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🎥 | Fake movie production for debt repayment!De Niro x Jones x Freeman co-starring, released in June

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Making a fake movie to repay debt!De Niro x Jones x Freeman co-starring, released in June

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B-movie producer Max, who hasn't returned the money he borrowed from the gang, plans to get huge insurance money in the event of a fatal accident during a dangerous stunt.

The movie "..." co-starring famous actors such as Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Morgan Freeman. → Continue reading

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Movie producer

Movie producer(Eiga Producer, film producer)moviesIs the general manager who plans, plans, and makes works.


Japanese movieThen, it is sometimes written as "production" or "planning".In recent years, the range of work has become particularly widespread, and in most cases the work as a producer is shared by multiple people.End rollThen, it may be displayed as a joint name as "producer", or it may be displayed as "cooperative producer" or "assistant producer". "Planning" may be, as the name implies, a person who was purely involved in launching the project or providing ideas, and most of them.ToeiLike a movie (the company has long been "produced"creditSometimes refers to a producer (which was only allowed by the president).

Of movie works other than Japanexecutive producer(Executive Producer, Executive Producer) does not necessarily match the film producer defined here.There is no specific practical content in film production, and in general, there is an entity that gives producers social and economic credibility (in Japanese terms, ""GuardianIt is understood that it can be said that it is a substantial name loan.As mentioned above, the responsibility is not only in the name, but in some cases it involves investment, in some cases it is involved in planning and production, and in some cases it is in full command of production from the position of "general director". , The chief executive officer who comes to the top of the director and producer, but the definition is not clear.

In recent Hollywood movies,Remake作やAmerican comicIt is customary for "a person who has the right to the original work of the movie" to be credited to the "executive producer" as the right holder even if he / she does not touch the work.[Source required].

On the other hand, an executive producer in a Japanese movie may be used in the same meaning as a Western movie, but it may also mean "the first person among multiple producers".

Main role

  • Planning
  • Funding(Negotiation and securing with potential investors)
  • Producer team formation
  • Writer,Film director, Other staff selection
  • castSelect
  • Shooting from preparation,MusicComprehensive management of all processes from finishing to completion of work
  • distribution, Negotiations with the sales side
  • Managing the flow of funds
  • Final cutAuthority

Other producers

The planner / producer is called a producer, and the producer may be classified according to the business, rank on the line, etc.

  • Executive Producer --Translated as the highest position of a movie producer, executive producer.In reality, there is almost no practice at the production site.
  • Cooperator --- A translation of associate producer into Japanese.Participated in planning and production under a movie producer.A producer who performs some or limited work. There is also a translation of "production assistant".
  • Co-producer-Japanese translation of co-producer.A producer who is mainly in charge of negotiations with companies participating in production and financing.
  • Planning Producer: Responsible for the basic concept of the draft / planning and the movie work itself.A convenient word to distinguish it from the following.
  • Line Producer-Top of the line of production manager, production chief, production progress, progress assistant
  • Casting Producer-Producing Casting Business, Top of the Acting Office Line
  • Music producer - Accompaniment,Theme songProduced by
  • Promotion Producer-Producing Promotion Business in the Distribution Department

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