected of being a secret to Motoyasu. Is ordered.On the way, he was attacked by the Imagawa clan's vassals and ended his non-business.
Act:Nukijiya Shihori
Wife of immediate parents.Okuyama Asari's daughter.Toramatsu's mother.
Even after getting married, Ii was aware of the deep bond between her husband, Naochika, and her former wife, Jiro, and had mixed emotions. Moved from the mansion of the house to Kyodamura.
He was worried that he couldn't have a child even four years after he got married, and he despaired that his immediate parents would welcome him to the concubine. Repair the groove that was made.
After a while, he gave birth to Toramatsu, but soon lost his immediate parents and moved to the Shinno family's mansion with Toramatsu.
At first, he was repulsed by Naotora's guardianship of Toramatsu, but after that he became able to think and work for Ii.
When Naotora planned Tokugawa and Naotora under the surface of the water, he was requested as a hostage by name and was remarried to the Matsushita family under Tokugawa.
Naomasa Ii(Ii Naomasa)
(Toramatsu → Matsushita Toramatsu → Ii Machiyo → Ii Naomasa)
Act:Shogi Shibata[11](Infancy:[12] / Childhood:Suzuki Raku / Boyhood:Terada)
Immediate parentLegitimate man.. My childhood name isToramatsu(Toramatsu), laterMillion generations(Manchiyo).After genpukuShosuke Hyobu OfOfficial wayI will receive.
Immediately after Okehazama, the pregnancy of her mother was found, and she was born in the 10th time.When I was a child, I was cherished and raised around all the women, so I was shy and thoughtful, but in reality I was trained through Go by Naotora who saw that I was stronger than anyone else, and said, "I am myself until I win. Think and make an effort. "After that, while his withdrawal thoughts improved, such as participating in discussions with Naotora with his fellow trainees, he also showed his uncompromising attitude and the most particular aspect for victory, such as concentrating on Go strategies without worrying about the surroundings. become.
After the Ii family was crushed, Naotora and his friends hid themselves as a small priest at a temple in Mikawa, but Naotora gave up the survival of the Ii family and was adopted by the Matsushita family.
He approached Ieyasu with a plan, was allowed to leave the Matsushita family and call himself the Ii family, and was given the name of "Ii Machiyo". He will serve under Ieyasu as a sandals with Yunosuke, who also became "Manfuku Ono".
Although he regretted that he was a sandals, he was recognized for his excellent work performance, and if he was given a small family early, it would be useful for Ieyasu from a perspective that Tokugawa's vassals had never had before. ..It would be misunderstood by the people around him that he also serves as a "colored kosho", but when he prevented the assassination, he was given XNUMX stones and succeeded in his career.
After Naotora's death, along with Manfuku, Naoyuki, and Rokuzai, Ii's unique work produced remarkable results.Character"Nao" is a combination of "Masa", which is Ono's common character.NaomasaIeyasu gave me a swordGeneralBecomes
Act:Asakura Aki[13](Girls' age:Hikaru Takahashi)
Daughter of immediate parents.Toramatsu's half-sister.After officially becoming the princess of the Ii family, she is called her mother from the standpoint of Naotora's adopted daughter.Hard-working and witty daughter.
While my immediate parents were living with ShinanoSnowA girl who is said to have been born with a woman named Ii, who grew up as a peasant daughter without knowing anything about her father, and was told that "Ii no Kamenosuke" was her father just before her mother's death. He comes to Iitani after he dies.Since no one was informed of its existence in Iitani, it was decided to investigate the truth of the origin of Naotora and the whole family, and since he came from the Takeda territory of Shinano, it was suggested that Masatsugu might be a middleman. However, the song that Takase sang because his mother often hummed was a section of the whistle song that his immediate parents were good at, so Naotora decided that he was the daughter of his immediate parents and became the princess of the Ii family. You will be welcomed.
井伊家解散ののちも井伊谷に残ることを望み、新領主の近藤康用の元で屋敷勤めをすることになり、近藤に気に入られている。母親の死後、借金の肩代わりと引き換えに武田の間者となっていたことが明らかになる。井伊家再興の機会を得られるとの思いもあり、武田の指示で近藤を毒殺しようとするが直虎に見抜かれて、ただの娘として生きればよいと言われる。その後は明るく逞しく働き、近藤には引き続き可愛がられている。後に直政の家臣となったYoshinori KawateWill be married to.

Ono family

Ono Izumi Morima Nao(Izumi no Kami Masanao)
Act:Fukikoshi Mitsuru
Ii family firstElder.
In the past, Naohira welcomed both parties to Ii and used them heavily, but since the Ii family is closer to the Imagawa family, they are in conflict with Naohira, Naomitsu, and Naohira. ing.Grabbing the evidence that Naomatsu is trying to communicate with Hojo, he informs Imagawa and drives Naomatsu to death.After Naomatsu was defeated, he was appointed to the Imagawa family as a basis weight.
Although he expanded the power of the Ono family by using his position as a basis weight and taking half of Naoman's remains as his own, he fell ill.At the 5th meeting, Masatsugu died, leaving behind the prophetic words, "You will surely follow the same path as me."
Ono Tajima Morimasa(Ono Tajima no Kami Masatsugu)
(Tsurumaru → Tajima Morimasa Ono)
Act:Issei Takahashi(Youth:Kobayashi)
Ono Masanao's son.Childhood nameTsurumaru(Smooth).After the genpuku, it is called "Tajima" by the samurai officials, but before the genpuku, it is from Otowa and Kamenosuke.craneIt is nicknamed "Crane" even after the genpuku.When his father died, he succeeded him and became the chief retainer of the Ii family.He is smart and intelligent.He was a childhood friend of Otowa and Kamenosuke, and was learning and playing together with the help of Kazuhisa Nankei.I had a feeling for Otowa, but after talking about the couple's promise between Otowa and Kamenosuke, I began to pay attention to the bond between them.For a long time, I have longed for a free man.
Since he was a child, he has been hurt by the conflict between Ono and the Ii clan and his senior vassals, and despite his loyalty to the Ii clan, he was distrusted by other senior vassals like his father.He was slashed by Asari Okuyama and killed on the contrary, making him in a more difficult position, but supported by the trust of his immediate parents and the attention of Jiro Hoshi.
When his immediate parents decided to leave Imagawa and go to Matsudaira, he vowed to cooperate, and when he was faced with evidence of separation at Sunpu called by Imagawa, Masatsugu had to abandon his immediate parents. After being forced into an unfortunate position, in order to protect Ii and Jiro Naotora, he will ostensibly clarify his attitude toward Imagawa and confront the Ii family and Naotora.
However, because he is unmarried and does not want to have his own blood and a real child who should take over the house, the true intention of many plots that are despised by the surroundings is to take over the Ii family by robbing Naotora of the guardianship of Toramatsu , Naotora's sister-in-law, Natsuya Naotora, thinks that it may be to protect Ii and Naotora, and Naotora is told to use each other well for the purpose.After that, while pretending to be in conflict with other vassals, he became accustomed to exchanging information and consulting on domestic affairs while secretly discussing Go with Naotora at Ryotanji Temple.However, by the time Naotora revealed the secret, it turned out that many people in the Ono family and the Ii family were aware of the disguise of the villain in the table of Masatsugu and the loyalty to the Ii family.
When Ii was crushed by the rehashing of the Tokugawa decree from Imakawa, when Takeda's confrontation surfaced, Masatsugu, who received the intention of Imagawa, took the form of occupying Iitani, and led to Tokugawa with Naotora behind the scenes. Aim for Ii's revival.However, due to the tactics of the three Iitani people, he fell into a situation where he disobeyed Tokugawa, and in order to save Ii and Naotora at the expense of himself, he was content to be captured by Kondo as a sinner.At the endCrucifixionNaotora himself, who accepted Masatsugu's thoughts, pierced his chest with a spear and died. "Turn on black and white and wait for you alone. Amatsutoh, I'm not having fun."ResignationTo leave.
Genbu Ono(Onogenba)
Act:Yoshio Inoue
Masatsugu's younger brother.The childhood name is Inosuke.Unlike his father and brother, he has a bright and straightforward tendency, and for Masatsugu, he was one of the few who could reveal his heart and heal his loneliness, but he joined Yoshimoto's attack on Oda and attacked Oda in the Okehazama. Although he struggles in the middle, he is killed.At the end, the returning Asari tells the Ii family members and makes Natsuya Masatsugu sad.
Due to his tendency and connection with Okuyama, he is familiar with the Ii family, unlike his father and brother, and this aspect is inherited by his son, Yunosuke.
Act:Yamaguchi Sayaka
Genbu's wife.Okuyama Asari's daughter and Shino's younger sister.Thoughtful, discreet and intelligent nature.Due to Naomori's desire and desire to eliminate the conflict between Ono and Ichimon, he is adopted by Genbu and becomes a close couple.
As Genbu died in the Battle of Okehazama, Asari told him to return to the Okuyama family, but he hopes to stay in the Ono family because of his feelings for Genbu and the wishes of Chiga, who had the wishes of Naomori.This leads to the passing of the parents' house and the married house, leading to a disaster in which the father returns to his brother-in-law and fights.He will remain in the Ono family due to the future of Masatsugu, but when his immediate parents are assassinated and Masatsugu heads for Sunpu and his whereabouts are unknown, he moves to the Shinno family's mansion with Shino and Yunosuke.After that, while Masatsugu who returned to Iinoya seemed to be a traitor in the house, he thought that his brother-in-law's true intention would be a shield for Iinoya and returned to the Ono family for Masatsugu. Work in various ways.
In the 32nd session, when it seemed that the prospect of a resurrection from the crushing of Ii was set, Masatsugu asked him to be with him as a different feeling from his admiration and loyalty to Naotora. I accepted it, but before it came true, I would be bereaved of Masatsugu.After the dissolution of the Ii family, he and his brother Rokuzaemon went to the Matsushita family, who was the predecessor of his sister, but a few years later, there was a story about Toramatsu and the Tokugawa family. , He revealed to Naotora his decision to return to Iitani and live in mourning for the Ono family's bodhisattva.
Manfuku Ono(Onomanpuku)
(Yonosuke Okuyama → Manfuku Ono)
Act:Kai Inowaki[13](Childhood:[14] / Boyhood :)
Genbu and Natsuko.Childhood nameYunosuke(Inosuke).Toramatsu is a maternal cousin and a companion to the training.At the time of his father's death, Masatsugu, the head of the Ono family, is still unmarried and is considered to be the heir to the Ono family.He admires his uncle Masatsugu as a wise man, and in fact he works hard in the shadows for Ii.
When the Ii family was crushed and Toramatsu was adopted by the Matsushita family, he went to the Matsushita family under the name of "Okuyama Yunosuke" and called Toramatsu "young" to serve.He has a good grasp of Toramatsu's personality, and he does not panic when he gets angry and rampages when he does not get what he wants, but he plays a role of suppressing or persuading him to settle down on positive thoughts.When Toramatsu approached Ieyasu with the aim of reviving the Ii family, Ieyasu followed him and was given the name of "Ono Manfuku" by Ieyasu. Supporting the struggling Machiyo, he became a small surname safely.

