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🎥 | Takumi Kitamura, the voice of "Gori push actor" is increasing !? 2020 movies starring in 4 ... "Mysterious way of selling" "Man ...


Takumi Kitamura, the voice of "Gori push actor" is increasing !? In 2020, four leading movies ... "Mysterious way of selling" "Man ...

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Last year, "30 minutes to goodbye," "Thoughts, thoughts, pretending, touching," "Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro," and "Sakura," and four starring movies were released, and since the beginning of this year. Also appeared in the special drama "Kyojo II" (Fuji TV series) and the serial drama "Nijiiro Carte" (TV Asahi series).

Actor Takumi Kitamura, who is also the vocalist of the four-member dance-rock band DISH //, will release the movie "Ming ..." in 4. → Continue reading

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Special program

Special program(Tokubetsu Bangumi) istv set-Radio broadcastUnlike regular programs that are usually broadcast on a daily or weekly basis, they have a one-time meaning such as once a month, once a year-several times, or irregularlyTV program-Radio programThat thing.The abbreviation is "special number", and "special", "SP", "luxury program", etc. may be expressed.


The special program on spring and autumn on TVReorganization periodNew Year's HolidayHas been broadcast to many people on the radioプロ野球中継There are no days (especially AM stations) andPublic holidays(Especially FM stations) May be broadcast at the end of the year.

JFNIn affiliated stations, there are many cases where one hour from 19:00-20:00 or 20:00-21:00 on Sunday is set as a regular special program frame (Sunday Special).[Note 1].

Based on the above, but for regular programsAudience ratingDownturn orScandalAtCensoredSometimes until the reorganization periodConnecting programThere are also cases where it is urgently set up.

Also, there are many programs that are regularly broadcast within the frame of a specific special program, and it is often seen that popular programs are promoted to regular programs. In addition, when a program whose regular broadcasting has ended in the past is revived for broadcasting, it may be treated as a special program.

Until now, special programs for a long timethe 1990sUntilNippon TVseries"24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth""Super quiz special],Fuji Television Network, Incseries"FNS 27-hour TV],TBSseries"All-Star Thanksgiving] (5 and a half hours),Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series"New Year wide historical dramaIt was limited to a very small number.TV dramaSince the 1s, when 3-cool (1990 months) broadcasting became popular, special programs are often organized four times a year during the reorganization period (New Year's holiday, spring, summer, autumn), and the broadcast time is around 4 hours. Things have become longer as 2 to 3 hours[Note 2].the 2010sSince then, the number of programs that are broadcast outside the reorganization period, such as commemorating the opening of broadcasting stations and campaigns, has increased, and although regular one-hour programs are organized on the TV station program schedule, in reality only two-hour special programs are organized. There are also frames that are not broadcast.

the 2000sFrom the second half onwards, on TV that will be broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting during the golden timeMusic programIs often only broadcast special programs,NHK"NHK Red and White Singing Battle''Melody of memories''Osaka melody of my heart], Fuji TV series "FNS Song Festival''FNS Song Festival Autumn''FNS Song Festival Spring''FNS Kayo Festival Summer, TBS seriesShine! Japan Record Award''Day of music''Graduation song music festival''Halloween music festival''Christmas music festival], Nippon TV series "Nippon Television Music Festival Best Artist''THE MUSIC DAY''Best Hit Kayo Festival''Nittele Music Festival Premium Music], TV Asahi series "Music Station Ultra FES''Music Station Super Live], TV Tokyo affiliate "Japanese song''TV Tokyo Music Festival, Etc. are assembled.

Regular special program frame



TV Asahi

TBS system

TV Tokyo

Fuji TV

Various types of special programs


  • Opening commemorative program (special program broadcast when the broadcasting station opens)


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注 釈

  1. ^ Normally"SMOOTH STYLE], [Sports catch!Is the station that broadcasts
  2. ^ When broadcasting from 19:21, there are many cases in which about 5 minutes of news and weather forecasts are inserted around XNUMX:XNUMX.


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