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🎥 | Fierce!Kiko Mizuhara x Hona Ikoka Netflix movie "She" first video

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Fierce!Kiko Mizuhara x Hona Ikoka Netflix movie "She" first video

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The two look happy, but in reality, Rei kills her husband, who is violent against Nanae, and the two have been cut off from their ill-fated escape.

Netflix made a movie of Chin Nakamura's manga "Gunjo" with Kiko Mizuhara and Hona Ikoka (April 4 ... → Continue reading

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"Escape』(Hejira) IsJoni Mitchell1976th studio album released in 8.


Jazz fusion musiciansJaco Pastorius,Larry Carlton,Tom ScottAre participating,Neil YoungHas a colorful sound, such as participating in a harmonica. There is an impressive song of Pastorius's lyrical bassline, and Pastorius' debut solo album "Portrait of Jaco PastoriusYou can hear the play that is similar to "Continuum" recorded in.

The photo of the double-page spread jacket (Gatefold) was taken by Norman Seeff and Joel Bernstein.

recorded music

Side 1
  1. Coyote - Coyote - 5: 01
  2. Amelia- Amelia - 6: 01
  3. Farry Things the Blues- Furry Sings the Blues - 5: 07
  4. Strange Boy- A Strange Boy - 4: 15
  5. Escape- Hejira - 6: 42
Side 2
  1. Song to Sharon- Song for Sharon - 8: 40
  2. Black crow- Black Crow - 4: 22
  3. Blue Motel Room- Blue Motel Room - 5: 04
  4. Journey is Nagusame- Refuge of the Roads - 6: 42

Participating musicians

According to Mitchell's official website[1].

  • Joni Mitchell --Vocals, Guitar (A1, A3-5, B1-4)
  • Jaco Pastorius -Bass (A1, A5, B2, B4)
  • Max Bennett-Bass (A3, B1)
  • Chuck Domanico-Bass (B4)
  • Larry Carlton --Lead Guitar (A1, A2, A4, B2), Acoustic Guitar (B3)
  • Bobby Hall-Percussion (A1, A4, A5)
  • Victor Feldman-Vibes (A2)
  • Neil Young --Harmonica (A3)
  • John Guerlain-Drums (A3, B1, B3, B4)
  • Ave Most-Clarinet (A5)
  • Chuck Findley-Horns (B4)
  • Tom Scott --Horns (B4)


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