Ichimonshu, Okuyama family

Asari Okuyama(Totoshi Okuyama)
Shigeomi Ii family.A family member of the Ii family.
At the suggestion of Masanao, Asari's daughter had a relationship with Masatsugu to welcome Ono as a relative of Ii, and the child born in the meantime was supposed to be the successor to the Ii family, but Kamenosuke's return. As a result, her daughter Natsu became Genbu Ono and Shino became the wife of Naochika Ii.
Although he was injured in the Battle of Okehazama, he returned and became a sickbed.From the situation of Iinoya after the war, which I heard on the sickbed, the distrust of the Ono family's Masatsugu increased, saying, "I'm taking advantage of Naomori's death." , Natsu called him and slashed him, insisting that it was Masatsugu's plan not to return from the Ono family at his own request, and injured him, but died in return.
(Okuyama Magoichirou)
Act:Yusuke Hirayama
Ii family vassal.Asari's child.Joined Yoshimoto's attack on Oda, but was defeated by Oda's surprise attack.It is divided from other soldiers and becomes only two people, Naomori, but in the middle of the rout, Naomori is entrusted with the last word and escapes from the battlefield.
He accompanies his immediate parents, who were summoned to Sunpu to justify Matsudairauchi's allegations from Imagawa, but died sideways in a battle with a thug sent by Imagawa.
Okuyama Rokuzaemon(Okuyama Rokuzaemon)
Act:Mio Tanaka[Annotation 4]
Ii family vassal.Asari's child.Sonichiro's younger brother, Shino Natsu's older brother.諱Is Asatada[17]..Following the death of Sonichiro, the Ii familyHousekeepingParticipates in office work and miscellaneous affairs.It is said that Naotora and other people in Ii have a personality that calms the place and people.
Contrary to his large appearance, his push was weak, he was not good at martial arts, and his father treated him lightly.At the beginning of Naotora's guardianship, he didn't know anything about home economics, and he was surprised and repulsed by Naotora's tactics without rooting, but after seeing Naotora thinking and moving hard for Ii, he felt it. Will serve sincerely.
Originally, he has an honest tendency, but when Masatsugu pushes out Imagawa's position as a basis weight and asks questions in a rational manner, he cannot be concealed.
After crushing the Ii family, Naotora was nominated to accompany him on the secret escape of Toramatsu, who was requested by Imagawa Ujizane to his life.After that, when Toramatsu was adopted by the Matsushita family, he followed him as a guardian and became a vassal of the Matsushita family.After Toramatsu served the Tokugawa family as Machiyo, he returned to Iinoya at his own request and was called by Kondo.At first, I didn't remember well from Kondo because he wasn't like a samurai, but when I endured it because of the desire to make a martial art, I had experience in the past to recruit timber as military supplies ordered by Tokugawa to Kondo. Since he worked hard and procured the timber that was scarce at the battlefield of Nagashino, who was dispatched to the army, both Naoyuki and Nobunaga were recognized for their work to the extent that they received a Tenmoku tea bowl as a direct reward.In addition, this Tenmoku tea bowl will be used later as a means for Naotora to save the life of nature and will be useful.
At the end of the game, at the request of Tokugawa and Naotora, he became a subordinate of Machiyo and left Iinoya.

Ichimonshu, Nakano family

Naoyuki Nakano(Naoyoshi Naka)
Act:Toshio Kakei
Shigeomi Ii family.A family member of the Ii family.It is an anti-Imakawa faction along with Naohira and Naomitsu, and is also at odds with the Ono family.
He did not participate in the Imagawa Oda attack, but was in charge of weapon procurement and logistics.In Naomori's will, Iitani will be entrusted instead as a measure to prevent Naochika, who is still the only pedigree boy at that time, from being exposed to postwar difficulties.
In the 12th session, it was a battle for the Imagawa clan, which was a condition for exempting Toramatsu from the punishment of rebellion against the Imagawa clan.Iio TsuratatsuParticipate in the offensive and kill him.
Naoyuki Nakano(Naoyuki Naka)
Act:Yuma Yamoto
Ii family vassal.Naoyuki's son.After the death of his father, he joined the Ii family's housekeeping.A martial arts sect who is good at martial arts.Naotora came to call him "No-ji".
Naotora, a woman, violently opposes standing as a guardian of Toramatsu, and collides with Naotora, who repeats unprecedented events, but Naotora is attacked by thugs in the 15th time, and she is a woman. After Naotora, who is a man, has to fight and protect himself as a man, he will be able to serve well while talking about his true intentions.
In contrast to Rokuzaemon, he has a tendency to be unforgiving to those who feel suspicious, but this is not the case once he has forgiven his heart.He was as hostile to Masatsugu as his father, and he was skeptical when Naotora revealed his true intentions in front of everyone.Kondo KouAfter witnessing him falling into the trap, he changed his impression and praised him as "surviving in everyone" after his death.
When the Ii family was crushed and Koyo ruled Iitani under the control of the Tokugawa family, he would reluctantly serve the Kondo family to protect the people of Iitani.However, even if he became a member of the Kondo family, Naotora who returned to farming was still called "Den" and maintained a good relationship. When the Takeda family attacked Totomi, Naotora made a bloodless opening of Iitani Castle. cooperate.
At the end of the game, Naotora asked Naotora to take over the path of being under the control of Tokugawa, but at the beginning, he refused because he wanted to be the "keeper of Iitani" from his own way of making arrangements as a samurai. While showing, he accepted Naotora's desire to "eliminate the war" in order to fulfill it, and expressed that he would continue to do his best for her as "exhausted to the man."
(Nao Matsushita)
(Naohisa Nakano → Naohisa Matsushita)
Act:Keisuke Tomita[13](Youth:Eru Yamada)
Naoyuki's younger brother.In his childhood, he was a fellow trainee of Toramatsu and Yunosuke.Toramatsu, who was later adopted by the Matsushita family, returned to Ii with the permission of Ieyasu, and then Naomasa was adopted as a substitute for the Matsushita family, who had no trace.At the end of the game, he became a subordinate of Naomasa and appeared as a representative of the Matsushita family.

Other Ii family vassals

Act:Umezawa Masayo
Otowa noNanny..He was swayed by Otowa all the time, but he followed him when he was summoned to the hostages.Even after he left the house as Jiro Hoshi, he served on the side of Senga at the Ii family, and even after standing as Naotora, he continued to serve by his side.After his priesthood and guardianship, he is still called "Princess" even if his name becomes Jiro Hoshi or Naotora.
It is full of emotions, but the emotional expression is exaggerated, and it is a little restless, such as crying or rushing and screaming.
At a time when Ii's financial problems had not yet been resolved, his duties became unconscious due to the physical deterioration caused by his old age, so he suffered from being unable to work enough, and Naotora in the 24th meeting. Although he was stopped by, he left Ii Yashiki and returned to the village as the last request.
Toshiro Imamura(Imamura Toushichirou)
Act:Akito Serizawa
Naomitsu Ii's vassal.He served the Ii family even after Naomitsu was defeated, followed the escape of Kamenosuke for many years, and served as it was after returning.
When his immediate parents were attacked by the Imagawa vassals, they both died sideways.
Act:Yasufumi Kuramoto
Directfamily..Even after Naochika's death, he served the Ii family and accompanied him when his immediate parents left for a defense in Sunpu, but even though he was injured, he returned to Iitani and told everyone that he was in the group. Became the only survivor in Japan.Even after the wounds healed, he continued to work as a vassal and accompanied Kawana's hidden village hiding when the Ii clan was crushed.After the Ii family collapsed, he lived in Iitani with Takase as his grandson.
Fukuhisa Seto(Seto Hokyu)
(Man of the Abara family → Masahisa Seto)
Act:Tsuyoshi Muro
A merchant who lives in Seto Village, Iinoya.Naotora made him a vassal of the Ii family as part of measures to prevent the promulgation of the Tokusei Ordinance requested by the village.
Originally in a village near IinoyaDead manA man who was fed as.In the 2nd session, he provided rice and an inn to the runaway Otowa, got a comb, and brought back the Otowa who intends to continue running away from home with his body to the Ii no Yakata, and received a reward.
He started a business based on the money he got as a reward, and became a merchant who showed his talent and built a warehouse.Starting with the Ii family at the 13th time, lending money to Kyoda Village and Seto VillageMoney ownerAfter reuniting with Naotora and being lined up with Ii's vassals, if you cultivate the wilderness without cultivators in order to enrich the entrusted Seto village and Kyoda village, you will pay an annual tribute for three years after the harvest. The idea of ​​"three years wilderness" not to takeCotton cultivationIs dedicated to Naotora and introduced.Furthermore, I was reluctant at firstManufacture of gunsThe Imagawa clan got enthusiastic about himself, but he was angry that he had been taken over by a familiar merchant of Imagawa, not Suruga.KigaThe place of large-scale business will be moved to.
When it comes to profitable situations, he often says, "It smells like money." Self-proclaimed "money dog", funny "Kan, Kang (Kan, Kang)Perseverance) ”Sometimes.
At the time of the rehashing of the Tokusei Ordinance from Imagawa, Iinoya and Kiga were guaranteed their own territory, and because they were threatened by the flickering of military power, they accepted the promulgation of the Tokusei Ordinance against Naotora.When Imagawa and Takeda began to engage in battle, they led to Tokugawa, but when Kiga was overrun by the Tokugawa army, they went bankrupt. Become a disciple in heaven.After that, when she saw the wonderful embroidered fabric made by Ayame, she felt the smell of money and proposed to her and became a married couple.
As a celebration when Naotora became the castellanInkstoneAnd handed it over to Machiyo after Naotora's death.
Act:Keisuke Yamamoto
Seto Masahisa's family member.He follows him by his side, and when he is afraid, he puts in a good hand.
He also followed Kiga and Horikawa-jo, who lost him, and when he became a disciple of Horikawa, he was a priest.
Performance: Masayo Umezawa
A maid of the Ii family.Take's niece, with the appearance and voice as if she was rejuvenated.He has been called "Den" since he served Naotora.
Instead of returning to the village, he will serve Ii's mansion.
Performance: Masayo Umezawa
Ume's sister.Became a maid of Takase who married.

Iitani three people

The Ii family appointed by the Imagawa family after the death of their immediate parentsBasis weightAlthough they do not live in Iinoya,Iitani three peopleIs called.At the end of the game, all three families were ordered by Ieyasu to be under the direct control of Naomasa.

