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📺 | [Summary] In Stock Now!Isetan Mitsukoshi "Online" UK exhibition information!


[Summary] Order the UK!Isetan Mitsukoshi "Online" UK exhibition information!

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The place mat is a Tannock "tea cake" with marshmallows and biscuits coated with chocolate.

Recently, orders have become more and more popular.Of particular concern is the order of British items ... → Continue reading

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Placemat(Place mat) put ingredients on the mealdish,knife,fork,spoonEtc. to putcloth.. in JapanPlace matAlso called (luncheon mat)Japanglish)[1][2].

table clothCovers the entire table, whereas placemats do not cover the entire table and are used individually for each person who eats.

In addition to cloth, there are also wood and plastic.


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