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🎥 | "Ochoyan" Yoshio, Yuki Kura The gap with "Jukaimura" is amazing!

Photo Yuki Kura – (C) 2021 “Jukaimura” Production Committee

The gap between "Ochoyan" Yoshio and Yuki Kura's "Jukaimura" is amazing!

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When he made his first drama appearance in "Trace: Kasouken no Otoko" in 2019, "his ~ I didn't mean to fall in love ~" (2019), "Spotlight" episode 7 "Don't Look Back" (2020) Appeared in.

Yu Kura, who plays the role of Yoshio, the heroine's younger brother, in the TV series "Ochoyan" (Monday-Saturday, NHK General TV, 8 am-etc.) → Continue reading

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