Kondo Kou(Kondo Yasumochi)
Act:Jun Hashimoto
The people who govern Uri, which borders Iinoya on the Tosan border.The samurai official is Iwami Mamoru.
Conflict with Naotora in a case of theft of a tree in the mountain on the border with Iinoya.Naotora was paralyzed by the fact that Naotora did not handle the criminal of this case, the Ryuun Party, and he made a new case by himself, saying, "This time, the Buddha statue of Bodaiji was stolen," but Kazuhisa Nankei and Ryuunmaru are forced to hand over. It fails because it is detected by the wit of.After that, he continued to have a grudge, and when he came under the control of Tokugawa, he set a trap for the Ii family and became the person who forced Masatsugu into execution.After the situation was settled, I was relieved to take Iitani as his own territory after the Ii clan was crushed by the Tokugawa clan, and took over the Nakano and Shinno clan after the dissolution of the Ii clan, without knowing that he was the princess of the Ii clan. I love Takase, who works at a mansion, but in the final episode, I revealed to Naotora and Takase that I knew that.
He was seriously injured in the battle against Osawa in Tokugawa, and was cared for by Naotora and other monks at Ryotanji Temple. Although he survived his life, one leg became inconvenient due to the injury at that time.After this, he used Otowa, who had overcome his grudges, as an intermediary with the lords, and sometimes consulted and accepted requests and dedications while enriching and governing Iinoya.
Tadahisa Suganuma(Suganuma just Hisa)
Act:Masanobu Sakata
The people who govern the neighborhood of Ii territory.It was under Tokugawa firstSuganumaSince he was a family member, he became the contact point for the Iitani three people from Tokugawa.
Suzuki Shigetoki(When Suzuki Shigetoki)
Act:Daikichi Sugawara
The people who govern Yamayoshida on the far three borders.My sister is the mother of my immediate parents, and my wife is from the Okuyama family, so I have a relationship with the Ii family.
Although he is reluctant to plot against the Ii family during the Tokugawa clan, he participated in the battle, handed over the book of Masatsugu's death poem to Naotora after the execution of Masatsugu, and died in the war against Osawa of Imagawa who later joined ..
Shigeyoshi Suzuki(Suzuki Shigeyoshi)
Act:[18](Boyhood :)
A child of Shigetoki Suzuki.
Following the trace of Shigetoki who died in the war, he decided to participate in the war despite being a young boy, and before that he visited Iitani at the request of Naotora's sutra reading, which was the hope of Shigetoki.When he came under the direct control of the final stage, he went out in a grown-up form.

Ryutanji Temple

Kazuhisa Nankei(Let's do it)
Act:Kaoru Kobayashi
Ryutanji Temple OfPriest..諱 is Zuimon.A child of Naohira Ii.Master of Jiro Hoshi.Although it is located in the Buddhist gate, he likes sake and often drinks it as "rice broth".Tea tabby cat[Annotation 5]After the dissolution of the Ii family, I kept a Kijitora cat and kept it by my side, and in Iitani, I hold it in my pocket when I go out.At the funeral of Yoshimoto Imagawa, he served as a bone guru.
He supports the Ii family as a consultant and diplomatic monk.When Yoshimoto Imagawa ordered him to present his hostage, he took him to Sunpu for negotiations, but at that time he witnessed the exemption of his hostage. Towa had an intuition that he was the same "unusual child" as the "first generation" of the Ii family, and decided to raise him strictly at Ryotanji Temple.Even after he became Naotora for a long time, he is still called "Jiro" and can be relied on if there is anything, but Naotora himself thinks and gives an answer because he rarely presents concrete ideas or measures. She supports her by giving advice to draw out her wisdom.
In consideration of Naotora, who was exhausted by the death of Masatsugu and the crushing of the Ii family, which Kazuhisa admitted as "one wing of Naotora," he proposed the dissolution of the Ii family. He secretly cooperates with Naotora to Toramatsu, who has not abandoned his hopes for revival.
At the end of the game, he refuses to read the funeral sutras before his disciple Naotora.After that, to Machiyo, who lost Naotora and disappeared, he handed over the flute of Machiyo that had fallen to the side of her corpse and the white go stone that was a keepsake, and told Ieyasu the "soul of Ii". At the time of Chiyo's genpuku, he issued a letter about the name of "Naotora".
Act:Hayato Ichihara
Of Ryotanji TempleMonk..Brothers of Jiro Hoshi.He has a wonderful physique, excels in martial arts, and has excellent power.bowAlso good at the technique of.I often fold my arms.
In the event of an aragoto, he also helps directly.In addition to secretly escorting Otowa, Kamenosuke, and Tsurumaru as children, he also pays attention to the safety of the priest Jiro, who has been a priest, and guards him even after becoming a castle owner. There is.
At Naotora's funeral, he gives sutras instead of Nankei, but the sutras have become so sad that he is said to be "tattered" by Nankei.
Act:Kazushige Komatsu
A monk at Ryotanji Temple.Brothers of Jiro Hoshi.As a martial artspearTake advantage of it.Because I learned in Saigoku with the help of OshoPharmacyAlso familiar with.
Although he was rigorously instructing Jiro when he left the house, he was originally mild-mannered and friendly.Even for a long time, he consults and comforts me.Naotora is called "Jiro" even after becoming a lord and repatriating.
He found Naotora, who had died peacefully beside the well of the first generation, and gave a sutra with Jieyama at the funeral, but the sutra was also unsuccessful because of sorrow.

People of Iinoya, etc.

Act:Yamamoto Manabu
Elder of Seto Village.
At the 13th meeting, he petitioned Naotora for the promulgation of the Tokusei Ordinance, and although it was once accepted by Naotora, who was unfamiliar with politics, it was eventually rejected, so he directly appealed to the Imagawa family through the mediation of Hachisaki Shrine. And every villageEscapeTo do.However, after knowing the feelings of Naotora's territory and the true meaning of the policy, he began to work hard with the villagers in love with Naotora, and even if he returned to his father after retiring from the head, he called him "Den". I will continue to love him for the rest of my life.
Act:Takashi Yamanaka
A farmer in Seto Village.
When he escaped, he had a strong repulsion toward Naotora, but after returning, he longed for Naotora with other villagers and worked hard in the village.Even after the Ii clan was crushed, he began to demonstrate his leadership while consulting with him in various ways.
Act:Maehara Kou
A farmer in Seto Village.
When the turmoil related to the Tokusei Ordinance subsided and he returned to the village from his escape, he asked Naotora to teach him how to write, and the villagers in Seto and Kyoda villages began to learn how to write at Ryotanji Temple.
Act:Takayuki Kinoshita
A farmer in Kyodamura.
At the 13th meeting, I heard that Naotora approved the promulgation of the Tokusei Ordinance in Seto Village, and petitioned for the Tokusei Ordinance in Kyoda Village.He also participates in the escape, but after returning, he trusts Naotora as well as Setomura.
Act:Takehiro Kimoto
A farmer in Kyodamura.Daughter·Akane(Performance:Momose Misaki)[21]There is.
Hachisaki Shrine in KyodamuraGrace.
In response to Masatsugu's will, he incites the people of both Kyoda and Seto villages to pray for the Imagawa clan.
Act:The beginning of Okayama
Ihira villageSwordsmith.
Naotora et al. Tanegashima (matchlock) Is requested and challenged.Since this matter led to the fact that Imakawa was suspected of rebellion by Masatsugu, he was sold to Imagawa after he was aiming to solve the trouble and succeed in business by conducting the business under Imagawa.
A peasant who flowed from Mikawa to Seto Village for the purpose of the wilderness for three years.
In Seto Village, where he started cultivating cotton, he already had experience in making cotton cloth in Mikawa, so he will be useful to Naotora and the villagers by demonstrating his knowledge and skills.
Ryugu kid
Performance: Miwa Arai[22]
The motif of the story of this work.According to Iinoya's tradition, there is a fictitious existence in the work that lives by the water and helps those in need.The soundtrack also contains songs that bear the name.
It is also the figure that Otowa was aiming for throughout his life, watching over Naotora who was running around the village that escaped in 14 times, and hitting a stone against the door of Jinbei's house 42 times to signal the sign of a landslide. , With his hand on Naotora's shoulder that died at the well end, it appears in various parts of the story as the cause of a mysterious event, but it is not mentioned in the credit.
In the 47th inning, Naoyuki found a Takeda agent by being compared with "Sukedon", "Tandabocchi", and "Kawasaburo" as the existence of a similar legend that the soldiers recruited in the war were talking about. It has become.

Ryuun Party

All the members are original characters of this work and are fictitious people.

(Travel man → Ryuunmaru)
Act:Yuya Yanagura(Boyhood :)
Have a hideout in KigaBanditHead.In NankeiGood man swingIt looks like it is said to be.Naotora is nicknamed "Amakozo-sama". The name "Ryuunmaru" is derived from the clouds in the sky when he became independent as a thief.
When he met Naotora in the territory of Iinoya, he said, "I am a drifter and wandering in search of treasure." In the 16th session, when Naotora wanted a worker in Iinoya, he proposed buying a person. In the 17th session, he gave the wisdom to win something and gain confidence and enjoyment when Toramatsu's training was sluggish.
In the 19th meeting, he reunited with Naotora as a thief who fell and stole timber in Kondo's territory and Ii's territory, and was once caught by Ii but escaped.On the contrary, in the 21st time, Naotora, who became a captivity in Kiga, said that "Samurai is the great thief" and showed a depressed appearance to the samurai, but Naotora who released him persuaded Naotora to trade timber in Ii. We will cooperate with many skills that the crew has.Since the people of the crew and Ii became familiar with each other through work, Naotora and other Ii family vassals asked him to officially become a vassal after the timber trade, but he refused because it was not a pattern. Go back and not the original thief in the 25thYorozu contractLaunched the "Ryuun Party" and became an important worker in Kiga.
As part of Takeda's measures against Imagawa, a castle was built in Kiga and he was fighting against the intervention of samurai, but if Naotora is dissatisfied with the present world, to make it as he wishes. Accepting the persuasion that he should move himself, he will do the rope tension and the general contract as a water castle of Lake Hamana in order to make the castle of Kiga "a castle to prevent being caught".
Naotora speculated that he was close to the samurai family from the culture that can be inferred from the ransom demand written by Ryuunmaru.Although he was actually a child of a samurai family, he lost his father in a fallen castle when he was a child and escaped. , Has revealed to Naotora that as he continued to be a thief, he began to feel unfair about the disparities in the world.
In the 33rd time, he invaded the prison to save Masatsugu from execution, but was rejected by Masatsugu who decided to prepare, and handed the entrusted go stone to Naotora to convey his feelings.Expecting that Kiga would be involved in the war due to the situation in Iinoya, he tried to escape with his friends from the Ryuun Party, but late, the Tokugawa army attacked Horikawa Castle and lost all his friends, and he himself was seriously injured. , Naotora's desperate care saves his life.After that, he courted Naotora who abandoned the revival of the Ii family and began to live together in Iitani.
About four years after the Tokugawa army invaded Suruga, I lived in Iinoya, burning charcoal and waiting for the survival of my friends, but when I was out of competition, Yotao Nakamura invited me.SakaiDecide to go.Naotora also showed his intention to accompany him, so he tried to go with him once, but when he saw that Naotora left his heart in Iitani, he advised him to live away, and one day he would meet again and be ahead of Naotora. Promising that he will not die, he sets out for Sakai himself.After that, he was waiting for a reunion with Naotora while working as a Portuguese syllabary in Sakai, but when he reunited just before the Honnoji Incident, his promise was completely forgotten.After parting with Naotora, he departs on a southern barbarian ship, but Tsurumaru, Kamenosuke, and Otowa, who are children who express the death of Naotora, are also depicted as children. Around the same time, a screen was inserted in which a water cylinder handed over by Naotora as a farewell to the wrecked ship was launched on some beach, suggesting that he died near Naotora.
Act:Makita sports
A man of the crew.
A drifter from Kai's gold mine, he has gold digging skills.He is the eldest member of the crew and is a good consultant for Ryuunmaru.Ryuunmaru has discovered that he has already collapsed in the battle of Horikawa Castle.
A big man of the crew.
A mountain man with the technique of cutting trees.At the battle of Horikawa Castle, he tries to escape the people with Goku, but is attacked by the Tokugawa army and resists, but is stabbed.
Act:Kengo Yoshida
A man of the crew.
Has the technology to operate a ship,Rope splicingIs skillful.Ryuunmaru helps a dangerous place in the battle of Horikawa Castle, but the life and death after Ryuunmaru is stabbed is unknown.
Act:Maeda Koki
A man of the crew.
When the sea is roughhuman sacrifice(eyesVery) Was thrown into the sea, but survived.The owner of the test that a good wind blows when tied to the pillar of a ship.Shot by the Tokugawa army's arrow in the battle of Horikawa Castle.
A girl from the crew.
It turns out at the 37th that he escaped from the Tokugawa army's invasion of Kiga with Yotayu Nakamura and lived in Sakai.

Kiga townspeople

(Yoda Yu Nakamura)
Act:Hirotaro Honda
KigaCoordinator of the townspeople.
He is flexible in the business of Ii brought in by Naotora and Hohisa.
At the time of the battle between Imagawa and Takeda, Tokugawa tried to save the people of Kiga by providing the lost boat, but it backfired, and he himself continues to flee to Sakai.
Act:Takashi Matsuo
The townspeople of Kiga.Opposition to the construction of the castle.
Act:Ichiro Ogura
The townspeople of Kiga.Fortification supporters.
Act:Spring sea four sides
The townspeople of Kiga.Fortification supporters.
Act:Atsushi Maeda
The townspeople of Kiga.Opposition to the construction of the castle.

Imagawa family

Imakawa Ichimon / Shinno family / Imagawa clan vassal / Osawa family

Imakawa Ichimon

Yoshikawa Imagawa(Yoshimoto Imagawa)
Act:Shunfutei Shota
Suruga country OfPrefect..The Ii family is succumbed and obeyed.In places where there are people with lower status than relatives, there is no direct answer, and the intention is communicated through an aide or by acting.The title under control is "Taishou-sama".
Suspecting Naoman's rebellion,SunpuI ordered the youngest vassal who called to the Imagawakan to defeat him.After that, in addition to the Takeda family who was already an alliance partner, the Hojo family who was hostileallianceAfter tying up the east, he embarked on an advance to the west.
When Totomi and Mikawa were conquered, he handed over the family reign to Imagawa Ujizane and began to take serious steps in the invasion of Owari.OkabamaAt, he was ambushed by Oda and died.
Act:Ruriko Asaoka
Yoshimoto's mother.A wise woman who supports the Imagawa family.Was sickhusbandIn his later years and childhoodLegitimate manHe is also called a "female daimyo" because he helped him to see the political affairs.In addition, his grandson, Imagawa Ujizane, calls him "Baba-sama," other people call him "Mr. Ogata," and his diplomatic partners call him "Nun Odai-sama."
As a "large and generous" nun, I meet a childhood dad who was called as a hostage.When Yoshimoto is defeated, he tries to support Imagawa and boost Imagawa, but he loses his spare time due to the decline of Imagawa's power such as Matsudaira's separation, and let's maintain his power by purging the disturbing forces. And.Ii is also a vassal, setting a trap to test loyalty.Man with a sword wound(Performance:Hidetoshi Hoshida) To pretend to be Motoyasu, and to kill his immediate parents who have fallen into a trap and have shown their intentions.When Naotora stood guardian, she took a step to prevent it due to Masatsugu's offer, and even attacked Naotora who did not obey the life from Imakawa, but she said, "Enriching Ii's people. Aiming, it will also moisturize Imakawa, "accepting the claim, allowing guardianship.
In the 16th session, he collapsed and fell into a critical condition, but he heard the news of Takeda's imprisonment and regained control.When Yoshinobu suicided, in order to deal with Takeda who began to show a hostile attitude, he worked to return his grandson Suzu, who had been married to Yoshinobu, to Imakawa, and worked to strengthen the relationship with Hojo. To do.In addition, for Naotora and others under the name of "the last interview", the loyalty of the people under Imagawa was determined and written in a notebook, and the subsequent instructions were left to Mr. Ujizane, and he died at the 29th.
Imagawa(I am now)
(Ryuomaru → Imagawa Ujizane)
Act:Matsuya Onoue(Youth:Tsubasa Nakagawa)
Yoshimoto Imagawa's son.Childhood nameRyuomaru(Tatsuo Maru), the official name is Kazusasuke.After the death of Yoshimoto, he was honored as "Taishou-sama".
CujuHe is good at it, and when he was a child, he said that if he beat himself with a kemari, he would give a reward, but by continuing to challenge until he failed, Iitani returned to Otowa and future engagement to Sena. Will be won respectively.But for the latterallianceMarriage of convenience with the princess of the Hojo clan for the sake of rebellion.
Before the Battle of Okehazama, Yoshimoto gave him the reign of the family, but at that time he was not very keen on political affairs.After his father was defeated in Okehazama, the vassals and nations who had been subordinated were rebelled one after another, and Yoshimoto praised him as "good at war" I will hate you.Although Imagawa's declining luck cannot be stopped, he is abandoned, but he proceeds with the purge with the assistance of his grandmother.In the wake of the discovery of Naochika's rebellion, he was happy to accept Masatsugu's mentor, who had shown an attitude of obedience to Imakawa.I'm always vigilant against Ii and Naotora, and I'm putting pressure on them every time.
Although he decided to fight Takeda after Jukei-ni's death, he was deprived of Suruga one after another due to betrayal and separation, and while he escaped to Kakegawa Castle and surpassed the Tokugawa army, he accepted the peace that Ieyasu had offered, and in spring and spring It falls into the Hojo family, which is my parents' house.However, after Ujiyasu's death, Hojo and TakedaTie againTherefore, both the couple ask Ieyasu for protection and go under asylum.After that, under Ieyasu, he was willing to perform activities such as showing Nobunaga a kemari to survive, and took an active role as a negotiator with Hojo to save Sena, and eventually grudged with Naotora. Reconcile beyond.
Act:Aki Nishihara
Mr. Ujizane's regular room.HojoDaughter of.
As part of the allianceHojo familyI will enter the Imagawa family.I like the elegant Imagawa family style.He has a good relationship with his husband, Imagawa Ujizane and Ichimon, and supports him in a difficult situation after Yoshimoto's death.

Shinno family

Niino Saumasuke(Niino-sama no Suke)
Act:Shunsuke Kariya
Imagawa clan vassal.Senga's older brother.Otowa's maternal uncle.
It was sent from Imakawa to the Ii family as a basis weight due to the relationship between his sister and the Ii family.Since he was emotionally close to the Ii family, the role of Metsuke was transferred to Masanao.
In order to save Toramatsu from the collective execution of the rebellion against the Imagawa clan of his immediate parents, he hangs his head directly and appeals directly, but from Mr. Ujizane who received the advice of Masatsugu, the battle for Imagawa in the future The condition that Ii's people participate in the event is swallowed.In the 12th time, along with Naoyuki, he defeated former Imagawa vassal Iio Tsuratatsu in an attack.
Act:Yasuko Mitsuura
The eldest daughter of Saumasuke.He lives in Iinoya and is responsible for the Shinno family after his father's death.From the Ii family with sistersCosmeticsHe was assigned to the Ii clan and became subordinate to Ii, taking care of Shino and Toramatsu.embroideryMaster.
Naotora, who was inaugurated as a guardian, was angry that he had handed over his cosmetics, Setomura, to Hokyu without permission, and offered to retire Naotora along with the Nakano and Okuno families. However, after accepting the apology after being handed over the cosmetics of Yutsubaki, he has been trying to reconcile the Ii family by calming down when he was rebelling against Naotora and consulting with him. ..
At the time of the dissolution of the Ii family, unlike his sisters, he wanted to get married because he was single, but at the 37th time he was proposed to Haku who saw the opportunity for embroidery, and since then he has joined forces in the embroidery business. Become a good couple to handle.
Act:Aoi Yoshikura
The second daughter of Saumasuke.
He mainly takes care of Toramatsu, who was taken care of by the Shinno family.According to Naotora's tactics, the Hojo clan's vassals follow Sakura.Kano Hida MamoruMarried to a child.
Cherry Blossoms)
The third daughter of Saumasuke.
Imagawa Ujizane is married to Imagawa Ujizane and Anhara Sukeemon.After the Imagawa clan was destroyed as a warring lord, he asked Naotora through Ayame to take over his husband, who had been suffering from Hashiba, to Tokugawa.

Imagawa clan vassal

Taiyuan Yuksai(Great)
Act:Shiro Sano
Imagawa clan warrior.Rinzai sectMonk.With the help of Nankei, who has a denomination as a monk of the same denomination, he helps Otowa, who was called as a hostage by Sufu, to return to Iitani.
Mr. Sekiguchi(Sekiguchi Ujitsune)
Act:Kenichi Yajima
Serving near Yoshimoto and Ujizane.He continues to serve the Imagawa clan's predicament, which is a series of betrayals and secession after the Battle of Okehazama.It is tied to Masatsugu, who is ostensibly showing an attitude of Kyojun to Imagawa.Sometimes acting as an agent, he also becomes a messenger who conveys the true wisdom of the lord to Iinoya.
He faced Ii's people other than Masatsugu with a hostile attitude, but in the 27th inning, he was put on the mouth of Hokyu and was able to accommodate some of the interests related to Kiga, and Naotora's Kiga castle owner. It is recognized that he was in favor of the recommendation to the government and had the weakness of bribery.
Masatsugu, who became the messenger of the request for the reissue of the Tokusei Ordinance that led to the crushing of Iitani, was actually wary of Jukei-ni, but since the surface showed a thorough attitude of obedience, he entrusted Iitani after the expulsion of the Ii family, Takeda. When the battle with him begins, he betrays Imagawa Ujizane to Takeda.
Daughter of Naohira Ii.Sister of Naomitsu Ii and Kazuhisa Nankei.Imagawa clan vassalMr. SekiguchiWife and Sena's mother.
Although she was a beautiful daughter who was proud of Naohei, she was summoned as a hostage by the name of the Imagawa clan with the money of Masanao, and after receiving the favor of Yoshimoto, she became the wife of a vassal.
When her daughter Sena left Sunpu for a hostage exchange arranged by her son-in-law Motoyasu Matsudaira, she left behind telling her to get Imakawa, and soon after that she died of suicide due to her son-in-law's responsibilities.
Act:Kimura Yuichi
Inspectionmagistrate..Dispatched to the territory of the Ii family.He was unfriendly and had a bad relationship with him, but he loved only his wife, who was ahead of him in numbers and arithmetic.Take advantage of his strong arithmetic and perform his duties seriously and honestly.Occasionally, he also taught arithmetic to Chiyo Takechi (Motonobu Matsudaira).
I found the rice terraces of Kawana, which the Ii family had planned to hide, but "onceSouthern Dynasty OfPrinceBecause it was a hidden village in Japan, it is not treated as a thing of Ii. ”I accept the explanation of Masatsugu's evasion on the spot.
Anhara Sukeemon(Ihara Sukeemon)
Act:Yuki Yamada
Shigeomi Imagawa.The family of Sessai Ohara.Become the husband of Sakura.
At the time of the marriage, I interviewed Naotora and told him that Naotora was evaluated as a lord in the Imagawa area, and even in the declining Imakawa, maintaining loyalty to the end is the way to survive as an hermitage. For this reason, Naotora and Nankei have evaluated him as a preferred person as Sakura's husband.Later, he served the Oda clan, and after its destruction, he served the Tokugawa clan, and was appointed to the direct control of the late stage.
Act:Hidekazu Nagae
OwariChitaThe people of the country.Known as Daio Yahei[23]..Tokugawa Ieyasu's maternal uncle[23]..Based on Jukei-ni's decision, he was summoned by Sufu and killed, and his neck was handed over to Masakage Yamagata.
Yasukatsu Asahina(Yasukatsu Asahina)
Act:Yoshida morning
Imagawa clan vassal.Angered by the unreasonable request to hand over Totomi to Takeda, he threw the head of an insider to Yamaken, a negotiator, and decided to engage with Takeda.
After the collapse of the Imagawa clan as a Sengoku daimyo, he followed Ujizane's life in Kyoto and Ujizane, who came under the patronage of Tokugawa via Hojo.
In the battle of Nagashino, he participated as the Imagawa group under Tokugawa, and in the post-war era of credit change, Ieyasu and Takeda's master generalMasahide NaitoDesperately complaining that he had defeated him.

Osawa family

Mototsugu Osawa(Osawa Motota)
Act:Kyusaku Shimada
The people of Totomi.Horie Castlemain.Loyalty is deep to Imagawa, who is in decline.
I was supposed to enter the newly built Kiga Castle due to the change in Imagawa's foreign policy, but in addition to the difficult situation that Kiga is governed by merchants, Yoshinobu's own castle is a countermeasure against Takeda who was in a state of war due to self-harm. Ii struck a situation where the eastern shore of Lake Hamana was unable to handle the situation such as reconstruction and the help of other castles, and Naotora was recommended for Kiga's punishment.
He resisted Tokugawa's attack on Totomi and went until he pushed back for a while, but surrendered after seeing a slash with the relentless stroke of the Tokugawa army at Horikawa Castle.The territory is relieved by Tokugawa.
(Yamamura Shuri)
Act:Kazuyuki Aijima
Under the control of Mototsugu Osawa.At Horikawa Castle in Kiga, the Tokugawa army is greeted and defeated.
(Bitou Shuzen)
Act:Shinji Asakura
Under the control of Mototsugu Osawa.Forcibly gather the townspeople at Horikawa Castle in Kiga and try to counter the Tokugawa army, but they are stroked and slashed.
Nakayasu Department(Nakayasu Hyobu)
Act:Yoshimi Kazutoyo
Osawa family vassal.
(Takamasa Takeda)
Act:Takuma Nagao
Under the control of Mototsugu Osawa.

Tokugawa family

Tokugawa Ichimon / Tokugawa retainer / Matsushita family

Tokugawa Ichimon

Tokugawa Ieyasu(Tokugawa Ieyasu)
(Chiyo Takechi → Motonobu Matsudaira → Motoyasu Matsudaira → Ieyasu Matsudaira → Ieyasu Tokugawa)
Act:Abe Sada
The Imagawa family hostage.MikawaguniFormer lord ofMatsudaira familyThe head.Childhood nameTakechiyo(Takechiyo).GenpukuMotonobu Matsudaira(Matsudaira Motonobu),Motoyasu(Motoyasu),IeiesuRenamed, laterTokugawaIeyasu Tokugawa changed his name to.Government nameIs Kurodosuke, laterMikawa Mamoru..The rank isSubordinate[24].GoI have a habit of discussing black and white go stones by myself in front of the board when thinking about things not only in peacetime but also in wartime.
I can't show a strong attitude toward my wife, but my husband and wife are reasonably good, and I can inspire with Sena's words, and even after I'm out of hand with Imagawa, I can only show bearishness and complain to Sena. Is open-minded.
In Yoshimoto's invasion of Owari, he was a leader of the Imagawa clan and led the Matsudaira clan's army, but Owari'sOtaka CastleWhen Yoshimoto was told that he had been defeated, he left Odaka Castle and entered Okazaki Castle after Imagawa Daikan had evacuated.After that, under the pretext of stopping the invasion of the Oda group, he expanded his power in Mikawa, aiming for peace with Oda and independence.
After independence, after fighting against Ikko-ikki, the sphere of influence will be extended to the entire Mikawa region, including the vicinity of the border with Totomi.
When he was staying in Sunpu, he was a hostage, but he had a close friendship with the Imagawa clan, and he was "taken care of" by receiving Kaoru, so after independence, Jukei-ni and Ujizane Is hated as "don't know".
During the battle between Takeda and Imagawa, he will be given with Takeda and will accept Naotora's internal response to Tokugawa.However, when the war began, the Ii family and Masatsugu, who were trapped by the three Iitani people, had to abandon them due to the war situation, even though they saw it as a plot, and they crushed the Ii family while worrying.Partly because of that apology, a few years later, he admitted to the castle of Toramatsu, who was a member of the Matsushita family, and named "Ii Machiyo" as a forgiveness for the reconstruction of the Ii family, which was the hope of Toramatsu. Give and order to serve as a sandals.
When Nobunaga suspected Nobuyasu that he had a secret relationship with Takeda, he planned to save Nobuyasu.At that time, Sena was guilty of being guilty to save Nobuyasu, so while sending a pursuit without stopping, he ordered Machiyo to hide her in Iinoya.However, even if Sena was guilty and executed, Nobunaga did not fit and Nobuyasu suicided, so he was saddened and rough, but he returned to his sanity due to the scolding of XNUMX generations.
Act:Nanao(Girlhood :)
Sana's daughter.IeyasuRoom..A friend of Jiro Hoshi.
While I was staying as a hostage in Sunpu, I became friends with him, and even after I returned to Iinoya, I called him "Ane-sama" and exchanged letters to inform him of the circumstances of the Imagawa family and sometimes to ask for requests. doing.
When he was a child, he aimed for the seat of the Imagawa clan's owner, and beat Ryuomaru (later Ujizane) with a kemari to win the couple's promise.However, because Ryuomaru was married to the princess of the Hojo clan, he was forced to hang out in the Imagawa clan, but he also knew it as an individual as a measure to strengthen the ties with the Matsudaira clan of the Imagawa clan. He reluctantly married Motonobu (later Ieyasu), who was a close friend.However, the couple is not bad, and with Chiyo TakechiKamehime(Performance-Childhood: Yui Kaoru[25]) Is blessed with one son and one daughter.
Since her husband rebelled against Imagawa, both mother and child are about to be executed, but they are rescued by hostage exchange.When I parted from my mother, I was told to "get Imakawa".However, in Mikawa, the vassals of the Matsudaira clan, who were reluctant to rule the Imagawa clan, overlooked the marriage because it was the intention of the Imagawa clan, and with Chiyo Takechi without being allowed to enter Okazaki Castle. Jiro's begging to be a hostage of Ii in order to draw out Matsudaira's help on suspicion of direct rebellion because he will be treated as being entrusted to a nearby temple is not in a position of value as a hostage. I refuse because it may be abandoned.However, even after that, Ieyasu was asked to "don't forget about Ieyasu."
At the 24th inning, when Chiyo Takechi and Tokuhime got married, he finally entered Okazaki Castle as his mother.
After that, when Nagamaru was born in Hamamatsu Castle, Nobunaga was used by Nobunaga to take the daughter of a former Takeda vassal who went down to the Tokugawa family to get a son, and Nobuyasu was suspected of rebellion. He leaves a forged document showing his affair with Takeda to suffer a crime and goes out with Kazumasa Ishikawa.Even if Naotora and Machiyo were stopped along the way, Ieyasu's pursuit killed him, and Ieyasu delivered his head to Nobunaga.
Nobuyasu Tokugawa(Tokugawa Nobuyasu)
(Chiyo Takechi → Nobuyasu Tokugawa)
Act:Generation[26](Childhood:Taiki Yoshida[27] → Kaii Yoshida → Hakutoshi Yamada[28] / Boyhood:Komino Raiki)
Ieyasu's son.Childhood name is the same as fatherTakechiyo(Takechiyo).After being rescued from Imagawa by hostage exchange, he is treated as being entrusted to the temple with his mother at the will of the Matsudaira family who hates Imagawa.
The daughter of Nobunaga Oda at the 24th timeTokuhimeHe married (Tokuhime) and became the owner of Okazaki Castle in place of Ieyasu, who moved to Hamamatsu Castle around the 39th time.
After that, when Nagamaru was born in Ieyasu of Hamamatsu Castle, he took a concubine at the recommendation of Sena.Immediately after that, however, when he declined the story of giving the official position from Nobunaga, Nobunaga suspected that he had a secret relationship with Takeda and was imprisoned by Ieyasu.Despite the struggle of Sena and Ieyasu, Nobunaga's mind did not change and he was forced to commit suicide.
At the university(Odaikata)
Act:Kurihara Komaki
Ieyasu's mother.
When Nobunaga asks for Nobuyasu's head, he persuades Ieyasu, who thinks in his room, to teach the samurai's lessons and to present Nobuyasu's head.

Tokugawa retainer

Kazumasa Ishikawa(Kazumasa Ishikawa)
Act:Ozuno Nakamura
Motoyasu's vassal who also participated in the battle between Okehazama.While many people in the house said that Sena and the children, who were about to be forced into suicide due to Motoyasu's departure from Imakawa, were dominated by the whole family, Imakawa decided to save with Motoyasu and then forced him into the fallen castle. He rushes to Sunpu with the conditions of hostage exchange with the survivors of the deceased castle owner clan.Even after the rescue, he was still concerned about Sena and others, and was a training partner for Takechiyo's sword.After Nobuyasu became the owner of Okazaki Castle, he worked for Okazaki Castle as an aide to Nobuyasu.
After Sena and Nobuyasu died sideways due to Oda's pressure, he was prepared to follow suit, but was stopped by Tadakatsu, who was ordered by Ieyasu.
Taiji Sakai(Sakai Tadatsugu)
Tokugawa vassal.One of the four Tokugawa Tenno.He hates the Imagawa clan, saying that he had trampled the Matsudaira clan for many years.
In diplomacy after independence from Imagawa, he takes a position closer to the Takeda family.In wars and on-site, Ieyasu's plans and measures that do not draw warmth are sometimes promoted, and as a result, the situation is often contrary to Ieyasu's interests.
Tadakatsu Honda(Honda Tadakatsu)
Act:Masahiro Takashima
Tokugawa vassal.Known as Heihachiro.One of the four Tokugawa Tenno.He has a dynamic personality, is a master of martial arts who specializes in spears, and is one of the aides who follow Ieyasu.
He is also encouraging when he decides to start serving the castle from Ieyasu's sandals.
Suganuma(Suganuma Sadamitsu)
Tokugawa vassal.The family of Tadahisa Suganuma of the three Iitani people.
Yasumasa Sakakibara(Yasuma Sakakibara)
Act:Toshiori Omi
Tokugawa vassal.One of the four Tokugawa Tenno.An aide who follows Ieyasu.Always deal with things in a calm and calm manner.
Masanobu Honda(Honda Masanobu)
(Falconer / Knob → Knob → Masanobu Honda)
Act:Hexagon sperm
Ieyasu's friendFalconer..Later, sandals.About ten years before the appearance, he had a history of hostile to Ieyasu as a falconer at the time of the Battle of Azukizaka, but with the intercession of Tadayo Okubo, he returned to Ieyasu as a falconer at the 39th time. There is.However, he is hated as a traitor by his family's loyalty.
As a falconer, Ieyasu, who was worried about whether to take Toramatsu as the Matsushita family or the Ii family, showed a plan, and he decided that Machiyo and Manfuku would start working as sandals instead of kosho. became.In the 41st time, it was assigned as a sandals for Machiyo's back pot, which was supposed to be a small family, and when Machiyo was stolen and rotten, he himself was a traitor and a coward. He intends to do so, and encourages Machiyo to take on the burden of being a "child of a crushed house" as his strength.
When crossing Iga, Nobutada Anayama, who was about to notice Tokugawa's suspicious movement regarding Nobunaga's murder, was forced to die sideways.
Tadayo Okubo(Okubo is just)
Act:Satoshi Watanabe
Tokugawa vassal.
Shinichi Hiraiwa(Hiraiwa Chikayoshi)
Act:Moro Shika
Tokugawa vassal.Nobuyasu's guardian.
Act:Tamoto Kiyoarashi
Ieyasu's Kosho head.A family of Tadatsugu Sakai.
He was sarcastic about Machiyo, who was brilliant and showed a tendency to rise, and he took over the credit of Machiyo as a castle work, but Ieyasu was aware of it.
Act:Momose Saku
Ieyasu's small surname.
(Kondo Busuke)
Act:Fukuyama Shota[29]
Nobuyasu's vassal.
He has been serving Nobuyasu since he was a small family member, but he is a spy from Takeda, and he is caught by Machiyo and others who noticed something unusual when he tried to poison Ieyasu at the sleeping quarters of Hamamatsu Castle.
This incident puts Nobuyasu and Mikawa's vassals in jeopardy.

Matsushita family

Tsunekei Matsushita(Matsushita Jokei)
Act:Masato Wada
Akihayama OfYamabushi..I had known Kazuhisa Nankei for a long time, but I met Jiro for the first time when he came to Ryotanji as a messenger from the Matsudaira family in the case of Sena's lifesaving.However, in this case, Jiro noticed that Yamabushi, who had come as a messenger from the Matsudaira family earlier, and "Matsudaira Motoyasu," who his immediate parents met based on the letter carried by Yamabushi, were fake.
After that, he visited Iinoya to inform Nankei and Naotora of the situation in neighboring countries, and continued to mediate with Tokugawa. Around the 39th time, he returned to the Matsushita family and became a castle worker at Hamamatsu Castle as a Tokugawa vassal.
Gentaro Matsushita(Matsushita Gentaro)
Act:Koji Furudate
Changkei's older brother.Totomi Hikima's family.諱 is a clear view.Shino's remarriage partner.The Matsushita family was originally a vassal of the Imagawa family, but after Tokugawa became independent, he joined the family and worked hard for the Tokugawa family, becoming a presence that is regarded throughout the family.
Back homeIt wasPostscriptTo.Since there is no real child, after the Ii family was crushed, Toramatsu was taken over and raised as a heir, and the Okuyama family and the Ono family also took over.
Because he intended to succeed Toramatsu, when Tokugawa, who was sent to Tokugawa as a son of the Matsushita family, became "Ii Naomasa" due to Ieyasu's intention, he fell asleep and mourned, but Toramatsu's feelings. Matsushita and Ii decide to work together to enliven the millions.
As a new successor, he adopted Naohisa, the younger brother of Naoyuki Nakano, who served the Kondo family.

Takeda family

Shingen Takeda(Takeda Shingen)
Act:Ken Matsudaira
Kai countrySengoku daimyo.The common name is Harunobu.
He had an alliance with the Imagawa and Hojo clan, but the alliance broke down when he killed his son, Yoshinobu.With the Tokugawa familySuruga invasionAnd defeat the Imagawa family.However, Ieyasu was furious that he had reconciled with Ujizane and acquired the territory.With the death of Hojo Ujiyasu, he reunited with the Hojo family and began invading Totomi four years after the invasion of Suruga.
A prostitute in the sleeping quarters on the anniversary of Jukei-ni's deathHisa(Performance:Mizuki Tsujimoto[30]) Look at the illusion of Jukei-niHemoptysisAnd then die.
Takeda Yoshinobu(Yoshinobu Takeda)
Act:Oreno graffiti
Shingen's son-in-law, Imagawa Ujizane's sister-in-law.Known as Taro.
In the year Naotora became the guardian of ToramatsurebellionBy Shingen because he plannedImprisonmentJukei-ni, who was sued by Imagawa Ujizane, sent a sentence to Shingen to release the imprisonment, but it was not accepted.AbandonedWill be.He is also divorced from his true sister, Suzu, and is forced to commit suicide.
Imagawa Ujizane's younger sister.Based on the alliance with the Takeda family, he married Yoshinobu Takeda as a regular room.After Yoshinobu's suicide, Shingen kept him in the Takeda clan, but his grandmother Jukei-ni tried to persuade Shingen and returned to the Imagawa clan.
Katsuyori Takeda(Takeda Katsuyori)
Act:Eita Okuno
Shingen's fourth son.
After the death of his father, he led the Takeda clan and regained the momentum of the Takeda clan and attacked Ieyasu.Battle of NagashinoWithout listening to the advice of his vassals, he fell into Nobunaga's plan and was defeated.After thatTakeda ConquestHe is driven into suicide and is exposed to his neck.
Yamaken Masakage(Yamagata Masakage)
Act:Ryuji Yamamoto
Takeda clan vassal.Shingen's aide.
In attacking Imagawa, he negotiates concentrically with Tadatsugu Sakai of the Tokugawa clan, and goes to Imagawa to face a difficult task to bring him into the war.
After Shingen's death, Katsuyori, who succeeded him, could not be suppressed and he was defeated by Tadakatsu in the battle of Nagashino.
Shin Ana(Anayama Nobuta)
Act:Kazushi Tanaka
Takeda family Shigeomi.As soon as the Takeda clan became inferior in the battle with the Oda and Tokugawa clan, he turned over and attached to the Oda clan, helping to destroy the Takeda clan.Therefore, while the territory was divided between Oda and Tokugawa after the Takeda clan was destroyed, his territory was relieved.
When Tokugawa's chief retainers, including Ieyasu and Machiyo, were invited upward by Nobunaga, he also acted with Ieyasu and others because he was invited, but due to its unnatural appearance, "Rebellion against Nobunaga" Ieyasu and others feared that Ieyasu and others would be accused of acknowledging this while knowing his plan, and Masanobu Honda attacked him and died sideways.

Oda family

Oda Nobunaga(Nobunaga Oda)
Act:Echizo Ichikawa
OwariDaimyo.The official position isRight minister..Nobuyasu's father-in-law.
After defeating Yoshimoto Imagawa in the Battle of Okehazama, he continued to grow in power and gained great power.He is depicted as a person who has a strong sense of intimidation and arouses the fear of the people around him, partly because of his cold plots.
What is Tokugawa independent of Imagawa?allianceDespite being in a relationship, they are effectively under command.In addition, his son-in-law, Nobuyasu, who tried to tame him, continued to dodge his intentions, so he was forced to commit suicide by putting on Takeda Uchidori's wet clothes.After that, Ieyasu was invited to the capital after the conquest of Takeda, but according to a story from Mitsuhide who was planning a rebellion, the purpose was interpreted by the Tokugawa family and the people of Ieyasu to kill Ieyasu, but even if it led to the change of Honnoji The true intention of the person was not revealed until the end, and Ieyasu suspects that he had no attempt to murder himself.
Nobumori Sakuma(Sakuma nobumori)
Act:Ryota Sakanishi
Shigeomi Oda clan.
At the order of Nobunaga, he rushed to the battle between Takeda and Tokugawa as a general of reinforcements from Oda.
Mitsuhide Akechi(Akechi Mitsuhide)
Act:Mitsuishi Lab.
Shigeomi Oda clan.The government is Mamoru Hyuga.An elderly man with gray hair.
Tadashige Mizuno(Mizu no Shige)
Act:Shozo Uesugi
Oda clan vassal.
Shuichi Hasegawa(Hasegawa Hidekazu)
Act:Kinoshita politics
Oda clan vassal.
(Nature → Etsu)
Act:Rei Tanaka
A child of Akechi Mitsuhide.Found as a lost child at the well end of Ii, protected by Naotora and others.After showing the behavior of a samurai child, it turns out that Mitsuhide entrusted him to Ii via Ujizane as a hostage.After the change of Honnoji, he became a life-threatening existence from all directions, but Naotora's plan made him ostensibly a secret child of Nobunaga, and he left home at Ryotanji and saved his life.After gettingEtsuIt is called (Esshu).

Hojo family

Hojo Genan(Hojo Genan)
Act:Shinagawa Tohru
Sagami country OfHojo familyA military commander of the family.The old man.
With the help of Jukei-ni, the bell after Yoshinobu's death takes the trouble of mediating between Takeda and Imagawa in order to return to Imagawa.
Hojo(Hojo Ujiyasu)
Act:Shinobu Tsuruta
Sengoku daimyo of Sagami provinceHojo familyThe third head of the family.He is the father of spring and is the true father of Imagawa.
Even after the conflict between Takeda and Imagawa, he became an ally of Imagawa and welcomed Ujizane, who had fallen from Suruga, but died in the 36th inning.
Yasuhiro Ogasawara(Yasuhiro Ogasawara)
Act:Etsuo Yokobori
Hojo vassal.
Tensho Miho no RanIn the peace of the world, as the representative of the Hojo clan, he confronts Machiyo, the representative of the Tokugawa clan.
With the efforts of the people of Motoi Iinoya, including Machiyo, the people of Takeda's territory were pointed out that they had descended to Tokugawa, and they moved in peace.


Chaya Shirojiro(Chaya Shirojiro)
Act:Takumi Tatsumi
A merchant in Kyoto.
Ieyasu trusts him, and at the request of Naotora and others, he helps Ieyasu and his group escape to Tokugawa territory by land.
When the Honnoji Incident happened, Ieyasu and his group rushed from Sakai to Kyo with Jokei and others.Over IgaI will give you directions to escape to the Tokugawa territory.

ス タ ッ フ

Naotora travelogue


Normal broadcast time

  • NHK General Television: Every Sunday 20:20-45:20, NHK World Premium: Every Sunday 20:45-XNUMX:XNUMX
  • NHK BS Premium: Every Sunday 18:18-45:XNUMX
  • (Rebroadcast) NHK General Television: Every Saturday 13:05 ――13: 50, NHK World Premium: Every Saturday 13:05 ――13: 50 ・ Every Monday 5:00 -5:45


A 5-minute digest version (with subtitles, no commentary) will be broadcast on NHK General TV at 0:05 --0:10 (midnight on the day of the broadcast) the day after the broadcast as "Naotora: The Lady of the Castle in 5 Minutes".It will be rebroadcast early on Sunday morning.

In addition, the program homepage, YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, GyaO, etc. are also distributed online, and you can also watch them there.

Broadcast schedule

  • The first time is expanded by 15 minutes on the main broadcast of NHK General TV[Annotation 6], Rebroadcast on NHK General TV and BS Premium expanded by 13 minutes.
  • The 26th is limited to the main broadcast of NHK General TV.Tokyo congressist election Breaking news ”(19: 58-20: 15), so it was delayed by 15 minutes.
  • The 42nd (October 10nd) was on NHK General TV2017 House of Representatives electionBreaking news ”will be broadcast from 19:55, so this program will start at 19:10.[32].
  • Each subtitle is based on the title of a well-known movie or novel.[33][34][35].
  • The last round is expanded by 10 minutes.
Broadcast timesAirdatesubtitleShowTravelogueAudience rating (general TV)
First01 times0108 DayIinoya(Iinoya)GirlKazutaka WatanabeIinoya CastleTrace (ShizuokaHamamatsu city)
Hikone Castle(ShigaHikone)
First02 times0May 1Princess of the cliffIdonozuka (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)15.5%[37]
First03 times0May 1Otowa close callSunpu Castle Park(Shizuoka PrefectureShizuoka City)14.3%[38]
First04 times0May 1woman(Onago)Naotora Jiro HoshiMitsuhiro FukuiRyutanji Temple(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)16.0%[39]
First05 times0205 DayKamenosuke returnsKazutaka WatanabeShogenji Temple(NaganoTakamori)
Terano (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
First06 times0May 2Farewell road for first loveOkuyamaHogoji Temple(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)14.5%[41]
First07 times0May 2Land inspection has arrivedMitsuhiro FukuiShizuoka Asama Shrine(Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.9%[42]
First08 times0May 2Is the baby still?Kiyomi Temple(Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)13.4%[43]
First09 times0305 DayDie in the tubHideki FujinamiOkehazama Battlefield Park(AichiNagoya city)
Ryotanji Temple (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
10 times0May 3Run Ryugu kidOkazaki Castle(Okazaki ParkInside)(Aichi prefecture岡 崎 市)12.5%[45]
11 times0May 3Farewell, dear oneKazutaka Watanabe(Shizuoka PrefectureOmaezaki)13.7%[46]
12 times0May 3Naotora the Lady CastleKakegawa old castle(Shizuoka PrefectureKakegawa)
Grave of Naochika Ii (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
13 times0402 DayThe castle owner is hard(Aichi prefectureShinshiro)13.1%[48]
14 times0409 DayWhereabouts of Tokusei OrdinanceMitsuhiro Fukui(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.9%[49]
15 times0May 4Woman Castle Lord vs. Woman Daimyo(Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)14.4%[50]
16 times0May 4Fluff planHideki FujinamiTenjiku Shrine(Aichi prefectureNishio)13.7%[51]
17 times0May 4Erased TanegashimaRengeji Temple(Shizuoka PrefectureMori Town)11.0%[52]
18 times0507 DayOr a crane named BetrayalFutamata CastleTrace (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)14.3%[53]
19 times0May 5Crime and PunishmentKazutaka WatanabeTokoji Temple(YamanashiKofu City)13.6%[54]
20 times0May 5Third womanHideki FujinamiMatsuoka CastleTrace (Takamori Town, Nagano Prefecture)
(Nagano PrefectureIida)
21 times0May 5The name of Nushi isKazutaka WatanabeKiga Sekisho(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)13.2%[56]
22 times0604 DayTiger and dragonAkihayama main shrine Akiha ShrineKamiyashiro (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.1%[57]
23 times0May 6Bandits steal Buddha twiceTakashi FukagawaTrace (Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture)12.3%[58]
24 times0May 6Is only goodbye life?(Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
(Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture)
25 times0May 6Hold the timber and flyHideki FujinamiStarting point guideline (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.3%[59]
26 times0702 DayThere is a castle for whomKazutaka WatanabeHorie CastleTrace (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.4%[60]
27 times0709 DayKiga in my handHorikawa CastleTrace (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Utsuyama CastleTrace (Shizuoka PrefectureKosai City)
28 times0May 7Book of deathNaoki MurahashiHojo Genan Mansion Ruins (KanagawaOdawara city)12.0%[61]
29 times0May 7Women's songMitsuhiro Fukui(Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)11.9%[62]
30 times0May 7Those who are not crushedHideki Fujinami(Shizuoka PrefectureFujieda)
Mount Fuji Main Palace Asama Taisha(Shizuoka PrefectureFujinomiya city)
31 times0806 DayTiger pine neckSite of Iinoya Castle (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)10.6%[63]
32 times0May 8Resurrection fireNaoki MurahashiNoda CastleTrace (Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture)
Tadahisa Suganuma's memorial tower(Ryotanji Temple)(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
33 times0May 8The life of disliked MasatsuguKazutaka WatanabeDen Ono Tajima Mamoru Memorial Tower (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.4%[65]
34 times0May 8Ryuunmaru, a hidden portHell Gate (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)11.2%[66]
35 times0903 DayThe RevenantsKakegawa Castle(Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture)11.3%[67]
36 times0May 9Last day of the Ii familyMitsuhiro FukuiHorai Temple(Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture)12.1%[68]
37 times0May 9Takeda comes and sets fireHideki Fujinami(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)13.3%[69]
38 times0May 9Leave Ii togetherErinji Temple(Yamanashi PrefectureKoshu)11.7%[70]
39 times1001 DayToramatsu's AmbitionKazutaka WatanabeHamamatsu CastlePark (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)11.7%[71]
40 times1008 DayTensho sandalsRemains of Matsushita Mansion (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Minowa CastleTrace (GunmaTakasaki)
41 timesMay 10In the corner of this entranceDaisuke AndoHonshoji(Aichi prefectureAnjo City)11.8%[73]
42 timesMay 10Fence to stand in NagashinoMitsuhiro FukuiShitaragahara Battle Field (Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture)11.9%[74]
43 timesMay 10Beyond the awardHideki FujinamiSuwahara CastleTrace (Shizuoka PrefectureShimada)12.9%[75]
44 times1105 DayRoses of IinoyaTanaka CastleHonmaru Ruins (Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture)11.4%[76]
45 timesMay 11Sacrifice of the Demon KingTakashi Fukagawa(Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture)
Sakabe CastleTrace (Aichi Prefecture)Agui Town)
46 timesMay 11About evil womanKazutaka WatanabeKiyotaki Temple(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)12.0%[78]
47 timesMay 11The decisive battle is TakatenjinTakatenjin CastleTrace(Karamete-mon)(Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture)11.3%[79]
48 times1203 DayNobunaga, I want to come to HamamatsuMitsuhiro FukuiFujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Hamamatsu Castle Park (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
49 timesMay 12Honnoji is strangeHideki FujinamiTrace (Shiga Prefecture)Koka City)
(MieIga City)
Final episodeMay 12Those who inherit the stoneKazutaka WatanabeHikone City, Shiga Prefecture
Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
(Weighted average audience rating of all broadcasts on NHK General TV 12.8%[83], Audience rating is researched by Video Research,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • The initial audience rating of BS Premium is 4.3%.[84], Weighted average audience rating of all broadcasts is 4.4% (both according to video research, Kanto area, household, real time)[83].

Omnibus and others

Broadcast on December 2017, 12 (NHK General TV).The omnibus subtitle is also a parody title like the main story, and it became a hot topic in the previous year.Running away is a shame but helpful] Etc. was adopted as the original material.After the omnibus broadcast, it has become a hot topic that it won the first place in the Twitter trend world ranking.[85].
  • Chapter 1-"This is Jiro's way of life" (13:05-14:00)
  • Chapter 2-"Awakening of Naotora" (14: 00-15: 00)
  • Chapter 3- "Escape is a shame, but sometimes you win" (15:05 --16:30)
  • Chapter 4-"Iinoya is green" (16:30-17:43)[86]
Other omnibus / special
  • Chapter 2017 "Women (Onago) That's Jiro" --May 5, 5 8:15 --9:15 (general), May 5, 12 15:00 --16:00 (rebroadcast, BS premium)[87]
  • "Naotora: The Lady of the Castle" Special The Ii family is in danger of surviving! --August 2017, 8 11:18 --05:18 (general), August 43, 8 13:17 --20:17 (rebroadcast, BS premium), August 58, 8 (midnight 20th) 19: 1 --00: 1 (rebroadcast, general)


Evaluation of works

The audience rating is sluggish, and the weighted average audience rating of all 50 times is 12.8% (Video Research survey, Kanto area, household, real time)[83]At that time,Hanamyu''Kiyomori TairaIt was the worst number in history following 』[93][94].Sponichi"The first time was 16.9%. This was the highest in the program. After June, it dropped to 6-11%, and the 12st episode was 31%, which was the lowest since the 10.6th episode (17%). After that, 11.0 It remained between ~ 10%. "" Although the audience rating struggled, it was highly evaluated by the viewers. "[93],Nikkan Sports"The highest in all episodes was 16.9% for the first time, and 31% for the worst in episode 10.6, but the latter half was revived with the appearance of Masaki Suda's Ii Machiyo."[95].

On the other hand, in 2017,TwitterAs a work that became a hot topic above, it won the 1st place in the Entertainment Content of the Year Drama category of the "#Twitter Trend Award".[96]. AlsoNTT DataAlso in the "Imatsui Tweet Award 2017" by, it won the first place in the TV drama tweet volume ranking, the tweet volume was 1, and the volume zone of tweets was analyzed as 14s and 3726s.[97].

Throughout the entire story, Ikenobo's Mitsumasa Toyoda and Masashi Ishiwatari are in charge of teaching Tatehana, and the drama incorporates the fact that flowers are brewed as the culture of the time.The screenwriter Yoshiko Morishita wrote the movie "Flower fight』, And also wrote about ikebana with a good understanding of the culture of the time.[Source required]

Takashi KimuraSucceeded in praising the script that instilled strength in many actors such as Issei Takahashi, Yuya Yagira, Masaki Suda, as well as Kou Shibasaki, without any omissions from the general human drama to the details of details. Said that the driving force behind was Yoshiko Morishita.The achievement of creating such a thing with an unknown person was great, and it was described as a work that opened a wind cave in a taiga drama with a feeling of stalemate.[98].

"Naotora: The Lady of the Castle" has become a demon gate in the taiga of the last few years. FemaleheroSince it was a taiga drama, I was worried that it might develop into a gudaguda from the middle, but he said that it was a hard historical drama only for Morishita, who has a reputation for storytelling.The supporting characters are also substantial, and the bloody story and sweetness that mercilessly hunt down the charactersTwinkThe good balance of the drama is comfortable to watch, and it is a handsome taiga drama of the heroine who is often criticized for something, but he said that if the script is solid, it proved to be interesting as a drama.Since the story he wanted to draw was clear, he highly evaluated the pace distribution of the script, saying that the selection of the hero's life and historical events was excellent and there was no hesitation in the story.The story of Naotora and Masatsugu's men and women is the core of the drama, with the story of Masatsugu Ono Tajima, who did not know who he was on his side. I drew a close relationship.The pros and cons of the slow start were divided, but the persuasive power of this work was not born by not drawing firmly how much sacrifice was made by the time we arrived at the spectacular story of Naomasa Ii. I said[99].

95 timesThe Television Drama Academy AwardThen, Issei Takahashi won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance.The role that died of non-work became a addictive role and caused "political loss",Social MediaThe award was given with a big difference to the second place and below in recognition of the fact that it attracted a lot of attention in.The work was ranked 2rd in the screenplay award, and Yoshiko Morishita was described as "good at entwining minor characters with famous military commanders."According to the jury's comment, "I don't know what I want to draw until the end, and rather than drawing the heroine, sheKyogen spinningIt was useful "(Chiaki Aso), But "The team boys surrounding Naotora were more green and enjoyable for a year" (Catherine Ayako), "Escaped from the classic style of taiga dramas" (Yoichi Matsuo), "Taiga's changing ball" "The way to play the title is excellent" (Inasu Tatsuo) Etc. were highly evaluated.[100]..Regarding Takahashi, in addition to the performances of this work and other works of the same year,Confidence Award Drama AwardAnnual Grand Prize 2017 Supporting Actor Award[89], 55thGalaxy awardTV category individual award[90]It received high praise for receiving multiple drama awards throughout the year.

In the "Popularity Ranking of Issei Takahashi's Successive Dramas", which was held in May 2020 and was voted by 5 people, it surpassed "Quartet" and "Nagi no Yui" and won first place.[101].

Reaction of the drama stage

2016January will be the stage of the dramaHamamatsu cityThen, the birthplace of Mr. Ii such as Naotora IiIinoyaHaveKitaof"Hamamatsu City Mitsuki Cultural CenterDecided to set up a taiga drama hall in time with the broadcast[102],2017May 1Opened in2018May 1Closed in[103][104]..The final number of visitors was 78, which greatly exceeded the initial target of 923.[105]..Run in the area where the drama is setTenryu Hamanako RailwayThen, from January 2017, 1 to January 6, 2018, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays,Capcom OfComputer games・'Sengoku BASARA』Operated a full wrapping train depicting the character of Naotora Ii appearing in the series[106].. On March 2018, 3, Hamamatsu City announced that the spillover effect of the drama on the prefecture's economy reached 27 billion yen.The result is much higher than the 248 billion yen estimated by the Bank of Japan Shizuoka Branch as of April 2016.[107].

In addition, there was IinoyaInasa TownCartoonist from (Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City)Katsutoshi KawaiThe one-shot "Okawa" that depicts the reaction of the locals has come to the town. However, according to Kawai, Naotora Ii was almost unknown even in the local area until the production of the taiga drama was announced.[108].

Olive Related Products


Both DVD / BD are in box formatPony canyonReleased from.Each volume is also rented[109]..The omnibus is released by NHK Enterprises.

Number of turnsRelease dateRecording timesStandard product numberVideo benefits
Vol. XNUMX20170May 8First01st-12thPCXE-60145PCBE-63665<Bonus disc>
◇ Interview with performers (Kou Shibasaki / Haruma Miura / Issei Takahashi)
◇ Naotora Special Talk Long Version
・ Kou Shibasaki x Shihori Kanjiya x Sayaka Yamaguchi
・ Haruma Miura x Issei Takahashi x Tsuyoshi Muro
◇ Special movie
・ "Lady Lord Naotora" Live Edition
・ "Naotora: The Lady of the Castle" Women's Association
◇ 2 minutes pre-map
◇ 3 minutes PR
◇ Non-credit title sequence
◇ Naotora's flowers bloom!Until the title video is made
Vol. XNUMX2017/12/2013st-31thPCXE-60146PCBE-63666◇ Interview with Issei Takahashi
◇ "Kiga" making featuring Tsuyoshi Muro
◇ 2 minutes pre-map castle main edition
◇ Special movie
・ "Lady Lord Naotora" Castle Lord Live Edition
・ "Lady Lord Naotora" Castle Lord Women's Association
◇ In 5 minutes, "Naotora: The Lady of the Castle" Special The Ii family is in danger of surviving!
First assembly20180May 332nd-finalPCXE-60147PCBE-63667◇ Kou Shibasaki Interview
◇ Interview with Masaki Suda
◇ "Ii no Akaoni" making
◇ 2 minutes pre-map Toramatsu is back!Hen
◇ Today's Nyankei omnibus
Omnibus20180May 3-NHK EnterpriseNHK Enterprise◇ Performer all-up collection


NHK Taiga Drama "Lady Lord Naotora" Music Tiger Volume Ichitra
(Released on July 2017, 1,Sony Music Japan International, SICX-30038)
NHK Taiga Drama "Lady Lord Naotora" Music Tiger Volume Nitra
(Released on April 2017, 4, Sony Music Japan International, SICX-5)
NHK Taiga Drama "Lady Lord Naotora" Emergency Special Edition Tsuru no Uta
(Released on April 2017, 8, Sony Music Japan International, SICX-23)
A "memorial" album planned by Yoko Kanno to coincide with the death of Masatsugu Ono.Sugano himself devised the specifications with a photo book of Masatsugu only for the first edition and the contents of the recorded songs.It is unusual for a taiga drama to release a soundtrack dedicated to one character.[110]..The release announcement was lifted on August 33, immediately after the 8rd broadcast, but as of August 20, about 8 copies were backordered due to a flood of pre-orders, and additional production of the first edition was decided.[111].. furtherOricon Daily Album Ranking(September 2017, 9) also won first place[112], It can be said that it is unusual among exceptional[113].
Released As of September 9, the same year, cumulative sales of 25 copies[110].. It was a big hit as a soundtrack for a drama that was a big hit with 1 copies.[110].
NHK Taiga Drama "Lady Lord Naotora" Music Tiger Volume Soundtrack
(Released on June 2017, 11[114], Sony Music Japan International, SICX-30054)
NHK Taiga Drama "Lady Lord Naotora" Music Tiger Volume Bestra
(Released on December 2017, 12, Sony Music Japan International, limited distribution)
Best album..A total of 33 songs, including many first songs that are not recorded in the soundtrack from Ichitra.

Delivery song

  • Tentora-Tora no Onna (TV size) [Theme music] & Bouncing Tiger [Taiga drama travelogue] (delivered on January 2017, 1)
  • Ritsu [Taiga Drama Travelogue] (delivered on January 2017, 1)
  • Hatsukoi [Taiga Drama Travelogue] (delivered on February 2017, 2)
  • Trandra [Taiga Drama Travelogue] (delivered on February 2017, 2)
  • Tiger bud [Taiga drama travelogue] (delivered on March 2017, 3)
  • Utaikyo (delivered on March 2017, 3, song: Kou Shibasaki)
  • Nora-Ryuunmaru's Theme (delivered June 2017, 6, song:Otaka Shizuru)
  • When I was a Ryugu kid (delivered on November 2017, 11, lyrics: Yoshiko Morishita, Yoko Kanno, song: Kou Shibasaki)


Official guidebook
Novelize by.All 4 volumes.
  1. Naotora: The Lady of the Castle (released on November 2016, 11, NHK Publishing,ISBN-978 4140056820)
  2. Naotora the Lady Castle (released March 2017, 3, NHK Publishing,ISBN-978 4140056837)
  3. Naotora: The Lady of the Castle (released June 2017, 6, NHK Publishing,ISBN-978 4140056844)
  4. Naotora: The Lady of the Castle (released on September 2017, 9, NHK Publishing,ISBN-978 4140056851)

Musical score

  • NHK Taiga Drama "Naotora: The Lady of the Castle" Piano Solo Album (released January 2017, 1, NHK Publishing,ISBN-978 4140553596)
  • Piano Mini Album Taiga Drama Naotora: The Lady of the Castle (Released on February 2017, 2, Yamaha Music Media,ISBN-978 4636944600)
  • Yoko Kanno's personally authenticated sales siteMeow on the BridgeSheet music released at, or arranged and supervised by Kanno himself.
    • From "Tentora" ~ Torako / Tora no Onna (piano + orchestra version, including TV on air part) Piano part score
    • "Tentora" all included-Tiger's power / Tiger child / Tiger woman / Tiger tail (piano + orchestra version) Full score and parts
    • From "Tentora" ~ Tiger Child / Tiger Eye (Pianoless Arranged Version) Full Score and Part Score
    • From "Tentora" ~ Torako / Tora no Onna (piano + orchestra version, including TV on-air part) Full score and parts
    • Tentora-Tora's Dream (CD recording run / run performance version. For advanced users) Piano score
    • Tentora-Tiger Woman (TV opening piano solo arrangement) Piano score
    • Amatora-Tora no Moto (Short size ballad version for beginners) Piano score
    • "Tentora" all included-Tiger's power / Tiger's child / Tiger's eye / Tiger's tail (Pianoless arrangement version) Full score and parts
    • "Tentora" all included-Tiger's power / Tiger child / Tiger woman / Tiger tail (brass band arrangement version) Full score and parts
    • From "Tentora" ~ Tora no Ko / Tora no Onna (Brass Band Arranged Version) Full Score and Part Score
    • Bouncing Tiger <Taiga Drama Journey> (MIDORI Performance CD Recording Orchestra Accompaniment Version) Full Score and Part Score
    • Bouncing Tiger <Taiga Drama Journey> (Piano Accompaniment Version) Violin and Piano Score
    • Hatsukoi <Taiga drama travelogue> Orchestra score and violin solo score
    • Ritsu <Taiga Drama Journey> Violin Solo Score
    • Koguchi (drama song recorded on CD) Orchestra score and part score
    • Trandra <Taiga Drama Journey> Violin Solo
    • Ii Donki Orchestra
    • Weak heart Cello and string
    • Tachibana Orchestra


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